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— Hei

Hei (黒(ヘイ, Chinese for "Black") is an Independent Mage and a member of Knave's Newly Elected Corps, and is thus one of the main protagnists in Fairy Tail: Breaking Bad. He is a powerful mage that mostly uses Fire Magic in combination with his Take Over skills.




Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities


Fire Magic- One of the two magics that he uses in his overall fighting style, this gives Hei the power to freely generate and control fire, as well as transform his body into flame. While not using it in conjunction with his take-over magic, Hei mostly uses this for mundane purposes, such as for cooking, lighting fires, or even lighting his trademark cigarette with a characteristic snap of the fingers. 



Major Battles


  • Hei is based off an altered Sanji from the manga/anime One Piece.
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