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The Guardian Armor (ガーディアンの鎧, Gaadian no Yoroi) is one of the seven armors worn by the Mage of Protection who saved the city of Heptad, and has chose Gratiz Mek to wield it. This armor posesses residual energy from it's original master, which allows whoever wearing it to use Barrier Magic.


No one in Heptad knows who originally wielded the armor, but it was shown to have much power inside of it due to it being worshipped by the residence. Although it may be only a suit of armor, the residual energy of the it's original owner allows those who put it on to use Barrier Magic without any troubles.

Basic Spells

  • Shield - It allows the user to block an attack by manifesting two minature shields on it's arms.
  • Impact Barrier - by summoning a swirling barrier, the user is able to absorb the force of the attack, and send it back flying.
  • Wall of Contaiment - Instead of blocking an incoming opponent, this spell seals in an opponet for a limited time.
  • Shield Slicer - It allows the user to shoot out small barriers at an opponent that reaches figh speeds, and can deal damage to a person.
  • Bubble Barrier - allows the user to expand a barrier over themselves and others to protect from a powerful attack, it has also been used to travel underwater from time to time.

Advance Spells

  • Mirage Barrier Zone - can only be done with a powerful amount of sunlight. By creating multiple barriers in the air, making them mirror-like, they increasue the heat of the sun, and with the reflective surface make mirages appear from out of nowhere.


  • This armor was created by Phantom.
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