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Stimonetta Aardwolf


Dark Guild



Gladiator Beast is a Dark Guild located in Caelum.  The members of the guild are infamous for their devouring of human flesh.  They are one of the guilds that make up the Bellona Alliance.


Gladiator Beast was founded and led by Stimonetta Aardwolf, the mother of Cane Hannibal.  She managed to gain the guild its reputation as bloodthirsty animals by killing and devouring an entire battalion of Rune Knights in her first outing as guild master.  The guild's feral nature led Cronus Saturnalia to seek them out in order to have them join his alliance.


Gladiator Beast is strong enough to be one of the main representative guilds in the Bellona Alliance.  The guild's master was able to kill an entire battalion of Rune Knights by herself, then eat the bodies, while her son, and another member at the time, had to be held in a maximum security prison by the Magic Council in order to keep him from killing the other prisoners.


Name Rank Team Status
Stimonetta AardwolfGuild MasterNoneActive
Armin FenrisDark Mage/Personal AdvisorNoneActive
BengalDark MageNoneActive
KomodoDark MageNoneActive
Jackson DarnerDark MageNoneActive
CartilageDark MageNoneActive
Cane HannibalDark MageNoneLeft Guild


Every member of Gladiator Beast has a carnivorous animal theme.

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