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Killer Stories | Balaur Vengeance
Hayashi New Profile
Hayashi Aririki



Aririki Hayashi


Flame Dragon of Blue Night (青夜の炎竜, Seiya no Enryū)
Dragon Warrior of Divine Blue Flames (神青火の竜武者, Shinseika no Ryūmusha)
Flame Venom Dragon Slayer (毒炎竜殺し, Dokuenryū-Koroshi lit. Dragon Killer of Poisoned Flames) (former)


Human (Dragon Slayer)


Male Male


KS: 15-16
BV: 19-20


KS: 168 cm
BV: 173-178 cm


BV: 70 kg


June 22nd

Hair Color


Eye Color

Calm state: blue
Dragon powers on: deep blue irises/red pupils

Blood Type


Professional Status

Balaur Talon

Previous Affiliation



Guild Master
Wandering Mage

Previous Team

Drei Mörderer

Previous Partner(s)

Shikumo Aririki
Raphael De Grand

Base of Operations

His guild
Mochina Island (temporary)

Personal Status



Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Shikumo Aririki (older brother)
Tetsuya Izuburi (adoptive brother)
Rioureus (foster father, deceased)
Tempessaria (foster mother)


Flame Dragon Slayer Magic (Blaze Mode, Upsurge)
Lightning Flame Dragon Mode


Sowilo & Caliburn

Japanese Voice

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

English Voice

Bryce Papenbrook

"Brightful Fame, as silent, as Forest."
Lonesome Breaker

Hayashi Aririki (有力・破夜子(アリリキ・ハヤシ), Aririki Hayashi) is an S-Class-Level Wandering Mage, a Dragon Slayer, who was born on a Blue Night incident. Neither knowing their parents nor having any hope of their survival, Hayashi and his brother, Shikumo Aririki, were found, raised and afterwards left by their Dragon parent, Rioureus, a fearsome Demon Dragon of Hellish Flames (獄炎の鬼竜, Gokuen no Kiryū), when a fated day, July 7, year X777, came. After short and happy life with Rioureus and his disappearance, at the age of 12, Hayashi began his own adventure in an attempt to find his family, become much stronger to be able to protect those, who are dear to him, and to discover the beautiful sides of the World. While he found his brother after some time, with him and Raphael D. Grand, Hayashi was a member of their own Drei Mörderer team (炎星水の三魔法戦士(ドライ・モルダル), Dorai Morudaru; German for "Assassins Trio", Japanese for "Three Magician Warriors of Flame Star Water"), a trio makes their steps from the very beginning of the story. After their final encounter, the trio made a decision to go on separate way to become even stronger than before, which meant, that they would see each other next time as some years would be passed. Now, after three years, Hayashi just ended his harsh and intensive training, wanting to meet some new adventures alongside his brother and friend. His main desires are to fulfil a promise to his Dragon parent - to live happily; and more like a self-promise - to find and completely destroy the organization named Chains of Disaster (不祝儀の連鎖, Bushūgi no Rensa), which is blamed for the incident, which occurred on Hayashi's birthday. Within his adventures, he wants to create a similar organization as CoD, but with which he would be able to stand strong against his enemy; with such idea, Hayashi eventually creates Independent, Balaur Talon Guild, becoming its master and strongest warrior.

Being a strong and famous Dragon Slayer, Hayashi was considered as the S-class Level Mage because of his former abilities; known as Flame Venom Dragon Slayer (毒炎竜殺し, Dokuenryū-Koroshi lit. Dragon Killer of Poisoned Flames), Hayashi gained such power within the recreation of Blue Night incident, otherwise after losing them he became to be considered as quite strong Legal, but Independent Mage without a famous alias. This trait he maintained for almost three years and more, as now, he is wandering across the world with destroying some Dark Guild on his way, he also destroys his main enemy's headquarters and helps other innocent people in order to bring some peace on the sinful lands, which were intentionally drained in evil. For such doing, eventually he achieved a new alias, which describes him the most - now he is known as Flame Dragon of Blue Night (青夜の炎竜, Seiya no Enryū) by almost everyone, because of nature of both him and his powers. After receiving Fireseal and showing it once, he also attained the title of Dragon Warrior of Divine Blue Flames (神青火の竜武者, Shinseika no Ryūmusha) not only because he can wield it masterfully, but also because of his goals and achievements.


Hayashi Initial Appear

Hayashi's initial appearance

Hayashi is a handsome young man, who looks on his full years, i.e., nineteens. He is a man of medium height and athletic build; through the course of the story his body is often shown as not just simply good-and-developing, but as strong, with greatly developed musculature due to the training and battles, which Hayashi faced in his life. Beside this, Hayashi is often depicted as attractive and sympathetic, however, he doesn't bother himself with such words. His hair usually stays in a messy style, being not long, but reaching his shoulders from the back of his head, while his bangs fully cover his forehead and his ears slightly. The colour scheme, which Hayashi has within his hair is an unusual one - the colour is primary depends on his mental state. While Hayashi in a calm state, his hair is jet-black, but when he is affected by strong emotions (initially negative), for example, when he is enraged, his hair become dark blue. He has blue eyes and his skin is pale enough to allow him to play a joke, that he is from the noble family. Another unusual trait, which is considered as post-effect from learning Dragon Slayer Magic, Hayashi has slightly pointing ears, which then mentions in-jokes, that he is a sprite. Also, after his training, he added some earrings in both of his ears. Like all Dragon Slayers, Hayashi possesses prominent canine teeth and somewhat draconian pupils, which are vertical one; as a result of quite a strong bond with emotional state, they can clearly be seen as vertical, when Hayashi is affected by emotions, just like his hair.

The traits, that usually are covered under his clothes, are scars. Hayashi indeed has some scars on his body, the most prominent is a ragged one on his back side of left elbow, some small scars on both of his hands, and his most remembered, scar on the left side of his face, which is located really close to his eye. Beside the scars, he has a birthmark on his right ankle.

While Hayashi uses his dragon powers, his appearance changes. Firstly, his draconian features increases in their look, giving him more Dragon-esque aspects; even if he already has slit-like pupils, they become red, while his irises remain their deep blue colour. Hayashi's ears become much longer while his hair always stays with shades of blue and his eyes become intense blue. Additionally, he always gains two, horn-like, flames of blue colour, which are floating above his head; as Hayashi theorising this trait, he stopped on the option, that this is because of his deep relation with dragons, as he drunk the blood of his Dragon parent.

Hayashi's Gear KS Depart Arc

Hayashi's outfit in Killer Stories: Departure Arc

Through the course of the story, Hayashi maintained many clothes, however, he had some most worn. His initial outfit consists of a white shirt with short sleeves, black trousers and shoes, as well as with knotted tie and black jacket. For such attire, he was often mistaken as a pupil of some Magic School or similar institution. Such attire was worn up to the beginning of his harsh training on Mochina Island. In time he was training, Aririki was wearing some special outfit, which wasn't meant to be used as usual clothes, but which he easily could damage without hesitation. When his training was ended, he changed his choice of clothes. He began to wear a simple grey hoodie over a black T-shirt, dark blue jeans with some chains on the side and black sneakers. Interestingly enough, his appearance, by the words of his mentors, just showed his rebellious nature for that time. Hayashi was also noted to be wearing a brown leather jacket over his hoodie and a pair of fingerless red gloves. As another one his outfit he wore an almost similar brown jacket, but now with green jumper, blue jeans and brown boots. As a more official one, classic-esque type costume, he began to wear a white shirt with a black vest over it, black trousers with some belts on waist and right leg and black boots.

As a swordsman and keeper of his father's memento, Hayashi always carried around his Dragon Blade. It was kept in a red sleeve with a black strap over his back and shoulder. Also, it is quite simple indicated, that Hayashi is a right-handed, as he carried his sword from the left side. After he received a Fireseal, his new weapon, he began to keep his blades in a dimension pocket through his Requip Magic, so now he appears without the swords at all.


Hayashi is a guy with very kind heart and pure intentions. Despite any troubles at his life, he continues to keep his smile truly alive and sincere, in order to seal the hope and strength in himself and in others. Hayashi is a protective and supportive one; even if he doesn't know how to help, he will do almost anything to help his friends or unknown-to-him and innocent people. He respects all the people that surround him, even the Dark Mages though this respect differs from how Aririki attends the usual people and Legal Mages. He is quite polite, trying not to be rude in conversations and/or when he is in a bad mood. He is a calm individual, which can not be driven crazy or become mad easily. On the other hand, if somebody turns him up to the boiling point, then you surely can begin your preparations for the worst things ever. But, reaching the boiling point is a hard enough task.

When things touch the friend's side of Hayashi, it can be surely told, that he is indeed a best-friend-ever person, the one, who can be met in the life, and become a really good friend, if he likes somebody. He is very loyal to his friends and very trustful for them; it is considered, that even if they do different pranks sometimes, Aririki can take umbrage, but then he will calm down and eventually accept the jokes, while giving his own, in order to recompense his friend's actions. Otherwise, he is good at jokes, but some of them can be quite rude on a some note. When somebody says something bad about people and particularly Hayashi's friends, the Flame Dragon Slayer can easily put a fight because of this, in order to prove, that his friends are indeed good people and don't deserve to be bad-mouthed. When someone close to Hayashi is in danger, the Dragon Slayer has no qualms about putting himself at risk to save them; such strong essence of friendship can reach the levels of that the bluenette will risk his own life in order to save his friends and/or innocent people. To mention other things, he is very kind and compassionate and somewhat very impressionable at someone's bad times and eventually often can not simply withstand the burden of other's troubles even if they aren't connected to him directly and he doesn't help them due to different circumstances.

Initially, Hayashi was a type of person, who was very proud of his own power and of who he is. He was a rebellious one, moreover, he had great overconfidence, which rarely, but surely, led to quite hard times and big troubles. Hayashi could be quite cocky and stubborn, especially in terms of his own strength, demanding respect from others and asks to be called either "Lord Slayer" or "The Blademaster", just to indicate his capabilities. Also, he wasn't the type of person, who can work with tactics and strategies of other people, in the end bringing only chaos to the plans of others and onto a battlefield, but, in quite unbelievable and incredible contrast, he showed a quite fast plan building in extreme situations on his own, when nobody seem to have any ideas; in his child years, he was already seen completing training, that were supposed to be assigned to both him and Rioureus, without the latter's knowledge. Maybe the only one trait, which Hayashi left by his side from his early years is that he can not withstand when somebody say something bad about his appearance: for example, even after his three-years presence on Mochina Island, Hayashi began a fight with Jason Tolliver just because the blonde Mage said something about his ears just to catch the bluenette's attention to his persona.

As Hayashi become matured, his way of thinking also met some changes. As stated both by Dragon Slayer himself and other adults personas in his life, Hayashi seems to be more matured, then other youngsters of his age category. And this is a truth. By now terms, Aririki can easily work with strategies of other people, and his sense of bringing chaos onto the battlefield can be used in such tactical way too, which looks and can be described just with one word if it's looked from the side - "fantastic".

Hayashi has his own tastes, bond behavior with others, hobbies and traits, that can be seen only from various degrees of his mood. Hayashi has a liking and soft spot for animals, like in general, so in means of his own. At some points of his life, he had a cat and fox, named Raiji and Konkon respectively; by now, he has his exceed partner named Kuro ((クロ), Kuro lit. Black), with whom he has a really deep connection. His liking for animals is quite big, as Hayashi hates when people harm any kind of animals, and even can begin a fight because of this. While he has his three pets, he will give everything to make them live in safety, even if he eventually will meet some harsh times. For example, If he would have little food to eat, he would give it to his pets, rather eat it by himself. Besides his friends, Aririki has a very close relationship with his father, dragon named Rioureus. He holds a great respect toward the Fire Dragon, and to say more, he cares about him and loves him deeply. The eventual death of Rioureus at hands of "Chains of Disaster" lead Hayashi to the point, that the idea of vendetta is the main reason why Hayashi is on his adventures. As Rioureus noted, he was the only being that Hayashi will listen to as he was able to keep him in check. For his preferences, Hayashi has a variety of things. He is fond of sweets, rock music, and just having a good time with his friends. He also likes to spend his time with some kind of active games, for example, the one, which needs a ball to play. As he tries to help other people and tries to always be like living sunshine, he can have depression times too. While he tries to live through his own troubles, he can end up with a cigarette in his mouth, as a sign of trying to catch his breath and retain his initial good and kind persona. On the other hand, he seems to be not so concentrated on his smoking habit, as he easily can throw it away, once he will recover his mental state.



Hayashi was born on the June twenty-second when a Blue Night incident (青夜の事件, Seiya no Jiken) occurred. It was the day when a big amount of wizards were killed in thought-to-be the invasion of the Demon Dragon of Hellish Flames - Rioureus. It was said, that his the night was a deep blue because of his illuminating blue flames, which he used in order to incinerate all the Magicians, who fell down that day. After all happened, the dragon found the two infants, which were lying near their dead parents, crying all their out. Without a hesitation, Rioureus took them to his upbringing, not killing them, which looks very strange within the full picture of the massacre incident. It took some time and dragon began to teach them how to read, write and begin replace a father persona for two boys. He named them as Hayashi and Shikumo, after his good friend, now deceased dragon Hayajikumo (早死雲, Hayajikumo lit. Premature Death Cloud). When both boys grew enough, Rioureus decided to begin to teach his sons his primary Magic - Flame Dragon Slayer Magic. But, as quite a strange fact, only Hayashi had a big propensity to the fire element while his brother hadn't it at all, thus, he couldn't learn his father's magic, which the Flame Dragon soluted later.

