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God Slayer Magic (滅神魔法, Metsujin Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and finally, a subsection of the Slayer Magic line that grants the wielders of its power the ability to transform the physiology of their body into those of what could be considered to be gods, perceived by life on Earth Land as legendary creatures that are of natural or supernatural nature, considered divine or sacred worshipped by various religions with important roles to play in mythology which are seemingly the strongest among all species in the world.

Just like how Dragon Slayer Magic is harnessed by those referred to as Dragon Slayers, God Slayer Magic is utilized by those known as God Slayers (滅神魔導士(ゴッド・スレイアー), Goddo Sureiā lit. God-Destroying Magician).


In order to learn God Slayer Magic in the first place, the hopeful wielder must have their magic "modified" by an outside source - typically, just like how a Devil Slayer learns the Devil Slayer Magic from one of the Books of Zeref, which contain notes on how to obtain Magical Barrier Particles as to produce a Devil Slayer, a God Slayer will learn their God Slayer Magic from a peculiar type of grimoire known as a scripture, which are texts which various religious traditions consider to be sacred, or central to their religious tradition, used to evoke a deeper connection with the divine, convey spiritual truths, promote mystical experience, foster communal identity, and to guide individual and communal spiritual practice - these scriptures have undergone an infusion of holiness through the blessing of the God associated with the sacred text, bestowing the holy book with properties not dissimilar to the god themselves, which would allow the learning process to take place. Indeed, the scripture which passes on the element of the God and the holy energy to the user modifies the user's magical origin with the book's own holy energies, inverted by the paper to not harm the user, which changes how magical energy circulates within their body, therefore causing their magic origin and own magical energy to become "holy" in nature; thus a portion of their own power changes the user's magical power into that of a God Slayer; unlike the catalyzing process of Devil Slayer Magic which can kill the hopeful user if even the slightest misstep occurs, this process of obtaining God Slayer Magic is known to be relatively harmless, with the only requirement being an immense quantity of magical energies dwelling within the caster's body to enable the process in the first place. Through continuous reading, the knowledge embedded within this magical tome will become permanently engraved within their mind as the now-harmless holy energies contained within the scripture will be put into action alongside the energy of the user's body to catalyze a variety of bodily processes automatically, therefore allowing the morphing of their physiology to a point where the individual has adopted some physical traits, as well as the type of Elemental Magic, from said book; or rather, the individual that the book is centered around - the God. God Slayers whom were brought into existence through this method, however, are known to be relatively lackluster in terms of combat potency, with Zancrow, a wielder of the Flame God Slayer Magic and a member of the Seven Kin of Purgatory losing both of his fights before being killed unceremoniously by some dude, and the wielder of Lightning God Slayer Magic being a member of the biggest group of losers in Earth Land - however, Sherria Blendy is known to be relatively powerful, so maybe Chelia master race, suck it Wendy it all depends on the element harnessed, of course.

However, God Slayer Magic is known to be a form of magic that requires not only a physiological change like all the other forms of Slayer Magic, but a psychological change within the caster's existence in order to properly employ as well, possibly explaining why the Flame God Slayer and the Lightning God Slayer were incapable of harnessing the full potency of God Slayer Magic, as they're both the chumpiest of chumps. Thus, it could be said that all three previous wielders of God Slayer Magic have only obtained half of their power; in order to gain access to the full potential of the power which is utilized to slay the divine, the caster must have an epiphany, a realization important enough to have an influence in the way the user lives their life. Since Magic is easily influenced by emotions both positive and negative, this epiphany can be described as similar to "maturing" or "growing up" mentally - at this point, the holy energies dwelling within their body will react with their strong emotions, causing the god that the scripture they learnt God Slayer Magic from to appear before them in a pseudo-Thought Projection, crossing from the realm of the divine to the realm of the living as to contact with their God Slayer. Once they have passed a test that denotes strength of character, with the god commonly deciding that the God Slayer is a suitable recipient of their full power as they possess the qualities deemed as worthy to inherit their strength, the God finishes the transformation process, causing the God Slayer's body to fully transform into a hybrid between mortal and the divine, gaining the immeasurable might of the divine to throw about at their fancy while finally proving that Gods are potentially the strongest form of legendary creatures residing within Earth Land - however, several users have shown that based on the type of revelation, the power gained can be completely different such as two users of Sky God Slayer Magic becoming overwhelmingly powerful either offensively and defensively; despite this, in relatively rare cases, a wielder of a completed God Slayer Magic will be capable of unleashing the entire scope of the power inherent of their patron deity.

