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Grasp of Eden



Eden no Hakuu


Caster Magic


Raven Kojou

Grasp of Eden (エデンの把握, "Eden no Hakuu") a powerful Caster Magic thought to be one of the many "Anti-Mage" Magics that have recently come into light. 


The user is capable of manifesting and controlling vectors in the shape of a large humanoid arm. These vector arms are near transparent in color, but shine with a rainbow colored luminescence once its effects have been activated. The arms created by Grasp of Eden are far more powerful than regular human arms as they grant the user the capability of lifting and stopping objects many times their size and are capable of blocking attacks that would incapacitate normal mages. It has been speculated that this Magic has its foundation in Magical Barrier Particles, as the created arms are able to break down both Magic and severely drain organic beings of their stored Eternano, and subsequently their Magical Energy. The process of having your body drained of Magic is extremely painful and often results in the unfortunate victim to be put into a coma. The arms created by this Magic can propel objects with enough force to impale  targets from a distance with the same amount of force found from a high caliber armor-piercing round. However, it is common to only produce one or two arms at a time as utilizing more than two creates an intense strain on both the mind and body of the user.

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