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"A beneficial Paradox."
Name Hawk
Race Human
Age 21
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Factis Academia
Personal Status
Status Active
Magic Healing Magic
Magical Bandaging
Scythe Magic
Weapons Máodùn (矛盾 Paradox; Literally meaning Spear-Shield)

Hawk (鷹 Taka) is a young man who has proven himself to be a remarkable medical practitioner despite his past as a Dark Mage affiliated with the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart. After Randall Flagg and Alejandro Malberg left the guild, Hawk stayed for a few more years before leaving himself, along with the Nine Circles of Hell. He works in tandem with Desperados to forge both talented mages, as well as provide poor people a basic education. He acts as the Head of the Natural Sciences Department.

Character Outline


Hawk's younger appearance.

Hawk holds the appearance of a young man in his late teens. He appears stoic most of the time, with his silver hair and light eyes further highlighting a visage akin to that of an albino. He is generally seen in a long, white trenchcoat with various patterns over a black tank-top, a pair of dress pants and black dress shoes. 

Personality-wise, he appears to be rather calm on most occassions. He generally speaks with a casual tone, implying that he is quite self-confident; though he isn't brash, demonstrated when he uses his polite tone in front of Desperados. He can also be quite dictatorial when healing others, commanding others with an aura of authority that nobody questions.



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Hawk wielding Máo-Dùn.

Máo-Dùn (矛盾 Paradox; Literally meaning Spear-Shield): The scythe that Hawk wields. Through unnamed methods, presumably unique to the scythe, Hawk is able to summon it without the use of Requip. The scythe is completely black in coloration with very little pattern aside from a blue, shining edge in the centre of the edge. This edge appears to correspond with the unorthodox healing abilities of the scythe, activated through Hawk's magical power. The scythe's energies appear to activate with the incantation I bequeath the unholy paradox, Máo-Dùn; provide me with your assistance! (私はとんでもないパラドックス、マオー ヅヌ; を遺す、あなたの援助を私に提供する!)

  • Life's Harbinger (人生の前駆 Jinsei no Zenku): Hawk appears to slash his victims with the bright energy of the scythe activated. In only a moment, light appears to shine on wherever they were cut. The presence of the scythe's cut allows for any external magic to be dispelled from the body, allowing for an accelerated healing process to heal extremely deadly wounds before resorting to his other methods of Healing Magic.

Magic and Abilities


Behind the Scenes

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