"Let him hath count the number of beast: for the number represents the apocalypse, and that number is 999, destroy me once or twice, it does not matter, to kill me, I have to be destroyed 999 times , enough with your futile efforts and become One with me"
— Grendal Messiah, The Mad Scientist of the Ancient Ones

Grendal Messiah
The Evil Scientist
Name Grendal Messiah
Kanji グレンデル メシア
Rōmaji Gurendaru Meshia
Race Demon(formerly human)
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 185lbs
Eyes Gray
Hair Gray
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation God Hand 1

God Hand


The Ancient Ones

Occupation Researcher on Magical creatures and demons
Previous Occupation Head of the Research and Development Institute
Partner Zora Vampeljing
Personal Status
Relatives None
Marital Status Single
Alias The Origin of Chaos

The Demon Professor

Devourer of Worlds

The Mad Scientist

Lord of beasts

The Black Beast

Lord of Predation

The Abomination

Magic Realm of Chaos

Take Over


Absorption Magic

Grendal Messiah(グレンデル メシアGurendaru Meshia) , a mysterious scientist and mage who specializes research in demons and magical beings. Once a human and an exceptional and talented mage at his own time, but he became obssessed with power and performed mutiple experiments on his own body and resulted becoming a demon. He was notorious for his fame as the Mad scientist(気違いの科学者 Kichigai no kagaku-sha), due to his evil deeds of dissecting and performing his twisted experiments on hundreds of humans and creatures for his own purposes. He is also the key figure that caused the sudden change of Zora Vampeljing, which leads to his betrayal of God Hand. Once travelling around the world seeking different species of magical beings , he found Zora as one of the survivors within the destruction caused by Sacrifar and Runeforce, Grendal took him in and became Zora's mentor. With Zora's assistance, Grendal took several mages and magical creatures captive, and performed various experiments on them, and use them as guinea pigs to achieve his goal to become "The Ultimate Being", unfortunately, still unsuccessful, the end result being a living mass of chaotic matter, with him no longer a human being, but a space in the form of chaos with a human body as its shell, created from the accumulation of the lives of 999 magical beings and demons which he consumed, Hence given the name of "The Origin of Chaos"(混沌の起源 Konton no kigen) and "Devourer of Worlds"(世界の食い Sekai no kui). He's the second oldest member within the Ancient Ones, next to Evangeline Alucard. He utilizes magical vampire worms and a unique mud-like substance to absorb and consume his victims , merging his existence with the lives of other creatures and manipulate them in the form of chaos. With 999 creatures inside his body, he cannot be destroyed by any mortal weapons, swords, spears and guns are useless against him, only nuke magic spells are capable to severely damage him, as shown from Arcadius using Merodach against him.


Grendal appears as a man with a pale face in his mid 50s, he has short grey hair , he has a strong and tall well built body, he also wears a black trench coat to cover the nature of his body, in order to avoid any problems around him. He may look like a regular human under the coat , his head , his hands and his whole body still retains their original form, but inside his body is pure darkness that does not have a visible outline and are filled with blood sucking worms and living mass of chaos, He can construct his body any way as he chooses, due to being made of chaos, he can reshape any parts of his body into any beasts or any shape that he desires. His trench coat is also made from the same material that he uses to merge with the beasts within him, as it appears to be a living being itself and absorbs and consumes his victims.


"What I want is understanding the truth of everything in this world, I want to understand the true meaning of Chaos, I want to obtain the secrets behind everything. But in order to achieve that goal, it would require an eternity, only one who understands everything can be fittingly called the Ultimate Being and rule over mankind"
— Grendal Messiah to Gaiseric the Great
During his lifetime, Grendal was originally a mage and a scientist , known as Professor Rampowan who once worked for the Empire of Sacrifar and was the head of the research department. He was in charge of researching magical beings , such as the likes of demons and magical beasts. Nonetheless, his obsession with his research prompted him to cross beyond the limits of a scientist , and he even started to begin testing his twisted experiments on humans and other creatures. 
Young nero

Nero Rampowan in his younger days as a human

When his humanity was still in tact, he had a rather serious and experimentive personality. Unknown to all those around him, he was born defective, possessing a warped mind since birth, he is evil and deviant, he is sane, but neither is he insane. Despite his personal accomplishments, he never felt satisfaction. Plus, despite his best efforts to enjoy what other people find happiness in, he found himself drawn to the negative emotion of others. However, after several experiments he operated on himself, he started to lose his mind, and he began to behave and resemble the beings that he absorbed and merged within himself, becoming corrupted and the blood thirsty demon, who later come to be known as Grendal Messiah and craves for human flesh, although he seem to prefer the way he is currently. 

As his current state, he is rather arrogant, he has misanthropic views, criticizing stubborness and foolishness of humans, he considers humans inferior to himself, and they are nothing but food for him. He is secretive , introverted and a workaholic, rarely appearing to others. He speaks with a dark and menacing tone, and he appears to be temperamental and easily offended. He dislikes the fact that people insults his laboratory; for example , when Arcadius mockingly comments that his research facility is a "hellhole", the scientist
Grendal Messiah

Nero Rampowan as Grendal Messiah

is so insulted at the point where Grendal shouts at Arcadius to "watch his words".

