1. REDIRECT Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki:Character Template (Sabertooth)Hidari Gawa is a Mage of the Strongest Guild in Fiore, Sabertooth. He is also the identical twin brother of Migi Gawa. He is known as Black Mamba (ブラックマンバ Burakku Manba) due to his magic resembling black, writhing snakes.


Hidari is a tall, bald man with black eyes. His attire is almost completely identical to migi's. He wears blue robes, white trousers and black shoes with black bands around his shirt and his fingers which are used in his magic. Unlike his brother, Hidari has a strong jaw.


Unlike his brother, Hidari is not quiet and calm, but her is rather aggressive and insists on challenging complete strangers to fights. He does not like ice-cream but loves rice.


Migi Gawa

Hidari has a good relationship with his brother, the two never argue like the stereotypical sibling pair. Their personalities balance eachother out rather well Migi being quiet and collected and Hidari being rather angry and challenging.


Magic and Abilities

Urumi: During his time as a prison warden of the Magic Council's Prison Cells, he came across Rayule of the Dark Guild Eisenwald and took his Urumi bands as his own. he is now able to use them to their fullest extent. The bands can shoot long, flat, black cables from them and they are able to attack several opponents at once.


  • His appearance is based on Touou from The Manga and Anime series YuYu Hakusho
  • His name literally means Left Side (左 Left) (側 Side)
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