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Hitomi Arras



Hitomi Arasu


Astral Saviour Hitomi (せいきたいきゅうせいしゅ ひとみ Seikitai Kyuuseishu Hitomi)




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Reishadanki (霊しゃだんき lit. Soul Breaker)

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"If I make another move, if I take another step. Then it all would fall apart. There'd be nothing of me left. If I'm crying in the wind, if I'm crying in the night. Will there ever be a way? Will my heart return to white? Can you tell me who you are? Can you tell me where I am? I've forgotten how too see; I've forgotten if I can. If I opened up my eyes there'd be no more going back. Cause I'd throw it all away, and it all would fade to black."
— Hitomi's theme, Bad Apple!!
"You say that we should be kind to everyone we meet, because everyone we meet is fighting some terrible battle. That's a lie. Not everyone is fighting such a terrible battle. Dark Mages aren't fighting a terrible battle, they're killing everyone and anyone, as long as there is profit to be made. The Magic Council isn't fighting a terrible battle - they're simply sitting with their thumbs in their ass waiting for us to do the dirty work! Do you see how corrupt this world is? There is simply no time for kindness anymore. It's either you win, and live. Or you lose, and die. That is simply how cruel this world is. If you think otherwise, then that's okay, drown in your world of ignorance. Sure, this world has its 'sugary delicacies', but it also has its bitter melon."
— Hitomi Arras

Hitomi Arras (ひとみアラス Hitomi Arasu) is a powerful individual, one fated to become the one that will ensure the world's demise. Hitomi Arras is the adoptive daughter of a powerful, influential, aristocratic family who brought her under their wing to ensure their place in the world of magic. Hitomi's destiny was revealed to her on her eighteenth birthday, by an unknown woman who knew about Hitmoi's true origins and backstory. Trusting her instincts, the woman entrusted the Aerenia Pendant and the Gemini Ring to Hitomi, granting her a means to use magic. Using this new information and power, Hitomi set off on an journey to find her true mother and father, destiny, and her purpose in the world.

However, soon after "joining" the Astral Saviour's faction, their sworn enemy, the Black Dawn faction soon started to pursue Hitomi in an effort to gain more knowledge about the Astral Rings and the Astral Armours. As well as gain Hitomi's ever growing power. Soon after, they managed to discover her ties with Aeris Ackerman and the Arras Family. Since Aeris's whereabouts were almost always unknown, Black Dawn started to assasinate Hitomi's adoptive family, until she started to discover the members, and start to kill them. Despite her efforts, the key members of the family were killed, destroying the family.

Refusing to succumb to the symbiote inside of her, Hitomi started to travel across the country, righting wrongs and helping the less fortunate. Never once had she actually settled down into a guild or any group, nor had she accepted her role in the Astral Saviours. Hitomi, possessing the Gemini Ring, utilizes the Gemini Astral Armours, making her the third most powerful armour bearer. Using this newfound power, she sets off on a path to make new friends and find her biological parents.


Hitomi is an individual who possesses an unique type of beauty; one that is quite natural, and is gained with little to no effort at all. She has long, shining blonde hair that extends past her waist. Hitomi has a pale complexion; one compared to lovely moonlight. Her pale complexion is contrasted by her passionate blue eyes, which are said to be like a mother's; loving and compassionate. However, those "loving and compassionate" eyes hold a destructive function, one capable of completely annihilating a person. This function is known as Ashes to Ashes, it is a mysterious "spell" so to say whose sole purpose for existing is to destroy all life forms in Earth Land. This particular ability was gained when the Aerenia symbiote was genetically passed down inside of her by her mother, Aeris. Aside from this disturbing function, Hitomi has a rather proportionate chest and a rounded waist, making her is a sight to behold. She has been described as a ass kicking bishoujo, and a graceful elegance by some of her greatest friends, and random passerbyers.

Her clothing can be described as eccentric, but it sure is durable. The outfit consisted of a sleeveless white shirt that had a sailor-type look to it. The collar was black and gold, and fanned out slightly. The two collars were tied together with a gold bow. The shirt fanned out into three long, triangular shaped pieces of cloth that drape. Underneath it, there is a short, black dress-like piece of clothing. The bottom of the dress acts like a skirt. The skirt is flower-petal edged. The outfit also comes with two loose arm warmers that are flower-petal cuffed at the top end of it, and white trimmed with gold. There is also a pair of white gloves. For pants, there is a legging-like pants that has a triangular shaped opening at the thighs. For shoes, there were a pair of brown leather, knee-high boots. As a tiny decoration, there were two medium sized white flowers.


"Lemme tell you something, love. You're the most disgusting pig I've ever seen."
— Hitomi

Hitomi has a sarcastic, tomboyish personality that comes fully equipped with a dirty mouth and dry humor. She is perfectly capable of turning something perfectly innocent into something terribly dirty. She has no problem with having to beat somebody up, as long as there is a good reason to. Throughout the years, Hitomi has gained an indifference to pain, often getting bleeding cuts, and not even realizing it. She is willing to swim through swamps, roll through mud, and crawl through a sewage pipe to get whatever she wants to get done. Her humor is often viewed as dry, but those who truly befriend her often state that her humor is as wet as it gets, in order to oppose the statement that her humor is dry.

She is willing to befriend anyone who crosses her path, regardless of their past, actions, or personality. Most of her friends are actually former Dark Mages, or associated with Dark Guilds or the Magic Council. She will even befriend her enemies, stating that everyone deserve's a second chance. However, she does draw the line at those who hurt the ones she cares about. As cliche as it sounds, she refuses to forgive those who derive pleasure from others' pain. In fact, she will willingly kill those who try and lay a finger on her friends.

Hitomi won't hold her tongue; she speaks her mind whenever she deems necessary, which is everytime she talks. As a result, most people view her as mean and the exact opposite of what her "philosophy" is. Furthermore, some towns have even put a bounty on her head for "Insulting her superiors". A habit of hers is regarding everyone around her as "love", even if she compltely dislikes someone. The reason behind this habit is to annoy and irritate those around her. Hitomi comes off as irritating at first, but then after a while, the irritating part of her seems to melt away, turning into plain playfulness and childishness.

Hitomi absolutely loves mangoes. As a child, the her adoptive mother often deprived her of anything sweet, leading the girl to steal fruits from the kitchen. The first fruit that Hitomi had actually stolen and savored was a fully ripened mango. After one bite, Hitomi promised herself to get more of the fruit when she could. The liking for the tropical fruit stayed throughout her adolescence. Now, Hitomi loves anything mango flavored, from ice cream to baked desserts. Artificial or natural. Packaged or out of the oven. Hot or cold. She will eat it all.

Regardless of her sarcastic and dismissing manner, this is all but a shield to protect herself from becoming hurt, so she does not have to make unecessary bonds. However, her desire to make friends conflicts with her fear of isolation and severed friendships. Underneath her exterior disguise, she is a simple little girl who is still afraid of the dark and her own shadow. Her eyes are often described as carrying the weight of the world upon her shoulders. Despite her youthful appearance, she has experienced extreme pain, physical and mental. This pain has taught her to become more aware and cautious, which changed her personality drastically. 

When she sees something wrong, she will always speak up, no matter the concequences. This part about her has always been there, whether it would be telling off neighborhood kids to stop messing with the stray cat in the streets. This trait has even gone to the point where she has battled and defeated those kids for the sake of the cat's safety. However, this part of her is a double-edged sword. Her pursuit for 'justice' has often lead her to battles with authority, something that nobody does, not even the most powerful and influential mages that exist. However, she seems to have no problem doing so, as long as it is for a good cause.