Years passed, and soon enough, Shikumo was stolen by unknown Mage Scientists, when he was twelve years old. Of course, Hayashi and Rioureus were searching for Hayashi's brother, but all attempt were ultimately failed. Only at that time, Rioureus decided to tell the truth about "Blue Night" to his son second son. The truth about this madness event was very strange, quite a horrible and bluenette, at first, couldn't believe it. It was revealed to him, that most of Mage Scientists, that were killed by the Flame Dragon, were simply trying to kill him in the attempt to make some researches. They all were from an unknown organization, which was named as Chains of Disaster. Hayashi wasn't involved in this catastrophe by himself but was a new-born child after his brother in the family, which partially were working within the organization, but not with this incident. When Rioureus found them all, he wanted to help the dying parents, but they refused to it, as they had very serious wounds, which could not maintain with life. Their last desire was, that their children would live happily, so Rioureus promised to them to fulfil their wish with the burden on his heart and sheds of tears in his eyes. More strangely, the events of Shikumo's kidnapping turned up in such way, that the kidnappers were from that organization, which connected them all. When Hayashi and Rioureus found the last place of Shikumo's possible keeping, they found out, that Hayashi was a successful experiment of placing a Dragon Lacrima in his infant body, which made Aririki crazy. Moreover, he found out, that not only him but also, at least, eleven infants were included in this project, however, the results of their nowadays existence wasn't there - Rioureus coincidentally stop the experiment. After learning the truth about his past, Hayashi was begging his Dragon parent to train him as hard, as possible in the attempt to successfully rescue his brother. Shortly Rioureus began to train Hayashi on such levels, that it simply can be considered as training to death while both continued searches for Shikumo. Having a very large desire to save and find his brother and strong will to go further made Hayashi not be able to refuse from such violent training which eventually gave him very great strength.

Some time passed from that doomed day, and Rioureus disappeared at July 7, in year x777, like all other existed Dragons. Hayashi was a twelve-year-old boy, who knew nothing about why his Dragon parent flew away from him. From that time, Hayashi was on his own, wandering in searches for not only his brother but for Flame Dragon too. On his own he improved his physical and magical abilities, being thrown to different situations by the Fate itself. Sadly, but there were no results in all Aririki's trying. Three years passed, and Chains of Disaster again made its move. Hayashi was trapped by unknown Mages from the organization in some unknown cave, where he found his dying Dragon parent. Rioureus, looking at his grown boy, was very proud of his adoptive son, but Hayashi refused to be called as "adoptive" saying, that Rioureus is only and real father for him. The same went to Shikumo too, coincidentally. For that, in his last minutes of life, with tears of pleasure and despair, the Flame Dragon gave his last advice to his son, his apologize for that he was unable to find Shikumo, and then, poured bluenette in his own blood, making him much stronger, than before. After that, enraged and powered up Hayashi found the mages, who have trapped him, and kill them all. After that event, the Dragon's blood within his body wasn't mentioned in the everyday life of his, because of unknown reasons.

After becoming a sixteen-years-old, Aririki decided to go to the place, where Rioureus's last advice was located. When he reached that place, Aririki discovered some old and strange cave, where the Flame Dragon left a gift for him and his brother - information, how to be a true Flame Venom Dragon Slayer and a new katana blade, that was made as a memento for Hayashi; soon he would know, that this sword is a Dragon Blade, which can be used only by Dragon-slaying Magicians. In that case, with the book in which Rioureus's further admonition, Hayashi was trying his best at learning his magic as best as he could. After wandering for another two years, Hayashi heard, that Shikumo is still alive, and was looking for him. Suddenly enough, his brother found Hayashi on his own first, and then, brothers happily reunited.

Fairy Tail: Killer Stories

The course of the story starts just after a meeting of Aririki brothers Tempessaria, the Storm Dragon. As she was having some troubles, she regained her initial power, so she made some training with Hayashi in order to know the true power of her friend's disciple. While training, Hayashi received some "present| from her - he absorbed her storm powers, which gave him some new power, with which he would have an interesting story later. After several weeks passed, Hayashi was on training ground with his brother, where they met Raphael D. Grand, who thought, that they were his new enemies for unknown reasons. Without any hesitation and with rage in eyes, and began to fight with Aririki brothers. Somehow, Raphael began to defeat both of brothers with his mastered Water-Make Magic, which was a weak point of Hayashi's flame abilities. At last, while brothers were cooperating with each other, they cornered their enemy, who in not good option for him, used all of his spades upon the sleeves and began to utterly crush them. Shikumo asked Hayashi to use his new-found and unbelievable strength, that has awoken in him. Suddenly and somehow, Hayashi activated his new, Dual Element Dragon Mode, and then with his lightning-enhanced flames in hands, became the winner of the battle, as now he was a weak point of Raphael's water powers. After this event happened, it was shown, that Raphael was under the influence of some dark sorcery, so he quickly became their friend and all of three mages created a team, called Drei Mörderer.

Hayashi and co reached some new lands, where they spent a long-time training to improve their strength, learn about their weaknesses, and make their bond of friendship much stronger. For unknown reasons, Raphael decided to leave the team to improve his personality qualities, and, how he has thought, to not cause some problems for the brothers. After that, Shikumo and Hayashi also had some speech-clash, after what, both of them decide to go some separate ways, as they both become adults. With this final clash, the Drei Mörderer team was fully disbanded, and each of its members began to travel on their own again, to become much stronger than that time, and then, reunites again. In addition to training, Hayashi also revised some qualities of his personality. Every day of his hard training, he recalled the events of his father's death, his last encounter with his own brother, which made him very angry because of his attitude at those times. After his harsh mental training, Hayashi just became a new person. Now, Hayashi has just ended his trainings on the Mochina Island, where his adventure brought him, and now, with new powers, he want to meet some new adventures again.



  • The Dragon Fire Blade itself - the one of the Dragon Weapon
  • Hayashi unsheathes Sowilo
Dragon Blades (聖天竜の宝具刀剣戟(ドラゴン・ブレーズ), Doragon Burēzu lit. Sacred Imperial Dragon Regalia Sword Arms) are extremely powerful blades, which can be crafted only from Dragon Materials and used only by living beings, who are related to a great race of Dragons. Hayashi is a wielder of two of such specialised bladed weapons. As Hayashi is a Flame Dragon Slayer, he can utilize only fire-based Dragon Blades. On the other side, it is unknown, if he is able to utilize lightning-based Dragon Blades when he's using his Dual Element Dragon Mode or if he is able to make a use of wind-based Dragon Blades because of his Dragon Slayer's Equipment. Also, it should be noted, that despite not being a Poison-related Dragon Slayer anymore, Hayashi possibly could wield poison-based Dragon Blade to some extent.
  • Sowilo (大天の太陽刃(ソウィロー), Sou~irō; Old Germanic for "The Sun", Japanese for "Great Divine Solar Blade"): Sowilo is Hayashi's first and primary weapon of choice. This strange blade is the one of the Dragon Blades, is an extremely powerful blade, which is forged from an Dragolith Element (工芸の竜水晶(ドラゴリス), Doragorisu lit. Dragon Crystal of Crafting), which can be obtained in dragon caves. In a time of Hayashi's adventures with his foster father, Rioureus took some Dragolith from his own cave, after what gave it to humans, who were practiced Blade Blacksmith. With properly preparations of needed materials (Dragolith, flesh of Dragon and a stable, powerful magic item), this unusual sword was brought to the world. After some time, Hayashi found this sword at the first living cave of Rioureus, taking it with him. The sword itself takes a form of a simple katana blade, with a dark blue hilt and quite unusual, vertical tsuba. When it comes to Dragon Blades' stuff, Sowilo is known as Dragon Fire Blade (狂火の聖竜剣(ドラゴン・ファイアー・ブレード), Doragon Faiā Burēdo lit. Sacred Dragon Sword of Mad Fire) ; it has several, common to all Dragon Blades, abilities. Firstly, the sword has limited ability to absorb elemental attacks. Besides this, the Dragon Blade's elemental power is naturally imbued within the dragon scales of the blade and when focused with the help of the Hayashi's magical power, it is capable of launching elemental blasts of various kinds, while these blasts are as powerful as a Slayer's Roar Spell. Above that, if the sword absorbs wielder's element, it can reserve it for some time in future, and then, the wielder will be able to consume it, as the element, which they haven't produced at all. Secondly, this blade is unnaturally sharp, that is able to cleave through anything, even magic blasts effortlessly. It is a result of the blade being reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonates at extremely high frequencies. As a result, this oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of anything it cuts, thereby increasing its cutting ability. Finally, it must be said, that this sword has another, last, unique ability among the other Dragon Blades, which is called Living Fire. Sowilō or Sæwelō is the reconstructed Proto-Germanic name of the S-rune, meaning "sun", which is the sixteenth rune of Elder Futhark.
    • Living Fire (燃絵流・精神生命(リビング・ファイヤー), Ribingu Faiyā lit. Burn-Drawn Flow: Spiritual Life): the most unique and primary channeled to its element ability of Dragon Fire Blade. This blade has some strange and very strong connection to fire and flame element while it gives several abilities. Hinting to its name, the abilities are revolved around any kind of fire manipulation. The first ability is a fire creation while the user holds the blade in their hand. With it, the user is able to cover his blade with flames, while enhance its strength and not harm the blade itself. The user is able to ignite the object while making fast swings with the sword too. The second ability is a redirection or/and cutting through the fire element with the sword. The user can redirect any fire current or simply cut it while stopping its assault. The third ability is a strange one - the flames itself, which was reserved some time ago, can even live on their own, helping their creator or user. The primary example is when Hayashi was frozen with Jason's ice, the unleashed flames from the blade were melting the ice shell around Hayashi.
    • Fang of Dragon: Coming soon...
  • Excaliburn (永久約束勝利の転輪黄金剣(エクスカリバーン), Ekusukaribān lit. Reborn Golden Sword of Forever Promised Victory): Excaliburn is a new and the second sword that Hayashi utilizes as his weapon, serving as the replacement of Sowilo. Excaliburn is his another Dragon Blade that may reveal Hayashi's true potential as the swordmaster within the Flame Dragon Slayer Magic. More coming soon...

Divine Tools (神器, Jinki): Divine Tools, also known as Magic Augmenting Armaments (魔増武, Mazōbu) are sentient weapons designed by Giselle Mercury which can only be crafted by special smiths, who infuse their own soul into it at the point of completion; any man or woman who wields a Divine Tool is known as a Musha (武者, Warrior) and will gain powers beyond belief. Divine Tools are superior to normal weapons in practically every aspect, ranging from damage to other additional abilities; they are designed for specialized chosen magicians—the basic function is to boost the power of spells exponentially. Hayashi is the wielder of the Fireseal.

  • Divine Tool #1, Fireseal (第一の神器・封炎剣, Daiichi no Jinki: Fūenken): Fireseal is the first to-be-in-list Divine Tool and the first of the four elemental-type DT. Naturally, Fireseal takes upon the form of a uniquely designed sword with a rectangular blade, the blunt part which seems to have an exhaust/engine-like device that spews forth flames. The hilt forms 4 prongs that act as a guard around the revolver's chamber-like mechanism in place of the usual basket hilt. The wielder controls this mechanism with their hands. Its most prominent ability lies in the revolver-like mechanism held within the hilt, which is colour coded with various temperatures of fire activating depending on the mode. When utilizing it, the user appears to insert some form of magazine or energy source, in this case, a transparent cube, into Fireseal before activating its flames; and by spinning the chamber around merely by thinking about it, the user generates white-blue flames from its aura that emerges, surrounded by electricity. These flames are highly powerful, overwhelming normal flames of the same quantity with general ease. Upon contact with normal beings, the flames suddenly become alive, so to speak, and latch onto them, sucking up their energy which allows the fire to intensify; and the user can shape the flames into numerous structures in order to attack. These flames are unable to be extinguished nor are they able to be taken control of by a secondary source; they move and burn according to the will of the user, and only another Divine Tool can possibly quell them. The aura of this weapon disintegrates everything and anything which the user waves the sword at, changing it into nothing more than ash, and engulfs the surrounding landscape in a blazing firestorm, the heat of which is intense enough to scorch the sky. Only powerful fighters can resist it, but even then only indirectly. Usually, the Fireseal is an ultimate trump card, which Hayashi uses when gets very serious or facing a very strong opponent. Additionally, before using the Fireseal, Hayashi uses Second Origin Activation. As a quite powerful weapon and very important trump card, Hayashi stores his new sword in his pocket dimension within Requip Magic.
    • Inherent Skill (武奥義(ンヒューレントスキル), Inhyūrento Sukiru lit. Armament Secret Art, shortened to IS ): Each Divine Tool gives the user the ability to perform an Inherent Skill, which is s a specialization of each device, ranging from passive abilities, e.g. Dricetor's shields, to purely combat applications, e.g. Gabunix's Aura. Although the IS may appear like a magical technique, it is not, as it cannot be learned or otherwise directly transferred to anyone but its owner because it is intricately tied to a particular device's creation. More often than not, the IS embodies a particular aspect of the Divine Tool or what they strive for.

Lacrima (魔水晶(ラクリマ), Rakurima lit. Magic Crystal): Lacrima is a Magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas. Lacrima can be powered up with different spells and used for different purposes. Lacrimas are relatively common equipment among the world of Magic. In particular, Fiore appears to be a Lacrima-based environment, utilizing several magical vehicles and weapons in order to compensate for their lack of other natural resources. Hayashi came even to this part of the different magical equipment, however, he doesn't use it in an offense manner. He makes a use of Chemical Lacrima, a special lacrima which is made for his own special uses.

  • Chemical Lacrima (化学強化魔水晶(ケミカル・ラクリマ), Kemikaru Rakurima lit. Chemistry Enhancement Magic Crystal): Chemical Lacrima is a special lacrima, which, as its name implies, concentrates on such thing as chemistry. Hayashi is not a scientist, however, he uses this lacrima in order to bring up the power of his Dragon Slayer Magic's enhancement, to be more concrete, his Blaze Mode. The Chemical Lacrima, which Hayashi uses, harnesses the power of the needed chemical elements for creating the explosion element for his usage. This Lacrima can be consumed, which allows the bluenette to use his Blaze Mode.

