"In ancient times, The Essence of Magic was worshiped by the humans , and among the humans, there were the chosen ones who ascended to a higher realm and bestowed with unfathomable powers, for they shall be hailed as the Ancient Ones, God gave them this destiny , and from the hands of God had brought them together and given birth to God Hand"
— Gaiseric The Great, Founder and Guild Master of God Hand

God Hand
Name God Hand
Kanji 神手
Rōmaji Jinde
Symbol God Hand 1
Master Gaiseric The Great
S-Class Mages Jecht Braska (Active)

Arcadius Lionhart (Active)

Evangeline Alucard (Active)

Sabbah Isharah (Active)

Grendal (Missing)

Shivala Amshel (Active)

Yagaryu Homura (Active)

Zero Shichiro (Active)

Masashi Enshin (Active)

Type Independent Guild
Location The Island of Dormaru

God Hand(神手 Jinde) is a mysterious independant guild , lead by the legendary King of Conquest, Gaiseric the Great, who is also the guild master and Ruler and King of Magoria. It is a guid located on an ancient remote island, called the Island of Dormaru. This Island was found and discovered by humans in ancient times long ago before the Golden Age era and the 100 years blood war.  The humans who found the island are peaceful heretics or followers of a cult religion who worships and pursue the truth of the One magic. 

The mages within the guild consists of  several independent mages brought together by chance , the guild of God Hand is not bound by the laws of the magic council or any other forces, it is neither a legal guild nor a dark guild. Together with their guild master and their king, a majority of mages within the guild seek world domination or in other words, they seek to save or free humanity from suffering and protect the fate of mankind, while some other members pursue their own  goals. Mages are required to enter the island first as their first test, and they will have to pass through trials which are passed down by the inhabitants of the island as it is their tradition for their right of passage to become an official citizen on the island. However, only those whom the King deems worthy are capable to enter the guild, one does not require strength or power to enter , but it is determined by the nature of the mages themselves.

The guild consists of mages who are mostly warriors and knights, with a few exception, who are in a category of their own, such as Grendal Messiah, who was the Scientist of God Hand. God hand consists of a team , known as the Ancient Ones, who are the guardians and protectors of the Island, and the strongest members of God Hand, whom the inhabitants of the island believe are transcended beings who are close to the truth of the One Magic. There is also a subdivision within God Hand, called the Order of Swords which is lead by the strongest member, Jecht Braska, they majorly consists of mages who utilize swords and close combat weapons.

The guild was found by the Ancient Ones , which consists of originally 7 members but one of them was stripped of his title as an Ancient Ones due to his betrayal and was excommunicated from God Hand, which revealed was the former advisor of King Gaiseric, Zora Vampeljing. As of now, only one member is inactive, Grendal Messiah who is currently missing in action. 


In ancient history, noone knows how humans discovered the isolated island of Dormaru. It was said to be a mysterious magical island which vanishes, unable to be seen by common humans, one can say for a human to find the island, that individual should be considered extremely lucky. The ancient guild, God Hand is one of the oldest guilds ever existed, for their history are close to the time when the One Magic was born. The foundation of the guild all started when Gaiseric , the former king of Magoria began wandering and searching to restore his fallen empire. 

Several hundred years after the foundation of the island, the revived Gaiseric, who returned from the mystical realm, known as the Void, he who seek the truth about himself found the mysterious island during his travels, in search of the methods to restore his kingdom. By passing through every trials and test from the inhabitants of the island, he finally reached the center of the island, which held the secrets and knowledge beyond one's imagination. By opening the ancient box that hides the secrets to everything, he unleashed a devastating force, the Demon Empress herself, Evangeline Alucard. After discovering his true powers and he was bestowed the gift of magic, he travelled around the world , in seeking of strong warriors who share his beliefs. Returning to the island of Dormaru, he rebuilt and restored his former kingdom , Magoria, the City of Kings on the island. The humans on the island worship the 7 warriors who they claimed to be transcended beings who are close to reaching the One magic. 