Most of the times, he summons his demons and creatures to attack his enemies, and he claims that "low minded beasts" are not worth his time. He only unleashes his true power during dire times ; for example, when The Star breaker invaded God Hand, he had no choice but to send several demon spawns to do his bidding, and used his ultimate take over form, his strongest transformation, Nyarlathotep: the Ancient Crawling Chaos against the likes of Star breaker Guild members. Before engaging, he will make extensive research on his possible opponents to tilt the chance of winning in his favor. He also has extensive knowledge of the human body; for example, he developed biological explosive lacrymas and implanted them into the bodies of his own subordinates without their knowledge.

There are times where he is fascinated by special and enhanced humans, such as Masahiro and Fuyu Ketsueki for their demon blood and also transcended humans like Arcadius and Gaiseric who achieved immortality, especially, Jinkaku who will be his greatest subject of experimentation, due to his transcended abilities exceeds all others in the Ancient Ones. His interests in their abilities encouraged him to join the Ancient ones, so he can get closer and study them. He has little respect or regard for most others, and was even willing to turn on his own living subordinates by consuming them to replenish himself and heal his injuries. His ultimate goal is to reach the "Void" and seek the truth and become the "Ultimate Being" to become a God and ruler over mankind, and probably rid the abominations and chaos from his body, 


Little is known about the early history of Grendal except the fact that he existed before the Golden Age Era. Grendal Messiah was once a brilliant and famous biological researcher ,formerly called Professor Nero Rampowan who has vast amount of knowledge about the bodies of humans and beasts. His profession in biology made him the greatest doctor in the world, with his skills as a surgeon and knowledge in the anatomy of humans and other creatures, he was capable to cure anyone. Eventually, his fame grew beyond nations and to foreign lands, and he was later called by the people, The Hermit of Healing(治癒の仙人 Chiyu no sen'nin). However, the fame and the fortune given to the professor still leaves him unsatisfied, he cured several people and creatures, but he still felt a certain emptiness inside him. For years after years, he helped healing and curing people from their illness and even saved most of them from death, the people were grateful to him, but he never cared for them, he only did what had to be done. After a few years later, he grew bored of the thought of helping people and was irritated by the fact people only came to him, due to his medical skills, he was enraged and he abandoned the villages and its people and went into exile ,never seen again for several decades.

During his exile, Rampowan travelled overseas and passed several continents, he tried helping people in other countries, but he still did not find satisfaction in doing so. Knowing he himself was born defective, the professor did everything he could after accepting the fact, ever since birth, he could not understand morals, but he had the common sense, spending all his life trying to overcome this defect. Even so, his purgatories and sufferings were entirely useless, and his final attempt was a woman. It was a simple story, every human wishes to love the
SArah Mortisha

Sarah Mortisha

opposite sex, have a family and die peacefully, the professor himself was no exception. He wished for such a thing, even he felt no fascination in it. He tried to love a woman to pursue happiness.  The woman he chose had no future, she was terminally ill, and had a short lifespan. he never knew why he chose her, was it because she was near at death's doorstep? or was it his only choice, he did not know. It was from his journey , that he met the woman, who came to be known as Sarah Mortisha, the former wife of Nero Rampowan. Their life together only lasted 5 years, Nero tried to love her, she did love him, and even had his child, but the result didn't change, It was because the man derived his happiness from the their suffering and despair. The more he tried to love, the more their suffering saved him from despair. Nevertheless, he never knew whether he suffered or not, he only wanted to see his wife grieve more after witnessing his wife's attempts to cure him. Sarah Mortisha was truly a saint, it need not to be said how faithful she was and how well she understood his rage and frustration. No human will ever understand him and try to heal him as she did, and yet this woman still could not fill the emptiness within him, which drowns him in despair. 

After several attempts of achieving happiness during his marriage, the professor finally came up with a conclusion. There was no need to live and question right or wrong, he knew his birth was a mistake, and he concluded if his existence was a mistake, it would be best for him to disappear, and so he bid goodbye to the woman before his death. He used her as an experiment to gain happiness and it was his duty to inform her of his end. Sarah loved Nero, and he tried to love her, that's all there is to it. He searched for her and found her in the garden, but he knew something was wrong, he found her coughing up blood endlessly, he knew her life was near its end. The clouds began to darken, a storm was approaching, and it was raining heavily, he held her on his arms, and the end came relatively quickly. "I could not love you", that's all Nero said to his wife during her dying moments. The dying woman smiled , she was exhausted, and weak, she replied, "No, I love you", and with a smile she took her own life, even though she was close to death. There was no way he could stop her, he knew she had terminal illness and he still chose her. The woman covered in blood looked up into the sky  and smiled at his face, she thought he was crying, but he wasn't. Sarah tried to use her death to prove to Nero, that he could love like everyone else and find happiness. Lying on the ground, no longer breathing, Nero buried her body in the garden. It was at that moment, he felt sad, and disappointed, but not because of her death, but because of his incapability to kill her himself. He gried over losing the chance to enjoy her death. He no longer remembered her face, he only thought of the chance to kill her, was it for his pleasure or was it his loss and unable to finish her off with his own hands? Her death was meaningless to him, and it did not change him, but even so, he did not want her death to be worthless, hence he gave up on finding the answers to his questions. 