Magic and Abilities

Ways of Combat

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Hayashi is considered as a master when it comes to Hand-to-Hand combat and close-range combat at all. Hayashi began learning the ropes since his childhood, even when he wasn't under the wing of Rioureus; his development of unarmed combat went through big amount of time and training, like with his brother, who in his turn is a master of his own martial art, so with his fellow guildmates, who have knowledge over different fighting styles too. In short words, Hayashi developed a great level of fighting knowledge through the course of his life. Even without his dragon powers, i.e. his Dragon Slayer Magic, bluenette is capable of delivering strong punches and kicks to his enemies in a quick succession. Such treat is very well accompanied by the highly developed bodily features of Aririki, such as great strength, speed and reflexes, agility. For example, his strength allows Hayashi to break a wood with his knuckles with relative ease, leave some holes in stone walls, etc.; when combined with unarmed combat, it makes Hayashi a walking-deadly-fighting machine, a man, who able to not simply defeat, but indeed seriously harm and even kill an individual due to his abnormal strength. From that point, Aririki can face more than two or three opponents on an easy note while having an upper hand without receiving any damage, as he greatly combines his combat skills with his great physical development. The point of fighting with a crowd of different targets is somewhat like an entertainment trial, where Hayashi needs to try himself in hard conditions; thus, he is able to meet such obstacles with a smile on his face, eventually becoming the winner in the process. While using his signature Magic, Hayashi becomes even stronger, as he can boost his fists and feet with variable elements in order to deliver a barrage of physical attacks with greater force, than it was; with some spells bluenette can reach a state of propelling himself, which makes himself faster with a gain the opportunity to deliver jet-like powerful attacks. When utilizing his Magic with fighting style, Hayashi's fighting prowess becomes a brutal one. At some point, it was said, that Hayashi's combat experience allows him to be matched with the styles of other Dragon Slayers with least or even no problems at all. Hayashi doesn't require some strict way of fighting, because of what he can easily deal unpredictable attacks, which makes him quite dangerous to some extents. With all of these mentions, Hayashi becomes a real danger to anyone, who even risk to challenge him. Final additions to his initial fighting style are that after the learning of how his DSE can be used to its full power, the habits of air-related Dragon Slayer also remains in his style too; on this note, Hayashi is able to move very swiftly, save his own energy while his target is depleting it quite quickly, and be quite agile to the point of reaching different opening moments quite often. At last, it must be said, that when Hayashi progressed in the world travelling, he learned a unique style of fighting from his foster father, which eventually renown as Dragon Race Fist Style.

  • Dragon Race Fist Style (帝竜戦士修羅術(ドラゴン・レース・フィスト・スタイル), Doragon Rēsu Fisuto Sutairu): coming soon...

Master Swordsman Specialist: Hayashi is highly proficient with the swordsmanship, even though he has never had a proper training in the art of the sword before he created his own guild. Despite the fact, that primary he utilizes unarmed combat as his main style of fighting, Hayashi shows very impressive skills while wielding the sword; he has somewhat a natural aptitude for it. Initially, not wanting to be dependent on his main way of combat and moreover, from his main Magic, i.e. Slayer Magic due to it being directed to the close-range Hand-to-Hand Combat, he began to train himself with different weapons in his teenage years. Because of him considering the sword as the main weapon out of all known for him at that time, Hayashi hardly trained himself in order to proper wield the sword, copying his future movements and different kinds of swordplay from almost every swordsman he has ever met on his path; even now, he still continues to sharpen his skills almost every time he had free time for this. More than this, Hayashi often practiced with his brother, who can be considered as the Expert Swordsman, who actually gave the basic knowledge about swordsmanship to Hayashi. After the overall period of intensive training that lasted nine years in order to achieve such brilliant swordsman's capabilities, Hayashi became a truly master of the swords. He is able to demonstrate an incredible power, speed and skillset with his swordsmanship, that such skills as the bullet deflection, the decimating large objects or even cutting through a solid material such as metal or rock, is nothing but an easy task for him. In the battle, Aririki is able to fight several opponents with ease, even if he is alone, perfectly deflecting their attacks, counterattacking them and even holding his own strength back, simply to damage and defeat his enemies, but not kill them. With such mastery, Hayashi is able to have the upper hand in the battle for a long time, not concentrating on his enemies that much. His skills allow him to fight with a sword in his hands with little or even no effort, impressing his opponents and even sealing the fear in them because of how actually he fights with arms. With his knowledge and actual physical development, as well as the mastery in swords, Aririki is able to strike his opponents so precisely that he would strike them in their weak points or simply cut something that he exactly wanted to cut. As expected, Hayashi’s great prowess allows him to not simply deflect or parry his enemy – he easily can counter their attacks, use their own strength against them while not spending his own, and he is able to deflect not only normal projectiles like thrown stones, arrows, and bullets, but also blasts of magical origin, as for example, something similar to Magic Ball. His mastery and his aptitude allow him to wield more than one sword only, as he is skilled with different types of swords, not making a big accent on their shape, size, etc., simply utilizing a pair of swords in battle. Even though he seems to be a right-handed, he still proves that this is no problem for him at all, as his dual swords wielding is equal to his one sword wielding. More than that, he is not only able to utilize more than one sword, but his mastery allows him to use two or more identical swords, a famous daisho pair and even combine different swords, creating some truly exotic weapon combinations like having katana and zweihander in his hands. His mastery over the swords is indicated and demonstrated by different things, like swordplay, accuracy and simple power and speed criteria he managed to reach with it. For sure, Hayashi has a perfect swordplay, which developed to such extent, that someone named it as the madness-like miracle once. Yet, at this point his amazing prowess doesn't end; Hayashi has quite a sharp eye in battle, so he shows a high degree of accuracy with his weapons, as he is able to defend himself from other weapon users, who are not swordsmen actually – regardless of the enemy’s size, their weapon or combat styles, Hayashi’s swordplay and his swordsman skills are always kept in check with his own physical development, which allows him to act very fast, delivering quite strong attacks and stay on his own ground even with enemies much larger, comparing to him, and while they have a much bigger weapon of rather a different from the sword weapon, be it a hammer, axe, spear, etc. Just like with his Hand-to-Hand Combat, Hayashi has an unpredictable style as a swordsman because of him trained without the strict rules or some concrete style. Rather than that, as it was mentioned, Hayashi’s knowledge based on what he learned from his brother and the other swordsmen he saw, combining all of their movements, behaviors, and styles. Due to this, Hayashi’s style is the one that doesn't involve in stick-the-rules parts or some strict behavior as an art; from that, brunet also has some more advantage in battle situations with some strong enemies. At last, something that clearly indicates his mastery in the art of swords is that Hayashi owns such special blades as Dragon Blades and the first of Divine Tools, the infernal sword Fireseal. For such feats, Aririki eventually received several epithets as a sign of his capabilities with bladed weapons, as he is mostly recognized as the Dragon Warrior of Divine Blue Flames (神青火の竜武者, Shinseika no Ryūmusha).

Physical Development

  • Hayashi lifts up a Magic Vehicle, age thirteen
  • Hayashi easily destroys a magic vehicle with a kick, age fifteen
Great Physical Strength: as a common note for every Dragon Slayer, who undergone really harsh training with their Dragon parent, Hayashi proved, that he is a person of really high level of pure physical strength. As a trained fighter, he is able to utterly crush stone walls and other things of similar caliber with his bare hands, for example, smashing stone with only one punch or kick, creating different-sized holes in it as a result. The amount of his strength allows bluenette to crush rocks, easily break wood, leave dents or smash through metal-based objects, like metal armours, walls, etc. Another indicator of his developed power is that he can lift up things, which in their turn are much heavier, than Hayashi himself, with no efforts at all, additionally throwing it on long distances too, a feature which usually shocks most of Hayashi's opponents, aside those, who is aware of very strong magicians and can be considered as equal to Aririki. The strength, which Hayashi has, finds its place in fights too, as Hayashi primary relies on his physical attributes in battle, rather than magical. He can deliver quite powerful attacks, break different equipment of his enemies, throw his targets through several buildings like with blows, so with simple catch-hold maneuvers and throw techniques, and even repulse the fired objects from him to his enemies on some degree too.

Vast Speed and Reflexes: besides his incredible strength, the most prominent part of Hayashi's physical attributes are his greatly developed speed and reflexes. These two physical categories are maintained at a so high level, that in terms of battle situation, the enemies which are faced by Hayashi, notice his great speed firstly, out of his other physical achievements. An almost dozen of his really strong rivals and opponents in one voice said, that highly developed speed is the best thing of black-haired out of his strength, agility and even tremendous bodily's traits. The attributes of speed and reflexes grant him the opportunity to fight more than one opponent with ease, making him not even being bothered by means of how many targets he will confront now, just because he will escape from their attacks on a fast note. The speed allows black-haired to easily chase his opponents, rushing to them in mere seconds, after what he would send them a quite fast attack. His attacks are always fast and because of this, Aririki is always enabled to acquaint an unlucky fighter with a barrage of fists' blows and legs' kicks, in order to end the fight quickly. His fighting style maintains the affinity for speed-type confrontations, where the speed of the participants is the main way of achieving the victory.

Monstrous-like Developed Body: in short terms, Hayashi's another strongest trait within his other physical qualities is his... development of body in a physical way. Above his greatly notable speed, he has another strongest point of his own, that's his body indeed. Within his training, hard life situations and changed physiology by means of Dragon Slayer Magic, Hayashi can be proud because of his feats. Because of this, he simply can be called as monster, as usual, people, even who train themselves in different conditions, not always can reach such level of body's development.

  • Immense Endurance and Durability: Hayashi's endurance is first noted trait of the body, which easily can rival or even surpass his speed attribute if they would be compared to each other. Hayashi is very enduring even for Dragon Slayers category, to the point that he is able to fight within long periods of time. Without some special circumstances, he is able to be on guard and do many big activities for the full day (24 hours in other words), and afterwards not require any rest or sleep at all. He is capable of fighting with several opponents at the same time for around three hours on easy terms or taking a horde of simple, not strong enemies within a long time and feel only slight tiredness within his damage, which also would be slight. Even if he does drain all of his unnormal great magical reserves, would use some of his Secret Arts and similar things, he in any way will be able to continue his battle. His endurance can be (and indeed) back-up by his durability, which in overall allow him to maintain the position of a highly powerful warrior and somewhat tank-type fighter, a person, who will rush in the center of the battle and still stay strong enough to counter countless waves of opponents. Quite immense durability is an additional trait to his endurance; Hayashi also is very durable Dragon Slayer. When people should talk about survival situations, they can easily remind Aririki of being quite an unstoppable person. He can survive even with huge wounds of different categories, that would make a normal human get unconscious and/or be in critical state. Moreover, Hayashi can withstand times and damage, with which normal humans can die. His muscles and especially bones are very developed, highly firm and tough, which allows him to receive less damage than others will possibly have. He can be thrown into several buildings at high speed, but receive only a small amount of damage or not receive it at all. Truth to be told, that through the course of his life, Hayashi never had any bones be broken in his body, ending up only with having scars and healed wounds. Hayashi even can stand up after being highly damaged from powerful magic attacks from his opponent(s) and continue to fight. He can withstand very powerful blows from his enemies without big damage while the same attack will cause moderate injuries to normal human and lead to their loss. In overall, such traits easily makes Hayashi to be called a monster or having the rumors being called a demon, which also contrasts the link with his Dragon parent, who was renown as Demon Dragon, thus, considering Hayashi as his true descendant or even reincarnation.
  • Enhanced Healing Factor: a result of Dragon Lacrima's shattering in Hayashi's body and tasting some portion of Dragon parent's blood, now he has a great healing factor. In fiction and different tales, which people write, healing factor is renown as the ability to recover from bodily injuries or disease at a superhuman rate. In other means, if a person will receive any damage, for example, simple cutting, their body tissues will be healed much faster, shorting the initial time from day to minutes or even seconds. Hayashi, after several events in his life, gained enhanced healing factor. From that, he is able to regenerate from wounds and different-scaled damage in terms of high-speed, than normal people enable. His healing factor's work primary depends on the level of damage his body receives and, what is really impressive and strange at the same time, his direct use of the Dragon Slayer Magic. As Hayashi stated himself, his regenerative abilities heal any scratches and hematomas almost in an instant, light cuts and injuries can be healed within minutes, finally moderate damage and grievous wounds can be easy withstood and healed within several days, while normal human would regenerate their body for several weeks if they will have injuries of the same type. On the other hand, his enhanced regeneration isn't god-like ability. Aririki once said, that his degree of healing factor can be surpassed easily. Hayashi considers, that if his body will receive huge damage and highly dangerous wounds than his healing factor won't help him at the same rate as if he had simple, non-serious cut. Also, he states, that even if his internal organs can be healed, they heal at a slower pace, than externally damaged parts of the body, so it means, that if Aririki will have damaged internal organs, he will have quite a hard time. Also, should(not) be noted, that decapitation is a surely way to kill Hayashi, utterly owning his healing factor; also his regenerative abilities does not affect his growing process or aging. But, on usual terms, his healing factor greatly affects his physical condition, allowing him to do more things than he initially could/would do.

Enhanced Senses: because of changed physiology, which Dragon Slayers possess because of their Magic, their physical senses are highly augmented. From that, Hayashi's senses are on a far bigger level, than other have. The augmentation Dragon Slayers have can make them being compared to animal-like creatures, which is a half-truth, though. In Hayashi's case, some of his senses also were empowered from the influence of his training with DSE of Wind Nature. On the other side, enhanced senses can also serve as double-edged sword, being a tool of distracting (for further information, see below).

