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name Hanazakari
Kanji 花盛り
Rōmaji Flowers in Full Bloom
Race Wyvern
Gender Female
Age 810
Height 5ft
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Status
Affiliation Kannagara Symbol Hakkōichiu
Personal Status
Base of Operations Hakkōichiu
Status Active
Family Fūgetsu~Adopted Sister
Magic Organic Link Magic
Fire Magic
Unknown Take Over
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Hanazakari (花盛り,Flowers in Full Bloom) is a unique species of Wyvern.


Hanazakari is exuberant and cheerful by nature, and is the stereotypical extrovert. She loves being around people, being the center of attention. She leads from the front, inspiring people to follow her way of doing things without giving them the chance to think twice about it. She is headstrong and forthright, and tells it how she sees it. In addition she is the worst enemy of propriety. A very touchy-feely person to start off with, an appreciation for the finer points of the human form and is often considered a word-class pervert. She is a master of the covert grope, the wolf-whistle and when all else fails the lightning-quick dodge. She targets include men and women alike, particularly pretty boys and cute girls. However, she prefers not to be overly sexual about it, and will usually take a serious plea to be left alone at face value. Her antics are more for fun than anything else.

Hanazakari is a very kinaesthetic person; she loves physical contact, and fighting, seriously or just sparring, is her absolute favorite thing to do. In times of particular stress, she will often drape himself over the nearest friend's shoulder as if the physical support they provide can somehow translate into psychological sustenance. Hanazakari tastes run towards hot rather than cold, fire rather than water, summer rather than winter. She loves running around with hardly any clothes on during the hot summer months, and her glee at being given a hot curry is quite something to watch. She suffers during winter; snow and ice depress her just as much as grey skies. She is something of a hedonist; 'fun' will be her main reason for doing just about anything.

Despite her overall friendly and positive nature, her personality changes once enraged, though not as drastic as the other. Once this happens, she does not seem to show remorse or any guilt when insulting or harming another person either emotionally or physically. She is rather apathetic to the suffering of those she sees a foes.




Physical Abilities :


Organic Link Magic:


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