Ever since that dreadful day, Nero had ceased pursuing salvation . His child was placed in the custody of his wife's relatives. Rather than killing himself, he decided to return to his birthplace and continung working as a doctor in the village. After 5 years had passed, there was the war between Sacrifar and Runeforce, which resulted the 100 years blood war. The King of Sacrifar had heard of the mysterious man with incredible talent and knowledge in anatomies of any biological beings, and he seeked to capture Nero Rampowan and took him captive. Nero Rampowan never resisted the King's arrest against him, since he knew resistance was futile, he surrendered himself to the empire of Sacrifar and thought it was for the best to be executed and end his miserable life. Nonetheless, it was not as it seemed, instead of being brought to the execution hall, he was facing the emperor of Sacrifar himself. Curious and surprised of what reasons the king kept him alive, the emperor offered him a deal, in order to exchange for his freedom, the King ordered Nero to uncover the mystery of magic and create the strongest army, hence, the king named Nero Rampowan as the Head of the Research department of Sacrifar. Due to his extensive knowledge in biological research, he agreed and complied, and he was in charge of researching body alteration and modification to create the ultimate soldier. 

After one battle to another, Sacrifar waged war against Runeforce endlessly. Nero Rampowan had been held captive by the Empire of Sacrifar for nearly 20 years, his age was close to that of 50 year old man and his body was weakening. It was not long after he was recruited by the King, he began to wonder and started to realize his true self. During the war, he met many samples of humans, dead or alive, mages or knights, he experimented on
Rampowan laugh

Nero Rampowan laughing in pleasure

all of them, hearing the cries and screams of agony and pain from them, having their bellies cut open and dissected as they were lab rats, Nero Rampowan found joy and satisfaction in such gruesome act. He was obsessed, like a mad man trying to solve a puzzle, he dissected one after another, induldging in every moment of hearing their pain and suffering. After witnessing endless deaths during the war, he laughed in pleasure, witnessing the foolishness of humans and their pitiful state, he finally reached a conclusion, he finally realized what brings him happiness to this world. It was the pain and suffering, and all negative emotions of others that he feeds on. He wanted to witness more, more destruction, more death and more blood shed, and see the world fallen into chaos, and the very extinction of mankind . to drown humanity in despair. With that in mind, he started plotting plans to destroy both kingdoms to satisfy his desires.

Half a year later, Rampowan became bored of the thought of human experimentation. He decided he wanted to see even more than just humans, he craved for more knowledge. All of a sudden, The Kingdom of Sacrifar captured hundreds of magical creatures and demons, and Rampowan became enlightened and interested in those magnificent creatures. He received the order from the king to operate on those beasts and he gladly accepted. Through days and nights, without sleep and rest, like a mad man, he was filled with joy, having the chance to see all species of animals and dissecting them and seeing their insides as they were truly fascinating. However, he

Blood Worms

wanted to know more about the world and everything around it, but as a human, he knew that task was impossible, since a human's life span is limited , so he decided to start researching methods to grant him immortality. Spending months of reasearching, knowing his time was coming to an end, he could not let his dream ended by the hands of time, that is only until he found a certain creature. From his research, he suddenly found a magical species of worms called, Blood Worms(淫虫 Inchuu), it's a species of parasitic and cannibalistic magical worms which feeds on the human flesh, and stays hidden within the human body, led it to be unnoticed by its host. Rampowan finally

The Primordial Soil of Creation

found a path to immortality, and he secretly conducted experiments behind the knowledge of the king. In order for himself to become immortal, he had to transfer his mind into one of the blood worms and feed on human flesh to sustain his life force longer, developing the habits of a vampire. Unfortunately, he found a fatal flaw in his methods, through meanings of transfering his soul and mind into the blood worms, he is unable to take a human form, he only possesses the shape of a worm, hence , through unknown means, he created an unknown material , known as The Primordial Soil of Creation(
原初の創造の土Gensho no sōzō no tsuchi), which acts as a catalyst for the worms and as a vessel to maintain his human form. For all the materials are prepared for the creation of his new vessel, he began the experiment on himself. The result was not as he expected, all of a sudden, there was an outbreak of his experiment, with the Primordial Soil of Creation combined and merged with the Blood Worms, the worms became unstable, and broke out, consuming everything within the lab, including every species of magical beasts and humans, dead or alive, they all merged together with the unknown being. Without any delay, Rampowan immediately used the Spellbook of Argosax and casted a spell that transfered his soul and mind into the worms within the black mass of chaos. 
478897-157565 nero large