Hitomi has a very strong hatred towards her mother, albeit she only knows half the truth. Her hatred allows her to tap into Aerenia's power and use it to the full potential, however, her hatred often blinds her, and forces her to make blinded decisions. Similar to a dragon slayer and dragon, once she has recieved a clue about her mother, she will pack up and follow that clue until she finds a dead end or her mother. Her hatred was caused by an event that happened millions of years ago, but it is still fresh in her mind. Several million years ago, she succumbed to Aerenia's darkness, and was almost able to activate Ashes to Ashes, a spell that annihilates all living organisms that exist. However, her mother murdered her before she was able to do so, leaving her broken body there. Despite her grievous wounds, she was able to pull through from sheer willpower and hatred, making her hatred for her mother a extremely strong one.

Another thing of note, she can hold a long grudge, even if it is unecessarily long. She has a hard time letting feelings go, even if she knows that it's probably better if she does. But she states that she treasures feelings, and holds onto them. Strong emotions, such as love, admiration, and friendship often stay with her no matter what. But when a loved one is killed or simply dies, she often cannot take their absence very well; it often creates a month of tears and comedy movies. Because of all of the deaths she has seen, she has a very deep appreciation of life, celebrating it when she has the chance. She becomes extremely annoyed and frustrated when somebody takes life for granted, and will often 'beat some sense into them' when she can.

Hitomi is very blunt, believing that 'sugar-coating' things is not the correct approach, and will simply mislead the target. When she delivers harsh messages, she will replicate every single word, regardless of the possible psychological damage. She states that it's better that way so that they don't misunderstand, and get a bigger pain later on. Her belief is somewhat true, but Eren says that the way she speaks is slightly incorrect. He believes that 'sugar-coating' messages is okay, as long as it is not to an extreme extent. However, that is still an unspoken argument between them.


"Well, what are you waiting for, love? Define me."
— Hitomi speaking of her past

About 298,005,342 years ago, Hitomi was involved with the Ultimate Pandora Project, a project created by Pandoras whose sole goal was to bring Lydius and Aerenia together, and combine them. At the time, Aeris had yet to tell Hitomi about her destiny and origins. Beliving that the merging of the two beings could bring ultimate peace, Hitomi used her inventive creativity and intelligence to help with the effort. The first and foremost step in completing the project was to find the current host of Aerenia and Lydius. Believing that she could find the two herself, Hitomi took the job and went to scout for the current hosts. However, when Aeris found out about Hitmoi's association with the project, she quickly took action and drugged Hitmoi. By doing so, she was able to hide Hitomi until her full powers were able to develop. Thinking that Hitmoi had simply left the country in pursuit of Lydius and Aerenia, the scientists working on the project continued. However, when evidence that proved Aeris and Hitomi were hosts of Aerenia surfaced, Aeris and Hitomi went into hiding, the latter to oblivious to why her mother had took her away.

150,234,000 years later, Viaxtra sent the Black Dawn after the Pandora, starting a war between demons and humans. During this time, Aeris met with Hitomi's father once more; he was the host of Lydius, meaning the two were fated to kill each other. However, Aeris and her spouse, Lynrus fell in love, and conceived Hitomi, and later Giselle. They decided that the entire family should split, so if one was caught, the other two could escape. Cold, bitter, and now alone, Hitomi watched as the war ended, at the cost of nearly the entire Pandora race.

500 years after, Lynrus was captured by the remaining scientists, who surigcally removed the natural Lacrima inside of his body, thus killing him. After learning of his death, Hitomi flew into a rage, succumbing to Aerenia, allowing her to almost execute Ashes to Ashes upon humanity. However, Aeris painstakingly killed her before she was able to. Aeris, believing that she had lost everything, left the scene, and vanished from the face of earth for thousands of years, leaving Hitomi's broken body. However, Hitomi had never truly died, instead, she had been fatally wounded by Aeris. Believing that Aeris had betrayed her, Hitomi swore to avenge herself one day. With this vow, a physical embodiment of her vow appeared in front of her; the Infinity Ring. Donning the Infinity Ring, Hitomi sealed herself away, healing herself and gaining more power.

Present time, Hitomi wakes up to the sound of screaming. Disoriented and groggy, Hitomi arrived at the source of the screaming to investigate. When she arrived, there was a a young girl being attacked by a demon. Out of instinct, Hitomi sprinted up to the demon, ready to slay it. However, right before she would meet with the demon, she realized that she didn't have a form of attack. Additionally, she was still in a rather critical state. Despite this, she provided a nice distraction for the demon, allowing the villagers to slay the demon. Seeing the state that she was in, the villagers took her in, and started to heal her.

After Hitomi was able to make a full recovery, the villagers started to ask her questions, most of which she was unable to answer. However, the only clear thing in her mind was the name, Aeris Ackerman, and her supposed death. Suddenly feeling enraged, she screamed Aeris's full name, and expressed her hatred towards her. Gazing upon the villagers, the Infinity Ring manifested once more. Donning the Infinity Ring, Hitomi swore that she would avenge herself once more, and collapsed. Afterwards, the villagers gave her to the Arras Family, knowing that they needed a talented mage in their family.



Lacrima (魔水晶 (ラクリマ), Rakurima lit. Magic Crystal): Lacrima is a Magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas. Lacrima can be powered up with different spells and used for different purposes. Essentially, a Lacrima is crystallized magic that can dispatch enemies in many different ways, as well as provide other means of assistance to the user. Lacrima is generally powered up by the user's magic power; whether it be for offensive uses or just simply for "fun". This crystalline structure was the beginning in the evolution of magic, a newfound invention that proved to be extremely versatile during the golden age of the world. However, in the timeline of Awakening, usage of Lacrima is very scarce, as the materials needed to make Lacrima and the process of making it are very little knwown. Despite this, Hitomi possesses vague knowledge of how to use and create Lacrima, as Eren's ancestors were shop owners that made their own items. Hitomi holds an arsenal of different types of Lacrima, often selling them in the black market to earn her fill.

