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Grizzly Magnum



Gurizurī Magunamu

Professional Status

Hydra Head
Imperial Fang

Base of Operations




Professional Status

kai D. Ryu


Hana Law
Akiko D. Ryu
Asuka Kokoro
Cross Saint
Haruna Souta
Taro Suzu

Temporary Members

Emi D. Ryu

Grizzly Magnum (灰熊銃 Gurizurī Magunamu) is a team composed of several powerful members of the strongest guilds. Its leader Kai D. Ryu is a prominent member of Hydra Head who reunited many independents mages he found and became his friends.


A team formed by members of some of the most powerful guilds in fiora. Each Member uses a unique and powerful kind of magic that makes them quite known. All members met during his travels by Fiora to become the strongest of all wizards. During the 7-year timeskip they were improving their ability to get famous. During 4 years all members of the team left their missions and everything that involves the guilds to stay away. They were these four years to train isolated from everything and everyone, after practice they resumed their guilds now much stronger.


The team is composed of several powerful members. A Phoenix Slayer member of the powerfull Hydra Head, a user of Love Magic member of the Guild Imperial Fang.


Name Rank Affiliation Status
Kai Leader Hydra Head Active
Hana Mage Imperial Fang Active
Akiko Mage None Active
Asuka Mage None Active
Cross Mage None Active
Haruna Mage None Active
Taro Mage None Active
Ichigo Kurosaki Hana Short Hair Kenichi250x250 Asuka Portal
Kai Hana Akiko Asuka
Sabo Post Timeskip Portrait Haruna Portal Taro Portal
Cross Haruna Taro


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