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Celestial Spirit


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Strength Enhancement (Ability)

Giazelus (ジアゼラス jiazerasu): Is a powerful Celestial Spirit and one of the many Silver Gate Keys. His key is the Gate of the Giant Bear. His key is in the possession of Kana Hime and is her main spirit to depend on in a battle for strength


Giazelus is a very large spirit that has the appearance of a bear with brown fur. He has a yellow mouth and a black nose, he also has square shaped ears and an aggressive looking face.

He has a huge body with brown fur. He has bushy fur on his shoulder and a yellow circle on his stomach. He has long arms with sharp claws as fingers and stubby legs with also sharp claws as his feet.


Giazelus is a noble and proud spirit, he will assist his user Kana Hime and anyone who is allies with her as well. Despite the look on his face and the sound of his voice and his appearance he is actually a friendly and loyal spirit. He doesn't see anyone as good or evil but views anyone he was summoned to fight as his enemies.

Whenever he is summoned Giazelus has a habit of roaring loudly as a sign that he is preparing to fight. When he ever he fights he doesn't underestimate his opponents and fights with full force no matter what.


Magic and Abilities

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Giazelus strength being increased

Strength Enhancement: Giazelus has the ability to increase to his strength greatly when ever he wants by focusing his magic energy around his entire body and using its power for even greater destructiveness. It is unknown how much power he gains from this ability or the limit to how powerful he can become.
  • Hammer Fist: By focusing his magic into his fists Giazelus is able to smash his opponents into the ground with great force like a hammer. It also allows him to punch his opponent sending them flying at great speed.

Immense Strength: Giazelus possesses a huge amount of physical strength which is known for his role as being a strength fighter spirit, which is one of the main assets he provides his summoner Kana Hime with, being called forth when the situation requires a physically mighty individual. His strength is also connected with Strength Enhancement ability for the magic increases his already incredible strength to an even great degree

Immense Durability: With his coat of fur Giazelus is able withstand any attack but he is taking a little bit of damage for every attack, for every barrage of attacks he faces he is liable to fall to his knees however he will still get up and continue withstanding attacks for as long as he can.

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