After 10 years, the city of Magoria was completed and his former kingdom of glory was restored. The kingdom had everything, it had millions of citizens who adored the 7 heroes, it even had several land marks and the fame and power of the island was spread throughout the world. From foreign continents and countries, many humans heard of the rebirth of the country , Magoria, but never once they located the island called Dormaru. Only a few who are worthy are able to enter the island, hence the island and the kingdom were proved to be a myth to all people around the world. 

From around the world, a few mages who were deemed worthy were capable to enter the island. The King , Gaiseric announced the birth of a new power, a new force that shall dominate the world and act as the shield and defenders of humanity. Many mages gathered questioned the strength of the 7 heroes, thus they challenged the king himself. The result was to be expected, they were all defeated by the 7 heroes, and they vowed their allegiance to the king. With the mages gathered on the island, Gaiseric possessed an army of extraordinary mages, and later, the ancient guild God Hand was born. 

Throughout the years, God hand remained as the protector of mankind, with anything appeared to be a threat to humanity, God Hand smote with an iron fist and striked fear to the hearts of all evil beings on Earthland. Mankind soon started to believe the existence of God Hand and they were grateful to the mighty guild. Until there came a time, where dragons and humans waged war against each other, God hand appeared and defended the fate of humanity, powerful and strong the members of God Hand were, but against the force of the mighty dragons, they were unable to contain the destruction they caused. The forces of God hand temporarily hold off against the dragons, when the humans learned about the magical arts to defeat a dragon. Together with the dragon slayers, they were close to emerge victory in the war. However, during the war, a dragon slayer went rogue , killing both enemies and allies. Several members of God hand were injured under the hands of that dragon slayer and most of the members were exhausted during the war, hence they retreated from the battlescene. 

After the war between dragons and humans, the result was unknown, from that day onwards, humans believed that the forces of God Hand were eliminated and forever gone from the world during the war. Nevertheless, after the war ended, the guild of God hand laid dormant and silent for years. Never again appearing in front of humans for hundreds of years to protect the secret of their guild, only waiting for the time when an evil force threatens the fate of humanity. 


The Mallet Island

The Island of Dormaru

The Island of Dormaru is an isolated island in the middle of the sea, , with no other visible isles in the surrounding area. The island may appear to be small and similar to a giant rock mountain, but its true appearance is an island surrounded by giant fortress walls. The other side of those walls consists of a large city, which is the city of Kings, the Kingdom of Magoria and many other landmarks. 


According to Gaiseric, the island is surrounded by a strong magical barrier, which hides it from humans and other unknown forces, making it impossible to find no matter what magic or methods are used; its purpose is to protect an ancient monument, called the Etemenanki: the Savior of Dormaru, once an ancient towert that protected the humans of the island and where they took shelter , when the island was threatened by evil forces, it possesses the ability to teleport the whole island to other grounds, which is why humans cannot locate it once they reached the so called destination of Dormaru island. 

Even so, there are methods to enter the barrier without using force or magic. So far, there are only two methods on how a few chosen humans are capable to enter it. 

  1. The King himself, Gaiseric can open the barrier and allow them in
  2. Without the King's agreement, there are two conditions required to be fulfilled for those to enter the barrier 
  • One must have a kind and good hearted nature , for only those with no evil intentions are capable to enter
  • One must have seen death before their eyes, for only those who understands the meaning of "loss" are capable to enter


The island of Dormaru which is a remote island located in the middle of nowhere, the climate around the island is divided , the southern part of the island is made of a summer like tropical hot weather and the northern part of the island is made of a winter like frigid weather. The mysterious weather involving around the island was said to be caused by the side effects of the ancient barrier.

Castle of Mallet Island

The Castle Entrance

The Castle Entrance 

The entrance to the city appears to be an eerie castle and it is the first accessible building, The castle entrance appears as the main passage to the city, but one cannot pass it easily. The castle and the passage through it is a labyrinth itself, a materialized illusion made from magic, and every path is filled with booby traps , which is why many people did not return from the island and most of them were left wandering within the labyrinth for years and died. 