Grendal Messiah slowly losing his mind

After his conscious mind returned to his new body, he realized all around him were corpses and the remains of the soldiers of Sacrifar in his lab. Bursting out of laughter, he rejoiced and laughed in satisfaction, he was able to obtain eternal life and no longer bound by the chains of time. Knowing all the destruction and death was caused by himself, he yearned for more, like a mindless beast, he craved for more human flesh. Soon, noticing his mind was slowly being overtaken by the minds of the beasts and humans he absorbed, he knew he had to pay a price for the immortality that he gained. The worms inside his body were under his control, and the soil of creation was able to maintain his body, but he could not maintain his mind for long. Therefore, he tried to search for new methods to overcome this predicament of his. He consumed the remains of those soldiers he killed to hide his betrayal, and as he promised, he built an army of mutated animal and human hybrids, including humans, demons and magical beasts for the king , little did the king know, that those army of beasts and demons were simply clones created from the creatures he absorbed. As pleased and satisfied the king was, Rampowan was finally released from his imprisonment before the final day of the 100 years blood war. Unfortunately, things turned out unexpected, both kingdoms were not destroyed by his familiars, instead, by a nameless man, he was disappointed for unable to finish both armies by himself. Even so, he witnessed the destruction of both kingdoms, looking at the burning battlefield and the dead soldiers, he was laughing in joy, amused by their mutual destruction. Nero Rampowan could finally focus on his own goals, as his own personality suggested, he wanted to know about everything, he wanted to know the truth to everything , the truth which lies beyond his reach, he wanted to trace the roots of everything. His obsession turned him into a lawful evil being, who hoped to be worthy of the title of "the Ultimate being", to learn about the origin of everything in the world. While pursuing his goals, he found an ancient legend , a mystical space, known as "the Void", in there lies the knowledge of everything, including the ways to cure himself of his own circumstances, and even the power to become a God to rule over mankind. From that day forward, he was no longer known as the man who once claimed to be Professor Nero Rampowan, but just a shell of the man he used to be,The Origin of Chaos, a demon who consumes everything, the one they came to know as the Lord of Predation, Grendal Messiah. 

Ever since that day, the one known as Nero Rampowan was no more, Grendal Messiah was reborn into the world as a living chaos. The Devourer of Worlds, Grendal Messiah who seek the truth, shall stop at nothing to claim what was rightfully his. After the war was over, Grendal consumed all the remains of the armies, to satisfy his hunger, he continued by passing other villages and cities, consuming every citizens , merging them with his own existence. All of those who met Grendal Messiah met their end, hearing the screams and cries of pain and agony from the beasts within him , devouring them slowly, induldging the tenderness of the flesh of those humans, Grendal was pleased and relished in the destruction he caused. None were left alive before the presence of Grendal, except for an unknown boy. Grendal noticed the boy's parents were killed during the war between Sarcifar and Runeforce, at first, he planned to consume the boy as well, but he came to see the boy possessing a hidden potential and he may become far greater than himself, and able to help him to achieve his goal to become the "Ultimate Being", hence he spared his life, and he took him in to follow his ideals, so in the future he may become useful to him. Grendal Messiah named the child "Zora Vampeljing", and raised him as his student, who later came to be known as one of the main antagonist of the story. 


Abilities and Powers

  • the Realm of Chaos
  • The Creatures within the Realm of Chaos
  • Grendal using the blood worms to consume his victims

The Realm of Chaos(混沌の境界 Konton no kyōkai): Grendal's Messiah's main powers and abilites does not come from his magic , but his body is made from magic, which is the root to all of his powers. His body is an accumulation of 999 creatures, inside him, be it a demon, or a magical beast or a human, every species of creatures in the world are inside his body. One can say that he can no longer be called a human, but just a living mass of chaos with the shell of a human. Inside that shell of a human consists of 999 creatures devoured by the blood worms inside his body and merged together with the Primordial Soil of Creation , hence giving birth to the Realm of Chaos. With the Realm of chaos, Grendal can consume or merge his existence with the lives of other creatures and manipulate them as they are a part of his body. In addition, due to fact that he took on the shape of a cannibalistic blood worm, he requires a large amount of energy to sustain his life force and especially his hunger. As a compensation for maintaining a longer existence, he needs to feed regularly, which most of his victims or prey consist of humans. He is capable to devour over hundreds of humans within minutes, and he is also required to consume them to replenish himself after receiving damage. The creatures that merged with him are no longer considered living beings, but they are a part of him, and with an addition of a beast he absorbed, an extra life will be added to his existence. However, there is a limit of the species of creatures Grendal can absorb, for an example; he is unable to absorb a dragon, due to they are more of an advanced race and their destructive powers are difficult for Grendal to approach them. the beasts within him are not completely controlled by him, as they are just an addition to his existence, each of the beasts represents himself. As he consumed every species of creatures in the world, he is able to take the form of anything and even merge the beasts to create new species or even reconstruct them into the shape of weapons, for example; a human body with the paws of a lion, a wyvern with the tail of a scythe and claws of blades. The creatures he released outside his body can be destroyed, but as long as Grendal Messiah lives, the creatures will return to his body and regenerate as a part of him once again. By means of killing Grendal Messiah will require an extraordinary amount of magic enough to destroy a continent, one must destroy Grendal 999 times at once to completely erase his existence.

Transformation (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō): Grendal Messiah is a master in transformation, one can say his transformation skills are simply flawless and they have reached the level of perfection. After absorbing 999 creatures, and also consuming numerous humans, He can take on the identities of anyone, and may it be a 100% replica of the person he transforms into. Due to his consumption of nearly over hundreds of humans, every identities and the memories of the humans he absorbed are merged together with his and he will inherit their intellect while gathering intelligence. This skill of his comes in handy to go anywhere unnoticed or to travel fast, allowing it to shape shift into any average citizen to blend into a crowd for stealth. He is also capable to transform into any creature which he absorbed as he wishes, be it an insect, or an animal, or a collosal creature, or even turning himself into a liquid like substance, additionally, Grendal can transform parts of his limbs into weapons. 

