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Battle Bust
Heaven Buster



Tendō Hakaimono

Parent Magic

Caster Magic


Lucas Sonne

Heaven Buster(天堂・破壊者, Tendō Hakaimono) Is a unique spell that is said to be the opposite of the spell Hell Buster that was created by the father of Lucas Sonne who taught him how to use this spell in case he ever needed the extra push in battle against stronger opponents than him.


Unlike Theo's Hell Buster, which is a spell that was created from the Magic Mask to allow for a physical form in the open world, Heaven buster is an original spell that is created using the user's own magic energy as a template. Heaven Buster takes the form of a skin tight body suit that is read throughout except for the material covering the fingers, shoulders, and head, which is black. Its fingers are cawed, allowing for improved grip, and the feet are covered by small red boots that also increase climbing ability. Lastly, It possesses a pair of large red, eye like markings, which are able to sense magic to allow Lucas to see. This spell was meant to be used by Lucas originally as his father intended for him to take on this magic while his brother would take the counter part, Hell Buster, as his own to control and master. It has been shown that the spell has secrets that Lucas discovered while training in modulating his Eternano, resulting in the spell augmenting itself, and becoming a black suit with monster-like appearances, resulting in him being able to change the suit to a new form that he dubbed Anti-Heaven. After much training between the two forms, Lucas eventually discovered a way to combine them both, fully mastering the spell as it caused a fusion between the suits, and created the pinnacle of the spell that he dubbed Purgatory Buster. Despite the suit's incredible abilities, it has been shown not to be indestructible as one slice from a sword laced with an Eternano coating on the blade, cuts through it and easily makes it disappear.

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