Within the Labyrinth inside the castle entrance, there are many landmarks inside the castle and several pathways , but only one true passage leads straight into the city, below are the list of landmarks seen within the castle entrance:

422888-mallet island large

Upper left: the Gallery of mystery Upper right: the Chamber of Eternal Lower left: Entrance to the City Lower right: the Dungeon of Doom

The Chamber of Eternal 

Inside this sleeping chamber, it was once a room belonged to the master of the owner of the castle , called Krauser Bernstein, he was the founder of the castle, and he was once a ruthless master of slaves. The castle was for his own entertainment purpose and where he tortured his slaves. 

The Gallery of Mystery

This gallery room is filled with pictures in ancient times, filled with paintings about wars and chaos. Within this gallery room, one will be trapped in an endless loop and cannot simply make it out without solving the puzzles from the paintings of the room. 

The Dungeon of Doom 

The Dungeon was once where the former master, Krauser punished and kept his slaves in for his entertainment purposes. It is the least place that one would enter, many people had never made it out, but there's another secret passage to escape the dungeon for emergency uses

The Door of Truth 

This door may look eerie and spooky at one's first glance, but it is actually the true entrance to escape the labyrinth illusion within the castle entrance. Unfortunately, only a few people made it to reach this gate. 

The Mirrors of the Forgotten

The Mirrors of the Forgotten 

This is a warped direction reversed dimension within the labyrinth, It is filled with the souls of the forgotten ones, the people who fell victim in the labyrinth and died and their souls wandered in the mirrors of the forgotten for all eternity. 

Broken Bridge 2

The Bridge of the Damned

The Bridge of the Damned 

This bridge was once a gateway to the City of Magoria, but unfortunately, through unknown means, it was broken and now left in ruins, unable to be used as the key to the city. 

Magoria, the City of Kings 

  • The Residence of Magoria
  • Sancta Ecclesia
  • the town folks gathered in the cathedral praying

At the other side of the labyrinth of the castle entrance, there lies the rebuilt glorious city of Kings, Magoria. The city is located at the center and the middle section of the island, and the city is crowded with millions of citizens. All the native residents of the city are mostly religious heretics who worship the One magic , including children, they are all under the protection of God Hand , who also dictates all aspects of their lives. They are all required to wear a special uniform with an insignia of God Hand and still living peaceful lives, worshiping the Ancient Ones. The city is filled with magnificent architectures , homes for the inhabitants of the island, and the residence in Magoria city has a large business district. At the center of the city, there lies the cathedral/church of the city, called the Sancta Ecclesia, it is the place where the town folks gather and worship the Ancient Ones. 

The Maledictus Forest

  • The Shrine of Salvation
  • The Lost Ruins
  • the Forest of Lost Souls

The Forest of Maledictus is an ancient forest filled with magical mystery, it is strictly off-limits for humans to enter, it is similar to the Castle of entrance which is filled with illusionary magic and one may be lost and wander endlessly within the woods. The forest is a living being itself, it possesses a peaceful nature, but it can be aggresive once it feels threatened, once an unknown force which the forest is unfamiliar with enters its domain, they will be lost forever, which is why it was given the name, The Forest of lost souls. Only the members of God Hand are capable for safe passage through the forest. 

The Maledictus forest is located at the southern area of the island, which surrounds the Castle of Entrance. which also protects the island from unknown forces if they decide not to use the main castle entrance. It is a wide ranged  sub-tropical rain forest full of vegetation, mountains and canyons. It also houses many ancient structures built long time ago, such as the Shrine of Salvation and the Lost Ruins.

Alexandria, The Castle of King

  • the cathedral inside the castle
  • Throne room/Main hall of the castle
  • Corridors inside the castle
  • The entrance connected by the drawbridge with the Hills of Furor
  • the secret underground laboratory
  • a chamber where Grendal conduct his experiments in
  • The background of the entire castle
  • the Central Courtyard

After bypassing the forest and the city, and heading straight north, there lies the Castle of King, Alexandria, which is the location where the guild of God Hand resides and home to the Ancient Ones. It is the largest constructed building on the island of Dormaru, and it's located on the northern side of the island on top of Furor Hills. The hills of furor are known as the hills of Madness, where heavy blizzards surround the whole mountains and the castle. From the mountains, one can hear the sorrow and the cries of a siren, and may lost within the blizzard and freeze to death. 

