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Calcos Gloom
Guang Gloompond

グアング グルームポンド


Guangu Guruumupondo




Male Male




207 cm


156 kg


31 March

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Axolotl EmblemHouse Gloompond

For Holo GMSalamander Shade

Guild Mark Location



Guild Master

Base of Operations

Salamander Shade's Guild Hall

Personal Status



Shun Gloompond (Father)

Ama Gloompond (Mother)

Yu Shimamura (Wife)

Calypso Gloompond (Daughter)


Heavenly Body Magic

Animal Possession (Seith Magic)


Take Over

Essence Forge

Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style


Essence of the Void


Double Edged Pride

Magma Welder

Guang Gloompond (グアング グルームポンド Guangu Guruumupondo) is a Calco of the esteemed Gloompond house, one of the ruling houses of the nation of Minstrel and Guild Master of the guild Salamander Shade.


Guang is a towering 6.8 feet, or well, he'd be towering in comparison to a human but when compared to the rest of his male kinsmen he is of relatively short stature. His hair is black and unruly and is near impossible to arrange in a neat fashion, often leading him to cover his hair with a more presentable wig during times when he needs to look more proper. Unlike humans whose skin tones take on their color depending on the amount of exposure to the sun or simply through the act of evolution, Calco skin tones are all genetically stored within their bodies which is then granted to them at random after their first and only shed. Guang have a wonderfully tanned complexion which is one of the more desirable skin tones amongst the Calos together with a slightly rosey light and the exotic blue-grey tint around his scales. His horns are something he has long since been ashamed of. A calcos horns is his pride, so large and thick horns is a very desirable trait to have. Smaller horns are believed to be a sign of lacking courage, strength, intellect or other... *cough* physical traits. So possessing a pair of nicely curved but rather modest horns does not exactly make things easier for him. Not that it was all that hard to begin with. Lastly, obsidian black scales are located along a couple of spots across his body like his thighs, back, upper and fore arms, chest, neck, chin and along the bridge of his nose.





Double Edged Pride

Double Edged Pride was the first blade that Guang ever created in his career as an Essence Forger, This great Zweihander is something of a doozy of a weapon. Why is it a doozy? Despite it's great power and efficiency in battle, Double Edged Pride was an absolute accident. The accident occured in the middle of smithing, in which he applied various substances he had no idea of which they were, only wishing to experiment with his first design. Whatever the combination was, it proved to be most efficient. The sword is all but indestructible, able to endure a devastating amount of trauma. The metal is forged from Magnanium, a rare and valuable alloy which carries great magical resistant properties and also extremely durable to natural trauma, standing several times stronger and durable than steel. However, this material also makes the sword incredibly heavy. The weight of the sword makes it near impossible to wield to even the most trained Soldier. Even with Guang´s abundant strength, it is still a bit of a challenge to wield. Had it not been for his strength-enhancing armor: Grim Vengeance, he would not have been able to wield the sword as he pleased. Due to the nature of the sword, Guang can utilize it as a sort of make-shift shield, able to protect himself from some spellwork.

Magma Welder

Magma Welder is the second weapon of Guangs making. At least the second which was meant for his own use. The Magma Welder is not only a weapon, but also functions very well as a forging tool. It serves to infuse even more of the essence from an item into the weapon or armor, making them efficiently more effective. And in the field it is even more effective. While it may lack the durability and magical resistance of Double Edged Pride, with ever consecutive blow it delivers to a foe, the heat within the hammer builds up more and more until the Point where it may unleash a massive wave of heat from it's center, knocking back enemies by the hundreds and potentially inflicts them with severe burns and dehydration. Unlike his Zwei hander blade, Guang is a lot less cautious with this weapon. This is due to that since essence forged weapons which are broken needs to be repaired with the exact same material in order to be fulfilled once more. Since the mix to Dual Edged Pride is unknown, there is no way that Guang would take the risk of breaking the blade.

Grim Vengeance

Grim Vengeance is Guang's main armor for battle. This black armor consists of Heavy blackrock plating, a material generally greater than steel yet lesser than Adamantine in durability. Beneath the plating rests a chainmail of steel and a tattered old crusaders robe. Grim Vengeance was not forged by Guang's own hand, but rather by his master whom taught him the magic to perform these tasks. She gifted him with this magnificent armor as a reward for mastering the art of Essence forging and as he proceeded to move on to a life in the military. Grim Vengeance has served him well ever since. The armor not only protects im astoundingly well, but it is also made to be considerably light weight, it enhances his already indomitable strength even further than Before, allowing him to wield items many times heavier than him with ease, punsch through the most durable of items and it also improves upon his speed, a field he as a male Calco slightly lacks in. Grim Vengeance also carries Another interesting innate ability, one which lasts even when it is broken to pieces, a most unique phenomenon. When the armor is broken, for it to be repaired, it has to be given even more essence than previously, and in return for this overflow of essence, the armor grows significantly stronger each and everytime it is repaired. So you could say that it Always returns... with a vengeance.


Magic and Abilities

Despite having the same priviliges as the women due to his magical capabilities, Guang still chose the the life of combat, training in excess to hone his skills to become the soldier and mage that he is today but even though he has reached some of the highest levels that any Calco man has ever achieved, he is still not satisfied. The sky is the limit as they say. Well, he has reached it and now he wants to punch a hole in it and reach the unknown beyonds.