Of course, as typical of all forms of Slayer Magic, the changes in their biological traits and structure range from rather unnoticeable things such as enhanced senses, which are a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception, such as olfaction to the point that they can smell blood on a shirt even if it's been through the dry-cleaners or discover a forest fire even from several thousand kilometers away, audioception, which grants them a minor form of extra-sensory perception that allows them to detect movements through a form of clairvoyance, and ophthalmoception, bestowing upon the wielder of God Slayer Magic the ability to see things with pin-point accuracy even if it's a fair distance away and gain a form of night vision, allowing them to see in low light conditions – these are all traits associated with the Gods, whom are divine beings that are above the existence of mankind and Etherious, and their physical power when compared to humans definitely proves that. Despite the boons bestowed upon the user, those traits above can be said to simply be side-effects of having the physiology of a god; indeed, the greatest ability of a wielder of God Slayer Magic is also its signature power – calling upon the assets of a the divine even if their bodily structure isn't one-hundred-percent the same as the beings from which this magic originated, the caster is capable of inducing a metamorphosis of their body structure as to take upon traits of a god instantaneously which is done in conjunction with the activation sequence of their particular element, bestowing upon the user of God Slayer Magic the power to reinforce their biological structure with the power of their particular form of Elemental Magic which itself is bolstered through simply being taught by the likes of the divine, resulting in the physiology of a God Slayer transforming their entire existence into that of a make-shift weapon whose ownership is unique to them and them alone, wielding the element harnessed by a god and passed down to them alongside the natural physical superiority of a god in combat, utilizing offensive ability, stamina, and vitality, to transmogrify themselves into the greatest weapon of all, thus dramatically increasing the damage inflicted upon anything that they come into contact with using the sheer force of their strikes in all ranges – however, as one may have suspected, close-combat is where God Slayer Magic usually shines thanks to the physical might of a god. The form of Elemental Magic that the wielder of God Slayer Magic commands, whether it be one of the classical elements, which are the rudimentary, simplest or essential parts/principles of which nature consists and were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances or something more abstract is theirs to command and at its absolute strongest when harnessed by a God Slayer.

Interestingly, unlike forms of Slayer Magic, God Slayer Magic, instead of sticking to a single creature to kill, actually encompasses a wide variety of phantasmal beings which are categorized as holy - effectively, anything that can be considered to be a "divine being", such as angels, which are known far-and-wide as the messengers of deities, Jinn, Saints, and many more - indeed, it can be said that God Slayer Magic is the reason why there isn't an "Angel Slayer Magic". In a similar manner to how Devil Slayer Magic is empowered by negative emotions, every invocation of the activation sequence of the caster's God Slayer Magic is accompanied by the opposite of the 'magic = feelings' concept, with the wielder inadvertently infusing their magic with positive feelings, causing their element being manifested to take on traits that are associated with the purest of the pure, bestowing upon the wielder's element to render whatever it touches pure, cleaning the target of foreign elements and/or pollution, bestowing upon an effect similar to ritual purification, annihilating specifically defined uncleanliness with the patron deity's power, resulting in the wielder's God Slayer Magic being capable of banishing evil spirits and removing any hold a demon would have on a human - this translates to receiving a damage boost against most forms of summon spirits such as Celestial Spirits and Familiar Spirits, albeit not at the level of Spirit Slayer Magic, and most of demonkind such as Etherious and ordinary Demons, once more, not at the level of Devil Slayer Magic. Going further, the caster's element involuntarily holds an origin in positive emotions that are displayed by all sorts of beings across Earth Land, but mainly associated with the Seven Heavenly Virtues, a group of virtues which oppose the vices known as the Seven Deadly Sins; the Seven Heavenly Virtues embody chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility, each virtue protecting one against temptation from the seven deadly sins. Thus, as their positive emotions, as well as the positive emotions displayed by others in the vicinity increase, the element produced by a user of God Slayer Magic will increase in intensity and mass, as well as this, its properties will become more and more otherworldly, as the elemental magic begins to display elemental aspects atypical of their style such as burning, freezing, shocking, etc. Because of this, in the hands of a particularly peaceful God Slayer, God Slayer Magic can be considered almost apocalyptic in nature when compared to other forms of Slayer Magic.

