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Hellhound's Decree

Caster Magic
Lost Magic


Kimiko Himura

Hellhound's Decree is a hell-based Caster and Lost Magic that has a lot of similarities with Slayer Magic and Curses, making it feared all over the world.


Hellhound's Decree is a form of Caster Magic and Lost Magic that Kimiko learned from a book that Shen'Nefer gave her. This magic allows her to passively draw in and absorb the negative emotions around her in a very similar manner to Curses. Once drawn in, her magic power merges the negative emotions together to create a type of fire that is believed to be the manifestation of hell: this fire is known as hellfire. These dark purple flames that Kimiko is able to control is incredibly dangerous. What makes it so is that these flames feed off of Ethernano and magic power instead of
A younger Kimiko and hellfire

Kimiko as a child, producing a large amount of hellfire before she learned how to control it

oxygen. Since it doesn't feed off of oxygen, normal water doesn't affect it. After Kimiko's fight with Sub-Zero, her mother came to visit her and infused some of her curse power into her Magic Origin. This made Hellhound's Decree a lot easier to use as well as make her hellfire a lot more destructive and hot. In addition, her hellfire gained some of the traits of hellhound energy: giving the hellfire a very foul odor as well as the ability to slowly burn away an opponent's soul in the same way hellhound energy can chip it away. This last ability gives Kimiko the ability to kill those who posse some form of immortality. It is rumored that the highest level of heat hellfire can reach is a couple of levels lower than Absolute Heat: a level of heat that is considered to be the complete opposite of Absolute Zero. This level of heat has never been seen outside of training because Kimiko has yet to find a person who is worthy enough. Kimiko is able to produce these flames from every part of her body because the properties of hell are merged together inside her body and are then emitted from her body. As a result, hellfire is just another part of her body, which allows Kimiko to have absolute control over these flames. The hellfire gives Kimiko the ability able to draw in any trace of her element from her surroundings in her to use this magic continuously.

Lastly, Kimiko is able to transform hellfire into other substances that are related to hell by expressing or suppressing certain properties of hell that are present in hellfire. Kimiko usually uses this ability to create darkness or dark energy, which is possible by suppressing the aspect of fire. On a larger scale, Kimiko is able to manifest certain places in hell like the Fields of Punishment by expressing only those properties of hell. The spells that use this ability is this way are very powerful and they are probably the source of Kimiko's alias: Guardian of the Underworld.