  • Enhanced Hearing: Hayashi has a quite developed hearing ability. His hearing grants him the opportunity to hear different discussions on middle distances, even when other sounds are disrupting the whole process. He can hear different sounds with amazing clarity, distance, and for some cases, if he gives enough efforts, he can hear things outside of his normal range, reaching levels of infra- and ultrasounds, which both are examples of non-normal sound frequency. Aririki, in his turn, is able to sometimes replicate "ultrasound hearing", when he, like animals, is able to hear ultrasounds, which are above the normal range of human's hearing. Such feat gives the notable edge for being a hunter, so at some cases, black-haired can be quite good at things, which requires an exceptionally good hearing. On the other side, his hearing can be a weapon not only for him but for others too. If Hayashi will hear quite loud and noisy sounds, soon he will be affected by them, even falling in pain from sound stunning. As a person, who can "switch on" his ultrasound detector, as he can become a hunter-esque person, he easily can attain headaches and ultrasound attacks, which will affect him more, than others.
  • Enhanced Smell: a usual trait for Dragon Slayers, they possess a very keen sense of smell. With his nose, Hayashi can feel a variety of different scents, which allows him to maintain different capabilities, which are highly connected to smell category. The primal capability is that Hayashi is able to smell the specific odor and find its origin. For example, Hayashi is good at tracking different persons, even at hard conditions, such as changes caused by weather (heavy rains, strong wind currents), time situations (if the odor was left a long time ago), etc. His enhanced smell allows him to chase his target for kilometers without hard efforts, even if he is rounded by other scents. His ability of feeling different scents reach a so high level, that Aririki is able to feel if his target is lying him or no because he can feel even the slightest changes within their hormones activity at conversation. Also, but not quite good as tracking or lie detection, Hayashi can consider person's condition, such as sickness or affection from alcohol or drugs, to some degree. The feeling of smell can be used against Aririki too. If he will feel bad scent, he will simply be disrupted by it and will lose his concentration. Not to mention it, if he will be surrounded by many-many scents of different quality, he will be feeling himself quite distracting and won't know, for which scent he must follow.
  • Enhanced Taste: as addition to enhanced smell, Hayashi also has enhanced taste to some degree. He is able to feel different things by tasting them; for example, he can detect, if his food is poisoned or not, quite tasty or disgusting just with one try of his dish, if food is rich in salt or pepper. In his times, he served as problem detector for Shikumo and Raphael, when it came to food questions, as both of Hayashi's friends don't have any poison protection, as he does.
  • Enhanced Touch: a quite rare feature, but still accessible, Hayashi has enhanced touch. With his skin, he is able to feel every specific trait of material or things he touches. Moreover, augmented by means of Wind Dragon's nature, he can feel incoming by air currents or vibrations in the surroundings. He can feel any move or action of other people when they are hidden if Dragon Slayer is concentrated on their tracking; from this, he is able to track any surrounding change, such as cracks in rocks and woods, which are on natural terms invisible to naked eye.
  • Enhanced Sight: Hayashi's first attribute of his senses, is his sight. He has a quite sharp sight, even if he wears glasses in some situations through the course of the story. He is able to catch his eye on objects from long distances, see them with impressive clarity, i.e. in details. He is quite good in finding out the proper colour of thing, if he knows the exact colour, can detect different changes within the light, etc. He is even able to see things very good at nighttime on the same level as at daytime, presumably because of his changed pupil. However, his power can be used against him, as he can be easily blinded by big amount of light, or for example, flashbangs.

Several Draconic Physiology: as a trait, which is unique only to him, Hayashi is a non-normal Dragon Slayer in terms of elemental affinity. Through the course of his adventures, he survived through many things of different caliber, so now he can be proud for that he has several draconic physiology, which is granted to him from his Magic and not only. He simply can be considered as the "Hybrid Theory" maintainer, the phenomenon, which is highly covered through the whole continent of Ishgar, if not even farther territories.

  • Fire-based Immunity: Hayashi is a Flame Dragon Slayer, because of what he has a complete resistance to the element of fire and flames, something specific to him and Flame Dragon Slayers only. His resistance to the element can rival the immunity feature of other Mages to some degree. Hayashi can resist the most types of fire and flames, maybe with the exception of God and Devil Slayer's one, as they are of higher tier; he can withstand great falls in temperature, feeling normal in a sultry and boiling hot environment. In short, scorching sun isn't a problem to him at all. Because of further temperature condition of him as Flame Dragon Slayer, he feels pretty good in cold environment too.
  • Cold-based Resistance: as an additional trait from previous one, Hayashi is also unaffected by the cold-based thermal environment, cold water and ice elements at all, if they are caused by the casual Mages or the nature itself. If a situation is caused by cold-related Dragon Slayers, then Hayashi can have damage from them, as from opposite element of his own nature, yet at the same time not so big, as it is usually considered.
  • Poison-based Immunity: as a former Toxic Fire Dragon Slayer, the one who had Poison Dragon Lacrima implanted in his body, Hayashi attained a complete resistance and almost an immunity to the most types of poison and poison-related dangerous substances. As a former Dual-Elemental Dragon Slayer of Third Generation caliber, Hayashi was able to attain resistance from the totally new elements that are the result of mixing the fire and the poison - Toxiter (死液焔の要素(トクサイター), Tokusaitā lit. The Element of Dead-Liquid Blaze) and Aflamenom (雑種の要素・火と毒の合成(エフレーメノム), Efurēmenomu lit. Elemental Hybrid: Synthesis of Fire and Poison), substances that Aririki was able to manipulate and generate on his own; these matters are known to be quite dangerous, being more hazardous than fire and poison on their own, at the same time with the increased properties of both. From that, Hayashi is more than enough resistant to high-level poisons, maybe with the exception of God and Devil Slayer's one. After his lacrima's loss, the body of Flame Dragon Slayer attained even more resistance, which Hayashi couldn't explain by himself or would explain later within the course of his history. With this, Hayashi is invulnerable to the poisons of almost any kind, like paralysing or killing, etc., as well as to the Poison Dragon Slayer Magic too: while he would receive only physical damage from Poison Dragon Slayer, he won't receive any damage from their poison at all, if they wouldn't find any way to damage him with it, of course. While Hayashi can not replenish his powers with poison as he could seemingly because he is Poison Dragon Slayer no more, yet he is able of absorbing the poison without any harm to his body, for instance, inhaling poisonous gases without damaging his lungs, etc. The final note is that even his blood is still full of specially created anti-toxic cells, which are in possession of Poison Dragon Slayers; from that he is able to save other people from Dragon Slayer's poison without any problems.
  • Lightning-based Resistance: after receiving his new Dual-Element Dragon Mode, Hayashi was able to gain the resistance for a lightning element. More specifically, Hayashi was able to withstand, consume and even use the storm element from a real Dragon; the wind element of the storm later destroyed his Poison Dragon lacrima, while the storm's lightning element switched its place with the poison, respectively. After such process, Hayashi now is able to not fear almost any lightning threat, as his body will simply nullify its effects; moreover, he is able to consume lightning element in order to replenish his own powers and enter his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode after that, however after every lightning consuming, he will immediatуly enter his Dual-Elemental Dragon Mode. Also, it makes him a quite real problem for Lightning Dragon Slayers too, because he can consume their actual element and recover himself from it.

Assorted Skills

Keen Intellect and Exceptional Creativity: second most prominent attribute, being the most astonishing as his speed, reflexes, endurance and durability, is Hayashi's intelligence. Developed through the course of his whole life, Hayashi can be counted as the smart one guy, who shows a considerable amount of intelligence. He is seen to be more intelligent, than other people he met so far, only be found equal or surpassed by individuals like his brother, Ace, etc. Hayashi is able to use his brain somewhat efficiently for the needed times. Hayashi is the one, who have vast knowledge about many things in the world, he is very interested in Magical World development and how the real world itself is created, so he either can help or simply teach somebody with what he knows. He can do quite a big amount of calculations and find a way or method in order to solve faced problems. For example, his creativity allows him to even make a use of his troubles to his aid, against his enemies. Such feat is very incredible, as, for entire childhood and pre-timeskip Saga, Aririki wasn't the smart one. But, as he was able to overcome this weakness, now he can do much more feats than he was able. With the timeskip training, Hayashi managed to reach the new level of intelligence capabilities, as now he can create effective tactics to challenge and defeat his opponents. Hayashi is also renowned as a person with a lot of ideas, creating new ones in a big variety; such thinking of his spreads on different inventions, work of opponent's powers, etc. When combating Hayashi can use this method to catch his opponent off guard by creating their own spells with his element, as he did several times in battle with Abbadon Bernadotte, who was surprised to such inventions of bluenette in a heat of the battle. Hayashi was able to re-think the use of his old dual-elemental spells, which resulted in a new way of using them with the only flame element and with their true potential and capabilities, thus he also created other styles of his flame's utilization because of his own understanding of his magic. With all of that, Hayashi can become a really dangerous warrior and fighter to everyone, but he isn't brainiac or something like that - he isn't able to outsmart person with much more experience, than his own, far greater genius of their own, people with absolute intelligence, etc.

Advanced Growth Rate: the final physical trait, which Hayashi managed to discover under the influence of his life, the attribute which helps Hayashi for all of his time, is known to be his advanced growth rate. Within all of his abilities, Hayashi eventually realised, that the strongest point of his own was the growth rate with which he is able to learn different things, considering physical and magical basis; this helps him to overcome his weak intelligence and thinking, develop his physical body and ways of fighting in quite shorter terms, than it would take for others. Hayashi is able to learn much faster and thus, becoming much stronger within shorter periods of times than others. With every battle he faces, Aririki in any way receives some experience, which in a further way, develops his body and capabilities, which was eventually stated by Tempessaria and other people. Such advanced growth rate allows him to adapt different situations and gives him enough basis to find a way of utilization his new powers and upgrading his old.

