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Hikaru Fujihara
Name Hikaru Fujihara
Kanji ひかる ふじはら
Race Human
Birthday October 31
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Weight 110 lb
Eyes black
Hair black
Professional Status
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Relatives Sister (Deceased)

Brother (Deceased)

Magic Demonic Spirit Magic
 Hikaru Fujihara (ひかる ふじはら) is a boy who has given up most of his life in order to seek help, but ended up getting in a worse position than when he started. He is a Demonic Spirit Mage, and currently owns 4 of the Devil's Keys.


He wears a white or black shirt with jeans usually. He is 5'8 and has black hair. He has peculiar black-colored eyes and rarely talks about it.


He tends to be anti-social, but is also very intellegent. He tends to fufill his goals. He is usually in a state of depression caused by the death of his family. He tends not to trust people and suspect those who may even be allies.


When he was young his family was poor, and his father was horrible to his family, soon the father abandoned his family at age of 6. At age of 12 his mother became sick and died.    His younger brother was gravely ill and he heard of a magic that could grant wishes. He found a Devil's Key and formed a contract with Paimon, but as a price his sister's memory of him was taken. Hikaru's younger brother became healthy but after a year he became sick again, he obtained another Devil's Key and formed a contract with Dantalion but as payment he lost a present he recieved from his kind mother. At the age of 15 Hikaru and his brother were happy but an accident caused his brother to be unable to walk anymore. He found the Devil's keys for Camio and Sitri. To form the contracts he gave up his living with his brother and friends.



Magic and Abilities

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