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God's Interrogation
God's Interrogation



Kami Torishirabe


Holder Magic


Kira Schwartz

God's Interrogation(神取り調べ Kami Torishirabeis a rare type of Holder Magic which involves the use of special handcuffs to interrogate others.


God's Interrogation grants the user the ability to warp themselves and the target to an interrogation room which nullifies the target's Magic to interrogate them. An indestructible mascot will be summoned to tie a bladed chain around the target's heart, as the mascot will determine whether the target is lying or telling the truth. If the target tells the truth, the bladed chain will not tear the target's heart. If the target lies, the bladed chain will tear the target's heart. After a time limit of half an hour, if the target tells the truth, the latter will be warped into an indestructible cell, while the user will be warped back to their original reality. Of course, certain conditions must be met to use this ability:

  1. The user must write down the target's full name, birthday, age, and Magic on a file.
  2. The user must handcuff the target using a pair of special handcuffs.
  3. The user must stick a photograph of the target on a file.
  4. All of the above must be done within an hour.


Kira's Spells

  • Interrogate: The primary and key spell of the whole Magic, once the conditions have been fulfilled, a Magic Circle with the name of the target will be summoned, as the user will use their hand gesture to guide the Magic Circle into swallowing the target. Once the target is swallowed, both the user and the target will be warped into an interrogation room. After half an hour, the user will be warped back to their original reality, while the target will be warped into an indestructible cell.


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