Magical Development

  • Hayashi displays his condensed Magical Aura, covering not only himself, but his weapon too
  • Vast Magical Power is released and affected to the rage of bluenette at once...
  • is being under his will and full control.
Immense Magic Power: in order to utilize Magic, a Mage must use their Magic Power (魔力, Maryoku). Magic Power is the source of Power for all Mages, it is composed of Ethernano (魔子(エーテルナノ), Ēterunano lit. Magic Particles), which is the term coined to name particles of Magic. Eternano dwells inside all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere. Nobody knows when Magic began, or how Eternano originated. Eternano is the source of Magic Power for all Mages; every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power. If the case becomes empty, Eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. Eternano has near-zero rest mass - though like any particle, its mass increases to reflect its potential or kinetic energy - and can carry either a positive or negative charge. In order to cast spells, a magician derives the power necessary from two sources: their own body's Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), and the atmosphere. A Magic Origin is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power which the user can project through the by Magic Seals (魔法陣, Mahōjin) that form when casting- the Magic Seals are a visible manifestation of eternano being collected by a mage when casting a spell. Every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. It appears that the concept of using a proportion to the user's Magic Origin or the atmosphere is dependent entirely upon the magic used in question. By collecting eternano and subsequently imbuing it with a certain 'command' through either an incantation, hand gesture or a simple spell name, allow it to then mysteriously take upon a characteristic unique to that spell. Interestingly, some magicians, if they are descended from unique families, have shown that they are capable of replenishing their eternano faster thanks to unique traits. As Dragon Slayer and simply not an ordinary young man, Hayashi has not simply great reserves of Magic Power. As he had not usual situations in his life, he granted several upgrades of his Magic Powers and he even trained himself within the rightful usage of his magical forces. Initially, Hayashi indeed had already vast Magic Power. Since his growth, he attained quite a great boost of his vast powers by consuming dragon blood, moreover, the blood of his dragon parent, who was greatly connected to Aririki. Then, black-haired faced another Dragon Slayer of the Third Generation, just like he was, and after their fight, Hayashi's dragon's lacrima was broken. Even if the process was caused the time before that, a fight was the last event, which caused the lacrima's shattering. Without a concrete form, the power which was contained in was redirected into Hayashi's magical powers. As a result of both of such changes, even if Hayashi lost his additional dragon-slaying powers, Hayashi gained some new magical features, as it made his reserves even greater, than before. For now, Hayashi is able to use most of his spells, both basic and advanced with ease and no tire, while he can use most of his powerful spells and modes several times in row without serious tiredness and exhaustion. Even after used his Dragon Slayers Secret Arts one after another, he will stand fully by means of magical potential prior to his current battle or situation, and without drastical and serious magical loss. Hayashi can use and withstand his Dual Element Dragon Mode with less troubles, than it potentially could be for others: middle tiredness and not drastical exhaustion are the only post-effects of mode's usage, which also completed with other drawbacks, not linked to Magical base of black-haired. After his harsh training on the Mochina Island, the initial control over Hayashi's capabilities became much better, as now he is able to connect his flames to his weapons, and use it without any problems. Any weak magic attack, which he can show, becomes much stronger and destructive at his own desire and will.
  • Second Origin Activation (二原解放, Nigen Kaihō): recent studies have identified another, unused, part of a magician's Magic container that contains a large amount of dormant power: the Second Origin (二番魔原(セカンド・オリジン), Sekando Orijin lit. Second Level Magic Origin). If a magician somehow manages to unlock their Second Origin, they will then receive an enormous boost in Magic Power, or they can wait until the right moment to unleash the Magic Power of their Second Origin in order to gain an advantage in the battle. Second Origin Activation is a spell exclusively mastered by those mages who possess the control and power to summon their Second Origin without it passively inducing its effects. The rumored Second Origin is, in fact, wrongly named. When considering the nature of the Magic Origin, the Second Origin and its activation is simply unlocking the full extent of one's Magic Origin and power. There are a number of ways one can go about unlocking it: it can be a natural process that takes a considerable number of ways, a sudden surge of willpower during a situation of crisis or accelerating the process through magic such as the Arc of Time. However, all of these cause the passive effects of unlocking one's Second Origin to be visible. In the case of Dragon Slayers, it appears to dramatically improve one's physical prowess, but also the intensity of their magical power. However, in the case of standard mages, it vastly increases the quantity of magic they may use in any given situation for a brief period of time, giving them access to magic and equipment that can potentially rewrite the laws of magic itself, though the claim itself is debatable. In order to unlock one's Second Origin without inducing its passive effects all the time, one must firstly impose a sealing condition onto the said portion of the Magic Origin. Due to magical energy being so closely aligned with one's willpower and conviction, this is done so through a unique method: the Pact (盟約, Meiyaku). The Pact, in this case, is one that the user makes upon reaching the full level of potential within one's Magic Origin, which in itself takes a considerable amount of time, or emotional upheaval, to achieve. When doing so, the Pact automatically causes this portion of one's magical power to be sealed in a series of magical seals that can only be unlocked with the fulfillment of the Pact; in the case of Erza Scarlet, it appeared to be when the life of herself and her friends was in mortal danger, which enabled her to wield the fabled Nakagami Armor. However, due to the strain of the sudden outpour of magical energy within the body, this state causes one to be heavily drained following its immediate use, despite causing a notable increase in the capacity of one's magical power. However, considering that the sudden outburst of magical power within one's body is caused due to the extreme sealing caused by the Pact, one is since unable to recreate the same seal due to the strictness of the requirements. As a result, the portion of magical power sealed is then assimilated to the natural reservoir of magical energy they can access within themselves. While this causes a considerable increase in their base capabilities, given that they can induce the passive effects of the Second Origin "state", they are since incapable of such a large outburst of magical energy through natural means. Hayashi learned this spell and how to properly use it after he was mentored by Tempessaria. For him, Second Origin Activation is a special mean of increasing his own magical prowess, which he utilizes as the mean of surviving mortal dangers, when he is totally sure, that he will not only lose the battle but die. As he has immense, reaching enormous, Magic Power, he also learned several magical abilities, which can consume so much magical power, that even Hayashi will witness great magic exhaustion to the point of being near unconscious state. When activating it, Hayashi's manipulation over Eternano and his Magic Power increases in several times, while his Magic Power becomes at the level of being near inexhaustible. As the only fair and known way of utilizing it on full, lies in making special Pact, Hayashi decided to use his SOA as a tool for increasing his overall performance within several seals; these seals works on separate note, so far the only known to be is "being cornered to the very lose in his battle", when Hayashi acknowledges his state with powerful and stronger than him opponent, and the second one "being at situation of mortal danger, when his or his friend's life are targeted for sure". Another feat of being utilized is the seal of "the decision of using the Fireseal in battle", which also allows Hayashi to again unlock and use his full power. For that, Second Origin Activation is a last resort trump card, which can lead him to state, when he can bring chaos and destruction to everything with ease.
  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki): a Magical Aura is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mages of varying potency and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts, which will be outlined in the following sections. Hayashi has a special case even with such thing as Magical Aura, as he went through a big amount of changes within his Magic Origin and Magic Power. Because of this, even before his magical upgrades on the Mochina Island and with Tempessaria, Hayashi could unleash a great magical aura, an ability, which is demonstrated solely by S-Class mages or above in potency, i.e. S-Class Aura (大力の魔霊気, Dairyoku no Mareiki lit. Magical Aura of Great Power). However, after his vast reserves were increased and his lacrima was shattered, Hayashi's Magical Aura changed its property with the growth of his Magic Power. For now, he is able to unleash Monster Aura (未力の魔霊気, Miryoku no Mareiki lit. Magical Aura of Outstanding Power), as it is classified, is the strongest classification of aura to date. Only extremely powerful mages are capable of this aura, and are generally Guild Aces, if not masters; in some cases, as it happened with Aririki, the individual can be not Guild Ace or even S-class Mage because of reasons. Usually, this is a feature of individuals with tremendous levels of magical power. Upon release, the magic almost consumes the user in their color, leaving nothing but a phantom-like apparition to remain. It should also be noted that the aura is far wider, and is generally uncontrolled by the individual. However, "Monster" auras aren't limited to intimidation, and can be used for the preparation of a spell. It is also worth noting that the pressure exhibited from such an aura can form a large column of energy, leaving the pressure enough to visibly cause strain on individuals even from a considerable distance away from the exertion of the aura, indicating at the sheer level of power within this aura. It also should be noted, that now, his Aura became pure, as previously Dragon Slayer had two different sources for his Magical Aura to be exerted, moreover, he could unite them too; at the same time, as he is only Flame Dragon Slayer, Hayashi has clear and pure Magical Aura, which is noted to be even more powerful, than he had before. He, after mastering this Magic Skill, is able to make a use of both S-Class and Monster Auras, depending on the situation, not to mention that the process of unleashing highly-condensed Standart Aura is nothing for him. In common sense, Magical Aura surrounds the user in a pressure of their magic with a specific colour, which represents their personality best; in Hayashi's case, his aura is light-blue in colour, when it comes to standard means, simply blue when it is released as S-class Aura, and finally, becomes deep blue, when exerted as Monster Aura. Also, due to the nature of his magical abilities, the aura often appears in some flame-glowing flows, which appear over Aririki's body and while he is enraged or releasing his magical aura to much, it can be even seen as the dragon behind him (for further look below).
    • Magical Embodiment (魔法の実施形態, Mahō no Jisshi Keitai): somewhat of a sub-skill of Magical Aura, Magical Embodiment allows the user to shape their raw magical energy into an image which can be projected at an opponent or ally for a number of different effects. First the user must release their raw Magical Aura into the atmosphere around them. Then, by manipulating the aura around them they can project an image. The shape, size, and potency of the image directly reflect two things: the user's emotions and the vastness of their Eternano reserves. Depending on how purely the user is projecting the emotion they're feeling, the image could be of nearly equal intensity to a master magician's. If a user was filled with unbridled rage and resentment toward their opponent, their image would reflect those emotions and appear much more fierce than it normally would otherwise. But Magical Embodiment isn't just affected by negative emotions. If the user is feeling especially happy and at peace they can project an image that will have a calming effect on those around them as well. The other dependent factor of Magical Embodiment, the user's reserves of magical energy, has a somewhat different effect. The more energy the user possesses, the better they are at consciously manipulating their image for the desired effect while people who rely purely on their emotions typically manipulate their image subconsciously. However, having vast reserves of Eternano can get an image equivalent to someone with especially strong and pure emotions. People who rely on their magical reserves can usually maintain their image for longer periods of time. In the case of Hayashi, he can create an embodiment of several things because of his magic origin. The first one, and the main thing which he utilizes is the flame embodiment, which is used in order to frighten his opponents with flaming and hot surroundings; the second one, much uncontrollable for now, is the Dragon image, which appears every time Hayashi is enraged or utilizing much of his powers. Also, the Dragon image appears, if he makes use of his special power-up states from his respective magic.

Dragon Slayer Magic

Flame Dragon Slayer Magic

Flame Dragon Slayer Magic (炎の滅竜魔法, Honō no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster-Lost Magic, type of Dragon Slayer Magic, which utilizes the element of fire. This magic allows its users to transform their physical bodies into a Flame Dragon's, granting them various characteristics, that are typical for them. Flame Dragon Slayers are able to produce and control the fire from any part of their body, which can be used in melee combat or for other purposes. Flame incorporated in this type of Magic is different from a standard Fire Magic, because of incredibly burning ability - the temperature of this flame gives the ability to easily melt iron, burn off poison and even some light stigmas; depending on the user or maybe the Dragon, which was the mentor of Dragon Slayer, the colour of the flames, which shows Flame Dragon Slayer can be different too. Flame Dragon Slayers possess great resistance for their element, can consume it in order to regain their full health and strength; their bodies are adapted to scorching temperatures, and they have a higher body temperature than others, which allows them to withstand the cold environment without troubles. The bodies of Flame Dragon Slayers are adapted for absorbing such chemical elements as hydrogen and oxygen, they have a much bigger quantity of phosphorus element within their body too, which can be used for their benefit.

The generated flames can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, their "type" can be changed at the will of the Dragon Slayer, and they can even be given a material consistency. Such fire seems to have a "blunt" effect to it, seemingly causing bludgeoning damage alongside burning. Flames produced by this type of Magic provide much more heat than standard flames. The user's flame is directly connected to their feelings, meaning the more emotional they get, the warmer their flame will become; this effect is referred to as "Flames of Emotion" and seems to be a common trait for Dragon Slayers of fire and flame elements. Flame Dragon Slayer are able to increase their initial performance with several ways, the main is known as utilization of Blaze Mode, a specific mode, when their general element (flames) is evolved in enhanced element, within the modification process of flames and some chemical elements fusion.

Hayashi can be proud of his mastery of his main magic. Developing his magic since the very childhood and even being a former user of Dual Elemental Dragon Slayer Magic, which involves the fire element too, Hayashi has a great mastery over his first ever (for now) magic, using it for different purposes and in quite different ways, not only in battle situations. He has a wise knowledge of his version of Dragon Slayer Magic, trying to be better each time when he acquires the opportunity to become stronger. Hayashi easily can change the density and temperature of his flames, he easily burns off such things as poison and dense light, not to mention, that iron and ice aren't actual problems to his persona. Even though Hayashi is still can be overpowered and rivaled by water- and ice-type Dragon Slayers, he will give them great competition, as he still is able to vapour water and melt ice. He can use some strong flame spells or make a very good, striking combinations of his weak spells to ultimately defeat his opponent. Now, as he uses only the flame element, he uses both old and new spells of his Dragon Slayer Magic in order to augment his overall strength and performance. As his flames don't possess the poisoning attribute anymore, he makes some new usage of his old spells, revealing their true potential. The colour of his flames is blue, and Hayashi is the one, who was able to attain a high control over his version of Blaze Mode, gaining one of its styles, particularly, Blasting Gear.

Basic Spells
  • Flame Dragon's Roar (炎竜の咆哮, Enryū no Hōkō): Flame Dragon's Roar is the most basic spell, a fire element's variation of breath attack, which every Dragon Slayer has in their arsenal. Firstly, Hayashi makes an inhale, gathering the flames in his mouth. As next step for spell's initiation, he releases the fire in the direction of his target, creating a large fireball, which in its turn delivers great burnings to the target and to the surroundings. This breathing attack can be used in various ways; the first known is what was said before, the great fireball. However, the second way of spell's utilization is delivering a great fire vortex, which is shot in line-like motion, in order to enlarge the initial range of the Roar. The main point is that the strength of the Roar can be augmented by various methods, even lungs enhancement can influence it. When used on its full power, it can be a very destructive spell and even if it is a basic spell for all Dragon Slayers, it is rather very useful spell.
  • Hayashi Increased Speed