  • Hell Immunity: As a master of Hellhound's Decree, Kimiko has absolute immunity to anything associated with hell. In fact, just being around any aspects of fire gives Kimiko the ability to use Hellhound's Decree endlessly. This because she is able to subconsciously draw in and then absorb any trace of hell from the immediate vicinity. Kimiko is also able to consume anything associated with hell such as fire or heat and then use it to restore her body to a healthier state.
  • Hellfire Manipulation: Hellfire Manipulation is an ability that runs on mental energy. This ability allows Kimiko is able to produce as well as have complete control over hellfire and fire. Since this ability isn't fueled on magic power there is almost no limit of how many times Kimiko can use this ability. In addition, the absence of magic power means magic like Nullification Magic prove ineffective against hellfire produced by this ability, which is what makes it different from the hellfire produced by the magic: Hellhound's Decree. Kimiko is able to use this ability to produce and have control hellfire on a small and large scale allowing her to perform tasks that require precision with ease or create enough hellfire to turn an entire forest to ash within a very short period of time. Kimiko's control over hellfire is almost limitless, allowing her to manipulate and shape hellfire into almost anything she imagines. Her control over hellfire is so great that is able to change the hellfire's form to all four states of matter and then revert it back to its original form.
    • Fire Breath: Kimiko has the ability to exhale hellfire, normal fire, or heat from her lungs and out of her mouth in the form of a controllable stream. This is different from Hellhound's Fury because it uses her mental energy instead of magic power. This means she is able to release a stream of these elements for long periods of time instead of a short time like Hellhound's Fury. It also appears that this ability is more instinctual than Hellhound's Fury. This means that it takes a lot less time to use this ability then the spell Hellhound's Fury. This allows Kimiko to use this ability whenever she wants and in any situation. The last difference between this ability and the breath attack is that the elements exhaled from her lungs are unable to hit the opponent with any blunt force. This means that this ability is like a flamethrower, which allows Kimiko to use the ability to burn living or inanimate things or set living or inanimate things on fire.
  • Calokinesis: Kimiko has the ability to create, increase, transfer, and control heat in limitless ways. This is done by using her mental energy to increase the kinetic energy in atoms then using the mental energy to control or contain the heat. Kimiko has shown so much skill that she is able to effortlessly increase the kinetic energy of atoms and molecules in any given object to the object's combustion point. Possessing this ability also allows Kimiko to generate heat from her body and then control it by manifesting her mental energy and then transforming it into heat energy. The amount of heat Kimiko is capable of making seems to be limitless, which allows her instantly generate enough heat to burn an entire forest with a mere flick of her wrist. Over the years Kimiko has found numerous ways to use this ability. One of these applications is electricity immunity. This is done by using her ability to increase heat to superheat the air around her in order to create an air lens to block off electricity. She can also create and manipulate sparks by burning quickly burning particles, ethernano, or other substances to the point that it sparks. Kimiko can also create hot air by increasing the kinetic energy in the air around her then manipulating the air or wind by focusing on the heat present in the air or wind. Kimiko has also shown the ability to create and manipulate explosions by controlling heat. This is down by rapidly increasing the volume and kinetic energy in a particle or substance by increasing its heat. Kimiko can use this ability to create steam or superheated steam by increasing the temperature in the water vapor or molecules around her. She can use this ability to create steam a lot more dangerous by increasing the heat of water inside a target, causing them to severely perspire and dry out whenever she touches someone. This can result in effects like severe dehydration. She has shown the advanced ability to combine this ability with fire or hellfire in order to create the same effects whenever her flames touch a target instead of burning the target. She primarily uses this type of fire, which she has given the name "Purgatory Flames", against those who are immune to fire. Kimiko can create and then manipulate dew by increasing the atmosphere's temperature around water vapor or water molecules. This causes the moisture to condense at a greater rate than it can evaporate, resulting in the creation of dew or otherwise known as water droplets. Kimiko can transform dew into frost and then control it by drawing in the heat from the dew. Kimiko has also shown the ability to increase the heat of her magic power in order to make a type of fire red energy called inferno energy.
    • Incineration: Kimiko is able to increase the heat of an object or person to high enough levels to incinerate that object or person. In order to do so, Kimiko must maintain constant contact with that object or person for 15 seconds.
    • Heat Sense:
    • Heat Aura: This passive ability causes Kimiko to be surrounded by an intense aura of heat, making Kimiko's body hot to the touch. Kimiko's body heat is so hot that she is able to severely burn almost anything and anyone she touches. It is theorized that her body heat is so intense that she is able to fight the famous Sub-Zero in hand-to-hand combat without being frozen, in fact people believe that Raido will receive small burns whenever he touches her. Kimiko has demonstrated the ability to achieve flight by focusing and magnifying her heat aura to the point that she is able to lift herself off the ground.
      • Flammable Blood: Due to Kimiko's heat aura, her blood is flaming hot. Her blood is so hot that it ignites as soon as it is exposed to air. When it ignites it turns into a liquid that is comparable to napalm. This allows Kimiko the ability to use her blood as a very dangerous weapon by controlling it with her mind. When the blood is still present inside her, it serves the function of keeping her body temperature from lowering.
  • Hellfire Mimicry:


Basic Spells

  • Flash Fire: Flash Fire is a very basic spell that allows the user to create a large size pulse, wave, blast, ring, or burst of heat that is capable of creating third or forth degree burns on any living thing it touches instantly.
    • Instantaneous Burn: This basic spell allows Kimiko to instantly burn anyone she comes into physical contact with. The burn can range from a simple first-degree burn to a fifth-degree burn.
      • Mark of the Beast: Mark of the Beast is a spell that allows Kimiko to dramatically increase an opponent's internal body temperature when she makes physical contact with the target. This allows Kimiko to potentially burn someone inside out. This spell is seen as more effective than simply using Instantaneous Burn because it has the potential to be a lot more lethal.
  • Heat Drain:
  • Fireproof:
  • Pyroportation:
  • Hellhound's Fury:
    Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.38.00 PM

    Karin's version is more like Kimiko's Fire Breath ability than a traditional breath attack.

