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Halsurma Virus



Harusāma Uirusu


Viral Pathogen


Hallid Beetle
Noray Valgas

Halsurma Virus (ハルサーマウイルス Harusāma Uirusu) is a non-fatal virus that affects humans and is carried by the Hallid Beetle - native to the forests of Enca.


The Halsurma Virus is a viral pathogen which is carried by the Hallid Beetle and affects humanity. It is a contagious disease which is contracted through the inhalation of the powder released by the Hallid Beetle but has been proven to be non-fatal. It manifests as a series of grey, stone-like blotches on the skin of the infected which become very tender and sensitive - leading the infected to suffer from severe pains stemming from the blotched skin. The disease wears off after several weeks and the affected gains immunity from the virus following the disease wearing off.

Noray Valgas being a medicine woman was able to gather Hallid Beetles from the Ishgar island of Enca during her travels and infect the vilagers of Klinehard. Noray used her cunning and voodoo to make the villagers believe that the virus is fatal. She would infect villagers and then kill them perhaps a week after infection. She would pierce their heart with voodoo making it appear like the virus attacked the cardiac muscle and perforated the heart - killing the infected.


  • Halsurma is derived from the Estonian words "hall" (meaning grey) and "surma" (meaning death) - this being a reference to the grey blotches that this virus causes to the skin.
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