    Hayashi greatly accelerates his speed via Flame Dragon's Claw spell

    Flame Dragon's Physique (炎竜の体部分, Enryū no Tai Bubun lit. Flame Dragon's Body Parts): Flame Dragon's Physique is not a spell, but rather set of different spells, which all are based on parts of dragon's body. Having the sense in their names, these spells need the usage of user's parts of body to be involved, replicating the dragon physique afterwards.
    • Flame Dragon's Claw (炎竜の鉤爪, Enryū no Kagizume): the first known spell from Flame Dragon's Physique set. Hayashi ignites his feet with a very large flame, in order to increase the power of his kicks. Not only that, but black-haired can utilize the flames on his feet not only with simple physical attacks; he rather is able to attack his target with a flame line released from the leg, if target stands some far from the Dragon Slayer. As an addition to its enhancement functions, Hayashi also can use the strong ensuing flames from his feet as means of jet-propelling, which allows him to somewhat replicate the flight ability, thus, Aririki is able to jet-propel his body in any direction he wishes and with great speed. It should be noted, that while the user is affected by strong emotions, the Flames of Emotion increases the potential of initial speed and heat from flames, which allows reaching even higher destinations, than before.
    • Flame Dragon's Iron Fist (炎竜の鉄拳, Enryū no Tekken): the second spell from Flame Dragon's Physique set. This is an effective melee-type spell, which often can be considered as a main melee attack of Fire Dragon Slayers while someone uses it as their signature spell. Hayashi engulfs his fist in flames and then punches his opponent. Despite being very simple action, this spell causes heavy blunt damage with additional burnings. The power of this spell is so high that Aririki can even send his target flying with a simple strike. The degree of destruction, which can be delivered with Iron Fist, is very high; Hayashi can destroy not only big things but defenses with several protective layers, great walls made of hard and durable material, etc. Such attack can seemingly be performed with both hands at once too, doubling the initial effects. Like a Claw Spell, Hayashi can use the Fist Spell as a jet-propel too, but he cannot fly with it, rather reaching a very fast running, when he uses his hands as a kind of booster. Alternatively, Hayashi can utilize his Iron Fist in a more ranged version. After engulfing his fist in flames, he launches them in a form of a torrent that flies at high speed at his target. When utilized in that way, the attack is so strong that Hayashi is able to plow through several great constructs in one shot with ease, not to mention what a moderate damage with it can be delivered to a human's body. However, even having its own benefits in terms of range and power, Flame Dragon’s Iron Fist can be either completely neutralized, while utilized in free form. Hayashi is also able to unleash this spell with bare hands, rather than with fist as a mandatory part of the spell; he can somewhat increase the potency of the spell too, with concentrating it in his hands. As a result of being used with hand, rather than the fist, Hayashi can swipe his hands, releasing his flames in enormous quantity, as well as covering his target(s) with his flame like with a cloud. While the fire element covers Aririki's target, it causes a great burning damage to them and are around them in any way, making it very useful and powerful spell indeed.
    • Flame Dragon's Wing Attack (炎竜の翼撃, Enryū no Yokugeki): the third spell from Flame Dragon's Physique set. Hayashi either takes hold of his opponent or just simply ignites his whole arms on fire. In a way of the wings of a dragon, he then uses his flames as means of additional support for throwing his opponent far away, while granting them with burning too. This spell is quite useful, as black-haired is able to not only attack his targets with throwing or flames, but he can create two flame whip-like constructs with his aflamed arms, which will additionally enlarge the initial radius of his attack. Despite being the Wing-like spell, the user seems to be not able to fly with it.
    • Flame Dragon's Flaming Elbow (炎竜の炎肘, Enryū no Enchū): the fourth spell from Flame Dragon's Physique set. Hayashi ignites the tip of his elbow, and then covers his elbow and the closest to the elbow parts of his arm with flames fully. After this, he uses such mix of magic and physique in order to strengthen his initial strength of fist, and to rocket the opponent high in the air with an even simple punch or strike. This spell in overall can be used as useful melee-type attack, when Hayashi hits his opponent(s) with an elbow on fire, combining the blunt and burning damage.
    • Flame Dragon's Crushing Fang (炎竜の砕牙, Enryū no Saiga): the fifth and the last spell from Flame Dragon's Physique set. Hayashi engulfs his hand with a large flame. Then, with having his hands covered in flames, he gouges them into his target and quickly swipes them away from his sight in a manner of scratching attack, even if actual scratches don't occur. Such unusual spell is indeed useful, as Hayashi can use it with both hands at the same time, and in conjunction with other spells or physical attacks. As an addition to initial strike in a physical manner, Hayashi can create vortexes with it, in order to cover himself in a torrent of flames for different purposes or as the performance of other spells. For example, Hayashi may make the same moves as with casting his initial Crushing Fang Spell, but on this time, he will shoot a stream of flames from his fingers or the palm in some cases, with which he cannot only attack his targets, but also stopping them from future coming to his or someone's persona. In this way, he can use this spell as a disguise, creating so many flames, that it will simply cover him from everybody's glance at all.
  • Flame Dragon's Striking Barrage (炎竜の攻撃連打, Enryū no Kōgeki Renda): Flame Dragon's Striking Barrage is a union of different spells, which Hayashi uses as his finale attack, the ultimate combination with which he fully stops and destroys his target, being it an opponent or thing or even monster creature. Usually, Hayashi acts under several schemes in order to initiate his Striking Barrage. The first scheme is when Hayashi engulfs his parts of the body with flames, after what, he makes a use of his Iron Fist, Claw and Elbow Spells in conjunction as his first line of attack. After these strong physical-directed strikes, Hayashi makes a spin of his enemy or target with additional Claw Spell, sending them flying in the air. While the target is not on the surface, Hayashi flies to them, then he uses either Wind Attack or Crushing Fang Spell in order to further send his target in a fly with additional damage. Finally, he releases Brilliant Flame Spell, which is the final move of his combination union. Either this, Hayashi also can use other spells of his own in combination and name it as Striking Barrage. The sure thing, that Striking Barrage is just a common name for any spell combination of Aririki, which he utilizes depending on things like the state of his battle, his and his target's health state, etc.
  • Flame Dragon's Blade Horn (炎竜の刃角, Enryū no Hakaku): another effective melee spell. Hayashi ignites his entire body in order to ram into his target(s) at full speed, after what launch them high into the air with his large horn-like fire attack. Aside burning property, this attack more relies on the physical performance of the user, as it causes more physical damage to the opponent with the initial physical development of Mage and gained inertia.
  • Flame Dragon's Brilliant Flame (炎竜の煌炎, Enryū no Kōen): a very useful and dangerous spell, and the one that can be considered as the one of the most powerful spells in the basic spells arsenal of Flame Dragon Slayer, not only because of its power, but also because of its versatility. Hayashi engulfs his entire hands with flames that increase their initial size at a rapid pace. Then, he brings them together, eventually creating a giant explosion of wild flame torrents that destroys everything around him or before him, if he chooses to do so. Hayashi is able to not only create an explosion, but to gather the flames in hands, concentrating them and even shaping them into a gigantic fireball, which he throws in the direction of his target, utterly blowing them away with such explosive attack. As for defense, Aririki can manipulate the created flames to the degree that they will gather around him like a dome, after what he can spread them around himself, covering more and more territory. In other words, it takes the shape of a moving explosion with predicted time to the main attack occurrence that Hayashi can use while fighting a large group of enemies or even in order to distract his opponent to catch them off guard.
    • Flame Dragon's Explosive Flame (炎竜の爆炎, Enryū no Bakuen): an alternate version of initial Brilliant Flame Spell. With its own ways of utilization, Hayashi creates a simple fireball in his hand or hands, after what he either throws it at his targets or even launches it forward in a punch-like motion. Once his flames reach the target, they increase their size, creating a gigantic blast afterwards. The blast causes a heavy damage and great burnings to the surroundings and to the unlucky opponent who was trapped in flames, like after a real explosion occurred. More than that, Hayashi can repeat his attack, striking his opponents with a barrage of fireballs, increasing the potential of less powerful chain of fire explosions, that smaller than the Brilliant Flame Spell. The same goes for just simple fireball throwing, which can be used for distraction and preparations for another attack.
    • Flame Dragon's Fire Gun (毒炎竜の火銃, Enryū no Higan): Flame Dragon's Fire Gun can be both considered as alternative use of Brilliant Bullets Spell and a basic Fire Dragon Slayer's Spell, but as well as the one of the more overlooked spells, due to the fact that most Fire Dragon Slayers don't find it powerful. However, Hayashi is the one of the few, that see this spell quite powerful. While pointing the index and middle fingers of both hands at his target like guns, Hayashi turns his fingertips into flames, concentrating it a bit. After that, he shoots bullets made of fire to them. Such bullets can fly at high speed and in rapid succession, which allows maintaining this spell as a variety of different usage: range attacks, disguising for another strike, as a combination with other spells or simply as the mean of frightening usual people like thugs and bandits.
    • Flame Dragon's Firefly (炎竜の蛍火, Enryū no Hotarubi): a spell, which can be called as extension of Brilliant Bullets Spell. Hayashi creates many small, glowing fireballs that float around the target like fireflies. As this spell can be used for a disguise, as people usually think about these small fireballs as nothing than a pitiful thing, rather a real threat to their lives, Hayashi sends them all flying into his target(s) all at once, burning them in an instant, like creating a fiery doll from the target. This spell is very helpful, as Hayashi can catch his opponents off guard if they will track down the disguise and arson sides of this spell. Also, Hayashi can use his own Magic Seal in order to generate a very large number of these fireflies, which he rapidly sends flying at the opponents in consecutive reprises, a feature which helps him to replicate Scales Spell from his previous poison elemental Dragon-slaying magic and other Dragon Slayers with this spell.
  • Flame Dragon's Slash (炎竜の斬波, Enryū no Zanpa): Flame Dragon's Slash Wave is a special spell, which either can be done with bare hands or from the weapon, specifically Dragon Blades. Hayashi firstly channels his flames through his sword, either it is Sowilo or a simple blade. Then, he swings the sword, launching the gathered flames in a form of a wave at his target. Such spell can be useful in different situations, can be used in rapid succession and even in the layered way, when, for example, bluenette sends several waves in a similar motion, after what they lie on each other, creating a one big flame wave.
  • Flame Dragon's Bomb (炎竜の爆弾, Enryū no Bakudan): Flame Dragon's Bomb Explosion is another special spell, which can be done with weaponry. Hayashi stabs his sword into the ground, after what, channeling his flames through it, creates a series of flaming explosions at various point of his choosing, which can be found near him. The range of this spell is high enough to allow Hayashi to set on fire a whole rounded room with no efforts and almost immediately.
  • Flame Dragon's Campfire (炎竜の篝火, Enryū no Kagaribi)
    • Flame Dragon's Bombing Campfire (炎竜の爆撃篝火, Enryū no Bakugeki Kagaribi)
  • Flame Dragon's Destruction Flame Gun (炎竜の破焔銃, Enryū no Haenjū)
  • Flame Dragon's Weaponry (炎竜の兵器, Enryū no Heiki): Flame Dragon's Weaponry is not a spell, but a set of different spells, which allows its users to utilize the material side of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, the capability of using the condensed flames and maintaining the blunt damage. As the name indicates, usually, this set of spells is designed after particular arms.
    • Flame Dragon's Scythe (炎竜の大鎌, Enryū no Ōgama): a specific spell, which utilizes the material and structure sides of Dragon Slayer's flames. Hayashi ignites his fists with fire, after what begins to concentrate them. After that, he forms a giant scythe from condensed flames, with which he attacks his targets like with real weapon. Usually, after scythe creation, he makes his attacks in spin-like motion, causing not only burning damage but also swiping his enemy away in the air. Such spell was proved to be able to deflect and totally parry Flame God's Sword Spell from Abbadon Bernadotte; as a note, Hayashi indeed created this spell after he saw the flame sword in his rival's hands.
    • Flame Dragon's Sacred Flame (炎竜の神火, Enryū no Shinka): despite the name itself, the main utilization isn't connected to any sacred things at all. Hayashi concentrates his flames in hands, after what he hurls long fiery lances. The lances itself display a combined effect of simultaneous usage of burning and piercing properties, copying the real bladed weapon and saving the momentum of Fire Dragon Slayer's nature. As a weapon-designed spell, Hayashi also can use this spell in a similar way to his Scythe Spell, impaling his enemies or deflecting the attacks of cold arms as with a real and solid weapon. Moreover, the name of the spell and its realization are different and not connected to each other, so Flame Dragon Slayer additionally has an opportunity to catch his opponents off guard too.
  • Flame Dragon's Capture (炎竜の捕獲, Enryū no Hokaku): Hayashi clasps his hands together, after what he generates flames, which then he launches into a half-circle-shaped attack at his target, in order to trap them in spherically-shaped flames, while causing burning damage to them too. After the opponent is trapped, Hayashi can do a variety of moves with created fire trap too, as he simply can cause an explosion of this fire or its size compaction, which will deliver an additional damage to the trapped person or thing.
  • Flame Dragon's Flame Commandment (炎竜の炎戒, Enryū no Enkai): Flame Dragon's Flame Commandment is a spell, which primarily relies on the ability to generate large amounts of flames from the body of Fire Dragon Slayer. Hayashi amasses a lot of flames around his body, usually by swinging his outstretched hands around him as the first step, thus summoning the flame itself, and then he waits for his or his target's next step, in preparation for an attack. The main reason for having such unusual spell in his arsenal, Hayashi comments, that while his preparations are done, he eventually is enabled to use gathered flames in a wide variety of moves: like an armor on his body, as a means of creating an arson, as a source for other spells, which requires time or big quantity of fire, etc. In general, Flame Commandment Spell is apparently the prerequisite spell before Hayashi is able to utilize his Fire Pillar Spell.
    • Flame Dragon's Fire Pillar (炎竜の火柱, Enryū no Hibashira): usually used as following of Flame Commandment Spell, Hayashi shoots the collected flames straight upward, destroying a target above him. Of course, such utilization is not the only one, as it can be fired downwards to clear any enemies that might be below Hayashi while he is in mid-air too. Such simple creation of column of flames can be very useful in different situation, be it a fight or other things.
  • Flame Dragon's Cross-Fire (炎竜の十字火, Enryū no Jūjika): roughly speaking, this spell can be considered as an alternative version of Fire Gun Spell. Hayashi puts his index and middle fingers together in a cross shape, after what he launches a cross-shaped column of fire, which increases its size at a rapid pace, directly at his target. Even more, this column of concentrated flames are small in scale, if compared to Fire Fist Spell, and rather faster than the latter spell, which allows him to reach a point of fast encounter and saving his energy for later times. Interesting, that the actual term "Jujika" refers to crossfire form of weapons, yet Hayashi makes an actual cross out of fire, as means of his attack.
  • Flame Dragon's Flaming Net (炎竜の炎上網, Enryū no Enjōmō): Flame Dragon's Flaming Net is a spell, which allows Hayashi to creates a circle of fire around a selected area, selected by him of course, preventing anyone from entering or leaving its territory. As Hayashi is the only one, who can control the size of fire circle, he also can change the form of its attack, as he easily can cast an actual flame net on the selected area, in order to not only catch his opponents in a trap-like zone but to damage them heavily with arson. While the opponent would be restrained, at Hayashi's will they either can be burned or not.
  • Flame Dragon's Mirror Flame (炎竜の鏡火炎, Enryū no Kyōkaen): a rare case, when the spell is a defensive one. Hayashi releases a wall of flames in order to block an upcoming attack, either it would be physical or elemental. With such firewall, as he jokes around, on a real note he can stop a barrage of flying arrows and stones, spikes from different elements and even fireballs, created by another person. When it comes to the Ice Magic attacks, Mirror Flame Spell will merely cancel out the ice from existence, a positive and helpful side of the spell, though.
Advanced Spells

Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts (滅竜奥義, Metsuryū Ōgi): Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts are renown as the strongest techniques in the Dragon Slayer's arsenal, something for what they spend much of their time in order to properly harness its great power. Said spells are believed to harness the power of being able to defeat a real Dragon, not to mention the great damage it would give to the humans. Hayashi learned them from Rioureus as the last thing he must use in order to achieve victory. Usually, Aririki utilizes his Secret Arts, when he fights really strong opponents, as his ultimate attack, which must eliminate his target with a ratio of 100 percent. As every Dragon Slayer has their own codenames for Arts, in Hayashi's case they're named as Crimson Lotus.

  • Crimson Lotus: Flame Dragon's Fists (紅蓮・炎竜拳, Guren: Enryū Kobushi): Flame Dragon's Fists is a first Secret Art, which is utilized by Hayashi. He firstly ignites his fists with large, flame spheres, after what begins to rapidly punch his target. As this hitting process continue on, Hayashi delivers a great barrage of punches enhanced with his signature magic to his target. Each punch on its own generates a power explosion when the contact of fist and target occurs, which also increases the delivered damage, which is caused by brute beating and gained inertia. As a result of such fierce punching, Hayashi is able to totally overwhelm his opponent, using an attack with which one Fire Dragon Slayer was able to not only defeat his powered-up enemy but also to destroy his enemy's headquarters. This spell can be simply described as multiple Flame Dragon's Iron Fist Spell in use, however, this spell focuses on the initial idea of Dragon Slayer's elemental blunt effects and material side. All in all, this spell is quite powerful, which can turn the table for the user drastically.
  • Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blades (紅蓮・爆炎刃, Guren: Bakuenjin): Exploding Flame Blades is a second Secret Art, which is utilized by Hayashi; this spell is renown to be even powerful than Flame Dragon's Fists, surpassing it in several times, how it was stated by its user. As the first step, Hayashi sets his arms in flames. Then, he continues to generate his hot flames, after what he creates long torrents of flames from his ignited parts of the body. The third move is that he hits his target with created flame torrents in a spiral formation. While each connection of torrent with target creates a powerful, burning explosion, black-haired is able to make a continuous barrage of flame blades attacking the object of his choice by moving his own body in whirling motion, in order to cover his own body in flames, which on its own will create a giant blazing vortex. Eventually, all these steps reproducing the whole name of this unbelievable Secret Art, as the user creates blades made of flames, which explode with each strike. As with every strike he is able to greatly damage his target and push it away with tremendous force, the attack ends with an even larger explosion, which leaves Hayashi's opponents burned very bad. Because of strength this spell displays, it also called as the ultimate Dragon Slayer technique.
Blaze Mode

Blaze Mode (炎の滅竜魔法・変発火(ブレーズ・モード)), Burēzu Mōdo lit. Fire Dragon Slayer Magic: Ignition Modification) is a secret art of the Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, it is the result of taking the adaptability of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic to the maximum of its potential.