    Hellhound's Fury is the Hellhound Decree's version of a Slayer's breath attack. To perform the spell, Kimiko must gather the properties of hell in her mouth then merge it to create hellfire. Kimiko then fuels the hellfire with her own magic power while shaping the hellfire into a highly compact sphere. She then shouts while simultaneously releasing the pressure that is maintaining the hellfire's shape of a compact sphere. This releases a large and highly destructive blast of hellfire from her mouth. When the blast makes impact, it produces enough brute force to effortlessly propel a Doscadon great distances. In addition, the blast's heat is capable of leaving the opponent with very severe and sometimes even lethal burns.
  • Hellhound's Flare Blitz: Kimiko brings her hands close together and generates hellfire in the space between her hands. As she generate the hellfire she rapidly shapes and condenses the hellfire into a spherical shape until the sphere of hellfire can fit comfortably in between her hands. Once the sphere is created, Kimiko throws it at her opponent, which results in a large explosion of hellfire and an intense shockwave of heat emanates from the explosion.
  • Hellhound's Satanic Fist: Kimiko engulfs one or both of her fists in hellfire and compresses the hellfire to it's utmost limit. Once it is compressed, Kimiko strikes the opponent the fist or fists. This causes the opponent to be engulfed in fire as they are hurtled back with immense blunt force. This makes it look as if the opponent is a high-speed flaming projectile.
  • Hellhound's Satanic Claw: Kimiko violently swings her leg at the opponent and upon contact she releases several quick bursts of hellfire from her foot. This attack can inflict massive blunt damage and it can leave the opponent with a third degree or even fourth degree burn. Kimiko has shown that she is able to use this spell defensively by releasing a concentrated torrent of hellfire from her foot instead of bursts of hellfire. This torrent is capable of propelling back opponent's and other attacks alike.
  • Hellhound's Assault: Kimiko mimics the shape of a gun and generates heat energy from the tip of the index finger. As she produces heat energy she simultaneously compresses the heat energy around the tip of the index finger. Once compressed she imagines herself pulling the trigger of a gun. This causes the heat energy to decompress and fire from her index finger in the form of a heat wave that is shaped like a bullet. This bullet is capable of piercing through multiple targets in a row and when it does pierce through the target, the opponent is instantly engulf extremely hot hellfire.
  • Hellhound's Sword of Suffering: Kimiko produces hellfire that has the aspect of suffering expressed more than usual from one or both of her hands and molds into the shape of a sword. She swings the sword or swords at the opponent, which causes the target to be immediately engulfed in a very painful vortex of hellfire.
  • Hellhound's Dark Purge: Kimiko produces darkness from the palm of her hand by producing hellfire without the aspect of fire. She then shapes the darkness into a sphere before throwing the sphere at the opponent. When the target is hit, the sphere erupts into a pillar of darkness energy that hits the opponent with bone shattering force.
  • Demon Wolf Fang Explosion: Kimiko makes a throwing motion with her arm and releases hellfire from her hand in the shape of a wolf's head. When the wolf makes contact with the target it bites down onto the target, which releases and explosion of hellfire that is capable of reducing to ashes almost any plant life caught in the explosion in an instant.
  • Hellhound's Pyrosphere:

    Hellhound's Pyrosphere

    Hellhound's Pyrosphere is a defensive spell. To perform, Kimiko rotates her body with enough speed to create a shockwave that emits outward from Kimiko's body. As she is rotating she releases a stream of hellfire from every part of her body. The speed at which she is spinning causes the various streams of hellfire to merge together to form a spinning dome of hellfire. The combination of the hellfire and the shockwave, allows Kimiko to use this spell to repel almost any attack as well as repel anything close to the dome and leave the repelled target with severe burns.