Absorption Magic (吸収の魔法 Kyūshū no mahō): This is the main ability of his body, The Realm of Chaos, after having his mind transfered into a blood worm, his hunger is endless, and he requires sustenance to prolong his life force by absorbing and devouring humans. Furthermore, this magic is also his main ability to absorb creatures to add into and merge with his own existence, for every creature he absorbs will add an extra life life to his existence, so one can say he's immortal in a way. By utilizing his blood worms inside him, he can consume his prey slowly, and utilize the abilities of the creature that he absorbed. Grendal Messiah can also absorb the intellect of the humans he absorbed, so that they will not go "wasted" as he claimed. For reaching his goal , he absorbed numerous mages from the magic council , to gain further knowledge , in order to become the Ultimate Being. 

Take Over (接収 (テイクオーバー) Teiku Ōbā): Grendal Messiah is a skilled user in Take Over. However, unlike Gaiseric, Arcadius or the Strauss family, his take over transformations are not activated by himself, but he requires the spellbook of Argosax as a catalyst to activate it, due to the massive amount of beasts within him , he would require a large amount of magic to transform his body into another being, the stronger the beast or demon he tries to take over, the longer the incantation will require to complete the spell. His take over form are mostly collosal and gigantic, which resembles the 999 beasts within his body. His take over signature form is called Chaos Soul, it is an ancient forbidden take over, due to the creatures he takes over the appearance from are extradimensional demons and monsters sealed in ancient times, their destructive power are capable to wipe out an entire city.
Beast of God

The Doom of Sarnath

  • Bokrug : The Doom of Sarnath (サールナートのドゥームSārunāto no do~ūmu): An Ancient beast of the demon world , once travelled within the portal between earthland and the demon world. It is a four legged whale monster and possesses no intelligence, simply a mindless beast, it's 500 meters in size and its strength can destroy a town with ease. It was sealed in an unknown dimension by Jinkaku, the hero of earthland, but through unknown means, Grendal encountered the beast while travelling in different realms and dimensions , he copied its powers as his own and , with his mind possessing this monstrous beast, he is truly a destructive force. 

The Spinner in Darkness

  • Atlach-Nacha : The Spinner in Darkness(闇の紡糸者 Yami no bōshi-sha): A great old demon who stood at 100 meters in size, it once ruled an arachnoid race of demons in the demonworld, but it was banished by the demon king together with its race to an unknown dimension, similar to the Beast of God, since the king suspected its race will thwart him from his throne. Developing a deep hatred against the demon king, it vowed vengeance aganst him, Grendal messiah met him during his travels while crossing multiple dimensions, and copied its powers. It is capable of reproducing to thousands of offsprings at a single time to form an army of its own, now with the army of the arachnoid race under his command, Grendal Messiah is now a lethal threat to the fate of humanity.

Berserk v36c319p08-09

The Titan of the sea

  • Cthulhu : The Titan of the Sea(海の巨人 Umi no Kyojin): a legendary beast that resided within the deepest depths of the sea, and remained dormant for thousands of years, only until a few centuries ago, it was awakened by Grendal Messiah. It once devoured several several ships at sea, and caused numerous ship wreck incidents and it was worshipped by fishermen by offering it human sacrifice at ancient times. Grendal Messiah encountered the massive titan and now it's a part of his take over transformations. It's capable to produce numerous tentacles , and the size of its mouth is large enough to consume 50 ships at once. 

Fate Zero Episode 14 Caster

Nyarlathotep: the Ancient Crawling Chaos

  • Nyarlathotep: The Ancient Crawling Chaos (古代クロール混沌 Kodai kurōru konton): This is the strongest and the most fearsome take over form of Grendal's , it is an ancient cosmic entity , or one can say it is a demon, and it is older than any being ever existed, it is once refered as The Great Old One, and it was once worshipped by humans as a God. Nevertheless, it is a demon, over thousands years old, it is the oldest demon ever existed and sealed together with

    a Close look at Nyarlathotep

    the other beasts in an unknown dimension. It appears as a mass of tenteacle demons merged together into an immense Lovecraftian beast. It stood about the size of several meters and as tall as a skyscraper, about the same height as the tower of heaven. It possesses an appearance similar to a cellular organism, it has no bones nor organs, and it feels no pain, even with a third of its body blown away , it will continuously regenerate, no mater how much damage it's taken. It was known as a chaotic monster that once nearly devoured the whole world, hence it was famously renowned as The Devourer of Worlds. Grendal Messiah needs to chant a special incantation from the Spellbook of Argosax, which requires a period of time, to activate the spell for him to transform into Nyarlathotep. The spell to take over Nyarlathotep is also longer than his other versions of take over. The only ways to destroy Grendal Messiah when he's in the form of Nyarlathotep, is by destroying the spellbook, which is the core of its powers,or by destroying Nyarlathotep with a giant nuke blast, with no trace left behind. Nuke spells are extremely effective against Nyarlathotep, but due to its immense size, even nuke spells can only destroy half of his body, which is pretty difficult to destroy it completely. For the spellbook of Argosax, known as the Necronomican, possesses ancient spells to summon the extradimensional demons from different realms and dimensions, by speaking the ancient chant , "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Nyarlathotep R'lyeh gah'nagl fhtagn", Grendal's body made of chaos will slowly transform into that of Nyarlathotep. The translations of the chant are as follows:

Climbing from the depths abyssal'

To give mankind its dismissal,

'''Soon will come the Great and Dreaded Old One!'