The Castle is a fortress itself, the concrete walls of the castle is reinforced by magic and cannot be broken easily by any normal magic. In some locations of the castle are filled with booby traps and ancient guardians to protect and prevent other forces from finding the secrets within. Inside the castle, there are many pathways leading to different locations, and one can easily get lost within it without a guide. Filled with royalty everywhere around the castle is, but there is a secret passage underground where it leads to a secret laboratory, where the former Grendal Messiah performed his experiments in. 

There is a drawbridge connecting the hills of Furor to the castle, which is the main entrance as well. Inside the castle, there is the main hall, which is a huge two-story hall with ancient designs, which is also the throne room. There is also a cathedral inside the castle which locates at the other side of the castle, opposite to the main hall, it is where the Ancient Ones and members of God Hand gather around to hold their meetings. In addition, there is also a central court yard within the castle, which seem to be an ancient colleseum for gladiator fights. 

Etemenanki: the Savior of Dormaru

The Arcanas

the Four Relics of the Past

 It is an ancient holy towering temple constructed long ago by humans before the Golden Age era. It was sealed underground hundreds of years ago in a complex ritual, requiring the Four Relics of the Past, acting as the keys. As an added level of security, within the tower is guarded by 5 gate keepers to prevent unknown forces from trespassing, including Evangeline Alucard as one of them. The spell can only be undone inside the secret chamber, The Lair of Judgement. The entrance to the secret lair  
  • Etemenanki, Savior of Dormaru
  • Dark side of the Castle
  • The Forsaken Citadel
  • The Lair of Judgement activated
  • Etemenanki ressurected
  • the Apex of Etemenanki
  • The portal teleporting the Island
is through the Forsaken Citadel , which is located at the dark side of the Castle, clouded with mists and shrouded in mystery. Only the King ,Gaiseric is capable of safe passage into the lair of Judgement. The lair lies deep within a secret undergound basement at the bottom of the castle, known as the Cursed Land of Genesis. Never once had anyone made it alive into the chamber. After bypassing the 5 guardians , and with the possession of the 4 relics of the past , inserting them into the control panel at the center of the lair, the seal will be undone and Etemenanki will be revived. When the tower is activated, the central platform of the chamber will start rising from underground and emerge through the city, as the platform will serve as the peak of the tower. The tower is thousands meters tall, as "its top is in the sky" itself, probably the tallest monument ever created in mankind history. 

The tower actually serves a purpose for the island, as it is the main defense system of the island. It possesses a hidden power to teleport the entire island and the people on it into any other locations, which is why humans are unable to get an exact location of the island, hence it was called the Island of Lost Worlds. In order to activate the hidden magic of the tower, the blood of the King is required as the key to unlock its power. Once Etemenanki is fully ressurected, and the blood of the King is spilled at the center of the paltform on the apex of Etemenanki, a magical portal will open in the sky like the tower is invading heaven, connecting with the tower, and within minutes, the island will be teleported through the portal and appear on another location in the middle of the sea.


God Hand was once a guild claimed to be "the strongest" in ancient times, which even the guild master of Fairy Tail, Makarov heard stories aboutt the incredible strength of God Hand from his previous master, Purehito. However , after the war between humans and dragons , centuries had passed by , the guild is now no longer known by the public and was assumed destroyed during the war. The guild had laid silent for hundreds of years, only awaiting the time when mankind desperately needs them. God Hand was known as the most fearsome guild in history, in legendary stories and folklores, they were once a deadly force truly to be reckoned with. None had survived from the forces of God Hand and no evil had laid their hands on the fate of humanity for hundreds of years due to the protection of the guild. 

The guild itself is an unknown force to society, noone knows of their existence, not even the magic council or any other guilds. Only the recent emperor of Regno Rosa, Masahiro Ketsueki believes in its existence, for its legendary achievements. The guild is not bound by the laws of the magic council, no empire, and no other forces control the fate of God Hand, hence the guild is free to do whatever they desire in the shadows. Even so, the strength of the guild should not be taken lightly, for their powers are beyond those of the magic council itself. Gaiseric, the King of  Island of Dormaru, and guild master of God Hand claimed that if it wasn't for the guild, Star breaker, most of the world would have been conquered by him as of now. 