Natural Abilities

  • Immense Strength: Through decades of hard and excruciating training, Guang Gloompond has reached the pinnacle of physical health. Guang carries enough physical prowess to carry around and done the monomentously heavy armor "Fortress" and swing his colossal Sweihander "Double Edged Pride" and "Magma Welder" with great efficiency in each hand and still maintain near excessive speed and agility, though some credit has to be given to the magical armor itself. Despite it all, wether through magical means or not, Guang is a foe to be reckoned with if one finds oneself on the wrong end of his blade. Guang can lift items many times heavier than himself, deliver punches which can almost rival that of a canon, and continue doing so for near hours on end.
  • Superior Speed, Agility and Reflexes: Born as a man, Guang naturally carries a far weaker affinity to speed and agility than those of the women of his kind. Because of his birth and stature, he was at a disadvantage when compared to females. But that wouldn't stop him, no siree, he would not let this obstacle overcome him. Through the same intense training which honed his physical prowess, Guang also made sure to enhance the skills which the gods had deemed that he was not befitting of. His reflexes are keen enough to cleave bullets with his great blade, redirect canonballs, and if witnesses are to be believed, Guang would have the Speed and reflexes to be able to identify and block a lightningbolt. Though this is more than likely an exageration, one that Guang himself refuses to aknowledge as a feat to have been performed. His speed is nothing to scoff at either, wether you choose to believe the legend of the blocked Lightningbolt or not. He is more than capable of running vast distances in very short time, as demonstrated when proved capable of even outrunning most High Speed user with the natural physcial prowess he possesses. Add the Meteor spell to this and you may see little more than a golden blur.
  • Supreme Willpower: This is without a doubt Guang's greatest ability. The ability of an unconquerable mind. This ability has proven to be not simply his greatest attribute, but rather his most important one. Guang has proven time and time again that no form of pain inducing torture can break his will. He himself has said that he wouldn't even be himself if it wasn't for his indomnitable mind. This is due to his Take Over magic, a magic which can prove troublesome to some who lacks the appropriate levels of will. This is particularly true for his take over magic. It has yet to be specified what it is, nor has he shown it to anyone, but he has vowed that when the day comes and he does reveal it, the very earth will tremble in fear.
  • Immense Endurance: Guang is one durable sunnova bich. Guang has shown time and time again just how much abuse he can handle before he goes down. Part of his training was to build up his natural defenses through extensive trauma to his frame. Trauma delivered to him by men and women far older and greater than him so as to prepare him for the worst and make him able to handle the worst. After his official training was over, he had come to step up that particular part of his training onward after. Even till this day, he continues this practice and the results would speak for their benefit at the end of things. Guang can endure blows which even the famed Adamantine armor can not remain intact from. Guang have shrugged off the impact from the fall of a twenty stories tower, blocked attacks from wizard saints and stopped blows from various siege weapons.
  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Despite prefering the art of weaponized combat, Guang has shown that he is more than capable of fighting with his bare hands. During his time with the military, he would soon come to find that no one there was able to challenge him in this field anymore. So, always seeking to grow greater and become more than what he is, he sought out a band of martial masters off the southern coast of Minstrel, seeking their council and training. After many a year he had come to become one of the great masters on that island, mastering several various styles of martial arts. When he returrned back to his unit he proved capable of with his bare hands take on multiple of his comrades at once, wether armed or not. He has continued his excercises which he learned on that island, constanly developing and learning new techniques.
  • Grand Master Weapons Specialist: Guang possesses an unbelievable capability with not only his hammer and sword, but with any form of weapon utilized by the Minstrel military. When confronted by masters of the various weapons, Guang was able to outmatche every single one of them, effectively making him the best and most capable swordsman and weapon specialist in all of Minstrel. Such proficency is what ultimately led to him no longer climbing in rank in the military as the higher ups desired to keep him on the front lines rather than the telts to discuss strategies. Guang has made it something of a hobby to discover new weapons that are utilized around the world, hoping ot master them all, not for military gain, but rather for the fun of it. While sucha thing could never be proved, many of those that have witnessed Guang in combat believes that he would be capable of doibng combat with the legendary swords(wo)men: Kaguara and Erza.
  • Immese Magic Power: Despite being a man, thus not typically born with an origin, Guang has excercised his magical prowess with little restraint. And this lack of restraint has served him well in the growth of his abilities. By constantly pushing his limits and straining himself to near death from exhaustion, he can now pull off multiple spells of monumentous magnitude and still have a lot more to give. Many an expert have come to regard him as an impossible being due to how magic he seems to possess. In an attempt to measure the full extents of his magical prowess, the Minstrel equivalent of the magic council called him in for a test. In this test they asked him to fill up a multitude of Lacrima's until he no longer had any magic left to give. After many a tedious hours he had ultimately filled up over a thousand lacrima's, leaving no empty ones in the council's storages and Guang still had a lot more to offer them. Such things are not unheard of, mind you, but power like such is something that had previously only been seen by their Twenty Stellar Beasts, Minstrel mages comparable to the world famed Wizard Saints.

Magical Abilities

Heavenly Body Magic

Heavenly Body Magic is an incredibly powerful and rare form of Magic as it requires a immense amount of control over one's magic. This is an important factor as to utilize this magic the user must be able to siphon their own magical power into the atmosphere in order to create the primary energy of Heavenly Body Magic, which is commonly known as stellar energy. However, this cannot be achieved normally as the user must use a special body suit that allows their magic to properly siphon with the Eternano around them. This unique form of energy allows the user to draw on the power of various astronomical objects such as meteor and constellations as well as simply generating and manipulating the energy of the stars from their body. The user can embody the astronomical objects that they are conjure, being able to enhance their physical capabilities to new heights. The generated stellar energy can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, its "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a somehow material consistency. When used for offense, Heavenly Body Magic can take the form of a sphere-like object that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted. Light can also be emitted from the user's body; depending on the brightness or heat that the light emits, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode.