Reishadanki (霊しゃだんき lit. Soul Breaker):
Living up to its name, Reishadanki is indeed a powerful weapon with a tragic and bloody legacy. Reishadanki is completely forged with the souls of those who have been slain by the weapon itself. Its creator was the enigmatic, ruthless killer known as the Crimson Knight. He first killed his sister, taking her bloodied soul. Then, by using Arc of Embodiment, he gave the soul of his sister a physical embodiment, theoretically forcing her to be a tool at his disposal. Reishadanki is not a sword, nor is it a gun, instead, it is a combination of both. Being a former scientist associated with the Ultimate Pandora Project, and sister to Giselle Ackerman, Hitomi possessed a incredible amount of intelligence and creativity. After witnessing Giselle's weapon's power, Hitomi was determined to find a weapon that was similar to Shitsunen's power. After reading of a weapon that exceeds Shitsunen's darkest forn, Hitomi set off to find it, using clues left in the book that guided her there. Unbeknownst to her, she was fated to find the weapon, completeing a step in the long process of becoming the Aerenia of the era. Reishadanki is identified as "Forbidden Maximum Power Unit No.999" by the Magic Council. It is also identified as a gunblade; a weapon that is not a gun nor sword, instead, it is a combination of them both. When compared to Shitsunen, Reishadanki has several similarities. Essentially, Reishdanki is the inverted form of Shitsunen. Reishadanki is capable of smoothly transforming into a blade or gun, quickly and easily. By flicking a small switch hidden inside the notch of the gunblade, Hitomi can release concentrated solar energy from the gun instead of bullets or Eternano. In it's blade form, it still holds a special property; being able to coat the blade in liquefied or solidified Eternano. Since Reishadanki is a gunblade, it can dispatch opponents in many different areas, whether it be ranged fighting or melee, thus making it an interesting invention indeed. Reishadanki, while in its gun mode, is folded into two layers, as the blade itself is folded at the hilt, and its point sticks out in front of the actual gun, acting like a miniature bayonet. However, Hitomi has no need for a bayonet if she has Reishadanki. Reishadanki has a perfectly carved silver body, with several absorption Lacrimas implanted into it so that the gun can absorb solar energy, and convert it into concentrated spheres of what seems to be light. In order to switch it back to its blade mode, Hitomi simply pulls the switch that is attached to Shitsunen in its gun mode. The gunblade will then quickly and deftly transform itself into its original form; the blade. The actual blade's anatomy is quite complex, as it still holds the absorption Lacrima in place, however, they are coated along the edge of the blade, technically tweaking its ability to coat itself in Eternano. Inside the Eternano it coats itself with, there is solar energy inside of it, enhancing its ability as a defensive and offensive mechanism. The blade is made of pure silver, ruby, and Hydren Core, capable of slicing demons an half without a hesitation. The length of the blade actually extends a few centimeters longer than Hitomi's forearm, looking like it is extremely heavy. And it is indeed heavy, for those who aren't Hitomi Arras in the flesh. Reishadanki has a defensive mechanism that acts similar to a fingerprint scanner. If somebody other than Hitomi tries to wield it, they will receive an electrical shock equivalent to 1000 volts of electricity, and the gunblade will glow red, signifying a Error. If the same person attempts to use Reishadanki once more, they will ultimately be killed by a charge of electricity reaching up to 500,000 volts. Reishadanki has several magical capabilities, its most prominent ability being Sealing Magic. The gunblade is created and powered by the souls that it has slain, theoretically sealing them away. Reishadanki can be considered the inverted form of Shitsune, as it is a crimson, black, and brown color.
  • Plasma Charger: Plasma is the fourth state of matter, created by ionizing gases at high temperatures. The Plasma Charger is a custom made, rarely seen attachment that is usually associated with swords and guns. When attached to either weapon, the attachment releases pulses of contained plasma; the plasma will then surge into the weapon. However, in order to prevent the plasma from melting the weapon itself, the attachment releases a liquefied substance that hardens as soon as it makes contact with the weapon. After the substance is released, the plasma then covers the entirety of the blade, allowing it to cut through almost anything. If the weapon is a gun, the process is the same, but it covers the rounds that the gun shoots.
  • Sealing Magic (封印魔法 Fūin Mahō): Reishadanki's most prominent ability is the ability to seal its victims away, whether to be used as a power source, or simply out of sheer boredom; it all depends on the current wielder. Sealing Magic grants the user a plethora of abilities, so Reishadanki can do more than just seal people away, it can steal magic power, and allow Hitomi to gain this power and replenish it so that she may fight once more. Essentially, Reishadanki can invoke this magic when Hitmoi is low on magic power, and cannot fight much longer without it. This magic is not only limited to sealing people away, it can also seal non-sentinent beings away, such as an enemies' weapon, or for humiliation, their clothing. In an effort to actually kill one of her opponents, Hitomi can seal away their magic power, essentially killing them. Similar to Second Origin, sealing away a foe's magic power can grant the wielder a "Overdrive" so to speak of magic power. An Overdrive is classified as a unique ability, only available to those who have mastered Sealing Magic to its highest potential. When activating Overdrive, the wielder points their blade at their foes' fulcrum, and invokes the power of Reishadanki's Sealing Magic. Once this power is invoked, the blade sends out a magic pulse, sealing all of the magic power of the target, and sending it to the wielder. Once this magic power is deposited into the wielder's body, their body goes through a physical change that enhances all abilities for several minutes, or until all excess magic power is burned away.

Aerenia Pendant (アレニアペンダント Arenia Pendanto): The polar opposite of the Lydius Pendant; it is a benevolent force to behold. Its most prominent power is giving the wearer an affinity to darkness, essentially giving the wearer an affinity to Darkness Magic, as the legend behind Aerenia is that the current host of Aerenia will someday bring the demise of the world and all existing life. The Aerenia Pendant is an ancient artificat that Hitomi found near the Reishadanki, which also brought her a step closer to invoking Aerenia's true power. The jewel itself is seemingly a extremely dark, and shiny obsidian, with a Lacrima inside of it. The chain is silver, with fragments of emeralds and diamons coating it. When the power of the pendant is invoked, Hitomi's aura gradually becomes a pitch black, pulsing around her in a fan-like formation. However once the initial activation is over, Hitomi gains traits of Aerenia, including a drastic personality change. The transformation is similar to Dragon Force in many ways, including the "power-up" traits. The pendant augments Hitomi's abilities, magically and physically.

August Star of Chaos (はちがつほしのカオス(こうきょせいしん) Hachigatsu Hoshi no Kaosu lit. Demise of the Soul): August Star of Chaos is a cybernetic, magically enhanced hand to replace the one that Hitmoi lost during an accident at the lab she used to work in. The accident was caused by an experiment to generate enough Eternano particles in the air to create a massive explosion in random places. However, the experiment went terribly wrong, killing nearly every scientist that was involved with the experiment, and leaving Hitomi right-handless, eyeless, and a cripple. However, she was rescued by her mother who converted her into a Cyborg-Pandora hybrid in an attempt to save her. The procedure was painful and filled with misery, as anesthetic did not exist back then. Having to cut off the rest of the dead and damaged tissue was the first step in attaching August Star of Chaos, then Aeris had to manually fuse the cybornetic arm to Hitomi's wrist stump; she was forced to listen to her daughter scream in pain and misery for several days before the procedure was finished. The hand is extremely heavy; being made out of a unique combination of silver, steel, and carbyne. The hand is compatible with Hitomi's nerves and bones, as most of the bones in the right side of her body was converted into the unique mixture. The hand is a silver color, but is covered by the fingerless gloves. However, the glove that fits on the right hand was tweaked so that it uses a variant of Illusion Magic, making it seem that there is flesh instead of metal. August Star of Chaos has a compartment that opens upon the command, "Open!" (オープン! Oupon!). This compartment scans Hitomi's Astral Rings, allowing her to use the Astral Armours granted to her by the Gemini Ring. The hand also has a special function called Cannon Break (げんしほうGenshihou); this particular function transforms Hitomi's hand into a powerful cannon that can convert simply energy into what is known as the fourth state of matter; plasma. Once the charge and build up is completed, Hitomi can shoot large beams of contained plasma at her foes, annihilating them instantly.