To destroy mankind, the bold one

'''Come at last the long foretold one

Til o'er all the world it reigns, the world it reigns!

'''Yog-Sothoth or mankind's blunder

Soon will tear the veil asunder!

'Nylarlahotep, Crawling Chaos

'''Comes from Azatoth to slay us!

Genius Intellect , Master Strategist and Scientist: Grendal Messiah is famously renowned for his intelligent scientific and inventive mind in Earthland. As the former head of the reasearch department under the Kingdom of Sacrifar, he is truly a talented scientist and mage, having created numerous methods and equipments to aid him in battle, He is an adept biologist and chemist and in all forms of science. He is also shown to be a master strategist , he takes precautions before engaging in personal combat with an adversary, usually study them by sending the beasts from his body to spy on them, collecting and analyzing the data of his enemies, and he also has a contigency plan if his plan does not work the way he expects. Due to his desire to become the perfect being, he developed extensive research work throughout his years, performing experiments on multiple indivuals and himself, to comprehend their abilites and develop new powers, Such examples, he discovered the cannibalistic magical worm , the Blood worms and created the Primordial Soil of Creation, by merging them together and fuse with other beings, resulted in turning himself into an immortal abomination. Due to his research on several individuals, he is capable of deducing the workings of any type of magic and its user's fighting style. In addition, Grendal is also a skilled teacher, being capable of recognising a person's potential and unleash their true powers in a short amount of time, for an example; Grendal developed Zora's abilities and bring them out to their fullest potential , strong enough to the point where Zora is capable of fighting legendary warriors, such as Arcadius , the Master of thousand blades, King Gaiseric, and several members from Star breaker guild. 

Body Modification Expert: As a famous biological researcher, Grendal is a professional in the anatomies of humans and any creatures. Grendal has done extensive research on modifying bodies during his life time while serving under the Kingdom of Sacrifar. He can uprade a variety of body parts to function as weapons , for example; Grendal implanted living explosive lacrymas, which he called biological lacrymas into his own henchmen, and detonating them for his own escape. He even modified humans by fusing them with other living creatures, turning them into mindless monstrosities to do his own bidding. Furthermore, in a quest for immortality, he made a number of modifications to his own body, resulting in his body made of magic, and its natural form taking on the appearance of a living mass of black mud-like substance that consists of hundreds of creatures inside him, which resulted into the creation of the Realm of Chaos. 

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: In his preferred human form, Grendal's weight is that of his monstrous chaos form, which is why everyone is incapable of lifting Grendal Messiah and extremely difficult to perform grappling attacks on him. With 999 creatures inside him, he is granted enormous strength and durability. In spite of his immense weight, Grendal is very fast in all forms he assumes. When one attempts to assassinate him and enter his domain, the beasts within him can act without his knowledge and attack them, acting as a self defense system, so there can be no surprise attack against him, which makes assassination methods are useless against Grendal Messiah. During close combat, he is extremely dangerous, for his body is capable to transform into anything, producing unpredictable results, making him a difficult and dangerous opponent. 

Immense Magic Powers: After consuming 999 creatures and several mages, his magic powers are abnormal , far beyond the imagination of the human capabilities. Even Arcadius claimed that the nature of his magic powers are similar to those of demon's. His magic powers are strong enough to strike fear into the hearts of mankind, normal humans are unable to comprehend the powers of Grendal Messiah. Masahiro , the Guildmaster of Star breaker guild even once claimed that the "feeling" of his magic powers are truly disgusting, which causes nausea to average mages. Everyone who met Grendal Messiah can feel the magic powers leaking from him, because he is unable to completely control the vast amount of magic he absorbed from several mages and creatures. 


Grendal with half of his body intact

Immense Durability: This is the greatest ability which Grendal is proud of, the nature of his body, which consists of 999 creatures, makes him extremely hard to kill, not even the members of Star Breaker guild or the royal guards are capable to slay him under normal conditions. He cannot be killed physically because he no longer possesses the body of a human, but just a living mass of chaos. Any damage done to his physical body can simply be reformed after he consumes enough humans to replenish himself, and he can still easily function with only half of his body intact. In order to fully detsroy him, all 999 lives of his must be destroyed at once, before they return to him and regenerate as one of him. When the creatures are released from his body, and they are destroyed completely outside of him, he will be weakened due to his "lives" are used up, He can only be destroyed by giant nuke blasts such as the Raganork Cannon of Star breaker guild, a Blast from Etherion, or the ancient blade "Oblivion" possessed by Masahiro and Amun Ra, the Ultimate artifact of Arcadius's. 

Immense Strength: His strength is unquestioned and this ability of his rivals those of the top 3 strongest in God hand. This skill of his does not come from himself, but actually originates from the accumulation of the 999 beasts within him. In his collosal forms, Grendal can use his strength to its maximum, and becomes all more dangerous, such as being easily able to crush a giant rock under the limbs of his monstrous forms. In his gigantic take over transformations, he is also capable of striking down the magic bomber-Christina from Blue Pegasus with ease. Buildings , ships and any other vehicles or monuments are useless against Grendal Messiah, for they are just pebbles in his path of destruction. The only one who is capable to defeat Grendal Messiah in terms of raw and pure physical strength was the former member of God Hand, the Invincible warrior, Jecht Braska. 