Heavenly Body Magic can also be manifested for multiple usage in defense, and it boosts the user's melee performance, empowering their physical attacks with wakes of destructive light. The stellar energy can also be employed in other ways, with the user being capable of emitting it in vast amounts, enough to cover a wide area, and of shaping it into various forms. The user has used the stellar energy in inventive ways, such as jets of light, whirling disks, and blades of light. They often manipulated light using only two fingers, rather than with a closed fist or open hand as was commonly used by other elemental users; and the user also has the ability to produce a greater amount of light than any other light mage to exist without tiring, as they are shown to be able to maintain successive assaults for long durations of time. The user is also extremely accurate with their blasts of light; and the user has demonstrated the ability to condense the stellar energy, enabling the stellar energy to cut clean through various objects. When formed into spheres of light, the light serves to be rather concussive, able to firmly pulverize objects, such as stone. The user is able to generate powerful shields of swirling light which could withstand the full force of four simultaneous elemental attacks; and they are even able to charge up their light before releasing it, resulting in a far more powerful attack.

Masters of this magic are able to draw on the magical power from the celestial bodies to the mortal plane of Earth Land. This allows single ability allows users to access a unique set of spell that are known as True Heavenly Body Magic (真・天体魔法, Shin Tentai Mahō) as they are literally drawing from the energy from astronomical plane that was thought to be outside the reach of humanity. This specific form of Heavenly Body Magic allows the user to draw on physically manifest the astronomical object that they draw on and utilize it to their command.

  • Meteor (流星, ミーティア, Mītia): Guang's body is surrounded by a cloak of Heavenly Body Magic, allowing him to move through the air at incredible speeds. Even if someone could detect his trajectory, it is nearly impossible to catch him. With his speed, Guang assaults his opponents with quick, but powerful, melee attacks. Guang wears a special suit under his heavy armor to better utilize this particular spell.
    • Comet Crash: Comet Crash is a daughter spell born from Meteor. Comet Crash allows Guang to gather greater amounts of Heavenly Body Magic around either his feet or hands to deliver even more powerful blows to his foes. While it can not trully compare to most of his other spells, it still stands as one of his most abundantly used and versatile spells.
  • Grand Chariot(七星剣, グランシャリオ, Guran Shario): While in the air, Guang places both arms on top of each other, with the top hand having only the index and middle fingers spread out. Seven Magic Seals are then summoned in front of him and connect, creating a constellation of sorts. Each Magic Seal then releases a powerful light blast down on the opponent, forming the same pattern on the ground before exploding. According to Jellal, this spell's destruction capability rivals that of an actual meteor.
    • Draco: Draco is an enchanced version of the Grand Chariot, developed and perfected by Guang himself. To perform Draco, Guang will perform a number of fourteen different hand signs in rapid succession and then form his hands into devil horns and connect them in front of his face. Fourteen signs will then appear behind him in the shape of the Draco constelation which will fire magical meteors towards Guang's target(s). The resulting rain of meteors is a tremendous sight to behold. The projectiles fired from Draco or twice the numbers and nearly three times as powerful as those of the original Grand Chariot.
  • Corvus: Guang summons a bolt of light in his hands which he forms into the shape of a crow that can reach for long distances, faster than a bullet, and deal mediocre damage. However, the real beauty with this spell is that the further it travels, the more powerful it becomes.
  • Stellar Weight: Guang will cup his hands together, gathering a great amount of stellar energies in them which he will then thrust forward to launch them, sending the orb at great speeds towards his foe. The one's struck by this spell will find themselves experiencing heightened pressure, slowing them down and limiting their physical capabilities, such as speed and strength.
  • Orion: Orion functions much like a thought projection. This spell allows Guang to generate a great amount of stellar energies to create a being with a similar frame to Guang, but with no distinguishable features as the whole body is nothing more than an endless vortex of galactic energies and constellations. This copy of Guang can perform all of Guang's Heavenly Body spells, though with weaker results from it. The stellar copy is ever so slightly weaker physically than the real Guang as well. While capable of dealing a tremendous amount of damage through it's physical prowess alone, the copy can easily be destroyed by a mere five strikes, almost despite whatever amount of damage those strikes deal.
  • Altairis (暗黒の楽園, アルテアリス, Arutearisu):The user crosses their arms above their head to begin casting the spell. As they prepare to fire the spell, all nearby shadows are drawn towards them, forming a small black orb which rapidly grows in size and also gains small white lights inside it, similar to the night sky. The user then unleashes the orb towards the target. The orb appears to be incredibly dense, and may hold a tremendous amount of gravity to crush the opponent. Its nature is comparable to a black hole, due to its incredible pull on the surrounding materials, people, and light
    • Capella: (カペラ, Kapera): Capella is an empowered version of the Altairis spell. This spell travels faster, delivers heavier damage and has a small chance of exploding upon impact thus damaging nearby opponents as well. The spell takes the form of a golden orb with two rings of concentrated stellar energies that spin at increadible speeds.
    • Sirius (てんろうせい, Tenrousei): Sirius is an empowered version of the Altairis spell which Guang invented himself and decided to name it after the brightest star in th sky. Even faster and more powerful than Capella, Sirius takes the form of a blindingly white shining orb which constantly spouts out lesser waves of stellar energies that can damage anyone who is within a two meter radius of the orb. Upon impact, this spell will implode, crushing the opponent that was struck with immense gravitational forces and then unleash all that power outwards, affecting a 20 meter radius.
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Sema: The user bows down and points his hands downwards, with all the fingers closed except the index and middle fingers. The user then begins to slowly move their right hand until it points upwards, causing the clouds above them to begin circling around, forming a cyclone as the skies darken.[1] From the center of the swirling formation, a glowing orb begins to form, growing in size until a humongous meteor emerges, falling quickly to earth towards the intended target. When the meteor hits, the force is strong enough to create a large explosion, which engulfs a wide area and releases a strong hurricane of air, also leaving a large crater in its wake. This was the first advanced Heavenly Body spell that Guang learned and it has more than once proven it's usefulness. However, despite it's immense power and wide area of effect, believe it or not, this is not his most powerful spell. Most destructive, most certainly, but not the most powerful.
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Skoll & Hati:


This Magic allows the user to store items in a pocket dimension so they can easily summon it at any time, even during battle, which gives them a high level of flexibility in combat. It is said that the user summons the items from a pocket dimension; the notional place that things come from when they are needed, and where they go back to when not. The actual location of where they summon the items is very hard to determine. It contains only a few things, not because it is limited in capacity, but because that is all it is ever used for - for example, this is where the user normally summons the armor and their equipment; withdrawing things even during battle, which gives her a high level of flexibility in combat. However, there is a limit to how much the pocket dimension can store. Requip can be used for simple or for combat-related purposes; and the user may just choose to use it to change their clothing, capable of using it in the midst of battle. The user would often pull any items that they had collected out of nowhere and then they would just vanish without any physical means of transporting them. However, there is a limit to how much the pocket dimension can store. Guang's skill with this magic is rather limited as he is only capable of storing and utilizing four pieces of equipment: His sword, his hammer and his two armor pieces.

Take Over:Ryuu Soul

Take Over Ryuu Soul is a very advanced and extremely powerful form of Take Over magic. Take Over Magic is based around the concept of besting, subjugating and seizing the soul of a creature, claiming it's body and power as one's own. This form of Take Over in particular centers around claiming the souls of dragons, begs of such power that they are said to embody power in its purest form, surpassing even the likes of gods. So, with all of this considered, it is no wonder that many would consider this an impossible form of Take Over. One that takes a truly abundant amount of power and willpower to manage. More than that, it is next to impossible to find an appropriate being to take control of. This is due to two reasons in particular. The first is the fact that the dragons are simply so abundantly powerful that it borders unto obscene, add to that their incredible resistance to nearly all forms of magic, makes dragons all but impossible to claim. As if that wasn't enough, the dragons are long since extinct, making it impossible to find a living specimen. However, all is not lost for the daring who would desire to claim a dragon. There are two ways to take a dragons soul despite these obstacles. One is to find a living dragon who is on the brink of death, leaving them weaker, so weak that their magical resistance is bordering on being null and void, making them susceptible to be claimed. However, due to them being an extinct race, this is highly unlikely. That leaves with the option of claiming the remnant soul of a deceased dragon and taking it. This option is almost as unlikely as the first as most dragons were felled hundreds of years ago, making it highly unlikely to find a corpse with a soul which has yet to leave its mortal coil. Should one find one however, that individual will know power undreamed of. While weaker than their original state of being, the transformed individual will still possess power unlike many.

Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style

The Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style is a special method of utilizing one's Magic Seal in the heat of combat; it involves the user bringing out Magic Seals of all sorts of properties in order to induce a wide variety of effects upon the opponent and the surroundings; unlike the Divine Authority Magic Seal Arts, the Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style is derived from bringing out different layers of Magic Seals, which gives off the appearance of multiple Magic Seals stacked on top of one another, each Magic Seal linking to the others via a magical tether formed through the caster's magical energy. The Magic Seals utilized by a magician who practices the Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style is capable of augmenting their movements and attacks with the Magic Seals; the user can harness their Magic Seals offensively or defensively; being utilized as a shield from enemy attacks, as well as a weapon by flinging the Magic Seals against the foe telekinetically or by launching it physically at the enemy—thus producing a high velocity that smashes into the opponent, knocking them flying- though the Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style is best utilized with Magic Staves. An intermediately-level user of the Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style more often than not uses Magic Seals which have illusionary properties upon their targets in order to set up far stronger attacks.

The properties of the user's Magic Seal can range to being solid in order to serve as battering rams and stepping stones to simply energy-based in order to serve as a medium to fire elemental attacks and the like from the Magic Seals. Generally, a master of this magic can use Generally, a user of the Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style is not as powerful as an up-close-and-personal fighter with a powerful magic such as Crash, but the Magic Seals can temporarily boost their power and spells' area-of-effect; additionally, they're usually not as fast as a user of High Speed and Slowing Magic, but they can boost their speed AND that of others with their Magic Seals; and they can attack from any range with several different elements while buffing everyone else. The only big weakness that the Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style is known to have is that constant can tire the magician using it out relatively quickly, as they are constantly generating magical energies with the power. Overall, it would be best to describe the Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style as a 'jack of all trades' magic style when fully mastered, giving the user not really exceptional power unless delving into the higher-ranked attacks, but exceptionally wide versatility when compared to a user of a single magic.

