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Hell Buster



Naraku Hakaimono

Parent Magic

Magic Mask


Theo Schwarzem

Hell Buster (奈落破壊者, Naraku Hakaimono) is a spell that is in the shape of a mask from Magic Mask that is owned by Theo Schwarzem who was given the mask by his father when he was younger.


Umbra Negative Reaction

Hell Buster Activated

The mask has the appearance of what could best be described as a menacing skull. The mask is white, and has only two thick vertical black stripes, each on one half of the mask, which are interrupted by the widened eye-holes and the jaw; overall, it creates a rather demonic sight to behold. When placed on top of one's face, the sudden merge between energies causes the users eyes and iris's to change to a gold and black colors as the energy slowly begins to become released into what appears to be black energy that is shown to be a form of multi-striking impacts through each blast or impact when it hits the opponent at close or long range. It has been seen that the person is actually able to coat themselves with said energy, allowing it to become much more focused in it's powerful impacts when the user hits an opponent and it pierces their body deeper and deeper with each additional impact. When Theo draws his sword, Ashbringer, he is said to be able to generate said energy directly into the sword as it causes a unique melding, with a similar effect with the piercings, but instead the attacks feel like multiple sword slashes that the opponent would feel. Although the incredible abilities of this mask seems almost limitless, there are some risks when it is in use, the first being that if the mask is knocked off the user by any means, their connection with the energy inside would be disconnected until the mask is placed back on top of them. Another risk to this is that the more the mask is used, the more it seems to break apart bit by bit, which takes it much longer to regenerate it's broken pieces.
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