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Griffin Family is a noble family in Fiore .For many years the Griffin Family has helped Fiore with medicine and illnesses.They are well known for their child prodigy members with white hair and blue eyes,a trait that runs down the family.Although an incident happened which lead to a number of deceased members.The family is currently lead by Satoshi-Toshi-shita Griffin .


There was a time in Fiore where noble families where hunted and murdered,Griffin Family was one of them.The Griffin Manor was burned during the hunt and many members were lost in the hunt.


Griffin Family has protected Fiore from illnesses and helped with medicine.


Satoshi-Toshi-shita Griffin (Head)

Nymphadora Griffin

Phoenix Griffin (Next Heir)

Sphinx Griffin

Annabelle Griffin

Ridhwan Griffin

Armaan Griffin

Nigel Griffin

Shuji-Taishiro Griffin

Shun'ō GriffinShun'ō Gr Shun'ō Griffin iffin Shun'ō Griffin

Makhtalul Alangkul Griffin

Evanna Griffin

Eiyuu Griffin

Griffin Manor

Maijima High School

The main entrance for Griffin Manor

The Griffin Manor is located within a mist-covered forest in Fiore where members of the Griffin Family live in .Behind the Griffin Manor is the well known Griffin Hospital .Griffin Manor takes up a large amount of large.An example of how large the land is that the total area of the Griffin Hospital is ten times larger than the former Fairy Tail Guild building.


The Manor's appearance was based from Episode 9 of Mawaru-Penguindrum.

All known children(With the exception of Annabelle Griffin) of Griffin Family's heir are named after Greek legendary creatures.

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