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Guild Haven




Guild Haven (ギルド休み所 Girudo Yasumidoriko, lit. Guild Haven of Rest) is a pocket-dimension hidden within Earthland.


The Guild Haven was a pocket-dimension that formed with no known origin, though various theories abound as it's creation. One of the most well known is that the dimension was formed due to the coalition of ambient magical energy in the air that took form and mimicked the material world. Another theory is that the dimension was the creation of a particularly powerful mage who specialized in the Arc of Embodiment. The theory was this mage wanted to be apart from the world, and, thinking himself God, created a world of his own. The world itself seems to co-exist evenly with Earthland, and has been found many times by mages seeking peace for themselves and their guilds. In this dimension, Independent Guilds flourish with their own society away from the Magic Council, and the dimension itself bars itself from those who the inhabitants have deemed unworthy, which includes Council Members and those of Dark Guilds. Entrances to the Guild Haven are found all over Earthland, and are sometimes found entirely by accident, while sometimes the dimension itself seems to "invite" people in, as was the case with the Akatsuki guild.



  • The Guild Haven, despite being a randomly cool idea that Darkrai likes, was inspired in part by the Reverse/Distortion World of Pokémon, which exists on the opposite side of the real world and co-exists in tandem.
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