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Herc is a Wandering Mage and a Celestial Spirit of the Legendary Platinum Keys. He travels Fiore with his partner Newton, and works for nothing. He trained along side Lew Reigns in the art of Human Arsenal.


Human Form

Herc is a tall, well-built man with long brown hair and aqua blue eyes. Herc is fairly pale and has a deep scar running from the center of his right pectoral to the right side of his abdomin. He wears brown cloth gautlets with silver wristbands, brown pants made from wyvern scales, a brown leather satchel, and black shiny boots. 

The symbol on Herc's Key

Spirit Form

Herc in his spirit form has a black necklace with a madallion of his key symbol on it, a white toga with a black belt with a buckle which also contains his key symbol, and black sandals.


Herc is a very confident man and worries about very little. He is friendly and generous in nature and never asks for money. He prefers to live off the land and only uses what the land provides for him. He longs to find his siblings to reunite the Platinum Keys once again. He is highly couragous and will gladly put himself into the line of fire to safe his loved ones.


Magic and Abilities

Human Form

Human Arsenal

In his Human Form, Herc specializes in Human Arsenal Magic which means he manipulates his body to the properties of different weapons. He specializes in Animate Human Arsenal meaning the weapons he immitates are from nature (animals, plants, natural forces, etc.). 


  • Both Herc and his partner were highly influenced by the author's knowledge of the TV show: "The Mighty Hercules."
    • Newton shall be based on Hercules' partner in the show by the same name.
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