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Wyvern Supremacy Magic

Caster Magic


Hegemone Ascosporarum

Green Wyvern Enhancement Magic is a Caster Magic related to the use of Green Magic and the abilities of a Wyvern.


Hegemone created Green Wyvern Enhancement Magic by fusing her Green magic with the power of a Wyvern, and as such she is the only known user of this magic. 


Green Wyvern Enhancement Magic has both characteristics of a Wyvern and that of Green magic. Green Wyvern Enhancement Magic grants the ability to slowly absorb surrounding light and allows the user to increase their own magical and physical abilities.


  • Wyvern Drive: The user's body becomes cloaked in green magic, greatly increasing her magical and physical abilities, in particular her speed and durability.
  • Wyvern Force: Wyvern Drive has to be active in order to use Wyvern Force. the user's  body becomes akin to the body of a Green Wyven. Magical and physical abilities are raised to a level close to that of a Wyvern.
  • Wyvern Body: Wyvern Body is the third and final stage of Green Wyvern Enhancement Magic. Users are only able to cast this spell when Wyvern Drive and Force are both active, making this skill consume an enormous amount of magical power. When Wyvern Body is activated the user's body transforms into a Green Wyvern, further increasesing their power.
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