  • Skyscraper (摩天楼, Matenrō): Guang drives his fist into the ground, seemingly sending the opponent flying up to tremendous hights, hundreds of feet into the sky where the foe will then proceed to be tied down by strips of leather and chains of steel, rendering the opponent incapable of movement after which the sky will split open, as if a hole into another world has been ripped up from which a colossal demon will appear, appearing to try and grasp the foe and consume him/her. Of course, this is all an illusion, but it is most effective in order to allow Empusa to set up her next spell.
  • One Layer Magic Circle:Spell Chains: Guang creates a magical circle below the feet of the foe, spawning  magical chains which will tie down the target for a considerable amount of time. There is a single way to break out of them. By overly feeding it with magic, making it grow unstable and eventually crack from the excessive power.
  • Two Layered Magic Circle: Transportation
  • Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water (三重魔法陣 鏡水, Sanjūmahōjin: Kyōsui): Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water is a spell which enables the user to return an opposing attack back to its source. When casting Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water, the user creates a Magic Seal which is mainly cyan in texture- the crest in the middle resembles a swirling arrow, indicating its properties; this Magic Seal has three layers, as the name would indicate. This Magic Seal manifests in front of the user for the briefest of moments- this Magic Seal gathers eternano by drawing it from the user and the surroundings for a split second. The moment that a projectile attack comes into contact with the first layer of Mirror Water, it pierces through the other one, before stopping at the last line of defense. There, the technique is forcibly modified with the magical energy Mirror Water had gathered, enabling the user to take control of it, and the attack's purpose is set in motion; the Magic Seals act like they were elastic and then rebound the foe's power back at them at twice the force of the original attack, from any angle at such a speed that it seems that the user has access to the opposing attack, bending the opposing magical projectile away from the user; granting the user immunity to most projectiles, and they can defend other allies with the spell. However, Mirror Water can only manipulate so many magical particles at a time and it requires precise timing; additionally, if the user attempts to reflect a projectile of sufficient power it will shatter, like a normal defensive barrier, and leave the user stunned.
  • Four Layered Magic Circle: Karmic Lightning Battle Formation (四重魔法陣・業雷陣, Shijūmahōjin: Gōraijin): Four Layered Magic Circle: Karmic Lightning Battle Formation enables the user to attack the opponent from four points at once with powerful lightning bolts. When casting Four Layered Magic Circle: Karmic Lightning Battle Formation, the user creates four Magic Seals which glow golden- these Magic Seals have a crest in the middle that resembles a lightning bolt. At a moment's notice, the user directs this quartet of Magic Seals to flank the enemy, each in one of the main directions, North, South, East, and West. No matter where the enemy goes, all four lightning Magic Seals will follow them around like a heat-seeking missile of sorts. For the briefest of moments, all four lightning Magic Seals gather and condense stray ambient eternano which is saturated within the atmosphere, amplifying the sheer output of the attack which is about to rain down upon the enemy. In an instant, borne from the quartet of Magic Seals surrounding the enemy is four extremely large and destructive sparking golden blasts coming from the four cardinal directions, each beam of lightning travelling to the end of the opposing Magic Seals, with the eastern thunderbolt colliding with the western thunderbolt, the same goes for the northern and southern versions- all the while, the enemy is at the epicenter of this overwhelmingly powerful blast; while it does deal incredible damage, a side-effect of being hit by this attack is, if the target survives, the lightning paralyzes them, preventing them from escaping the user's next attack.
  • Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song(五重魔法陣 御神楽, Gojūmahōjin: Mikagura): Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song is a spell which enables the user to attack with the Four Fundamental Elements, in addition to another one of their personal choice, all at the same time. When initiating Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song, the user manifests several Magic Seals above their enemy; each one represents fire, wind, water, and earth- plus another of their own choosing. These Magic Seals synergize with each other due to being in such close proximity to one another, establishing a link and allowing the magical energies gathered by each of them which absorb the necessary amounts of energies in order to power the attack to flow between each other- the formation of the five Magic Seals also serve to constrict the enemy's movements and ability to counter. Once this is done, the user surges their magical energy into all five Magic Seals, causing the magical energies gathered by all five Magic Seals to accelerate until they reach high speeds, carrying enough energy to melt anything the ensuing attack comes into contact with, releasing the Magic Seals and unleashing a concentrated elemental blast of energy which takes the form of an immensely destructive pillar of glowing energy that stretches as far as the heavens, obliterating anything and everything in it's path. This beam covers a wide range, almost five kilometers in diameter, though after casting it, the user must regain their bearings. The preparations for Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song combined with the charging time for the Magic Seals make its use in battle impractical unless the user has a partner that can stall to buy time, or has enough strength to create the formation while under attack.
    • Seven Layered Magic Circle: Holy Hymn
  • Nine Layered Magic Circle: Powering Psalm:
  • Twenty Layered Magic Circle: Cataclysm:


  • Yatagarasu: Formula 10: Hell-Bat: Guang summons forth a swarm of Hellish bats which will circle around their target, causing smaller lacerations as well as infectious bites. These bats are considerably weak and are easily slain with a single strike, almost without consideration of strength, making these bats useless alone. But as a swarm, they can serve as effecitve, and expendable, front row combatants.
  • Yatagarasu: Formula 20: Ox: Guang summons forth a herd of oxes do do his bidding, charging straight forward with great might in hopes of mowing down the opposing threat. These oxes possesses incredible strength, enough so that they can break through solid rock. The more Oxes there are, teh stronger they all become, effectively making them able to charge straight through steel when gathered up. However, they are still relatively weak in that it only requires two blow to them in order for them to be "slain".
  • Yatagarasu: Formula 30: Dire Wolf: Guang summons forth a pack of wolves which will attack in unison to bring down their foe. The Dire Wolves are powerful creatures which carries enough ferocity might to bite through nearly anything. Working together in perfect unison, these wolves can be a nightmare on the battlefield, chewing through any and all resistance before them, and with the ability to grow monumentally stronger and bigger in size, they will turn the field into hell.
  • Yatagarasu: Formula 40: Raptor: Guang summons forth a pack of big Raptors which will fight beside Guang to accomplish his goals in battle. Unlike many other of his Yatagarasu Summons, these raptors share a mental link with Guang, working alongside him rather than as individuals. The raptors are slightly weaker than the Wolves, but with a greater arsenal for battle, extendable claws and a powerful boost from their fellow packmembers, four blows to go down as well as near perfect synergy between eachother, these raptors are not to be triffled with
  • Yatagarasu: Formula 60: Galactic Avian: Guang summons forth an avaian-like being with wings which reflects the vast, infinite cosmos. These Avian's mere pressence grants a boost to all magics which originate from stellar powers, meaning that Guang's Heavenly Body Magic grows stronger when these birds are nearby. Beyond this supportive aura, The avians serves minimal purpose due to their lack of strength or even any other magical ability other than the Meteor spell. With a limit to six blow possible of being taken, these avians serve better as an occasional shield if anything else.
  • Yatagarasu: Formula 70: Pink Diamond: With Pink diamond, guang summons forth a creature made from living rock and diamonds. Despite being a creature of only seven blows until "death", Pink Diamond is most likely Guang's most durable summon, able to block and endure blows of tremendous force without it counting towards the seven blow limit. Blunt attacks are near useless against this creature, leaving powerful cuts as the only reliable means of offense. Even then, the Pink Diamnd carried around a powerful shield meant to block against such attacks. Pink Diamond is a relatively weak creature, not packing much power in it's crystalline body, but is remarkably swift, able to deliver quick and relatively deep cuts in the skin of it's foes.
  • Yatagarasu: Formula 80: Fiendsaur: The fiendsaur's are among Guang's most powerful summons. These colossal monstrosities carry enough force to make the wolves and raptor's pale in comparrison. Their fangs are powerful enough to bite through the hardest of metals, and the air pressures that are created from the swipe of their tails are great enough to level dozens of meters of forest. Add that with a toxic breath and you've got yourself a purebred warmachine.
  • Yatagarasu: Formula 90: Invader:
  • Yatagarasu: Formula 100: Ultimate Mind:
  • Finale: Formula 110: Yatagarasu:

Animal Possession

Animal Possession is a form of Seith magic, allowing the mage to track and see the soul of animals and at occasions, claim the soul for it's own use, wether it be means of combat or defense. Animal possession can be utilized in two various forms: External and Internal. The external style allows the mage to make use of the animal souls outside of the body or an item, making them capable of letting the souls manifest in a semi ethereal formw which can either protect or attack and cause damage. The external form is the more advanced of the two forms as the external allows the spirits a certain extent of freedom from their constraints, leaving the body or item to serve it's master's wishes. The risk that this follows is that the mage may lose contrl of the soul, unintentionally permitting it to fade away and leave the mortal realm, essentially leaving the mage with a soul less in their possession. The second way, the internal form is the most commonly used mean of using this magic as it is a more secure way of utilizing the spirits. The internal form carries the means to use the spirits in a way which is safer for both the user and the maintainence of the spirits. While it could be argued that the external form is more powerful as the soul in all it's pride and might is uleashed, this form still carries with it some more than powerful benefits. Bye infusing a certain part of the body or an objects with the powers of the soul, the efficiency of the attack or defense of said part or object is immensely heightened.

Guang relies heavily on the Internal form, restraining the spirits within him to go no further than the objects which he is holding. The usage of this magic permits him to harden and sharpen his weapons, enhance his body to greater heights than previously and dish out devastating damage to his foes. Like his sister, Ting, Guang turns to the power of his deceased Tianlongs souls and binding them within him and items to empower his attacks.

  • Seith: Become Dragon: Guang Infuses himself with the spirit of his deceased Tianlong, vastly empowering his physical prowess and speed to such extents that even his lover Yu starts to have issues keeping up with him. Become dragon has no real time limit, but it does cause a constant minimal drain on his magical reserves, one which begins to tick faster the long he keeps it active.
  • Seith: Dragon Empowerment: Guang Infuses an item with the spirit of his deceased Tianlong, empowering that item to astounding heights of booth endurance and destructive capabiliteis, even enchancing their magical prowess should the item hold one.

Essence of Void

Essence of Void is a magic of the darkest sort, allowing the mage to, through an object, tap in to the realm of the void, a realm of absolute nothingness and the home of all manners of eldritch abominations. A mage with this magic is capable of casting shadow spells that can taint the oppoenents mind and drive them into madness if exposed to it's powers for an extended amount of time. Mages with this magic can also take on a demonic form for far more powerful effects and powers, summon tentacles and monstrous minions to fight at the mage's side. This magic relies heavily on breaking the mind and spreading the "Taint", both of which serves to periodically increase the power of the spells that comes after. The void is said to be shadows in their perfection. The ultimate shadow magic. It is a darkness that consumes all other forms of shadow and uses that to empower one's own spellwork. Guang displays an uncanny mastery of this magic, able to perform some of the most sdvanced spells in a rapid pace and still maintain a near careless dispossition as well as a near unbeatable control over all manner of shadow or darkness related magic. To use this magic it is said that the users have to gaze into the void and take in it's view and experience it's torment. If one can endure this without succumbing to madness, the power is ones to wield, so long as the item is wielded.

Per'Zziel, The Void Lord's Bulwark is the Void Item granted to Guang which allows him to utilize the powers of the void as he sees fit. Per'Zziel is a large, bulky and near impenetrable armor with two colossal shields with gun-like barrels. Like all Void Items, Per'Zziel carries with it a special and unique ability unlike any other item. In this case, Per'Zziel is considered to be the ultimate defense. The armor stands impervious to all forms of blunt force trauma, absorbing the kinetic energy and storing it within the "gunshields". Upon his will, the shield will unleash a select amount of the stored kinetic energies within as a blast of corrupted ethernano, blasting whomever stands before it to oblivion. This peculiar ability can only do so much however, limited by the magical reserves within Guang, meaning that as soon as his reserve go dry, so does the armors power. This extremely powerful armor carries a weakness however. As it merely absorbs the kinetic force of blunt objects, attacks of a sharp nature carries far greater power agains the armor, making it the ideal means of combat against Per'Zziel. But even with that, it is no guarantee that it will pierce as the fortified armor still stands stronger than any known metal, surpassing the likes of blacrock and adamantine with ease. The armor is forged from the hardened material of the void, an almost biological form of shadows, meaning it can be easily repaired by Guang if he only so wills it, meaning a strong initial thrust or cut is the only way to break through.

