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Gregory Matthew (グレゴリー·マシュー, Guregorī· Mashū) better known as Slaying Wizard (斬仙, Zansen) for his maniac love for slaying Mage's is an Mage himself that stepped down the wrong path, a path of the Dark Mage. Having a sad past where his parents died when he was still a kid and having no one to send him on the right path, he was becoming more evil and evil. He is considered to be one of the greatest opponents of Magic Council, according to them, his goal is to destroy them and take over the World where Dark Mages and Guilds rule. He is traveling with his friend Rocky Sawada.




Magic and Abilities

Normal Abilities

Great Speed: Gregory's most useful ability is hi great speed. He is able to move quicker than an ordinary person's eye can see. Since he was little he hang out on street's and tried to steal something and when he did he run and run. This made him very quick, but to steal very quickly he was wearing stones on his legs to make himself lighter when takes them off. His leg muscles are so developed that it's a very rare sight to see. They are good for offense and defence, but what impresses the most is that he can use this speed with his whole body. This means that he can use his Eternano and schedule it in his arm muscles and make his arms almost as fast as his legs. Most Mages would be amazed by his speed and want to be him.


Gregory Crash


Crash: This is a very advanced Magic which gives the user the ability to smash everything they come into contact with. Non-elemental magics are manipulating magical power as a form of pressure, or matter; and Crash works by constantly pressurizing magic of the user's own body, or the magic surrounding them, to the point where any impact causes pulverization. Because the immense pressure causes the movement of the magical particles to become so aggressive that everything is overwhelmed by it, because the immense pressure causes the movement of the magical particles to become so aggressive that everything is overwhelmed by it.

When Gregory uses Crash its very simple, he tends to smash everything he uses it on. Because of his personality, he doesn't care for the environment and people around, he just uses Crash on everything he sees. Because of this magic, people tend to fear him and Magic Council mad him one of the biggest threats of the World of Magic.


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