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The Hayashi Family is a well known billionaire family that lives in the Hayashi Mansion. Though Randolph is the owner and the the family's main source of income, most offical chain of commands come from Dolten as he has the most power. Other than their wealth, this famiy is known for their strength of mages and Randolph's thirteen daughters!


The Hayashi Mansion: This is the main residence where all of the members stay. This mansion is gigantic and is even larger than the royal palace of Fiore. This mansion is surrounded by lucious greenery and has it's own green house, forest, small homes, thousands of acres of land, gardens, swimming pool, training room, fashion boutique and many other things. This mansion is the definition of luxury though they often visit their other mansions. Inside the mansion are hundreds of rooms used for hundreds of diffrent things. Their are rare and expensive furnitures and there are even rooms just for their rare collections. Blocking people from entering is giant gate almost indestructible. This gate is magic proof and bounces back any form of attack including phsical. There is almost no way to enter unless anyone allows them to. 

Family Tree

Dolten Hayashi:- 2 sons, 2 daughters

Eldest to Youngest:

Randolph Hayashi and Eliza Hayashi:- 13 Daughters

Eldest to Youngest:

Clara K. Hayashi and Jonathan Kross:- One Daughter

Jen J. Hayashi and Ren James:- One Son


Hayashi Dad Hayashi Grandpa Uncle Hayashi 3
Randoph Hayashi Dolten Hayashi Xavier Hayashi
Hayashi Mom Aunt Hayashi Aunt Hayashi 2 Uncle Hayashi Uncle Hayashi 2
Eliza Hayashi Clara K. Hayashi Jen J. Hayashi Jonathan Kross Ren James
Haruka Amy Mira Haya Celeste Bella
Haruka Hayashi Amy Hayashi Mira Hayashi Celeste Hayashi Bella Hayashi
Ali Haya Catherine Haya Mandy Sam Haley
Ali Hayashi Catherine Hayashi Mandy Hayashi Sam Hayashi Haley Hayashi
Sara Haya Ellie Fiona Haya Kyoka Hayashi Lia
Sara Hayashi Ellie Hayashi Fiona Hayashi Kyoya Nakamura Lia Kairin
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