A trait that's consistent with all forms of God Slayer Magic, no matter if they're incomplete or complete is that the colour of each God Slayer's element has a black tint to it, regardless of what it may be; this black tint isn't one of evil, but rather, it's a result of the properties of divine and sacred being imbued within the wielder's element as to produce a supreme existence which possesses a transcendent priority, displaying the ability to transcend normal area-of-effect of close-range combat strikes, God Slayer Magic cannot collide with, clash with, cancel out, or be cancelled out by other attacks, even other priority-oriented attacks of a similar nature such as Ice Devil's Zeroth Destruction Bow, allowing the caster's attacks to bust everything in their path to shreds, even smothering other forms of Elemental Magic of any tier - this is shown when the black flames produced by Flame God Slayer Magic were capable of ripping straight through the ordinary flames of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Silly things like protection such as Defenser and Barrier Magic are as good as shitty papier-mâché when the blackened elemental might of God Slayer Magic is bowling down upon them. The body of an opponent, unless they themselves are a wielder of God Slayer Magic cannot handle a large amount of god-enhanced elemental energy due to a difference of affinity, not a matter of potency; if the human body forcefully does absorb a large amount of blessed magical energy, the person would suffer severe damage, and large concentrations can have highly dangerous effects on the world in the form of a natural disaster, which is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of Earth Land, such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic processes - however, the type of natural disaster all depends on the element of the God Slayer Magic in question and quantity of magical energy dwelling within their frame, showing that each and every one of their god-powered strikes are capable of being accompanied by the invocation of these natural disasters. Interestingly, unlike other Slayer Magics, while God Slayer Magic is supremely effective at killing gods, it is not the only way to perform such a feat, as several extremely powerful fighters have demonstrated.

Sherria Blendy, a wielder of Sky God Slayer Magic, consuming her own element.

Indeed, God Slayer Magic has virtually unlimited customization options in regards to the element formed through simple magical manipulation and reinforced through the power of that which is known as the divine – the colour of the element is able to be altered freely, its properties which aren't limited to but include temperature, the smell that it emits, its taste, and overall "feel" is capable of being modified to the user's liking for countless different effects and powers, more often than not being attuned to the user's own personality and ambitions; the type of damage that the element inflicts upon anything that it comes into contact with is able to be changed at will such as Flame God Slayer Magic changing from inflicting "blunt" damage that feels like being hit with a sledgehammer to a stream that burns through anything in its path through inducing a minor form of phase transition as to grant it corporeality and switch back. Of course, as the highest form of elemental manipulation around, a wielder of God Slayer Magic is capable of harnessing their magic in any manner that they deem to be suitable, commonly changing between offensive, defensive, evasive, or supplementary potencies in accordance to the situation at hand; but generally, as long as the God Slayer is able to imagine their element being used in a particular manner and it doesn't break the laws of physics or conflict with any established limitations, then the sky is the limit, more or less. As per the nature of Slayer Magic, a God Slayer is immune to the effects of their own element, and can consume external sources of their element to replenish their strength, both stamina-wise and magic-wise. They are also naturally immune to the effects of their own element that came from both their own person and to those from other sources, but must consume it through their mouths if they are to actually absorb it into their bodies; however, unlike Dragon Slayer Magic, a God Slayer is capable of consuming their own element in order to gain back magical power and stamina- this is displayed with the Sky God Slayer devouring her own air- but like all Slayer Magics, a God Slayer is required to consume any and all sources of their element through their mouth. Additionally, it should be taken into consideration that God Slayer Magic also bestows upon the wielder immunity to effects related to their elements as well; such as a user of Flame God Slayer Magic being completely immune to intense heat.

