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Hallid Beetle



Haridou Bītoru

Additional Information
Located In Enca
Hallid Beetles (ハリドウビートル Haridou Bītoru) are small pathogen carrying insects native to the isle of Enca in Ishgar and some have been brought to Eurail by Noray Valgas.


Hallid beetles are small beetle like insects who have concealed wings. They have two pairs of pincers and are carnivores with black compound eyes and a grey exoskeleton with a black wing case. They release a silver, odourless powder from small glands in their wing cases which contain the Halsurma Virus which causes symptoms of grey pigmentation of the skin and sensitivity to pain. The powder producing gland in their wingcases is known as the Locular Sporangium Gland.


  • "Hallid" is the Estonian word for "grey" describing their colour.
  • Locular Sporangium comes from two words in biology:
    • Locule - referring to a small cavity within an organ.
    • Sporangium - an enclosure in which spores are produced.
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