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God's Body

ゴドス ボディ


Godosu Bodi


Ancient Spell Caster Magic


Lord Olivia

God's Body, is a Caster-Type Ancient Spell. It's a complex magic, that magical makes one's very body into a sacred or holy body.


"When God's Body is initiated, the user focuses the Magic Origin's magical energy and spreads it out through their body and it's cells. This results adding Dispelling Magic into the mixture, essentially reversing the effect Curses have on Magic. Also giving the user the ability to deal more damage against demons while also bolstering their power immensely all across the board, such as strength, speed, and durability. The user is then capable of releasing their Magical Power in the form of beams of energy that can sicken demonkind. However, if not properly refined can cause immense pain in the body's cells.

The God's Body is not a magic just anyone can use. Only those with immense level of Magic Power can use. This is because, it requires large amounts of Magic Power to infuse each cell the God's Body Magic. Furthermore it requires tremendous control. If not properly controlled it can lead to mental breakdown.



Perchan approved this Magic.

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