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Hecate (ヘッカト Hekkato) is a Caster Magic, and a form of Enchantment Magic (呪いの魔法 Majinai no Mahō; lit. Charm Magic), similar in function to Sky Dragon Slayer Magic's more supplementary skills. Fittingly, those who wield this elusive magic are called Enchanters (魔法使い Mahōtsukai; lit. Sorcerer/Witch), a title starkly different from the traditional Wizard (魔道士, lit. Madōshi).


Hecate is a powerful magic that imbues both objects and people with immense enhancements. Created by studying the effects of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, the original Enchantment Magic, Hecate is capable of imbuing even a small twig with durability equivalent to legendary weaponry of lore.

The enhancements are created through incantations, and unlike Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, these incantations appear to be unique to their user; words of power in a sense, once a wielder of Hecate chooses an incantation, it acts as the keyword from then on, and this is the incantation they must use to activate their magic.

Once the incantation is uttered, the user's magical energy encompasses either the item or the person, and enhances any given quality of the target. In the case of a weapon, it can resharpen even a dull dagger, giving it an absurdly sharp edge that even a novice can wield with ease, or in the case of a person, it can enhance their physical attributes to alarming degrees; with enough focus, the caster of Hecate may even invoke a transformation upon the target to better adapt to the additional power.

For sufficiently skilled users, who wield an item that Hecate has been used on several times prior, the incantation can be foregone, and the item may be enchanted immediately.

Hecate, however, can also function in reverse; a caster can weaken or otherwise impair a target's effectiveness in various ways. This is, however, more difficult than a simple enhancement, and requires more motion on the part of the caster to ensure the flow of magical energy is successful.


  • The term Enchanter was first used in direction to Wendy Marvell, and thus was borrowed by Darkrai.
  • Hecate was based off the Light Ferry from Omamori Himari.
  • Hecate was a Greek goddess variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, dogs, light, the Moon, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, and sorcery.
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