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Heart Mimicry Magic



Kokomane no Mahō



Heart Mimicry Magic (心似の魔法, Kokomane no Mahō) is a Caster-type Magic, and a form of Forbidden Magic (禁魔法 Kinmahō) that revolves around the manipulation of a target's heart. 


Having rightfully gained the title of "Forbidden Magic", Heart Mimicry Magic is a disturbingly simple magic to pull off despite it's lethal consequences in regards to its target. To use this magic, a prospective user must first acquire the genetic sample of their target; even the slightest drop of blood on the tip of a blade will suffice.

Once the sample has been acquired, the user combines it with the flow of their own magical energy; creating a link between the original owner of the sample and the sample itself through the magical energy used as a 'bonding agent'. Once the link has been formed, a heart will manifest in from the sample, a simple act of transmutation. Once formed, the heart will begin to beat in tandem with the original heart it was created to mimic.

Heart Mimicry Magic can be seen as a form of voodoo; its effects, in fact are frighteningly similar. The false heart has an inordinate amount of influence on the original possessor. Simply squeezing the organ will cause an immense amount of pain to the target's own heart, dousing it in poisonous liquids will cause the original body to mimic these poisons; the heart even pumping it through their blood. The other obvious consequence is the ease of death; stabbing the heart can kill the target; the body will show utterly no sign of physical harm, and unless the false heart is saved, the victim remains dead.


  • This magic was inspired by Naraku's unique way of controlling Kagura from the InuYasha series.
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