Immense Endurance: His endurance is nearly unlimited, for his body, The Realm of Chaos, is capable to regenerate by reabsorbing the beasts or consuming more humans for nutrients. His endurance is much better than King Gaiseric's and Arcadius's, due to Gaiseric's inner demon and Arcadius's Artificial magic heart. Unfortunately, Grendal Messiah is also unable withstand the Realm of chaos within his body for long. Grendal believes that soon , someday, his original personality as Nero Rampowan will soon be overtaken by the creatures within the Realm of Chaos. For the extraordinary endurance which he possesses requires a large amount of energy for sustenance, which is why he has to feed regularly everyday, and consume humans to maintain his body. 

Berserk Creatures by TheSharinganMaster

The Creatures that Grendal consumed

The creatures that were consumed by Grendal Messiah no longer possess their original forms, they are all just parts of the Realm of Chaos, hence they don't possess the same natural color as they used to, Grendal possesses a variety of creatures within him, such as Wyverns, snakes with wings, a wolf larger than an average wolf, or even new species he created from fusing one beast with another. 

The beasts are formed from the primordial soil of creation, in general, they are just soil themselves, made from seveal blood worms inside them. The creatures are also also more enhanced and stronger than their previous versions, for example; the wolves from Grendal are as fast as Erza requipping her flight armour. The other beasts like lions or tigers are twice larger than Grendal himself, and they can tear buildings down easily. He also has a habit of merging humans with the creatures, which makes them more intellectual and a "worthy" creature. Below are the list of creatures he fused different beasts together within his body. 

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Ganesha: Lord of Success(成功の領主 Seikō no ryōshu): this creature is formed from the likes of an elephant and a human, which makes it an intellectual abomination. These creatures possess the mind of Grendal Messiah himself, which grendal is able to use the body of this creature and create mass destruction. Grendal usually send these creatures off along with Sobek to capture his victims, rather than devour them. 

353px-Pishaca Crocodile


Sobek: God of Nile (ナイル神 Nairu kami): This beast is the mixture of a crocodile an a human, Grendal created this creature within the Realm of Chaos , now, he possesses the mind of this abomination and strikes fear in the hearts of mankind. Using this beast, he can consume a large amount of humans with ease. Similar to Ganesha, Grendal utilizes these creatures to capture his prey , and not consume them, although he does use Sobek to devour his victims ocassionally due to its large mouth. 


Chaugnar Faugn

Chaugnar Faugn: The Horror from the Hills (海の怪獣 Umi no kaijū): An abomination born from a mammal and a fish,  in the form of a half fish or seal with the head of an elephant, it's not a hybrid creature born from a human and a beast, but its collosal size and destructive power is bigger and stronger than a Sobek and a Ganesha, far surpassing all other creatures inside him. 

Chimère GOW III


Chimera: Beast of Echidna(エキドナの獣 Ekidona no kemono): a monstrous fire breathing creature born from merging a lion, a snake and a goat. Grendal claimed this beast is one of his greatest creations, with the head of a lion , capable to bite through anything, and the venom of the snake more poisonous than anything, and the horns of the goat which can impale through nearly anything, this beast is one of Grendal's greatest prize possessions. 



Pishacha: The demon warriors of Brahma(梵天の悪魔戦士 Bonten no akuma senshi): these human-like monstrosities are born from fusing a human with a demon. From devouring many creatures, Grendal also consumed demons as well in his travels. These monstrous beings can no longer be called humans, they are simply mindless demons being used as pawns fro Grendal. Grendal is capable to produce massive amount of Pishacha fom his body , and command them as he wishes as an army. 



Necronomicon of R'lyeh

Necronomicon of R'yleh: The Spellbook of the Lost City(失われた都市の魔法書 Ushinawareta toshi no mahō-sho): An ancient spellbook that was in Grendal's possession during his lifetime. It was unknown how he got his hands on this book of spells. It was once a possession that belonged to a dark mage called Argosax. A demonic book and summoning grimmoire that was made from the flesh of humans, and written in the blood of humans. It is capable of many things, including reviving the dead and all sorts of dark arts that involves the human soul, hence it was called The Book of the Dead. This is the main source of Grendal's achievements, including transfering his soul to the Blood worms ,creating the Realm of Chaos,and even his take over transformations. All the main source of his powers and magic originates from this book. The book itself is a living being, it possesses a magic core of its own. Grendal mostly uses this book to summon minor demons to deal with his enemies, called Nightmares. These creatures are actually similar to the Ancient Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep. One can say these creatures are its offsprings.

a spawn of Nightmares

They are a mass of tentacles with sharp teeths on their mouths. Grendal can summon hundreds of them with the book. Weak and fragile these creatures may be for mages, but they are still deadly to common humans. 