Common Subspecies Abilities

  • An angel as summoned by the Angel Conjure subspecies ability of God Slayer Magic.

    Angel Conjure (滅神術・天使召喚力(エンゼル・コンジュラー), Enzeru Konzurā lit. God Slayer Skill: Angel Summoning Power): Angel Conjure is a powerful God Slayer Magic subspecies ability that's accessible by all wielders of God Slayer Magic; dissimilar from a universal power-up skill, the function of Angel Conjure is known to be more strategic in nature - it enables the caster to summon down angels composed out of their own element, these angels are capable of acting as per the caster's orders for all sorts of purposes, acting as a guardian for the wielder. The God Slayer Magic subspecies ability known as Angel Conjure is said to be a refinement of the Caster Magic which is known as Angel Magic in that both center around the summoning of angels; however, in the case of Angel Conjure, it is a perfection of said magic, dramatically amplifying the strengths of Angel Magic while completely eliminating the drawbacks; it can also be classified as a "type" of Spirit Summoning Magic as the wielder of God Slayer Magic directly brings the angel into this world. In any case, when engaging Angel Conjure, the wielder of God Slayer Magic focuses the voluminous quantities of arcane energy that are dwelling about within their Magic Origin, and while invoking the activation sequence of their particular form of God Slayer Magic, the user calls upon the powers of their patron deity from whom their magic is derived through their strong emotions, all while invoking the concept of symbolism as to send their mental commands to the realm in which their patron deity resides, rousing the deity's vassals whom are in reality angels, whom are known far-and-wide as the messengers of deities. They are benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between what is dubbed as the Heavenly Realm and Earth Land for their deities, or as guardian spirits or a guiding influence. Angels are known for protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out the tasks of their patron deities, meaning that they could be considered existences akin to that of a Familiar for gods of sorts. While traditionally, angels appear as the rather stereotypical pretty-looking humanoid with feathery white wings protruding from their back, a golden halo on their head, and white robes, the truth is that in terms of appearances, Angels can be considered similar to that of demons as they are highly varied, running the whole scale such as sprites, traditional looking angels, or in some occasions anything that represents organic and mechanical beings of an advanced extraterrestrial origin. When the user summons angels, they essentially add a bit of themselves into it, a mental structure in which the coins they shape of how the own user is seen, resulting in the different appearances of the angels that come out. An example of this was seen when a user, who was shown to be compassionate and caring, produced an angel with a protective ability to it, and a kind friendly appearance to it. In a way, the very angel is the user themselves, making this the only subspecies ability that completely immerses both user and result into one unified ability. These angels, recognizing that the wielder of God Slayer Magic has the same magic signature as their master, descend from the Heavenly Realm and into Earth Land, tethering themselves to the God Slayer's Magic Origin. At this point, the summoned angel is capable of all sorts of abilities, as detailed here. Unlike most magical constructs, an angel is able to fix and restore itself after being damaged or broken, in reflection to how much the user has healed. Just like their summoner, each and every angel is capable of utilizing magic and as ethereal beings, they possess physical might beyond regular humanoids. Typically, an angel hovers around the summoner, more often than not staying behind them at all times and floating in various directions in order to perform various maneuvers, though, as mentioned above, they can be directed to act independently – however, larger angels anchor the caster to the ground, leaving them effectively immobile for the duration of its time in the mortal plane. In all cases, the "Dynamic" form of the God Slayer's subspecies ability that mimics Molding Magic is naturally entwined with Angel Conjure, allowing the wielder of God Slayer Magic to summon angels through it.

Common Spells

  • Zancrow using his unnamed God Hand to launch black flames forward with his punch.

