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Geno Alxavier



Female Female





Eye Color

Grayish brown

Hair Color


Guild Mark Location

Left Thigh

Professional Status

Corvus Reach

Geno "En" Alxavier (ゲノ ・ アルサイヴィエル Geno Arusaivu-ieru) is a Mage of the newly reinstated Corvus Reach guild, acting as both an active member and as a mercenary. While on a mission for her current employer, she runs into an amnesiac Kori Peiris, whom she grew fond of. En offered her help to get Kori's memories back as an excuse to escape her suffocating lifestyle as a mercenary. She joined Corvus Reach with Kori upon his request and together they formed Flying Spider. It wasn't until later when En's former colleagues, Sharon North and Emry Moff tried to retrieve her from her "fake" sunshine filled life. Sharon and Emry failed and with En's persistence, both joined the guild to start anew and formed Brigade 3 together.


En is slim figured young adult woman that can easily be mistaken or pass up as a male with her name and almost non-curved figure. She barely has a chest to show off to begin with and prefers to keep them wrapped safely near her chest to prevent them from getting in the way of her magic. En originally wore an all black outfit that accentuates her purple hair and give off an aura of death and danger. Being dressed as such also gave her the mobility she needed to traverse the shadows as stealthily and as silent as possible. She used the have a black leather jacket



Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities

  • Flexibility
  • Acrobatics

Magical Abilities

Blood String Magic is a variation of the Holder Type Magic, Wire Magic


  • En and Kori were originally made to be a couple, but both seemed fitting to be in the Heterosexual Life-Partners trope.
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