Gaiseric the Great

When Grendal first met Gaiseric , he only treated him as a single cell organism and he planned to consume him into the realm of chaos as well. However, Gaiseric was able to resist his attempts, and withstood his attacks. Grendal was shocked, unable to believe a human such as Gaiseric was capable of such feat. Gaiseric offered him a truce and extend a hand of friendship towards Grendal , offering him to join God Hand. At first, Grendal could not bare the humuliation which Gaiseric gave him, but his interests in special "specimens" took the best of him, hence he decided to join his army, in order to get close to Gaiseric to study about his unfathomable powers. Eventually, after Grendal joined God Hand and took his place as an Ancient One, he secretly analyzed all the abilities and powers of every members of God Hand, and even gained the info of the source of their powers, especially the ascended ones, Arcadius, Jecht and Gaiseric. After completing his research , Grendal plotted a coup d'etat and escape from the guild. Hence, from the shadows, he plotted the war behind the two Kingdoms, of Star breaker and God Hand. During the war, he faked his death and was presumed defeated by one of the members of Star Breaker. Later on, the members of God Hand were unable to retrieve his corpse and trace his whereabouts , thus he was assumed missing during the war. 

Jecht Braska

During his time in God Hand, Grendal was the least fond of Jecht Braska due to his annoying personality and claimed him to be a brainless moron who only knows fighting. His relationship with Jecht is rather the comedic type, whereas Jecht always barged into his laboratory without his permission and messed around with his projects and science instruments, which infuriated Grendal even more. Grendal admitted that Jecht was the least one he would absorb into the Realm of Chaos, since he claimed absorbing him would only decrease his briliant intelligence, although absorbing him would make him the strongest being ever existed, even far stronger than any other members in God Hand. 

Evangeline Alucard

While Grendal was still a member of God Hand, he was the least favored by Evangeline Alucard, due to his evil and arrogant personality. However, during his stay on the island, he was most fascinated by the powers of Evangeline Alucard. Even Eva is a half breed of both demon and human as Grendal, he could not comprehend the difference in strength between them. While hiding in the shadows, he analyzed and studied her from a far away distance. Even Grendal never had the desire to absorb Jecht braska due to his stupidity, he stated that making Evangeline a part of the Realm of chaos would make him the highest ranked demon ever existed, even close to the power he can achieve by absorbing Jecht. Consuming a being like Evangeline with enormous amount of magic power would require great effort and pain, but it would be worth it. He believes achieving that level of power would be sufficient enough for him to combat against a dragon and absorb them as well, granting him even greater power, and the magic council and other guilds will be nothing to fear. He had numerous disagreements and arguments with Evangeline in every discussion they're involved together, prompting Jecht even making jokes about them being a couple, which enraged both of them and resulting in Eva and Grendal chasing Jecht around the Castle in a comedic way. 

Zora Vampeljing

To the mad scientist, Grendal Messiah, Zora was nothing but another human specimen to him, although he did raise him as his student and his apprentice.Grendal Messiah and Zora are very much alike,due to both of their evil and twisted personalities, which even other members in the guild claimed that they are really biological father and son. When Zora was a child,Grendal was cold and towards the boy and only treated him as a lab rat. Later, Zora became a full grown man, he started to resemble the mad scientist himself, succumbing to the darkness within him. The relationship between Zora and Grendal is mutual, they're both using each other for their own selfish benefits, their neither friends nor partners. Grendal only spared Zora's life when he was a child since he saw potential within him, and he trained him to gain greater power, so one day ,he may merge him with his own existence and become even stronger 


(To Yamashita Kenpachi during their confrontation) "Test subjects should not run their mouths so much , this is an experiment, and you are now test subject No.1 , you don't have any right to refuse or make any decisions"

(To mages of Star Breaker guild, before their battle) "I have been chosen to take the next step of evolution, to become something far more than just human, I am CHAOS ITSELF!"

(To Shiro Yoshimitsu, during their battle) "You, a mere mortal wish to kill me? Hahahaha, FOOL! To kill me, you would have to destroy me 999 times  , or else nothing will, for I am FOREVER!"

(To Fuyu Ketsueki, during their first encounter) "Such a fine specimen you are, you will surely make a great addition to my collection of creatures within The Realm of Chaos"

(To Zora Vampeljing , regarding the reason he spared him) "Maybe, just maybe, there is no purpose in life, But if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it, like how you discovered that snake, or how I discovered you on that fateful day"

(About Zora Vampeljing) "This child intrigues me to no end, when I watch this boy, I look back to the time I was called a genius, and think how ridiculous it sounds"


-i created this character based on the image of Nvnqsr Chaos himself from TYPE MOON Tsukihime

-i used a lot of characters to create this fella, mostly are mad scientists , like Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Bleach, Agnus from Devil May Cry 4, and Orochimaru from Naruto

-the personality and history of this character is similar to that of Kotomine Kirei in Fate Stay Night

- his powers are pretty much like Nvnqsr and Zouken Matou's,  but he can not only use animals and creatures, but demons as well, he can transform into anything, pretty much like Envy from Fullmetal alchemist, he's just like a giant blob monster 

-for all the extradimensional demons of his take over forms, their names come from the Cthulhu Mythos, they are like alien dieties created by HP Lovecraft

-the relationship between Zora Vampeljing and Grendal Messiah is similar to that of Kabuto and Orochimaru from Naruto

-the animals created from merging different species of creatures are based on the names of human and animal hybrid deities in mythology, Ganesha, a diety in Hindu, Sobek , a diety in Egypt, Chaugnar Faugn, another deity from Cthulhu Mythos, Chimera, a beast in Gree myth, and Pishacha, evil spirits from Hindu

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