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Hazard Dragon Magic



Kiken no Ryūmahō


Lost Magic
Caster Magic
Dragon Magic



Hazard Dragon Magic (危険野竜魔法 Kiken no Ryūmahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic and a type of Dragon Magic that is related to dangerous goods. The only known user and the originator of this magic is Hazmat.



A group of humans under the effect of a corrosive liquid

Hazard Dragon Magic is the particular magic of Hazmat that allows him to incorporate harmful elements into his body, also known as dangerous goods or hazardous materials; chemical substances that can harm living organisms, properties and the environment. He can manipulate and produce them at will in solid, liquid or gas state, with effects ranging from radioactive to flammable ones, among others, making this one of the most versatile and dangerous type of dragon magic.

As a form of Dragon Magic, it allows Hazmat to absorb hazardous materials from his surroundings that were not produced by himself or by other mages, as well as be immune to its effects. It also allows the user to fly.



  • Hazard Dragon's Roar (危険竜乃咆哮, Kikenryū no Hōkō):
    • Hazard Dragon's Destructive Roar (危険竜乃爆音, Kikenryū no Bakuon):
  • Hazard Dragon's Gas Chamber (危険竜乃瓦斯房(がすそうじゅう) ), Kikenryū no Gasubou, lit. Gas Manipulation):
    • Gas Chamber: Innocent Hope (瓦斯房:純期待(ノンよごすがすそうじゅう) ), Gasubou: Junkitai, lit. Non-Polluted Gas Manipulation):
      • Gas Chamber: Solid Hope (瓦斯房:硬い気体(瓦斯冷凍そうじゅう) ), Gasubou: Kataikitai, lit. Cryogenic Gas Manipulation):
    • Gas Chamber: Explosive Hope (瓦斯房:爆期待(ばくやくがすそうじゅう) ), Gasubou: Bakukitai, lit. Flammable Gas Manipulation):
    • Gas Chamber: Noxious Hope (瓦斯房:邪気期待(どくガスそうじゅう) ), Gasubou: Jakikitai, lit. Poisonous Gas Manipulation):

Advanced Spells

  • Chernobyl (チェルノブイリ, Cherunobuiri):
  • Mushroom War (マッシュルームわある, Masshurūmu Wāru):
    • Nuclear Winter (核の冬(かくがほうほうが) , Kakunofuyu, lit. Nuclear Spore Germination)


  • Dangerous goods are also called "dangerous materials" or "hazardous materials".

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