Azure Eye: Ashes to Ashes (こんぺきアイ:はいたいはい Konpeki Ai: Hai tai Hai): Hitomi's left eye is not a real organ; it is considered a cybernetic eye stored with data containing the Ashes to Ashes function, an ancient Black Arts spell that is capable of reducing all living organisms into ash, essentially destroying all life that exists. The program was created by Cyborgs during post-Cyborg-Humanity war as a final assault and comeback from their humiliating loss to the humans. However, the Cyborgs suffered yet again another devastating loss when the data was "destroyed". The person who was able to collect the data stored it inside the Azure Eye, and left it inside an ancient temple. During the Dragon-Human war, it was given to Aeris Ackerman's ancestors so that they may protect it at all costs, even if it meant destroying the data. With Hitomi dying and sightless in the left eye, Aeris implanted the Azure Eye into her, in hopes that it would be safe in her hands, or head. When the eye is activated, it turns into a metalic gold color, with the words, Mythni Hadek Fynx Agnera etched into the area around the pupil. These four words are the incantation to activate the spell; their meaning is "Destroy All Living Souls". Supposedly, when the incantation is spoken, a bright light will engulf the entirety of the surrounding area, devouring all living organisms-including the caster. The light will spread across the entire world, until nothing is left. However, it is unsure exactly how the eye destroys all life in Earth Land.

Starstreaker (ほしストリーカー Hoshisutoriikaa): A powerful weapon, classified as a large broadsword, and identified as a member of the Twelve Elemental Blades (じゅうにそし Juuni Soshi lit. Elemental Device). Starstreaker's primary ability is conducting, manipulating, and generating the destructive element of fire, essentially having the ability of Pyrokenesis. However, its secondary ability is very powerful; it brings out the power of the the twelve zodiac constellations, invoking their unmistakeable power. Th process behind Starstreaker's primary ability is because of the thousands of tiny absorption Lacrimas imbued within the broadsword, absorbing oxygen. Once enough oxygen is collected, it ignites the fuel inside of the sword, generating the fire. The fire produced by this blade is known as Driver Fire (ぎょしゃファイア Gyosha Faia), fire known to burn through steel itself. The culprit behind the power stored inside of the blade is the Hydren Core (ヒヅレヌコア Hiduren Koa), a very new invention that isn't sold on the market. Instead, it is sole for billions of Jewel in the Black Market, as Hydren Cores have been outlawed by the Magic Council. The broadsword is made out of the physical embodiment of humanity's greatest fears; it is driven by one of the biggest: being burned alive. With the Hydren Core, the creator of Starstreaker was able to collect these fears, and then by using Arc of Embodiment, was able to create Starstreaker. The blade is a dark, alluring crimson that then fades into a pitch black color. The blade is thick and sharp, capable of slicing through flesh like it's warm butter. The grip is a silver rod, a drawback of this blade. It is very easy for Starstreaker to slip out of one's grip. In order to counter this, Hitomi donned anti-slip fingerless gloves, and tweaked with August Star of Chaos until it was unlikely for the blade to ever slip out of her hands.