As a user of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic is capable of adapting to the situation by transforming their body into the fire for different purposes, Blaze Mode takes this adaptability on a further line. Blaze Mode allows the magic energy or rather its kinetic energy, that the fire emits, to draw in and absorb small amounts of different chemical elements, which affiliated for the fire element, the most prominent among them are the elements of hydrogen (which is on normal conditions exist in small amounts in air), oxygen and phosphorus. It was discovered, that the Fire Dragon Slayer Magic users have already changed physiology, which allows them to consume or have named chemical elements in bigger quantity than others are enabled, so Fire Dragon Slayers can use them with fewer efforts. Once enough of said elements is absorbed into the user's skin, the user concentrates it with their magic and combine it together, resulting in the chemical reaction of fire and said elements to unite together and create a whole new style, which now is accessible to the user. On the other hand, while doing so, the whole process is shown to be extremely deadly, as it can be toxic to the user's body, as well as harmful, as fire reacts intensively on a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, not to mention that the reaction of them with fire can end in death of the user. Despite this, the activation of Blaze Mode causes an insane addition of the natural element, totally changing the composition of the user's spells, granting them the capability of reaching out the augmented damage and breaking through any things, that their flames were unable to burn out.

With Blaze Mode, the user becomes very dangerous, as they attain merely new and deathful abilities. Firstly, this mode is effecting on the user's body. Their durability and physical attributes become much higher, even though for a short amount of time. Secondly, their body begins to absorb a pure heat, but not from the oppositive Fire Magic - from the very surroundings, which is also increasing their overall magic power. Finally, the most prominent change is that the user's offensive power becomes, at least, immense because now they can generate not the only flame itself, but indeed its different and powerful forms, such as the heat-based explosions or searing hot blazes, just with only a snap of the fingers. The speed of their explosions is very high while the temperature they release is really high. They don't need to make some longer cast of the explosion because their body itself begin to produce the needed elements in the air, which create a powerful and dangerous combustion fusion. With this, the user is able to seriously damage or kill their targets on easy terms. When Blaze Mode is active, the user has the ability to manipulate the atomic structure of their physiology at will. It is also shown that once the elemental style has changed, the user is able to access it whenever they can, often changing their appearance and form when they use it.

Blaze Mode can be considered as similar to its metallic counterpart, however, it's even more versatile, that the latter. While several Fire Dragon Slayers reached the full potential, which is held in Blaze Mode, they derived several styles of Mode itself, which are classified as Gears (竜式(ギア), Gia lit. Dragon Formula/Dragon Style) by them. These Gears are directed to different usage of fire with the specific chemical element, in order to drive the full potential of post-effects. In such, the three Gears were developed, the Burning Gear, Heating Gear and Blasting Gear.

In Hayashi's case, he discovered the benefits of Blaze Mode occasionally, when he was fought some yet to be named Water Mage. Because of his interaction with the water, while he was in his Dual Element Dragon Mode, he utilized a water electrolysis method without knowing what he was doing, after what, he momentarily absorbed the oxygen and hydrogen, which then reacted with his flames. As he abandoned the usage of his dual mode, he occasionally activated his Blaze Mode, particularly its Blasting Gear, after what, he won his battle. Even though it was an accident, Hayashi trained hard in order to fully understand what he managed to attain. From that, he now is able to enhance his performance by utilizing Blasting Gear, which changes his flames on the element of the explosion. With such dangerous power, he is able to unleash highly-ranged explosive waves, breath attacks and reaching other features with them, not to mention that his overall power allows him to overpass enemies, who were overpowering him before the Blaze Mode activation.

  • Explosive Dragon's Roar (爆竜の咆哮, Bakuryū no Hōkō): Explosive Dragon's Roar is a spell, which primarily lies in the utilization of Blaze Mode. Looking at its name, it can be understood from the beginning, that the user of this spell is going to unleash a basic breath attack, however, which differs from its flame-counterpart greatly. After deep inhale, Hayashi charges his element in the mouth, gathering his might for the next breath. Having proper time to be prepared, he then releases a great torrent of explosions at his target. The main points of this spell are that the torrent itself is visible as a simple uncoloured stream of essence similar to air, which flies at high speed to its target. Then, when reaching its point, the Roar itself delivers a highly concentrated explosion, which not only harnesses the great destruction but also sets on fire all things, which are trapped within his range. With such attack, which spreads through a long distance, almost reaching the length of Dual Element Dragon's Roar Spell, Flame Dragon Slayer is able to give a highly moderate damage to his opponents, destroy any defense he couldn't before and just show his superiority before others.
  • Explosive Dragon's Finger Snap (爆竜の指戛, Bakuryū no Yubi Katsu): Explosive Dragon's Finger Snap is a spell, which is based on the capability of creating of different scale explosions. Hayashi concentrates his explosive element in his body and on the area near himself, the thing which noted to be invisible to the others. After that, he makes a simple snap of his fingers with the hand of his choice, usually directed to the side of his target. After the snap is made, he then momentary creates an explosion, which harnesses a great burning capability with high damage to the surroundings, caused by the kinetic energy he releases to be unleashed. Another benefit of this spell is that the more he concentrates, the stronger explosion he will make. Finally, he can create such explosions in rapid succession, generating a chain of different-sized explosions in order totally defeat and obliterate his opponents.
  • Explosive Dragon's Twelve Wings (爆竜の十二羽, Bakuryū no Juniwa): Explosive Dragon's Twelve Wings is a spell, which can be considered as an enhanced version of Fire Dragon's Wing Attack, however, these spells possess different mechanics. Hayashi charges his explosive energy within his body, after what he makes a very fast rush in the direction of his target or targets. While initiation a process of quick going through, he creates swift explosions of small scale, up to the mark of twelve explosions in total, which represents the name of the spell. Such spell is very useful, as normally the user is able to quickly take out a large amount of opposing troops with ease. Also, such spell, as creating a barrage-like explosion attack is useful, when it needs to create a gap between the user and his enemies if they want to run away from the dangerous situation.
  • Explosive Dragon's Grip Strike (爆竜の握撃, Bakuryū no Akugeki): Explosive Dragon's Grip Strike is an enhanced version of Fire Dragon's Grip Strike, saving the same mechanics, but with a significant change. Hayashi rushes towards his target and grabs them with his hand. While he gives an additional arm support to his attacking arm with the other one, he unleashes a vast amount of pure explosive energy at point-blank range, which delivers up to three or even four different-scaled damage. The first type of damage is that this spell grants a high level of burnings to its victim by means of explosion; the second type of damage is that the target after being attacked fly away on high speed, because of the explosion strength; the third type of damage is that the target also attains a great shock as from real explosion, thus having a high noise in their ears, unstable feelings, which lead to not proper control of their body, etc. Moreover, their body is also affected by created gas from the explosion, which also cause the additional inner concussion and gas poisoning. The last, fourth type of damage is that overall physical damage granted by the initial process of spell's utilization eventually rises with gained inertia and later explosion release. In short words, this spell is one to be the one of the most powerful enhanced spells, which Dragon Slayer can have under the influence of their Blaze Mode, also, this spell displays how exactly can the power of initial Fire Dragon Slayer's Spells be augmented.
  • Hayashi's Draconic Upsurge state
  • In the beginning of his teenage years, Hayashi discovered his dormant powers via Upsurge awakening, even if he was Third-Generation Dragon Slayer.
  • Primary example of Hayashi's emotional burst and uncontrolled Upsurge state
Upsurge (初代竜力向上(アップサージ), Appusāji lit. First-Generation Dragon Might Rising) is an Dragon Slayer ability, which can be obtained only by First Generation Dragon Slayers; this ability is a type of Magic-amplification technique, which allows reaching the power of Dragon Force, yet it serves as a mode of replication of the same power, created in attempts of unlocking the real Dragon Force.

Upsurge is an ability, which can be awoken by Dragon Slayers, who have learned their magic from dragons only, in other words, 2nd and 3rd Generation Dragon Slayers can't unlock this power because of Dragon Lacrima implanted in their bodies. After a Dragon Slayer has mastered their abilities and begins to understand their particular Dragon Slayer Magic, they can become one step closer to achieving the hidden power of Dragon Force. In attempts to unlock such great power and at the same time to replicate it, as not every Dragon Slayer is able to activate their Dragon Force in easy terms, Upsurge was created. Itself, Upsurge is indeed a half-activation of Dragon Force state; from this point, even the awakening of this state is a hard task to complete. But as the result of hard work, several well-trained Dragon Slayers, who have already received this ability, show that an individual can activate it freely, without any problems, if they would spend a significant amount of time in training. When Dragon Slayer makes the activation of their Upsurge, they receive some changes within their both physical and magical appearance. When in use, it looks like a simple flaring up of user's Magic Powers, being similar to releasing a big amount of Mage's Magical Aura. Though, on a real occasion this power-up form unlocks the dormant powers within the body of Dragon Slayer; considering this fact, Upsurge is described as both Subspecies Magic and somewhat similar thing to Second Origin Activation, though they require different sources to be used. Despite the fact, that Upsurge often considered as equivalent to power-up states of new-generation Dragon Slayers due to its boosting features, the Upsurge itself makes its user even stronger, than supplementary forms of First-Generation's successors. On a serious note, Upsurge gives a high boost in Dragon Slayer's physical appearance, making them much stronger, much faster and much durable. Similar to Drive, Upsurge enhances the user's physical prowess to a degree, but as contrary, particularly the user's strength. In any way, when affected by this ability, the body of Dragon Slayer becomes much enduring and durable, while they attain a better control over their element and magic. With user's magical appearance, this half-activation of Dragon Force rapidly flares up their magic powers. As a result, Dragon Slayer receives a high-intensive coloured aura, which represents their dragon nature and their element. The user's spells become far stronger and on a rare occasion, even receive some changes within its capabilities. For example, if Fire Dragon Slayer will activate their Upsurge, he or she will become covered in a flame-like aura. Finally, the body of Dragon Slayer, who is using Upsurge, on its own begins to absorb small amounts of Eternano from the atmosphere, which make the common ability to replenish their powers much easier.

As Hayashi was a Third-Generation Dragon Slayer, he had the access to free activation of Dragon Force and was known to be able to fully develop his Drive state and even create a special application of this form, named Cover. Because now he is again First-Generation Dragon Slayer, with his great knowledge of Dragon Slayer's augmentation form's mechanics, he has no problem in activating his inner dragon power. It was revealed, that almost every emotional burst of his magic powers in his pre-timeskip adventures, was indeed the activation of uncontrolled Upsurge, which was locked for him due to his Dragon Lacrima's power. Why such occurrence had a place is unknown even for now, but the truth is that Hayashi indeed a strange living phenomenon in the case of Dragon Slayers. Because of two contrary natures, Hayashi himself became uncontrolled at those times and soon fell unconsciousness due to the great magical exhaustion. Nowadays, as his body is free from Dragon Lacrima and he has an impressive control over his emotions and Magic Power, he doesn't have such problem. He is very trained and powerful Dragon Slayer, who understands his Magic very well; the trigger of having quite different feelings, when Drive and Dragon Force are used, Aririki can describe very well too. Because of this, he is able to activate his Upsurge without any efforts and use all of its advantages, enhancing all of his physical and magical capabilities. His basic performance increases in several times while range and overall power of his spells are augmented significantly. With that, he is able to stand his own against very powerful opponents without any worries of being beaten up or even lose the fight. At least, Aririki is also able to fuse his Upsurge state with other states, in order to increase his powers even more.

  • Flame Dragon's Searing Breath (炎竜の焔硬隠滅息(シアーリングブレス), Enryū no Shiāringu Buresu lit. Flame Dragon's Blaze Hard Destructing Breath): a seemingly stronger, more potent version of Flame Dragon's Roar Spell. Working on the same principle as usual Roar Spell, Hayashi quickly gathers the flames in his mouth, creating a small fireball, which is compressed until it has a very high density and only then is released. When Hayashi unleashes it, the fire itself erupts in a large quantity, then taking the form of an extremely powerful firestorm, after making a contact with a surface. When the firestorm hits the surroundings or its target, it causes a widespread destruction to the whole area, moreover, flames travel along the ground and cover a wide area on such terms, that it is really difficult to evade it. Such spell is concentrated in flame's searing hot side, which additionally heightens its killing capabilities too. The blast radius of Flame Dragon's Searing Breath is substantially greater than that of the very similar Flame Dragon's Roar. The damage it harnesses is very high; on one note, Hayashi used it once in order to not only attack his opponents, but to deal somehow with a giant tidal wave, which was sent to the heads of his and his friends, which ended up in tremendous evaporation of large amount of water, reducing it to the point that just small drops of water fell on the whole Hayashi's team.
  • Flame Dragon's Searing Fist (炎竜の強烈放火拳, Enryū no Kyōretsu Hōkaken lit. Flame Dragon's Intense Arson Fist)

Dual-Elemental Dragon Mode

Lightning Flame Dragon Mode (モード雷炎竜, Mōdo Raienryū) is a Fire Dragon Slayer ability, which was obtained by Hayashi, when he was training with his foster mother, the Storm Dragon Tempessaria.