    God Hand (波動拳(ゴッド・ハンド), Goddo Hando lit. Wave-Motion Fist): God Hand is a powerful God Slayer Magic spell which can be attuned to all forms of God Slayer Magic thus technically making it uncategorized, classified as a magical power-collection-type blow (魔力集束打撃, maryoku shūsoku dageki) as it involves the user gathering magical energies in the atmosphere and compressing them upon one of their fists before unleashing a powerful punch that projects that magical energy which is elemental in nature, dealing immense damage - it is a powerful punching strike. In any case, when performing God Hand, the user cocks their fist back as they crouch ever-so-slightly, performing a winding-up motion. Using their magic origin as a focus point, the user begins to gather large amounts of magical energies -both magical energy itself and eternano - in the atmosphere, drawing it to their figure before compressing these ambient energies to their utmost limit, resulting in the user's arm becoming shrouded with such a quantity of magical energy that their arm gives off the appearance of a mass of azurite swirling around their lower arm like a hurricane. At this point, the user intensifies their magical power and focuses it at a singular point; their fist, with the transference of energies to the balled hand; the high concentration of magical energies produces an ear-piercing sound before the user thrusts their fist forward, unleashing a devastating blow that inflicts piercing, penetrating damage. The release of God Hand projects the fist with energies condensed composed from magical energy using the concept of supernatural energy itself –both magical energy and eternano- as the ultimate fulcrum for transference of energies, even if the energies used as a medium for the attack does not belong to the user, or if the energies are in the vicinity of their Magical Aura's upsurge. Because of this property which ensures "complete domination of the supernatural", there are nada, zero, zip, and zilch chances of there ever being any kind of supernatural defensive technique that is capable of withstanding or even attempting to defend against God Hand. Indeed, as a God Slayer Magic which is changed in accordance to the caster's particular element, it can be seen as equivalent to the likes of Fire Dragon's Iron Fist of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and Iron Dragon's Hard Fist of Iron Dragon Slayer Magic, and it is known that in some cases, God Hand has been modified to attack the opponent from within in any form if a foolish Slayer attempts to devour it in any of its elemental forms, meaning that there is no way to properly defend except to evade.
  • A God Slayer activating Burst.