Magic and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Hitomi's skill with a blade is punishing, brutal, and absolutely devastating. She specializes in precision and speed; brutally slicing apart her opponent's seams until they are nothing more than a heap of skin, muscle, and bones. With two contrasting weapons, Hitomi has built an affinity to both heavy striking, and swift, precise slashes that require more than just brute strength. Utilizing her speed and strength, Hitomi can strike from multiple directions, switching from gun to blade mode, devastating her foes with different attacks from different directions. Befitting her waifish build, she can slip through her enemy's defenses undetected, and surprise them with a multitude of tempermental attacks, with enough time to make them look attractive and flashy, as she considers swordfighting an elegant yet devastating art. Hitomi follows no particular code of honor, instead relying on her gut feeling to fight. Hitomi is considered an proactive fighter; attacking and destroying her foe's defenses and means of attach before they can get a chance to attack her. Hitomi's monstrous strength come as a helpful hand when in battle; she is able to swing Starstreaker, a two-handed broadsword, with one hand, and still have an amazing amount of accuracy with her attacks. She can use heavy strikes to knock her opponent away, and then use Reishadanki to brutally slice her foes into pieces before they can properly attack. Hitomi is skilled enough in swordfighting that she can pull off a proper fake; she can make herself appear to be going to one spot, and then at the very last millisecond, switch to a different spot, more often than not where a vital organ resides. She can use Reishadanki as a throwing knife and a boomerang, stabbing her opponents at a farther distance than needed. Hitomi's skill allows her to simply swing, and the air currents will abruptly change towards the direction in which she swung her blade, cutting anything that gets in the way an half. Hitomi has an incredibly violent and aggressive style of fighting, even with her hand to hand combat. She refuses to be noted as weaker than her opponent, thus she tries to limit the amount of time spent on the defensive side, and focuses only on victory; the aggressive side of her always manages to turn up. Combined with brutal upercuts and roundhouse kicks, Hitomi is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Sword Magic: Soul Forward (剣の魔法:せいしんぜんぽう Ken no Mahō: Seishin Zenpō): Sword Magic is one of the most common magics used by the mage populace, as it is considered one of the easier magics to learn. The user starts by channeling Eternano diretly into a specially constructed magic blade that causes a chain reaction to the sword, having the blade alter it's entire structure until it reaches an unstable form of metal and magic, allowing the person to manipulate it into a solid shape that can also engage the spell that the user sees fit to use. In some cases, when the person condenses the unstable structure, they often add their own elemental affinity magic, allowing for the user of elemental sword spells to be created through the effective means of the user. During the time after the sword spell is used, the Eternano is immediatly ejected from the blade, allowing the unstablility, the result from the Eternano, to cease and transform the blade back to it's normal shape. However, there are certain risks to using this magic as it takes much mental focus and incredible magic control in order to allow the blade to be altered in it's solid shape, and to be controlled in it's unstable form. When the user often attempts to make any spell, their hand is to remain on the hilt at all time, due to the fact that unless the Eternano is controlled and is kept at a steady flow into the blade, the blade will simply revert back to it's normal shape while the Eternano is simply ejected outward. Hitomi's style of Sword Magic is known as Soul Forward (せいしんぜんぽう Seishin Zenpō). This particular style of magic is solely reliant on the purity of the user's soul; the hope, happiness, and determination one possesses. Complimenting her magic, Soul Forward combines the aura that Hitomi releases, and combines it with Eternano particles. When combined, these particles create a destructive force referred to as Shutsuganji (しゅつがんじ lit. Application of Time). The force is viewed as a divine force, ripping through the sands of time, and destroying foes in mere milliseconds.
    • Absolute Pentagram Slash (ほしがた Hoshigata): A extremely powerful technique, one created for the specific reason to kill; when performing the technique, Hitomi forces the collection of souls inside of her blade to manifest along the entirety of the blade, charging it until the aura around the blade is full of darkness and animosity. Then, once the blade has reached its limit, Hitomi unleashes four powerful attacks, using the souls' combined power, tearing through flesh like it is softened butter. The first strike, or slash, is directed to the foe's left arm, right below the shoulder. Hitomi charges the sword with a heightened amount of the souls' power, and combines it with the solar energy that the gun has absorbed, then, she holds her sword at a tilted angle, approximately 30 degrees, and unleashes a powerful strike at her foe's left arm, causing a multitude of explosions. With every strike, the explosions grow larger and larger, to the point where it is affecting the surrounding area of her foe. The fifth and final slash is the finisher- the absolute end for the foe. In order to augment the sword's power to the supreme Shutsuganji, Hitomi concentrates all of her magic power, the souls, and the solar energy into the blade, and must not break her concentration. Once the blade has reached the ultimate power limitation, Hitomi grips Reishadanki tightly with both of her hands, and delivers a firm, powerful strike to the foe's heart, ultimately killing them. When their heart stops beating, the soul of the victim resonates with the pulsing of Reishadanki. When the resonance has reached a fever pitch, Reishadanki consumes the unfortunate soul, adding them to its collection.
    • Overdrive Essence (オーバードライブき Oubaadoraibu Ki): A technique that merges Hitomi with her most powerful soul; gripping Reishadanki with her two hands, and holding by her right hip, she resonates with the first soul killed by the sword; the Crimson Knight's soul. Merging herself with the soul of the Crimson Knight, Hitomi charges sunlight and the soul circulating inside of her together, and manifests the two of these crucial components at the tip of her blade. Slowly removing her hand from the blade, Hitomi will begin to build up momentum by sprinting towards her opponent, completing a series of one-handed flips towards her opponent. Right when she reaches her target, she delivers a bone shattering kick to her foe's vertabrae, in an effort to stun them. While they are still unable to counterattack, Hitomi resonates with the Crimson Knight once more, and unleashes the power that he once had, slashing a slash that stretches from her foe's left hip to their right shoulder. Momentarily, she transfers the Crimson Knight into their body, allowing him to wreck havoc inside her opponent's body, and then return once more into the blade.
    • X-Diagram (エックずしき Ekkusu Ruishiki): A destructive technique, one capable of decimating a group of mages. It is simple, yet so deadly, proving that even the simplest of things can be turned deadly. Coating Starstreaker with flames, Hitomi holds the sword with both hands in a tight grip, and then swings the sword in an 'X' formation as fast as she can continuously, unleashing flames that ride along the air pressure released from the swings. These air blades that are manifested from the X-Diagram are extremely versatile, capable of slicing through steel cleanly and without much effort. Blade coated with fire, Hitomi sprints in front of the blades, and swings at her opponents, forcing them to either attempt to defend themselves, or dodge. Once they are thoroughly distracted, Hitomi hops upwards, jumping over the air blades. As soon as these blades make physical contact with anything, the magic particles infused with the fire cause a multitude of explosions, affecting nearby allies as well. These air blades, ironically, can cut through steel, metal and iron, yet they cannot slice through flesh. Instead, they rely on the flames and inevitable explosion to finish the job for them. While they cannot slice through an entire body, they can do some serious damage; cut deeply into the body of their target, or hack off fingers and sometimes hands if enough force is pur behind the initial execution.
    • Heaven-Shaking Slash (動天斬, Dōtenzan) is a Sword Magic spell of considerable destructive power; the Heaven-Shaking Slash lives up to its name quite clearly; its a slash so powerful everything trembles in its wake. Unlike several Sword Magic spells, it can be utilized with any sword so long as the user is capable of manifesting the required energy to make use of it properly. The Heaven-Shaking Slash works by concentrating an excess of magical power into one's blade, creating surges of magical energy leaking out of the medium which the spell is being used from. From therein, the user makes a slash, generally vertical, against the opponent in question. The slash builds up an extraordinary amount of momentum from the movement that goes behind it, therefore releasing destructive shockwaves of kinetic energy which can slice through inanimate objects such as trees and even steel with some effort. While the spell is very powerful and effective, inappropriate use can easily lead to fatigue and unwanted destruction of the surrounding environment.
    • Sword Pressure (剣圧, Ken'atsu): A basic ability which can be learned by almost everyone and their mother, but it sure is deadly if utilized properly; it is the most basic techniques that one can perform with their sword. When performing the Sword Pressure technique, the user swings forward with their sword, swinging the blade so swiftly that it seems that the user is able to utilize air itself to slice enemies, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which the user launches at foes; sending it through the air towards the user's enemy. It is a powerful blade of pressure that appears as faint ripples of wind that is launched towards the foe at high speeds; this attack enables the user to assault things which are out of their sword's range, sending slashes which fly through the air itself; and can even remain floating in it until the right moment to slash. The person struck by the sword pressure is assaulted by countless invisible blades which happens so fast that they would normally be unable to properly react in time, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet; this technique possesses enough power to slice down many trees in a forest. This technique can deflect both physical and sound wave attacks and attack at the same time, making it both an offensive and defensive technique. These blades of wind possess incredible range and devastating power; and at its highest level of mastery, the sword pressure is capable of cutting through barriers of magical energy; and they can even remain floating within the air until the right minute to slash.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combat: Ruthless, unorthodox, aggressive, these three words describe Hitomi's unarmed fighting style. Hitomi utilizes brutal punches, elbowing, and kneeing in her aggressive fighting style, which is known as Hotsugan Seiunguu (ほつがんせいうんグー lit. Praying Nebula Fist). This fighting style utilizes swift, brutal punches with harsh elbow strikes, to devastating kneeing to stun and choke her opponent. However, that is the only "code of honor" that one must follow when following this fighting style- some even consider it free-style. Other than that, the Hitomi is free to do whatever she wishes to do, including using opponents and comrades as human shields, attacking when the opponent is down, and biting her opponents. She is capable of delivering devastating blows towards her enemies with her legs, arms, and fists, even if her style dictates otherwise. Not only is she able to attack fiercely and quickly, she can incorporate her own magic into her fighting style. Hitomi is very flexible and fluent with her movements. She is capable of twisting while bring her knee in to knee her opponent in the face. While she does indeed of monstrous strength, she still relies heavily on attacks based around her elbows and knees. With her elbows and knees, she can deliver bone crushing, skull splitting blows that can effectively kill somebody, if delivered at the right spot, Hitomi is able to do one-handed somersaults to create momentum, and then deliver a rapid succession of harsh kicks towards various places. She can intercept blows from her opponent, and use it to bring down a rain of harsher attacks upon whoever was unfortunate enough to anger her. Hitomi has trained herself to adapt to different types of fighting styles, and memorize long strings of combo attacks. By doing so, she can revive the strings of data that tell her about different ways to combat these ways of combat. However, more often than not, Hitomi will throw all caution in the wind, and fight them with calculated punches and elbow blows without any regrets at all. She does not wait for her opponents to recover, instead, she comes at them at a faster pace, until her opponents either give up, or are unable to stand anymore. However, she isn't one to "go for the kill". She instead beats her opponents to oblivion, and then leaves them alone. Hitmoi is capable of kicking a man twice her size several yards away, and then still be able to pounce at him and attack ferociously. The way she fights is actually just harsh blows delivered at the correct time and place. Because Hotsugan Seiunguu is simply free-style, she will willingly resort to biting, elbowing, and spitting on her opponent just to distract them. She is capable of delivering a rapid succession of harsh blows with her hands, legs, elbows, and knees at her opponent. Even unarmed, she is a force to be reckoned with. She will hit her opponent if they are down, and will gladly take advantage of any weak points her opponent may have. During the Dragon-Human war, she obligated herself to learn how to fight with her own body. After many years of grueling training, the result was complete mastery over unarmed combat. Hitomi is capable of targeting weak points and/or pressure points. She is known for going for pressure points that if pressed on hard enough, are able to knock a person out. When combined with her magic, she becomes a devastating force, capable of taking out small parties that are unfortunate enough to come across somebody like her. She is described as a wild, untamed beast when she fights, as she fights with no regrets and with sheer brute force. Combined with her incredible reflexes, she is able to dodge and counterattack quickly, being known as the Flash (悩ます Nayamasu) for her uncanny ability to seem like she's teleporting. However, the reason behind her ability to look like she's teleporting, is excellent footwork and reflexes. She knows exactly where to move, and when to move. Her reflexes combined with her footwork create a quote-on-quote, "Demon in a human form." Although she is a incredible force with her unarmed combat, she does have a tendency to trip herself. Although she isn't what the average person would consider clumsy, she does trip herself, causing her to risk her life in the process. To make up for her "clumsiness", she has trained herself to make most of her fights quick, brisk, and brutal, thus scaring most of her fellow comrades in the process.

