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Heiwa no Ji
Heiwa no Ji


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Heiwa no Ji (へいわのじ - 平和の地 - The Land of Peace) is a large forest and jungle area, it is also a "safe zone" within the otherwise violent climate and natural disaster plagued Genosha.


Heiwa no Ji landscape picture

Heiwa no Ji's jungles.

Heiwa no Ji is a large circular chunk of land, much like the other sections of Genosha, except that Heiwa no Ji is a mix of Forests, Jungles, rainforests, mountains and plains, giving it a wide variety of plant life to offer, it also houses a humongous tree in its centre. Acorss its east side, it is covered in tall mountains that form a thin, crescent shape over the circular landscape. It is known as The Land of Peace because it is a "safe zone" in Genosha, due to its strange ability to avoid the constant natural disasters and violent changes in climate, allowing it to flourish with beautiful foliage and wildlife, both passive and hostile, not forgetting the local residents of Pannett Town, located in the east of Heiwa no Ji.


Heiwa no Ji is located in the east of the continent of Genosha.

Notable Locations

Pannett Town: A peaceful town located in a valley between the mountains and the Jungles. It is renowned for its delicious baked goods.

Vespen Forest: A forest in the north of Heiwa no Ji. The forest is very dark with few clearings. It has been declared as "Off Limits" to everyone but the S-class mages of Phantom Breaker, because of the dangerous beasts, including Charnock, that dwell within.

Harriot Jungle: A moderate sized jungle located in the east of Heiwa no Ji, between the giant tree and the mountains. It is thick with trees and foliage.

Eterna Plains: A large plain in the south of Heiwa no Ji. The Eternal Plains are considered the safest place in Heiwa no Ji, as there seems to be nearly nothing happening there at any given time, other than the wind blowing against the seemingly endless grass. It is unknown why the creatures of Heiwa no Ji never enter this area.

Yetarius Rainforest: A large rainforest in the West of Heiwa no Ji. It houses many of the passive creatures of the country. It's the only part of Heiwa no Ji that isn't directly connected to the ocean, as it borders the rest of Genosha at this point.

Javiere Mountains: A thin, crescent shaped mountain range that stretches from the North-East edge of Heiwa no Ji, all the way round, going South, to the South-West edge.


Neo Doom Breaker

The deadly beast, Charnock.

Charnock: A large beast that consists Mainly of Granite. It lives in the Vespen Forest.


  • The name, "Eterna Plains" is a reference to a Final Fantasy song, "Plains of Eternity".
  • The name, "Charnock" is based on charnockite, an igneous rock, similar to granite.
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