    Burst (天神聖力演(バースト), Bāsuto lit. Heavenly God Holy Power Amplification): Burst is an uncategorized God Slayer Magic spell that's an Magic-amplification technique and equivalent to Dragon Slayer Magic's Drive; Burst brings out the true power of their capabilities as a user of God Slayer Magic, excluding the power boost granted by God Force, yet, at the same time, seemingly enhancing the user's physical prowess to a degree, particularly the user's speed. The Burst spell, unlike its draconic equivalent, Drive, which is exclusive to Third-Generation Dragon Slayers, is known to be capable of being harnessed by any user of God Slayer Magic as long as they possess the power necessary to induce its effects and the knowledge of how to do so. Given that a user of God Slayer Magic is capable of calling upon their patron deity through strong feelings in the first place, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they are able to do so once more at any time, if only to a limited extent this time. Channeling the power of their patron deity whom bestowed upon them the ability to utilize their godly element in the first place in a roundabout way, the caster frees their mind as to mentally invoke a complete absence of emotion and peace of mind, with the caster separating godly properties of their element from the ordinary element, thus separating yin and yang, also interpreted as positive and negative arcane potential respectively. When the yin and yang collide together to become whole again as their patron deity sends a portion of their power downwards - the God Slayer opens up a narrow pathway from their fingertip; as well as up to their arm to the stomach. The magic origin of a magician is located within their stomach- and as everyone knows, the magic origin is the source of supernatural power within the body. The way that the magic works requires that the elemental energy sent down enters the user's stomach; in contrast, if it passes through the user's heart; more than half of the time, the result is fatal for God Slayer. Once the godly energy has entered the user's stomach, their magic origin activates; the magical energy being constantly pumped into the user's limbs takes ahold of the godly energy, and breaks down the eternano and energy that it's composed of with the God Slayer's Magic Origin resonating with such to distribute the God Slayer Magic Particles sent down at a swift pace, accelerating the output and flow of magic from the godly energy to the user's body in order to enhance all of their fortes, increasing the strength, speed, and potential that the user possesses tenfold, allowing them to take on even foes much more powerful than themselves; entering a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability as their element cloaks around them. While in this state, the user demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing, and it amplifies the powers of their God Slayer Magic without exhausting themselves. This state grants the user the ability to perform new spells; as well as making their pre-existing spells far more powerful, with various users only employing several skills only while in Burst, allowing the user to dish out some serious damage. However, the uprise of magical energy could easily obliterate the user or severely damage their body, if harnessed for too long.
  • Liberator (滅神力・解放呪(リベレイター) Ribereitā lit. God Slayer Power: Releasing Spell): Liberator is a powerful uncategorized God Slayer Magic spell which has a noticeable amount of synergy with all forms of God Slayer Magic – Liberator involves the wielder of God Slayer Magic utilizing the holy properties bestowed upon the magic by the divine in order to liberate anything within their line of sight that can be affected by their element, freeing them from the restraints that are referred to as the mortal plane and converting the affected targets into their own element. In any case, when performing Liberator, the wielder of God Slayer Magic focuses intently, while drawing upon the divine energies which have been infused within their body by the scripture that had underwent an infusion of holiness through the blessing of the God associated with the sacred text which they had procured their particular form of God Slayer Magic from, and from here, instead of proceeding to invoke the activation sequence of their God Slayer Magic, the God Slayer uses the holy properties of their magic in order to fuel their power with positive emotions, these aspects of their God Slayer Magic gathering within their existence as to condense at a singular point to the level that the wielder of God Slayer Magic essentially taps into the power of their patron deity, which they release as a semi-transparent ring of textureless energy around their body. From here, the God Slayer adds their personal element into these divine energies by now inducing the activation sequence of their personal form of God Slayer Magic, thus causing the textureless ring of divine power to take upon a blackened hue. At this point, the wielder of God Slayer Magic invokes a process not dissimilar to the likes of Shape Transformation and Molding Magic, specifically a form of Molding Magic that's associated with their own element in order to alter the shape and mass of these divine particles, causing the ring of godly power to begin to spin about the user's body at ever-increasing velocities. Once this entire process has been completed, the wielder of God Slayer Magic emits this ring downwards into the solid surface below, impacting upon the ground and rushing outwards in an extremely wide radius in the form of a propagating disturbance; a high-pressure wave of pure concussive force that travels faster than the speed of sound and can propagate through the point of impact, shaking both the medium and anything around it, causing the objects around the point-of-impact to vibrate erratically in an extremely hard and fast wave, which causes other things that the material touches to vibrate too – this wave of concussive force reverberates up and down like a crashing wave in the ocean, blasting through the medium it was transferred through at astounding speeds in all directions. Composed entirely out of the God Slayer's element and fused with the divine power of their patron deity, the shockwave released carries a deadly effect – anything and everything the shockwave comes into contact with by converting anything that the user deems fit into their element by using the immense power of said element to annihilate its composition before changing and recreating it into the God Slayer Magic element - as to how this works, simply by willing it, the user is capable of focusing on any form of matter, whether it be something as big as a house or something as tiny as air molecules- no matter if it is a solid, a liquid, or even a gas, as long as it exists within this plane of existence, it is a fair target for the Liberator spell. The moment that the elemental energy generated by this magic collides with any form of matter, energy and momentum are conserved, and the annihilated particles are replaced by the God Slayer element; effectively enabling a user of God Slayer Magic to change anything into their element as long as conservation of energy and conservation of momentum are obeyed; since in its transparent state, the user's element possesses no mass, such a feat can be performed in a blink of an eye. With it, a user of God Slayer Magic can absorb the surrounding structures, by forcing them to undergo particle alteration and breaking down their material consistencies and absorbing them, transforming them into their element which the caster can absorb through the traditional elemental consumption method of God Slayer Magic for an indefinite period of time. With Liberator, the caster can alter and absorb the trees, sand, rocks, and even the buildings in Earth Land; showing no upper limit to what they can and cannot change and then absorb. As long as it possesses a material consistency, then the user can subjugate it to their will; even absorbing opposing physical as well as magical attacks and turning them into a source of energy. This ability even works on particles such as oxygen and hydrogen, allowing a user of the magic to suffocate an enemy or transform an entire ocean into their element with Liberator.