  • Third Eye Revision (さんばんアイかいせい Sanban Ai Kaisei): Using the Infinity Ring to activate the Infinity Soul inside of her, Hitomi can augment her strength tenfold; her Infinity Soul using a Hydren Core to store all of the potential that Hitomi has. Imbuing her fists with the energy emitted by her Infinity Soul, Hitomi can unleash a galestorm of punches, each devastating a certain vital point, eventually shutting down the vital processes. A third eye is generally referred to as a inner eye; a metaphysical eye that allows one to dwell deeper into one's soul, and have a higher perception of the life given to them. Using the Infinity Soul, Hitomi can awaken her "Third Eye" and augment her attacks using the metaphysical connection between her and her pool of souls. Equipping her now enhanced Infinity Soul, Hitomi unleashes one final strike, one aimed right a the throat, to cut off all breathing, and to use as a finisher. Manifesting her Infinity Soul into her August Star of Chaos, Hitomi activates the Breaker Cannon, and fires a stream of magically enhanced plasma, annihilating her opponent completely.

Immense Speed: Hitomi's speed is unmatched, cruel, and too fast for the eye to see. Her speed is something that should never be underestimated, as it is what helps her create rapid attacks, and is superior to High Speed. She is able to outrun her opponents in mere milliseconds, often giving her opponent's the feeling that she is actually using Teleportation Magic, instead of actually running. Because she prefers not to get too close with her opponent, she often uses hit and run tactics, or uses her specialty; one hit K.O.s to avoid close quarter combat. Her speed allows her to leave an afterimage in several places, leaving her opponent confused, and causing them to be surprised every time she lands a hit on them. She is capable of moving so fast, that she can take out her opponent with one sweep of a leg, leaving them with no time to react to her superior speed. Her speed allows her hand to hand combat to become a force that is compared with hurricanes; allowing her to deliver twenty attacks per second, leaving her opponent in the dust. It is almost impossible to catch her full figure while she is sprinting; thus the only ones who can actually detect her are ones with incredibly fast eyes and reflexes, something that most do not possess in their arsenal. Many Dark Guilds fear Hitomi's speed, because she is known to be merciless when it comes to fighting, and will not hesitate kill her opponents, unless it is stated in her job to bring her target back alive. Even so, she will often bring her opponent back in pieces. Hitomi is able to outrun the fastest animals, making her useful for finding food when she and her team run out of Jewel for food. With Hitomi's speed, she is able to evade bullets, and even outrun them. She can easily dodge successions of kicks, punches, anything of that category. Her immense speed has saved her neck (literally) on several occasions; allowing her to dodge swords aimed at her neck, jump over her opponents, and even allow her to evade heavy gunfire.

  • Heightened Reflexes: Naturally, with great speed comes great reflexes. Not only can she evade bullets, but catch them as well, without gaining a scratch, a skill that has come in handy several times over. Hitomi can adapt to any situation thrusted at her, giving her more of a edge than other mages. Her reflexes have advanced to the point where she can catch a dart with two fingers while not even facing it. Simply because she reacted to the sound of a dart whistling through the air. This shows that not only can she adapt to visual situations, but through sound as well. Her ears are very sensitive, capable of hearing a dog whistle, and identifying the source of the sound. She can adapt to a fake easily, effortlessly countering it with a brutal counterattack. Her reflexes are prime; a powerful weapon in its own right.

Monstrous Strength: Capable of swinging Starstreaking with one hand, and using an attack with it proved her strength, as the blade is extremely heavy, and is a two-handed weapon. Being part Cyborg, she must walk around with quite a bit of weight, from her cybernetic hand, eye, bones, and leg, the added weight is very heavy, and a chore to lug around everyday. However, Hitomi carries it all effortlessly, utilizing swift attacks like they were just normal flesh, instead of metal. She can smash her non-Cybornetic hand through a steel building, toss a man thrice her size yards away from her, and destroy a wooden building by simply flicking it. Equipped with cybornetic parts, Hitomi's strength is a unmatched weapon at her disposal. If she wished to, she could smash right through flesh like it is warm butter. Due to her cybornetic parts, her strength can be described as inhuman, as the parts that Aeris created were meant to be weapons, or artifacts that were never supposed to be used. A simple kick from her cybornetic leg can send a man flying miles away.

Impressive Durability: Hitomi has shown a massive amount of resillence; having been forced to undergo mind-numbing pain from anesthetic-free surgery to fuse cybornetic limbs onto her to replace the flesh lost during accidents. Hitomi has been smashed into steel walls, been hit by Wizard Saint-level attacks, survived Guild Master attacks, and walked out uninjured. She can punch right through walls of lacrima, kick holes through steel, and fall off high buildings without showing any sign of pain. Her impressive durability is partially due to her cybornetic parts, however, a majority is due to the years of experience that she has. Throughout the years, she has learned many ways to reduce the damage that is thrown at her; she can coat her entire body with eternano and solidify it so that she won't even have to attack to deal damage. Even after recieving a multitude of punishing, powerful attacks, Hitomi can still stand up and fight, declaring that she will never lose. Part of her resillence can be credited to her indomitable will- one that can never be changed or bent, no matter how hard one tries. After suffering so much, she realized that the purpose of life isn't to bend to the will of another, instead, it is to leave your own mark upon the sands of time. Using this will, Hitomi refuses to give up, and will stand up and fight back no matter how many times she has to stand back up again.

Assorted Others

High Intelligence Levels: As the daughter of two extremely successful and intelligent scientists, Hitomi naturally has a incredible amount of intelligence. She has been described as analytical, logical, and inventive. She is noted to come up with the strangest counterattacks, all because of her quick adaption to different fighting styles. Hitomi catches onto things very quickly, immediately knowing if somebody is lying or not. She is capable of telling somebody's emotions simply by analyzing what they are doing, and deducing the particluar emotion they are feeling. Hitomi is able to pinpoint exactly where her opponent's weak points are, whether it be through prediction or observation. During pre-battle briefing, she often points out how plans could possibly fail or work, and then she is able to quickly improve on a plan. She has a pedagogic ability to remember all her opponent's fighting styles, weaknesses and strengths, and execute the best action to take care of them. She has been compared to Fairy Tail's First Master, Mavis Vermillion on terms of strategy and initiative. The way her comrades place their trust in her decisions can be slightly comedic, as even the slightest mistake on her part causes them to have exaggerated reactions. She often observes her opponents, and then determines their weaknesses through hunches and educated guesses. Her predictions are often correct, and when the proper measures are executed, the result on the target is catastrophic. Hitomi is inventive and creative; she is the creator of several fun inventions, ones that aren't needed on the battlefield, but are still. fun to use.

