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Harpy Wing
Harpy WIng Guild hall
Name Harpy Wing
Master Numair Saladin
S-Class Mages Asa Mizure
Terra Taiyou
Cloud Moana
Type Legal
Location at the edge of Fiore
Harpy Wing is a guild renowned in its pursuit of knowledge and magics. This Guild's mages usually excel at molding magic and Archive although that is not a primary aspect in acceptance into the guild.


This guild was founded by Numair Saladin as a way to encourage mages to seek out knowledge as well as to gather many molding mages, Mages who can use molding or do use molding magic.

Harpy Wing Guild Tatto

Although the guild mainly prefers to recruit Mages that use molding magic or mages that seek out knowledge Numair usually ends up recruiting those he helps out on his journeys causing the guild to sometimes focus more on the task of helping others. Numair doesn't mind this though since he enjoys his guild members helping others in need.


Recruitment is decided mainly on these three factors:

  1. your capacity to learn about things and to understand people
  2. your ability with magics, and the number of magics you know although the latter doesn't matter as much
  3. your willingness too help others or your desire to help the guild, THis one is the most important To Asa who is the main decided in a person Joining.

and 2 more factors are also weighed upon but are not neccesary especially the second

  1. if you know either molding magic or archive
  2. If The guild master likes you, many members have given him cake to make him like them this is why the second one usually isn't considered except rarely.


name rank within guild molding magic status
Numair Saladin Master Ice/Water Active
Asa Mizure Guild Ace Ice/Water Active
Cloud Moana Co-Founder Water Semi-Active
Vash Speedy Mage, Elite Team None Active
Galador Aru Mage,potential s-class Basic ice-make Semi-Active
Satoshi Rin Mage none Active
Eigar Mizu Potential S-Class mage Ice-Make Active
Azure Kaisui Mage, Librarian Water-magic Active
Terra Taiyou S-Class Mage Earth-Make Semi-Active

Elite Team,Wings of Magic

Harpy Wing Elite Team tattoo

This is the strongest team of Mages In Harpy Wing often being called the Ace in the hole of the guild. Currently there is four members in it Being Terra,Asa,Azure and Vash.

Recruitment into this team is handle by Cloud Moana who tests the members specifically the S-class mages to see if they are qualified and matchable personality wise for the group. Although most of the Mages in this team are S-class level thats not a mandatory requirement only skill is. I.E. Vash speedy who isnt an S-class mage is a part of this Team, He is just highly Skilled.


  • The name of this guild came from a friend i know on facebook, HI ABBY!!!!
  • originally Numair wanted to name the guild Strawberry Cake
  • Numair has stated the original purpose of the guild is to gain more knowledge but he admits that the guild has changed over the years and the main purpose of it now is to help those in need.
  • The guilds battle theme song is From the Fields of Gallia
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