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Name Geryon
Kanji ゲリュオン
Rōmaji Geryuon
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 280 lbs
Eyes Dark
Hair Grey
Professional Status
Affiliation OmegaThe Dodekathlon
Occupation Dark Mage
Team The Dodekathlon
Base of Operations Earth Land
Personal Status
Relatives Older Twin Brother (absorbed)
Village Chief (father)
Marital Status Single
Alias The Giant
The Giant Brown-Noser (others in The Dodekathlon)
Magic Chimera Magic

Geryon (ゲリュオン, Geryuon) aka The Giant was a dark mage and member of The Dodekathlon. He represented the giant, multi-limbed herder who's cattle Heracles had to steal. He died in a fight with Bastet.


Geryon was a pale man with grey hair with dark eyes. His usual wardrobe was that of a grey jacket with a black fur lining, a tan shirt, black shorts and sandals. His guild mark was on his left arm.


He was arrogant and believed that his magic made him the best, although he refused to fight Lion and Boar to back up his claims even before Cerberus banned fighting amongst the group. This lead Lion and Boar to believe that Geryon is a coward and nothing but talk. Geryon did, however, fear two members of The Dodekathlon and they were Cerberus and Hippolyta. He was always swiftly obeying any order they gave him and was always trying to please them. Leading to his nickname from the other members as being "The Giant Brown-Noser".


Geryon actually sought out Cerberus to fight him. The reason for this being that Cerberus had destroyed Geryon's village and killed every skilled mage there, including Geryon's twin brother. Geryon felt insulted that he was left alive and went to seek revenge, not for his village or its people, but for his pride. Cerberus beat Geryon within an inch of his life and then offered to let Geryon join him, like he did with Hippolyta, and make him stronger. Geryon agreed and has become a loyal follower of Cerberus.

More of his past was revealed in The Two-Headed Giant of Erytheia.


The Omega Arrives

  • Chapter 1: The Twelve Arrive
  • Chapter 4: At Home in the Destruction

Head North, to Omega

  • Chapter 2: Destroyers of Life, Seekers of Chaos

Life's Alphas and Omegas

  • Chapter 2: The Begining of the End


  • Chapter 6: Ruins of the Labyrinth and Four Omegas
  • Chapter 8: Fight with the Four Continues

Magic and Abilities

Titan: Geryon's most used magic, it allows him to grow to enormous proportions or even just parts of his body.

Chimera Magic: Geryon's main magic and used as a last resort. He has his twin brother stored inside of him. Titan magic was actually his brother's magic and Geryon used his Chimera magic to fuse with his brother and use his body and his magic in combat.

S-Class Level Magic


  • Geryon's appearance and use of his magic are based on Sakon and Ukon from Naruto
  • his fighting style, when using Chimera Magic, is like the creature in Wrath of the Titans, seen at 0:29 of the trailer
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