  • Mind Flay: The user slowly chips away at the sanity of the target, teraing away at the minds "barriers", which in time will allow the user to infect the mind of the target, hauntng them with nightmarish images and sounds, depraved experiences of the past. It does next to nothing, always hits and causes no damage to the target.
  • Mind Spike: Mind Spike is the enhanced version of Mind Flay. This spell takes the form of a bolt of void energies that does mediocre damage to the target, chains itself to other nearby target and rips at the mind more feverishly than the Mind Flay. Unlike Flay, this spell does not carry a 100% chance to hit, but it is also more straight forward and obvious than the mother spell, making it easier to defend oneself from it. 
  • Mind Blast: Mind Blast is the perfected version of the mind flay as far mind chipping goes. This spell causes heavy damage to the specified target that has been struck by the void Lightning. This spell tears, or blasts, the mind of the opponent apart, lesser willed target crumbling at an near instant after being afflicted by this spell's effects. 
  • Shadow Sphere: Guang summons four spheres of void energies, circling around him and obeying his every whim. he can and will use these spheres to attack his oppoents. As they hold no true physical form, they will simpyl phaze through the targets, inflicting heavy spiritual and mental damage to the target, breaking them down from within. These orbs remains active for as long as Guang desires them to remain or until they have struck a target.
  • Disperse: A spell Guang can use either upon himself or upon his allies or even his enemies. When using this spell, the target will turn into intangible shadows, unable to take physical damage by other more energy based attacks can cause harm, although to a severely lesser extent. No spells or actions can be performed whilst in this form besides movement if the user has the appropriate knowledge of how.
  • Vampiric Embrace: Guang lays his hands upon his target and holds a firm grip, and for as long as he holds physical contact with the target, Guang will leech the stamina, health, mental soundness and magic from the target, adding it to his own to recover his strength and health. This spell is rather easiy interrupted if they can simply dislodge Guang from them.
  • Black Apparitions: Guang conjures forth a total of six shadowy apparitions of himself which will follow his selected target endlessly until he either disspells them or they strike their targets. The apparitions deal consistently mediocre damage which ignores nearly all magical resistant effects, barriers, shields and counter spells.
  • Gloomy Tentacles: Guang calls forth a tentacle made out of the shadows of the void for defensive or offensive purposes. These tentacles remain stationary, incapale of movement, making it relatively easy to avoid them, but should one get a bit too close to them, they will rapidly whip at the target, causing tremendous damage to them should they hit. The tentacles are powerful enough to smash straight through rock formations, crush concrete pillars into dust and level whole trees.
  • Paralyzis: Tongue: As the name would imply, Guang paralyzes the tongue of the target, rendering them unable to speak, making it impossible for them to speak to their comrades, and if they are not competent enough to perform non-veral magic, this could effecitvely cripple their spell casting.
  • Word of the Void: Death: Guang places a curse upon the target in the form of a rune. This rune will periodically afflict damage in one way or another to the target in the form of either causing intense stress to the organs in the body or tearing away at the "barriers" of the mind. The interesting part of this is that it is the target's own choice on which it should be. The Rune is near indestructible, and the only way to remove it is to cease the magical flow in the body, tricking the rune to think that it's target is slain and its work is done.
  • Void Bomb: Guang channels vast amounts of Void Energies into the palm of his hand, shaping it into a colossal orb of turbulent energies, which he can then proceed to compress into a much smaller and more violently swirling sphere. This spell can either be used as an enhancing blow to the target or it can even be thrown. Upon impact, the orb will explode with raging, unrestrained and vile magic, tainting the near vicinity with a gooey, flesh-like shadow substance, empowering the void mage who stands upon it.
  • Void Rift: Guang rips open a rift into the Void Realm. At first sight, this rift seemingly does nothing more than simply exist there. That is until the rift begins to spew out the same shadowy, flesh-like substance as the spell above. For as long as the rift exists, it will continue to spread this taint across the field, growing indefinitely until the rift is either destroyed or dismissed. The rift can not be destroyed by brute force, nor can it be disrupted by the likes of Nullification magic, but it can be overwhelmed by magical energies to the point where it implodes on itself. Of course, this can cause severe harm to any none-void user in the close vicinty, but as long as a certain range is kept, everything should turn out just dandy as the taint slowly begins to die and evaporate.
  • Grim Halo: One of Guang's more powerful spells. WIth a snap of his fingers, he will cause a circle of void energies to pulse out from him, traveling at an astoundingly rapid pace. This "halo" casues tremendous damage to the targets that are struck by it's corrupting forces. Anyone unfortunate will not only recieve heavy damage from the initia assault, but it will also cause the target to be afflicted by one of two effects, depending on his/her own choice. It will either slowly tear away at the mind and whisper messages of despair, pride and delusions, or it will constantly leech the target of their magic which will then be used to empower Guang's upcoming spell. This effect occurs five times before it vanishes.
  • Corruption: This spell is impossible to dodge and can not be removed unless treated in a similar fashion as the Word of the Void: Death and ceases the flow of magic in the body, causing the spell to believe it's work has been accomplished. It offers the afflicted target a choice of either whispering to the mind of the foe, tempting them with sweet power and irresistable deals to the broken mind, slowly driving them either into madness or into the point where where they begin to heed the words of the voices in their head. Optional to this is that the spell causes the body to break down, slowly weakening the body's muscle build and skeletal frame. The ideal outcome from this is that the voices succeeds to tempt the individual into forming a Blood Pact.
  • Banish: Guang clenches his fist while surrounding it with void energies. This particular spell permits Guang to return a summoned creture back into the realm from which they came. The spell is most effective against mages who rely on summoning magic, rendering them next to useless. When banishing a summoned creature, Guang also gains a temporary boost to his magic power.
  • Blood Pact: Blood Pact stands as one of the prime outcomes of a battle, a goal which Guang strive to accomplish in a battle almost as much as breaking his opponent's mind. A blood pact is formed at the point when the opponent has been driven to the point where they will consider or even outright absorb the void energies, or more effecitvely, consume the Taint. This will cause whomever takes in that power to achieve the powers of the void, achieving the same spell work as Guang and transform into a demonic entity or twisted void creature. This power boost they receive from the void is quite substantial, surpassing most forms of magic out there as far as raw power goes. But as one might expect, this is just what Guang wants to happen. Once the Blood Pact has been established, guang will then utilize his next spell in the line up: Void Burn.