After consuming the lightning element and fusing it with their own element inside their body, FLame Dragon Slayer attains the capability of utilizing his initial Flame Dragon Slayer Magic enhanced with lightning. However, Hayashi's case was very special: the merge of two different elements occured when he maintained the position of a Third-Generation Dragon Slayer of two different elements and managed to consume another double element (as storm is a combination of lightning and wind). The venom element from his Dragon Lacrima was neutralised by wind forces of the storm element, while the lightning element eventually replaced it, so the fusion of flame and lightnings happened. In this form Hayashi is able to use the power of both fire and lightning, in any form which will be wished by him; the additional thing is that his body became adapted for lightning element to, gifting him not only the possibility of being more powerful and dangerous, but to consume the lightning element from external sources with recovering himself to the point of having a healthy state. He also is invulnerable to thunder or lightnings too, however even without the primal utilization of this mode as mandatory. This ability combines the destructive potential and properties of both element, both burning and electrocuting the target. Also, it has exceptional penetrative power as additional trait. The usage of this mode has been described as similar to using Dragon Force, thus indicating how much power just this mode harness. Another point of Lightning Flame Dragon Mode is that Dragon Slayer is able to call upon their new-found power, when they are in a state of anger or more commonly, in state of strong emotions.

As a double-edged sword, this Dual Element Dragon Mode places a heavy strain on an untrained body, to the point that even a single use is capable of completely draining the user of all their energy. Of course, if the user boosts up their power by different means, they are able to use this ability more easily with less strain, their adaptation can be risen significantly, which in its turn, will grant the user an unbelievable power. In Aririki's case, the double-edge sword is depicted in a far different way. Not only that he is highly trained and well-endured and durable Dragon Slayer, he also unlocked the power of his Second Origin, so this is no problem for him to utilize this ability and fearing that he might fall after an only one usage of lightning flame spells. Moreover, he has so much Magic Power, that he is able to freely use it for a significant amount of time. The hazard which Hayashi faces every time he steps in the depth of his Dual Element Dragon Mode is that the result of how he attained it - it's very painful process for him to be in his double element mode because it is the main reason why his Dragon Lacrima was shattered. Moreover, he consumed the double element of different nature to him from a real Dragon, and it's known, that even similar elements of Dragon and its Slayer are slightly different. In short words, Hayashi feels an incredible pain in his body, primary his chest and the upper half of his abdomen, a piercing pain which cuts him and harms him while Lightning Flame Dragon Mode is active. Even though he can somewhat adapt to this pain every time, it soon just shut his pain inhibitors, so that he won't feel any pain at all, which also results in the unnecessary sacrifice of his stamina and health for some times. Also, it is quite an interesting thing, but even his enhanced healing factor cannot help Hayashi surpass the incoming pain from entering Lightning Flame Dragon Mode.

Not only the overall strength but the initial appearance of Hayashi, while he utilizes this ability, is somewhat changed too. After releasing a large amount of his flame-electrical aura, Hayashi can be seen covered with both flames and lightning at times. The colour scheme of his elements is quite simple - blue flames and yellow lightning. The floating flames which he has on his head are accompanied by electrical discharges, as the showcase of how strong his elemental fusion is. While he has such changes, there also are electrical sparks of red colour are flowing from his eyes. The fusion between the elements causes to a green colour scheme appear seldom.

Basic Spells
  • Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar (雷炎竜の咆哮, Raienryū no Hōkō): a lightning-enhanced version of Flame Dragon's Roar Spell. A breath attack, when Hayashi makes a deep inhale, generating a mass of lightning and flames in his mouth, after what he releases a large destructive blast of electrified flames in the direction of his target, creating a large double-elemental line, which is capable of not only delivering great burnings to the target and surroundings, but also is able to unleash a high electrocution because of its lightning enhancement and to travel for great distances, wreaking havoc wherever it passes. Even though this spell cannot be used as a tool for creating a giant lightning-enhanced fireball, the created fire vortex, engulfed in lightning maintains great destructiveness and piercing ability, which are sure things, with which people must deal. In short words, this spell is a really frightening weapon, which can show the true capabilities of Dual Element Dragon Mode once and for all.
  • Lightning Flame Dragon's Collapse Fist (雷炎竜の崩拳, Raienryū no Kuzureken): a lightning-enhanced version of Flame Dragon's Iron Fist Spell. A quite effective melee-type spell, which harnesses a great force of two wild natures, lightning and flame. Firstly, Hayashi creates a sphere of flame around his fist, which then becomes electrified with lightning. Additionally, appeared lightning whirls around the flame in a spiralling motion on its own. After a short preparation, he punches his target. Accompanied with brute force and great blunting effect, this spell not simply causes burning damage and sends the victim in flight, but also grants a meeting with a lightning bolt, that strikes them almost immediately after blow, giving them a shock damage, with leaving them in a paralysed and discarded state. In short, the degree of destruction, which can be delivered with Collapse Fist is so high, that the post-effects of Iron Fist spell can not match the post-effects of its bolstered version. Such attack can seemingly be performed with both hands at once too, doubling the initial, already heightened effects.
  • Lightning Flame Dragon's Charged Claw (雷炎竜の帯電爪, Raienryū no Taiden Tsume): a lightning-enhanced version of Flame Dragon's Claw Spell. Hayashi ignites his feet with a very large flame spheres, which in their turn soon become covered with whirling lightning, after what he attacks his target. After being struck with a strong kick, the opponent takes another strike, now from a lightning bolt, which appears soon after the leg attack. In short, the initial damage granted by flameful kick harness even more power and gives more injuries to the unlucky person, who was hit by Charged Claw Spell, also the heavy physical damage is accompanied with burnings and paralyse state. Despite the fact, that this is the enhanced version of Claw Spell, Hayashi loses his ability of flight by means of the strong ensuing flames as means of jet-propelling on great speed, because of the lightning enhancement he now has.
  • Lightning Flame Dragon's Brilliant Flame (雷炎竜の煌炎, Raienryū no Kōen): a lightning-enhanced version of Flame Dragon's Brilliant Flame, which shows even great destructive and hazard potential. Hayashi engulfs his right hand with flames and his left hand with lightning. Combining the elements by bringing his hands together, he unleashes a very large and destructive explosion around his target(s), which incinerate and electrocute everything within its radius. Also, continuing the base of initial Brilliant Flame, Hayashi can create a giant electrified fireball, which he throw in the direction of his opponent, which grants him the possibility of chasing his target in order to throw them into the depth of thunderous inferno. Finally, he can either create a dome from the fusion of his elements, which will give him an additional defense from the incoming attacks, while enemies will suffer the damage from the insane motions of flames and lightning.
  • Lightning Flame Dragon's Blue Crimson (雷炎竜の蒼紅, Raienryū no Sōku): Lightning Flame Dragon's Blue Crimson is a specific spell, which combines the base of two quite different spells, which Hayashi used in his earlier times, his Flame Dragon's Wing Attack and Venom Dragon's Twin Fangs. Hayashi covers his right arm with flames and his left arm with lightning. Then he moves them forward in a specific way, like when he utilizes his Wing Attack and his Twin Fangs at the same time. While the moves are in use, he forms a very large amount of his elements, attacking his target(s) with double-elemental waves in a cross shape, which not only grants the unlucky victim with burning and electrocuting damage, but also with sheer blunt force, which sends them flying away. Not only that, but Hayashi can change the initial shape of this spell, utilizing his knowledge from his previous Dual Elemental Dragon Mode. From that, he is able to create whip-like constructs with his elemental waves or replicate the Twin Fangs Spell by utilizing the traits of his current elements. Above creating an increase in radius of the spell, Hayashi can even replicate his Wing Attack Spell by adding grappling and throwing elements.
Advanced Spells

Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts: Revision (滅竜奥義・改, Metsuryū Ōgi: Kai): Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts: Revision is renown as a revised version of initial Secret Arts Hayashi possess. Enhanced with the lightning element, said spells are being augmented significantly, having a large increase in their overall strength, which is believed to allow to defeat a real Dragon, not to mention the just what kind of damage Dragon Slayer would give to the humans now. Hayashi rarely utilizes them, however, he has some of such caliber in his sleeves. As every Dragon Slayer has their own codenames for Arts, as for revised version of his own, while using these spells Hayashi yells out Yellow Lotus, instead of Crimson Lotus, hinting at the changes which his attacks now harness.

  • Yellow Lotus: Fulgurating Flame Blades (黄蓮・紫電光一閃石火炎刃, Kōren: Shidenkō Issen Sekka Enjin lit. Purple Lightning Separate Flash, Speed Flame Blades): Yellow Lotus: Fulgurating Flame Blades is a lightning-enhanced version of Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blades Secret Art, also Hayashi slightly alters its utilization in order to increase its even now shocking power. Similar to its inferior version, Hayashi engulfs his right hand with flames, while his left is already covered with lightning. Then, he continues to unleash his elements in a large amount, after what he swings his arms to a side, beginning to rotate with his full body, at the same time creating quite long streams of electrified flames from himself. After the creation of a giant firestorm, which whirls in a spiral formation, he attacks his target(s) with it. The more time goes, the more changes are happened to the firestorm, as it begins to transform into an enormous field of falling thunders and searing flames, striking the trapped victims with very powerful, highly destructive explosions and hitting with tremendous voltages at the same time. Such continuous blazing tempest is known to not only attack the needed targets, but it also sucks almost everything into itself. At last, Aririki ends his advance by an ultimate attack with his additional breath attack, which appears like a gigantic ball lightning, covered in flames, similar to his Flame Dragon's Hell Breath Spell, which he utilized while he was a Third-Generation Dragon Slayer. All this Secret Art ends in a vast explosion, which afterwards display enormous, truly fearsome damage, which is delivered to the unlucky victim. In short words, Fulgurating Flame Blades is a highly dangerous spell, which easily surpass the power of its inferior version, which is renown as the Ultimate Dragon Slayer Technique; moreover, after witnessing the effects of this technique at first, when Hayashi used it again, he named it as Supreme Dragon Slayer Technique.
  • Yellow Lotus: Aflame Thunder (黄蓮・雷雨稲光の燠火悲鳴, Kōren: Raiu Inabikari no Okibi Himei lit. Blazing Fire Scream of Thunderstorm's Lightning): Yellow Lotus: Aflame Thunder is renown as one of the strongest spells in Hayashi's arsenal, a thing which he proved after its second utilization. Despite having a quite simple mechanic, this spell harness a great power, which causes mountains to crumble and seas to wildly roars in agony. Hayashi begins to concentrate his elemental powers around his whole body, after what he begins to charge his attacking fist with lightning and flames. As the process goes, the fire and lightning begin to shroud only his fist and forearm with insane torrents, which flow around his arm like performing a wild dance. As the time is passed and preparations are done, he rushes at his target and strikes them with a really devastating attack, releasing all the gathered burst of a firestorm from the fist. When the fist is actually connected with the target, the Aflame Thunder blows it up, creating shout and peal, and granting to the target a very heavy damage within a combination of infernal-like burnings and very high-voltage electrocution. As additional post-effect of the spell, an explosion occurs, which blows away most of the area within its range, even pushing Hayashi's target away with tremendous power. It is a simple attack on the look, but its power is very great, allowing this Secret Art to be the one of the most important and powerful trump cards under the Hayashi's sleeves.


Requip (換装魔法(レキップ), Rekippu lit. Express Equipmentary Magic), also known as Ex-equip, is a Holder Magic used by multiple mages which pertains to the summoning of various types of equipment. This is another Magic, at which Hayashi has quite good skills.

This Magic allows the user to store items in a pocket dimension so they can easily summon it at any time, even during battle, which gives them a high level of flexibility in combat. It is said that the user summons the items from a pocket dimension; the notional place that things come from when they are needed, and where they go back to when not. The actual location of where they summon the items is very hard to determine. It contains only a few things, not because it is limited in capacity, but because that is all it is ever used for - for example, this is where the user normally summons the armour and their equipment. However, there is a limit to how much the pocket dimension can store. Requip can be used for simple or for combat-related purposes; and the user may just choose to use it to change their clothing, capable of using it in the midst of battle. The user would often pull any items that they had collected out of nowhere and then they would just vanish without any physical means of transporting them.

Hayashi doesn't possess any of specific named Requips. He just simply takes the needed weapon from his dimensional pocket, after what, use it for his purposes. In his case, he can either summon his Dragon Blades or Flame Demon Series to gain the upper hand in battles. Moreover, with Requip he maintains his Dragon Slayer Equipment and Fireseal, both strong things in their own regard. Finally, it must be said, that Hayashi stores his different Lacrimas in a pocket dimension. As storing things at pocket dimension is primarily connected to the user's Magic Power (the more they have it, the more things they can store), Hayashi seems to have no trouble at storing things at all, because of his unnormal gigantic Magic Power. Thus, it helps him to have the needed flexibility in fighting situations, as he can summon different things from his own taste in order to totally stop his enemies and defeat them. Also, his skill allows him to summon things quite quickly, which also remarks his capabilities at this magic.


Hayashi has such stats:

Physiology Bastard Mixer


Creation and Concepts


  • Hayashi's appearance, at some parts personality, his blue dragon's fire and Dragon Fire Blade are based on Rin Okumura and his demon sword Kurikara from Blue Exorcist series.
  • In addition to the previous fact, some parts of Hayashi's appearance, his personality, age and date of birth are based on the author of this article.
  • Hayashi's dragon parent name, Rioureus, is based on a dragon from Monster Hunter Orage, a Hiro Mashima's work for Monster Hunter series (you know, who he is, right?).
  • Hayashi's flame's colour is blue with white shades, his lightning's colour is yellow with some blue shades. When he possessed Dragon Lacrima, his poison's colour was black with some red shades. In addition, his aflame poison was purple with some grey shades in colour, hinting to the fusion of his elements.
  • The last reference to Hayashi as "Hybrid Theory", has nothing in common with canonical interpretation of this meaning except the elements (as Hayashi maintained more than even two elements at the same time for a while, and canon Dragon Slayer was able to show at least four of his elements). Moreover, the author even didn't name the Dragon Slayer with such title properly at all (deal with it, just be with it).
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