Haruko Maiko

Haruko is a wandering mage, she is the twin sister of Tsukiko Maiko.


Haruko has white hair and light-blue eyes. She wears a white headband with white lace trimming. Each side of the headband ends with white bows. On her neck, she wears a seemingly white neck ribbon. Her dress is a complete white. The top part of the dress has white lace trimming and features white ruffles trimming. The dress' sleeves are puffy on each of the shoulder part, while on each of the arm part; it fits the first half arm on each side. The second half arm on each side features three-layered white ruffles. The skirt is white and layered with ruffles trimming. She also wears white shoes.


Haruko is warm hearted, yet soft spoken. Because of her shyness she almost never talks, and if she does, she talks very quietly. That is why, in her place, Tsukiko talks for her. Although her sister seems like she dislikes her, they have an extremely close bond, that can't be broken through misunderstanding.


Another day, the storm has ended

Magic and Abilities

She is a perceptive fighter, she was able to deduce where Xiaoling was going to attack from, and prepared a countermeasure for it.

White Angel :Her magic allows her to create and manipulate light. However her power is a defensive and healing power, because of this she only fights from long range, but she is an effective fighter, alongside her sister Tsukiko, create a powerful team.

Resonance shield: This technique envelops her allies in a powerful shield. It was able to negate the effect of Tsukiko Black Winged Cannon easily.