Himei(ひめい Himei) is a member of the guild Phantom Feet and one of the mages taking part in Grand Magic Games.


Himei is short, slim man. He's got very oval face. He has little, blue eyes and green lips.Himei wears that costume on whole his body. It helps him attacking and it's great in defensive, too. On each arm he has some bandages and each arm is a little bigger than the other parts of his body.


Himei enjoys toying with his foes and constantly mocks them. He also was shown to be a bit of a drag queen when he whimpered feminine shrieks or moans whenever he was in danger. He likes laughing at other weaker opponents. However he was the weakest of his group. He likes drinking alcohol, especially sake, that's why he is drunk and falls asleep frequently. He hates being understimated even as he understimates his foes.


Elastic Body Magic Himei can expand, flatten or bend his body in every way he wants. He can attack stronger, 'cause for example he is able to stretch his arms and hold something in the distance and then kick his opponent with the dangerous strength. This magic was forbidden a long time ago. The reason was quite simple: its users had lots of injures thanks to that magic.Himei was showing his power frequently. He had so flexible and elastic body, that he could punch his opponent, even when the distance between them was about 10 metres. Himei could perfectly escape from their attacks. His costume helped him be much more durable and faster.

Magic Weapons

Himei's main weapon (if I can call it a weapon)is a blue, elastic and tight costume working in offensive as well as in defensive.

Natural Abilities

Enhanced Strength- Himei can punch and kick very strongly even very durable opponents.

Enhanced Speed- Himei is able to run very fast and even 'disappear' for a while and then attack succesfully.


Himei is seen as one of the members of the guild Phantom Feet during one of the Grand Magic Games festival. The first competition was a tag so he joined other guild-representatives. The Tag competition was very simple. On the arena there was a grand city summoned. The participants should chase others and then attack them. Each punch was 1 point. himei was at the 2nd place and he gained 7 points. After lots of competitions Himei was chosen to fight with Yaeger from Quatro Cerberus. He won quickly, because Yaeger's attacks didn't work on Himei's body. Then he yawned and -out of the blue- went to sleep. His guild- friends took him to the audience-place for Phantom Feet.

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