Talented Pilot:

Hitomi's custom fighter jet, HACF-XL001

Surprisingly, Hitomi has an affinity to flying, capable of twisting, turning, and her best skill: improvising. With her creativity and intelligence combined, she was able to create her personal fighter jet, HACF-XL001 (HACF-XL001 Short for, Hitomi Arras Custom Fighter- Xceed Limits Number One), and fly it to the utmost proficiency. HACF-XL001 is currently the best air-assault type weapon that is under Absolute Fighter Magician Academy's "possession", and naturally, Hitomi is their best pilot. HACF-XL001's design is very complex; it has several safety and security measures to get it through various battles in the war-torn world that Awakening is set in. For instance, there is a cybernetic droid that is attached and linked to all systems in the ship. The pilot of the ship cannot disable this droid's connection, unless the ship is entirely annihilated. However, that can be countered if the pilot is Hitomi Arras in the flesh. Using voice-recognition systems, Hitomi simply has to say, Hitomi Arras- XL-001 Piloting. (ひとみアラス- XL-001操縦。Hitomi Arasu - XL - 001 sōjū.), and the droid's connections can be severed, partially. No matter what, the droid will always be connected to the systems, and can follow voice commands. The actual ship is a yellow and grey color, painted this way for the sole reason of sticking out amongst the other airships and fighter jets that exist in the academy's air force. The jet is actually two parts; the powering ring, and the actual ship. The powering ring does exactly what the title suggests, it powers up the plane so that it may continue to fight. The powering ring is powered up by two massive Hydren Cores, and several dozen lacrima. When the ship docks into the ring, it takes about forty-seconds to power up once more, before allowing it to be at maximum power. The ring also has an emergency system that allows the ship to be compressed into billions of light particles so that it may travel at a higher speed than most. When the ship is detached from the powering ring, it is granted a higher speed and much more flexibility. Using this to her advantage, she can swirl, twist, and turn just to get rid of an enemy. Because of this, her flying reputation describes her flying style as reckless and violent. HACF-001 has a system console that constantly updates the system's status. This console also allows Hitomi to control the ship's weapons. HACF-001 is equipped with a simple, yet deadly duo of guns. These guns have an appearance similar to a sniper rifle; long, sleek, and very accurate. They fire beams of concentrated plasma enhanced with eternano. Even when Hitomi is twisting and turning, she can be extremely accurate with her shots. AFMA is considered the country's best soldiers, even though they are still very young. The academy, similarily to a military, gives ranks to those who have proven themselves worthy of a promotion. As of now, there are no students who hold the rank of general, but there are several with ranks right below general. Hitomi's rank is considered rather high, compared to other students that have chosen to enhance their piloting skills. She is a Lieutenant General (中将 Chuujou), outranking many of the student body.

Magical Abilities

High Magic Power:

Hitomi's unrestrained magic power.

Hitomi's levels of magic power is enough to completely obliterate a brick building when released, creating a crater underneath her. She is able to naturally control her Eternano; exerting an enormous force of it, or completely sealing it off. Hitomi is able to "guide" her magic power to various places to suit her needs. Her body is a unique "sponge"; it soaks up the Eternano within the air to regenerate the Eternano inside of her, often causing her to become sick because of it. However, because of this unique ability, Hitomi has become a force that relies on nothing to power her on. The aura of her magic power is enough to blast the ground beneath her into smithereens; and she often uses her aura to intimidate others, and to enhance her attacks. She has enough magic power inside of her to fool around with it during a majority of a battle, and still be able to cast advanced spells while not exhausting her entire reservoir of magic power. Because of the aforementioned side effect, Aeris realized that the amount of Eternano inside of her was too much, so, he was able to tweak the fingerless gloves so that it could act as a limiter; absorbing a vast portion of Hitomi's magic power so that it doesn't tear her body to pieces. Using Reishadanki, she is granted the ability to absorb magic power from others' bodies, however, the body from which they are absorbing Eternano from, must be the same blood type as the one absorbing the magic power. Although the rule for absorbing Eternano from others' bodies still applies to her, Reishadanki allows her to absorb it through the air, and absorb the Eternano from others' auras, making her a dangerous foe indeed. She has grown so used to doing this, that her body automatically responds to low levels of Eternano; by absorbing the magic power in the air without Hitomi even having to think about it. Since Hitomi has natural control over her Eternano, she is able to literally coat herself in it, while reinforcing it during a battle. The "armor" that can be coated around her is like water; it does not have any true shape or size, meaning it can adapt to whatever shape or size it is applied to. However, obviously, the coat is made out of Eternano, and will keep absorbing her Eternano as long as she has it out. But with her unique abilities, she is able to let the coat stay on for several hours before actually getting worn down because of it.
  • S-Class Magical Aura: A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts, which will be outlined in the following sections. Hitomi posses an S-Class aura, one demonstrated solely by S-Class mages or above in potency, and generally are reserved to the stronger S-Class mages as a consequence of their sheer magical strength. When exerted, the S-Class aura takes the form of an overwhelming level of pressure that surrounds the user in a color that best represents their personality. It generally encompasses them in a certain radius, and demonstrates a level of strength that leaves most mages unable to react to it unless they've had continual exposure or exert an aura of similar potency. However, the problem with this aura is that if it used continuously, it can tire an individual. Though considering most S-Class' level of magical power, this is rarely the case. The variety of effects achieved by this aura are noted to be quite high, as it can take the form of different shapes and can be used to repel magical and physical assaults alike.

Astral Soul Magic

Astral Soul Magic (せいきたいせいしんまほう Seikitai Seishin Mahou): Astral Soul Magic is a Caster-Type, Lost Magic of considerable power, and is known as Isshindōtai (いっしんどうたい lit. Two Hearts Beating as One). The magic's sole existence was created for the benefit of the humans during the time when demons and dragons wrecked havoc upon the world, when most humans were losing hope of being saved. However, before all hope was lost, the Dawn Knight approached the world, and destroyed itself to give the world hope once more. Those with high magical potential, and a determined soul resonated with the Dawn Knight's beating heart, and soon after, Astral Soul Magic was born. The magic is rare and powerful, capable of destroying even the slightly impure, if the user deems it as so.

Astral Soul Magic is rarely used, as nowadays it is considered a fluke in the laws of magic. According to Aeris, each person does not have only one soul- they have thousands of untouched, unused souls that are the source of Astral Soul Magic. Fusing the hope of one person with one of these souls, then use the sun's energy, and finally, resonating with the Dawn Knight's heart beat is the only way to utilize this magic. These three crucial components of the magic are absolutely required, which makes it difficult to learn, as the beating of the Dawn Knight's heart is different for most. The most common, however, would be the metaphysical beating of a thousand hearts together. As soon as the beating of the Dawn Knight's heart is revealed to the user, they must align their heart beat and soul to resonate with him. Once this is done, the user is able to unleash the power of their soul and heart united- two hearts beating as one.

Astral Soul Magic is described as the metaphysical manifestation of the hopes of humankind resonating with the soul of the user. As a result, it almost takes a lifetime to learn and master. However, seeing as though Hitomi has had nearly a million lifetimes to learn it, she has already become a great user of the magic, but not as good as a select few. Astral Soul Magic chooses its users; it attaches itself to the blood and DNA of the user so that the magic can be transferred through genetics. However, if the magic is transferred through genetics, the magic will grow weaker and weaker, until the magic can be described as non existent. Astral Soul Magic can be classified as Holder Magic and Caster Magic. Users of this magic who utilize Holder Magic are at a distinct disadvantage, not only can they lose their item, but they are at risk of losing the capability of losing the ability to perform magic. This magic can be applied to the plainest of weapons to make them lethal; it actually relies on weapons, fists, and kicks to carry the magic over. Once physical contact os made, the magic will be transferred into the foe's body, destroying them from within.