  • Void Burn: Void burn is a spell that goes hand in hand with the Blood pact. When the void energies have surged through the opponent's body, he will use this spell to cause all that tainted energy to burn and evaporate, causing devastating damage to the target's body from within. When Void Burn is used, the target will lose their newly attained powers fromt he Blood Pact. Had this spell been of an external nature, Guang has stated that the spell is comparable to a mortar strike. Wether is is an exageration or an accurate statement remains as of yet unknown.
  • Palm of N'Roth: Guang's second most powerful attack. The Palm of N'Roth charges Guang's palm filled with Void energies, energies which is then meant to be transfered over to the intended target of his choice. By laying his hand upon his foe, they will become marked with his hand print until the point where the spell's course has been finished and achieved. After the mark has been placed, he will swiftly back away from his target and start to fire off a barage of void energies. These spheres of whirling void will track their target's movements, always chasing them until they have struck their target. The spell fires of ten spheres at a rapid pace, causing heavy damage to the opponent individually, and damage of cataclysmic proprotions should they all hit, much due to that each consecutive void barrage sphere grows stronger and stronger for each that hit.
  • Chaos Nova: The chaos nova is not quite as powerful as the general use of the word would imply that it is. Chaos nova carries a rather restricted range of a mere five meter radius, it's damage is mediocre at best. However, it more than makes up for it in it's following effects: It travels increadibly fast, almost too fast for anyone to move out of the way from should they be within range. Secondly, if it strikes its target, the one affected by the Chaos Nova will find their body as if petrified, unable to move as much as a single solitary muscle. This effect lasts for up to ten seconds or until they have been struck by offensive magic, making it an ideal spell for setting up the next one.
  • Mind Crush: Guang's most powerful spell. This spell can not be avoided and can not be blocked, only disrupted before it's cast through the aid of nullification effects. Mind crush is a spell that exclusively becomes available once the target has reached a specifically low level of mental resistance. This is the spell that, more often than not, is what Guang is building up towards throughout the entirety of the match. If this spell is cast, there is little hope left for the opponent. Contrary to the spell's name, it has no effect on the mind in and of itself. The mind part of the name is simply to state what is required to be weak in order for this to work. Once the mind is so weak that it can no longer defend from anything coming it's way, Guang will unleash this spell, ripping the soul of the opponent out of his body and sending it through a rift into the void realm. From there, that's when the true torment begins. The soul will experience suffering the likes of which the opponent has never known before, mental, physical and spiritual torment. The details are unknown other than that the soul will be all but ravaged by the unspeakable horrors within the realm until the point where Guang finally brings the soul back and infuses it with the target. The trauma that the target experienced will come to them in an instant, the misery, the monstrous sights, the horrific whispers and the seemingly endless desacration of their "body". The body of the target will experience these things all at once, and the body will suffer from it. The organs in the body will suffer and go through such stress that they nearly shut down from it, the body will feel just like if what happened to the soul had actually happened to it, and this will repeat in an endless cycle, each time more horrible than the last until Guang decides that enough is enough. This spell has proven itself more than once capable of rendering the opponent unconcious from the unfathomable pain.
  • Marionette: Another very powerful spell of Guang's. Similar to the mind crush spell, this one is only available to be used once the target(s) are of such fragile state of mind that they become susceptible to any suggestion of Guang's making. Once that state of mind has been reached, the fight is over. Upon activation of marionette, a spell which the opponent should prove incapable of defending themselves from, Guang will apprach the target and lay his hand upon their brow. When this is accomplished, he will invade his target's mind, infecting it and controlling it accirding to his whims. When this is said and done, the target will be his to control as he sees fit. Like a puppet, a marionette if you will. The target will be unable to refuse their new master his wishes, compelled to obey and serve as they know that if they do, all the misery they have had to suffer until now will no longer haunt them if they do. The mind control hsa no real timer, nor does it cost that incredibly much to perform and there are only two ways for the effects to cease. One of them is for Guang to let the target go free and the other is for a comrade to break the hold Guang holds in their mind.
  • Summoning: Twisted One: One of Guang's most basic summoning spells in his arsenal. Despite what some may think when they hear the word "basic", the twisted one's are anything but basic. The twisted ones may be the grunts, the foot soldiers of the void, yet they are most certainly a more than powerful creature to face off against. A twisted one carries near absolute immunity to all forms of magic, typically rendering physical combat the prefered way of fighting them. The only forms of magic which can actually cause true harm to them is magic of demonic or holy nature, such as Devil Slayer magic or Light Magic. The twisted ones are most effiecent companions in battle as they will replicate each and every one of the spells performed by Guang, except for the most advanced ones, with a 60% effectivity in it's power levels. These reatures physicall capabilities scales with Guang's own, meaning as he get strong, so do they. This leads to a rather lack luster defense, but a suprisingly strong close combatant.
  • Summoning Corrupted Watcher: The Corrupted Watcher is Guang's most advanced summonable creature in his ordinary arsenal, it's power by far exceeding that of the Twisted Ones.  The corrupted watchers are the generals of the void, commanding the lesser beings with an iron fist. It's very pressence "inspire" the lesser cretures, granting them enhanced powers. These watchers carry immense durability and strength, able to tank nearly anything and then dish out just as much as it recieved. However, unlike their lesser counterparts, the Twisted ones, these grand monstrosities does not carry the same immunity to magic, rendering magical the more effiecent way of slaying these fiends as their chithin is as durable as the mightiest steel. These hulking behemoths carries with them the same powerful arsenal as Guang, except for the more advanced spells that follows with the Path of Havoc, and can use these spells at the very same efficiency as Guang himself without his say so, making them far more effective than the Twisted Ones.
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