The strongest members within God Hand are known as the Ancient Ones, they are known as the last defense of mankind against any evil forces which threatens the fate of humanity, the world's mightiest heroes in history. The power of an Ancient One is capable to rival that of a wizard saint, and some of the Ancient Ones are even stronger than them. Even the weakest member of the Ancient Ones is capable to go toe to toe with a wizard saint. The powers of each member of the Ancient Ones are enough to destroy cities with ease within minutes. God hand consists of mostly S class mages, or those with capability to become an S class mage and some are even close to the strength of a wizard saint. 

The guild, God hand, does not require jobs to earn any profits, since the guild is known as the Golden Capital, the loot of thousand worlds. Long ago, it was said there were pirates who stole nearly countless jewels and treasures from around the world, and they came upon the island and hidden their treasure within it. However, the members of God hand have no interests in such treasure, since they are capable to survive anywhere without currencies.  The citizens on the island are the primitive type, they survive by fishing, farming and hunting. They do not require the likes of money to live in their daily lives. 


The members of the guild are composed of mostly independent mages or former dark mages. Former dark mages such as Shivala Amshel and Yagaryu Homura were once on the top wanted list of dark mages for the crimes they commited. However, after entering God Hand, their whereabouts are now unknown and considered "dead" by the Magic council. As of right now, the guild consists of 50 mages, and with 10 of them being S class mages and 20 of them possess the potential to become an S Class mage , excluding the Ancient Ones. 

The Ancient Ones originally consists of 7 members, but due to the betrayal of a former member, the treacherous mage was excommunicated from God hand and stripped of his title as an Ancient One. Until recently, one member of God Hand is considered missing, due to his whereabouts are unknown, Hence , there are only 5 members of the Ancient Ones active on this day. Nevertheless, a mage has a potential to be elected and given the title as an Ancient One, and the election is decided by the King himself. The members of the Ancient Ones are given alias names for their position they held, the postions they are given are according to the pieces of the game of Chess, except for Jecht Braska, who was the last member of the Ancient Ones, he was given the title as the Hero , The Invincible, a wild card of the Ancient Ones. However, do not be mistakened , for the names entitled to each and every member of the Ancient Ones are not the rankings of their strength, overall in God Hand, the Ancient Ones are in a league of their own, and as for the others possess the strength of a S class mage or even close to an Ancient One. 

Members of God Hand

Name Rank Status
Gaiseric The Great Guild Master & an Ancient One Active
Arcadius Lionhart An Ancient One & second in command Left Guild
Evangeline Alucard An Ancient One & Gate Keeper of Etemenanki Active
Jecht Braska An Ancient One & Leader of the Order of Swords Active
Sabbah Isharah An Ancient One & Leader of the Assassination corps Active
Shivala Amshel S class Mage & member of the Assassination corps Active
Yagaryu Homura S class Mage & member of the Assassination corps Active
Todesritter The Experimental Mage/Warrior of God Hand Unknown
Grendal An Ancient One & Head of the Research Department Unknown
Amnusha Maharathi Gate Keeper of Etemenanki


Hidetora Kentaro Gate Keeper of Etemenanki


Alastor Angelo Gate Keeper of Etemenanki Active
Zero Shichiro Ace of the Assassination Corps Active
Masashi Enshin Ace of the Order of Swords Active
Hoshimi Yomi Member of the Order of Swords & the Assassination Corps Active
Max Rockland A Walking Dead & Member of the Order of Swords  Active
Hayate Kagutsuchi A Walking Dead & Member of the Assassination Corps Active
Morgana Redum Member of the Order of Swords Excommunicated
Zora Vampeljing Former Ancient One  Excommunicated


The guild, God Hand possesses three rare and powerful magic spells associated with The Legendary Three Hero Kings(伝説の三英雄王Densetsu no san eiyū-ō)  who are, Gaiseric, Arcadius and Jecht, they are called the Three Noble Magics(神話の三王立魔法 Shinwa no san ōritsu mahō ) , which symbolizes heroism and the legendary achievements of ancient warriors, no other mages can learn these three magics, as these magics are beyond the comprehension of normal magics, it is said that when the three legendary Kings of heroes stand together, these three magics have no equal , they are as follows:

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