Intermediate Spells

  • Hellhound's Fields of Punishment: The Fields of Punishment is a place in the underworld reserved for punishing the most wicked. It's a place of eternal suffering and little hope of escape. This spell takes this place and gives it a physical form in the world of the living in the form of a powerful spell. The spell functions in a very similar way to spells derived from Eye Magic, which is why this spell is more commonly known as Shakugan (灼眼, Burning-Eyed) or Hellhound's Sight. Kimiko focuses her sense of sight on a target, in order to merge the properties of hell around the target, causing hellfire to erupt around the target with very little warning. The heat produced by the hellfire is extremely painful and due to the structure of hellfire it is very difficult to extinguish. In addition, despite how hot the flames are, it takes a very long time to kill someone, which can result in most victims begging for mercy or even a quick death. Like all powerful spells, there are a couple of weaknesses. One of which is an opponent can predict where the flames will appear by following the Kimiko's line of sight.
    • Hellhound's Fields of Punishment
    • Hellhound's Double Barrel Shotgun
    Another weakness is that after performing the spell, Kimiko will experience blurred vision for a couple of minutes as well as migraines.
  • Hellhound's Fields of Asphodel: Kimiko surrounds the battlefield in a very large circle of hellfire. This causes the temperature of the battlefield to skyrocket to unbearable levels. As a result, the heat severely burns anyone inside the ring as well as this greatly enhances the power of all fire related spells as long as the hellfire remains active, which can be for thirty minutes if left unattended. This spell also greatly decreases the power and efficiency of all ice and cold related abilities and spells.
  • Hellhound's Vale of Mourning:
  • Hellhound's Elysium:
  • Hellhound's Isles of the Blessed:
  • Hellhound's Tartarus: Kimiko engulfs one arm in hellfire and the other arm with darkness that was created with hellfire that didn't have the aspect of fire. She then bends her knees and raises one arm toward the sky and the other toward the ground. She then swings her arms in a spiralling manner which causes a torrent of hellfire to be released from one arm and a torrent of darkness to be released from the other. The two torrents spiral around each other as if they were on the verge of merging. When the vortex hits the opponent the area becomes pitch black in an instant as the opponent his hit with a powerful explosion of hellfire and darkness energy. This explosion is capable of burning the opponent beyond all recognition. The darkness energy is capable of hitting the foe with enough force to easily break most of the opponent's bones and launch the opponent across incredible distances. After the explosion, the darkness will disappear, causing the area to become bright again.
  • Hellhound's Double Barrel Shotgun:
  • Hellhound's Hell Blitz: Kimiko engulfs her right hand with hellfire and surrounds her left hand with hellfire without the aspect of fire, causing to become darkness. She joins their two hands over her head, causing the hellfire and darkness to merge. Kimiko then slowly separates her hands causing the joined substances to shape itself into a sphere before throwing the sphere at the opponent. Upon impact, the sphere releases an explosion of intense heat, hellfire, and powerful shockwaves of dark energy.
    • Incantation: With the flames of hell in my right hand... and the eternal darkness of hell in my left hand... put them together and you get... Hellhound's Hell Blitz!

Advanced Spells

  • Supreme Hellhound's Fury: Supreme Hellhound's Fury is the advanced version of Hellhound's Fury. Kimiko inhales deeply as she rapidly gathers hellfire and magic power in a 7:2 ratio in her lungs. The addition of this amount of magic power greatly increases the heat of the hellfire. Kimiko then lets out an angry yell and exhales a large vortex of hellfire from her mouth. The heat from this spell is greatly superior to the heat of Hellhound's Fury. Victims of this spell have said that, "It is so hot that it feels as if the sun is falling down on you." When this vortex of hellfire makes contact with the target, it leaves propels the target great distance and leaves them with potentially lethal burns. This spell leaves Kimiko extremely exhausted afterwards so it is a very risky spell to use.
  • Supreme Hellhound's Satanic Fist:
  • Hellound's Apocalypse of Fire: Kimiko extends her hand over her head and produces a large mass of hellfire over her head and then shapes it into a spherical shape. She then compresses the sphere to it's utmost limit, which gives the hellfire a more darker color. Kimiko greatly increases the size of the sphere until it looks like a giant black and ominous sun. She then speaks the incantation as she throws the sphere at the opponent. The sphere is capable of flying towards the opponent at incredible speeds. When it makes contact with the target it decompresses, which results in am enormous explosion of hellfire with heat waves that are hot enough to effortlessly to evaporate the water from a God Slayer Magic instantly. The explosion has enough blunt force to effortlessly cause the target to suffer from blunt trauma.
    • Incantation: As the world was born from fire, so will it die by fire....Hellhound's Apocalypse of Fire!
  • Hellhound's Absolute Authority: Hellhound's Absolute Authority is a spell that allows Kimiko to shape hellfire into a giant humanoid construct around herself. This spell acts as an extension of herself, which is one of the many things that makes this spell so dangerous. Once created, she must constantly flow magic power around the construct in a similar fashion to how blood flows in a human body.
    Hell Kirin's Absolute Authority

    Hellhound's Absolute Authority

    This greatly increases the durability of the construct to the point where it can easily defend Kimiko against most Crash spells. In addition, the flow of magic power allows Kimiko to perform spells through this the humanoid figure, which causes the spell's power to increase drastically. When activated, Kimiko has the option to decide what human limb the structure has or does not have. This means Kimiko is capable of creating anything from only the ribs to creating the whole human body out of hellfire. Kimiko can also create the humanoid figure armor or weapons out of hellfire to enhance its defenses or offensive capabilities.
  • Hellhound's Heaven Devouring Flames:

Secret Arts

Hellhound's Pledge

Hellhound's Pledge is a fighting style that took Kimiko over one hundred years to fully invent and master. The purpose of this fighting style is to utilize Hellhound's Decree and the abilities that come with it to their fullest potential in the form a powerful form of martial arts, so powerful in fact that it is known as "The River Styx" because just like the River Styx, this fighting style makes the practitioner a very dangerous foe. Hellhound's Pledge is a fighting style that is known for its quiet nature. Not only are the movements themselves very quiet, but the quiet nature also comes from how hard it is to predict its movements. Opponents who have tried to find a pattern or anticipate this fighting style's movements have described it as the feeling of being completely deprived of one's senses. What makes this fighting style so unpredictable revolves around how smoothly Kimiko is able to go from being serene and emotionless one second to being very fierce the next. This connection between serene and fierce makes it seem as if Kimiko is thinking up movements on the spot, when in reality it is just the opposite. This fact makes it very easy for Kimiko to predict the opponent's movements to near-clairvoyant levels. While the movements are sporadic, the footwork stays relatively the same. The footwork has been described in many different ways, but one of the best ways it has been described is that her footwork makes it seem as if Kimiko has the ability to "walk on grass without disturbing it." The combination of the sporadic movements and unique footwork allows Kimiko to effortlessly incorporate any Hellhound's Decree spell into this fighting style with great efficiency. In addition, this fighting style has its own unique ways of utilizing Hellhound's Decree and the abilities that come from it. Kimiko can also use her abilities with hellfire and heat in order to heat up her opponent's body when she makes contact. This allows her to burn the opponent every time she makes physical contact. The burns can range greatly in terms of severity. In addition, Kimiko can enhance the deadliness of her attacks by slightly heat up the foe's body every time she makes physical contact with the opponent until the body spontaneously combusts. This is rarely seen because of the length of time that it takes to get to that point.


  • Demon's Dance: The Demon Dance is a technique derived from Hellhound's Pledge. This complex combination attacks and footwork are made up of pivoting close to the opponent and palm strikes. The palm strikes are used in order to push the opponent in a circular manner. While the use of pivoting around the opponent is used to keep the opponent box in. The pattern of the strikes and pivots are simple. Kimiko strikes first then pivots to where the opponent is being first. This cycle repeats until Kimiko makes a full circle. With every palm strike, Kimiko increases the opponent's temperature slightly. The first palm strike raises the opponent's body temperature to 100.4 degrees. This increase of body temperature causes the opponent to feel hot, sweat, feel thirsty, feel uncomfortable, and feel slightly hungry. When Kimiko lands the second palm strike, she increases the target's temperature to 102.2 degrees. The opponent will begin sweating more, get flushed red, a quickened heart beat, breathlessness, and slight tiredness. When the third strike lands, Kimiko increases the target's temperature to 104.0 degrees. This will attack will cause the opponent to experience the following symptoms: drastically more tired, dehydration, a headache, possible vomiting, dizziness, and weakness. The fourth time Kimiko increase's the opponent's body temperature, she will increase it to 105.9 degrees. This greatly worsens the already occurring symptoms and cause the opponent to see hallucinations, feel confused, and feel delirious. The fifth time her strike lands she will increase the target's body temperature to 107.9 degrees. This increases the potency of the existing symptoms even more and causes the opponent's blood pressure to increase and cause the opponent to experience convulsions. The sixth time she uses a palm strike on the opponent the target's body temperature will increase to 109.5 degrees. This can be potentially lethal to normal humans. This increase of body temperature will make the symptoms bad enough to potentially cause brain damage. The last palm strike is the most powerful and it is capable of launching the target back great distances. When the attack lands the target's body temperature will increase to 111.2 degrees. This will certainly kill a normal human, but most mages other fighters are capable of surviving it. However, this increase of body temperature might make their brain damage a lot worse and they will experience internal burning.
  • Demon's Transcendence: Kimiko lands three quick punches before engulfing her right fist in hellfire and landing an uppercut that sends the opponent rocketing into the sky. Kimiko then uses her incredible strength to jump with so much force that appears above the opponent almost instantaneously. Once in the air, she then uses her great agility to use Hellhound's Pyrosphere in close proximity to the target while still high in the air. This results in the target being hurtled back to the ground.


  • Permission was granted by Per
  • Most of the names for the intermediate spells come from places of the underworld in Greek Mythology.
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