God Force

God Force (神の力(ゴッド・フォース), Goddo Fōsu lit. God's Power) is the most advanced state that an ordinary God Slayer is capable of taking upon - it can be seen as the equivalent to Dragon Slayer Magic's Dragon Force in that both are powered-up forms and essentially transform the wielder of the Slayer Magic into the creature their magic was created to kill in the first place. Indeed, going even further with God Slayer Magic's similarities to Dragon Slayer Magic, God Force is only capable of being achieved through the intake of an incredible quantity of pure, distilled arcane energy the first few times that it is achieved, but after that, the activation sequences for God Force are patterned within the caster's Magic Origin, enabling them to invoke its power at any time that they deem to be suitable. Indeed, as the final, most powerful state a wielder of God Slayer Magic can attain, God Force grants them power comparable to that which a real God possesses: the power to utterly destroy everything. When engaged, as per most general "powered up states", God Force greatly increases the damage done by standard God Slayer spells, their physical and magical attributes, and grants the user access to more advanced, powerful attacks. Tapping into this power which is said to be the "true power of a God Slayer" also drastically enhances the user's physical prowess, making them far stronger, more resistant to damage, and faster, far beyond the power increase bestowed upon them by Burst, to the point that they are capable of slaying exceptionally powerful beings, with the caster's attacks striking on both the physical and spiritual plane to ensure that no matter the defensive or evasive measures taken, the enemy's attempts to diminish the power of the God Slayer bearing down upon them is rendered null and void. While God Force is activated, the God Slayer darts about at velocities which effortlessly outstrips most forms of speed-enhancing techniques such as Reduced Earth, High Speed, and Slowing Magic, while the strength can overwhelm a wielder of Crash, displaying a level of a durability beyond the norm.

The physical changes that a God Slayer undergoes while in God Force are close to nonexistent, but the arcane energies swirling around their existence more than make up for that - out of their elemental energy, a halo bridging through a distinct six-wing pinnation manifests, centered upon the caster's back. These wings are capable of being utilized for many purposes, whether for offense by extending forward to serve the purpose of impossibly sharp masses of blades, for defense by shrouding the wielder as to act as an impromptu Defenser, and many more purposes, including, of course, high-speed flight that transcends the concept of "speed". Of course, in God Force, the God Slayer gains the ability to understand laws that are hitherto unknown and unexplainable to the natural world, no longer requiring physical motions to direct their element, but rather, spells are activated in accordance to their mental commands as the elemental wings perform all the activation sequences of their particular God Slayer Magic for them. Interestingly, as it is rumoured that Gods were involved deeply within the formation of the world- which could actually be a load of hogwash- it is said that each one of them except the false Yakuma gods possesses absolute dominance over an aspect of the world's life cycle- this power is known as Divine Command (神令, Shinrei). For example, Chronos, as the name would ever-so-subtly indicate, has an absolute rule over the fabric of time, whereas Ankhseram, the God of Life and Death, has control over those forces; this absolute dominance and unopposed reign over an aspect of the world is integrated into the God Slayer's element depending on the patron deity; for example, a theoretical Ice God Slayer Magic whose patron deity is Chronos would be able to freeze the flow of time and space, effectively stopping time. Unlike Dragon Force and Devil Force, the price for overusing God Force does not forcibly transform the God Slayer into a god, but rather, there doesn't seem to be a cost for activating the form at all other than a greater magical energy drain than normal.

God Slayer Abilities

Subspecies Type Users Creator Free Use
Dual-Element God Mode Alternate Mode All God Slayers User:Copycat 02 Free Use
Judgment Mode Alternate Mode All God Slayers User:Perchan Free Use
Holy Sanctuary Supplementary Spell All God Slayers User:Perchan Free Use
Shining Bind Supplementary Spell All God Slayers User:Perchan Free Use

Known Users

Name Magic Code Patron Deity
Chelia Blendy Sky God Slayer Magic Gusta Code Aeolus
TBA Earth God Slayer Magic Ochre Code Tudigong


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