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Heavenly Flight





Caster Magic



Heavenly Flight (天飛, Tenbi) is a Caster Magic learned by Kōtei as an extension of his martial arts prowess.



Heavenly Flight in use

Heavenly Flight is a Magic that enables ones movement to be brought about to its highest level. It is known as the product of extensive training in martial arts, which encompasses both spiritual and physical forms of training, therefore enabling Kōtei to classify this form of Magic, despite it simply being an extension of his incredible prowess within the martial arts. As the name indicates, Heavenly Flight has a primary purpose of bringing about the greatest feats of movement to its wielder. In addition to possessing incredibly heightened speed, ones weight distribution and the very nature of their movement can be altered with the use of Heavenly Flight. This is achieved through the circulation of the user's magical power across their feet and legs. While a simplistic process, with the single-mindedness a martial artist learns to harness across their years of training, it is proven to be an extraordinarily effective method of movement. It allows Kōtei to move silently even in the most unstable terrain, become weightless as he runs across different surfaces and even allow him to enhance his adhesion to substances, thus allowing him to run up on buildings and across ceilings with no difficulty whatsoever. Moreover, by the release of magical power from his soles, the man is capable of using virtually any medium as a platform, from the air to abstract elements such as lightning, light and darkness, thus making this an exceptionally useful magic in the midst of intense combat.


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