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"As a mage of Gryffinclaw, I put forth 100 percent of my effort all the time in order to protect my comrades!"
Hilda Bachmeir to Eldrich

Hilda Bachmeir (ヒルダ キス雌犬  Hiruda Bachimia) ) is one of the strongest female mages in her guild and is also an S-Class Mage. She is known for her extraordinary battle perception skills and powerful Requip style. Hilda is a close friend of Kakashi and a core member of his team.


Hilda is a young woman who has a light complextion and long, magenta hair. She also has a design across her forehead in the shape of a crescent moon above a circle. Hilda has a beatiful figure that has been commented on by many mages even the Guild Master. She is relatively tall and has large breast. Hilda wears a japanese style black, red, and tan colored robe with sun like designs on

Hilda Bachmeir Appearance

Adala's picture of Hilda.

the back. The robe itself is slightly open near her chest revealing some of her cleavage.

The robe is also slightly open near her legs revealing most of her legs. She also wears black and yellow ankle braces. On her tattered right sleeve, she has a claw like chain coming out replacing her right arm which was cut off when she was a child.


Hilda is usually assertive and can sometimes be a bit bossy as well, but she is also a considerate and loyal friend. Most members of the Guild fear her, because of her assertivness, and they usually straighthen up without her saying a word. Despite her intimidating composure, most mages of the Guild respect her greatly and know that she cares for the guild at heart.

Phoenix believes that Hilda is a strong mage who trust everyone. Because of this, Phoenix trust her greatly and ask her along with the other S-Class Mages to do special deeds and difficult missions for him. He also says that her only downfall is her pride which can be both a strength and a weakness in her case.


Magic and Abilities

Requip: The Samurai (サムライをレキップ Samurai o Rekippu): This particular style of Requip Magic along with the Magic as a whole is Hilda's signature Magic. Her skills with this magic are pratically untouchable. The only mage with better skills in this magic would be Fairy Tail's Erza Scarlet. Just like Erza, Hilda can change her weapons, armor, and clothing with this magic. She learned this magic when she was quite young after training relentlessly. Once she joined Gryffinclaw, her skills only improved more and she became known as the "Griffin Samurai".




  • In her Sorceror Magazine interview, Hilda stated that she wanted to one day fight Erza Scarlet.
  • Hilda also said that the mark on her forehead is a reminder of her past and an inspiration to never give up no matter how hard the fight gets.
  • Hilda was voted the third strongest S-Class Mage in Gryffinclaw only losing to Lazarus and Kaius.
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