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Guardians of Olympus



Orinpasu no gādian

Additional Information
Primary Ability


Located In Celestial Spirit World

Guardians of Olympus (オリンパスのガーディアン, Orinpasu no gādian) are unique Celestial Spirits that not summoned by keys but by cards. These Guardians are divided into two categories.

Type of Cards

Celestial Spirit


Gaea Summoner: Yami Asgard, Gaea is the Titan and Creator of Earth, She is said to be the Most powerful being of them all possessing unknown Powerful Lost Magic Download (41)

Gold Cards

Name Description Picture
Aphrodite Summoner: Yami Asgard, Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty, She is a beautiful Maiden, and possesses Powerful Charm Magic Images (16)
Apollo Summoner: Yami Asgard, Apollo is the God of Light and Music, he possesses Light Magic similar to Light God Slayer Magic and Music Magic Download (29)
Ares Summoner: Yami Asgard, Ares is the God of War and Battle, He possesses natural abilities beyond compare and is a master fighter. Download (43)
Artemis Summoner: Yami Asgard, Artemis is the Goddess of Hunt and animals, She possesses excellent hunting skills and transformation magic Tsume Inuzuka
Athena Summoner: Yami Asgard, Athena is the Goddess of Strategy and Wisdom, She possesses great knowledge on almost every topic and is a master swordswoman Download (30)
Chronos Summoner: Yami Asgard, Chronos is the God of Time, he possesses a unique Lost Magic Download (34)
Erebus Summoner: Yami Asgard, Erebus is the God of Darkness and Shadow, possess Magic similar Shadow/Dark God Slayer Magic Tumblr lpbw3pmUPM1r0eluto1 500
Hades Summoner: Yami Asgard, Hades is the God of Death and Regret, He possess unknown Lost Magic Download (31)
Hephaestus Summoner: Yami Asgard, Hephaestus is the God of Fire and Crafts, He is an excellent craftsman, and possess Fire Magic similar to Fire God Slayer Magic Download (32)
Hermes Summoner: Yami Asgard, Hermes is the God of Travel and Language, He is a master of teleportation Magic and is able to communicate with all live creatures Download (33)
Poseidon Summoner: Yami Asgard, Poseidon is the God of all things Water and Earthquake, he possesses a Water Magic similar to Water God Slayer Magic Download (35)
Zeus Summoner: Yami Asgard, Zeus is the God of the Sky and Justice, He possesses unknown Lost Magic. Yami says he is the strongest God he has. Rikudou sennin by ckayshirley-d59wfy4

Sliver Cards

Name Description Picture
Aeolus Summoner: Yami Asgard Aeolus is the God of Wind, he possesses Wind Magic Jkhlkjjjjjhj
Heracles Summoner: Yami Asgard Heracles is the God of Sports and Strength, He possesses tremendous natural abilities and is a natural athlete Download (37)
Hypnos Summoner: Yami Asgard Hypnos is the God of Sleep and Rest, He possesses Sleep Magic Download (38)
Pan Summoner: Yami Asgard Pan is the Goddess of Nature, She possesses Plant Magic Download (39)
Panacea Summoner: Yami Asgard Panacea is the Goddess of Healing, She possesses Healing Magic Download (42)
Typhon Summoner: Yami Asgard Typhon is the God of Monsters, He possessed unusual Monster Summoner Magic Download (40)
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