Furthermore, each user of Astral Soul Magic has one main soul; Hitomi's being the Infinity Soul. These souls are the user's most powerful and versatile soul, the one that dominates all of the others at her disposal. These special souls are described as Abnormals (びょうてき Byouteki), ones that shouldn't have existed in the first place, but continue to exist. Once the main soul is identified, the user's attacks become much more powerful; more than what they would have been without these Abnormals.

Passive Factors
  • Advanced Regenerative Healing Factor: Described as cleansing the soul, users of Astral Soul Magic can cleanse their body of wounds and impurities by activating their healing factor. Although, activating isn't the correct word, as it is passive. Essentially, this healing factor can revert items and people back to their original form; healthy and unbroken. She is able to eject toxins via her Infinity Soul, and fix her entire body's worth of broken bones in mere seconds. However, there are limitations to this healing factor. She cannot revert disembered limbs back to their original body; meaning that she can't "regrow" somebody's limbs if they are detatched from their body.
Offensive Attacks
  • Absolute X (ぜったいエック Rettai Ekksu): A efficient versatile attack, as well as Hitomi's signature attack; in order to execute it, Hitomi channels the solar energy emitted from the sun into Reishadanki, charging it with her magic power, as well as her Infinity Soul. Condensing it and manifesting it along the edge of the blade, until it is emitting a high pitched roar; the result of absolute resonance. Hitomi holds it in a reverse-grip in front of her face, using her left hand to steady herself, and hold the concentration between her, and her Abnormal. Once the high pitched roar has reached to the point of unbearable to her foe, Hitomi tilts her blade forty degrees to the right, and slashes the air in a 'X' formation four times, releasing a tilted X of solar energy, her Infinity Soul, and the manifestation of Astral Soul Magic. The formation is launched at her foe in impossible speed; reaching them in milleseconds at the least. Once the mixture has reached the opponent, it explodes into a brilliant light, dealing heavy damage to the foe. If she deems necessary, Hitomi can use her speed to sprint towards her opponent, and unleash this attack at close-quarters, risking the notion of being affected by her own attack. She can also choose not to concentrate as much, bringing the risks up, but promising absolute destruction towards her opponent. By letting go of her concentration a small bit, she can unleash a series of attacks at different angles, destroying the enemy in different places.
  • Sniper's Eye (そげきへいのアイ Sogekihei no Ai): A powerful supplementary spell; one that uses Hitomi's metaphysical Third Eye to function correctly. Holding her gunblade in a praying position, Hitomi transfers furiously transfers her Infinity Soul into the Azure Eye; not activating Ashes to Ashes (she cannot do that by will), but by activating its normall dormant ability; Seiun Sight (せいうんかん Seiun Kan lit. Nebula Sight). Seiun Sight is a powerful ability of Azure Eye; giving Hitomi the abilities of a automatic sniper that is remotely controlled, essentially transforming her eye into a source of intelligence, a computer like anamoly. Seiun Sight is a versatile supplementary spell, with abilities that can prove to be devastating to the foe. This ability allows Hitomi to lock onto her opponent, and shoot the specialized bullets from Reishadanki. Seiun Eye promises absolute accuracy; it will absolutely never fail, always hitting its targets with maximum power and perfect accuracy. The "computer"-like chip inside of Azure Eye is able to set up a coordinate plane, mapping out future attacks based off the target's attack patterns. Then, this mapped data is transferred to August Star of Chaos, who performs a Full Scan (くわしいスキャン Kuwashii Sukyan) on the data, and either approves or denies the mapped data. If the data is approved by August Star of Chaos, then it will then perform another Full Scan, and activate that plan, fusing the plans to her brain, who then sends out the nerve signals to her limbs, activating the plan. If the plan is denied, all functions that will lead up to the data is halted immediately, even if the attack Hitomi is using is the finisher, or important in general.
  • Starlight Essence (ほしかげえきす Hoshikage Ekisu): One of Hitomi's strongest spells; one said to be the ultimate spell of the stars, it is indeed a spell that can send even the most powerful mages packing. It is described as the very essence of hope, the true spell embodiment of the Gemini symbiote and armour. In order to initiate Starlight Essence, Hitomi grips Reishadanki with her right hand, bracing it with her left hand- only using her right hand to inflict maximum damage. She starts charging it with the deadly mixture of sunlight, magic power, and her Infinity Soul and Gemini combined. She starts this by manifesting the damaging mixture into the sharp edge of the blade, until it is near its absolute breaking point. When it reaches this point, Hitomi draws the constellation of Gemini in the air, making it glow and resonate with its pulsing power, shattering into a thousand lights that augment the ridiculous power of her blade, as well as glow in her hair. Before executing this deadly spell, Hitomi shouts the incantation with great gusto, "I, the true carrier of Gemini, call for the power of the stars! The beating of the Dawn Knight's heart resonates with mine, lets go! STARLIGHT ESSENCE!!! (私、双子座の真のキャリアは、星の力を求める!ドーン騎士の心臓の鼓動は私と共鳴する、行くことができます!スターライトエッセンス!! ! Watashi, Futagoza no shin no kyaria wa,-boshi no chikara o motomeru! Dōn kishi no shinzō no kodō wa watashi to kyōmei suru, iku koto ga dekimasu! Sutāraitoessensu!!!). Once the incantation is spoken, the true power of the Infinity Soul and the Dawn Knight's power is invoked, blinding her opponents for several minutes- which is enought to cast this spell and dispose of them for good. Hitomi's eyes will glow a bright gold, unleashing the true power of Gemini. The lights that fell from the contellation apparation resonate with the glowing, giving Hitomi a divine appearance; one associated with a goddess. The actual attack is brutal, devastating, and absolutely powerful; Hitomi releases a flurry of a thousand slashes in vital points of the foe, ultimately destroying her enemy. Transferring the divine soul of Gemini into her foe, she can literally rip them apart, casting the spell as a finality of the battle. When the initial execution is finished, Hitomi will proclaim, "Now, it's done." (さて、それは完了です Sate, soreha kanryōdesu.), and unleash the final strike; a stab to the foe's throat, finishing them.
  • Arras Art: Scarlet Lotus Edge (アラスアート:緋色の蓮のエッジ Arasuāto: Hiiro no Hasu no Ejji): A demonic, insane persona is taken on by utilizing this dangerous attack; one that promises absolute carnage. Seeking her darkest soul, Hitomi allows her to overcome herself, granting herself immense, insane power that brings nothing but bloodshed to her foes. Aerenia grants her absolute dominance over Astral Soul Magic; albeit at a price: insanity and lunacy. When performing this attack, Hitomi enters a state of insanity; oblivious to all pain and suffering- including her comrades'. However, when this price is paid, a powerful attack is granted to her; Scarlet Lotus Edge. The mechanics of the spell seems so simple, yet the outcome is absolutely catastrophic to the target, and the user. This particular attack affects Hitomi's mental stability, wearing away at it every time she uses this attack. When it is performed, she injects her own soul into the blade, allowing Aerenia and Gemini to take over her body, essentially utilizing her as a tool. With the power of Aerenia and Gemini combined, she can unleash a hundred strikes to her foe's arms and legs, blocking off their way of attacking. When these hundred strikes are finished, Hitomi's soul is returned once again to her body, allowing her to use the finisher to this attack. Summoning Starstreaker, Hitomi engulfs the entire blade with Driver Fire, and releases a tilted wave of flames at her opponent, ultimately reducing them to ash.
  • Phoenix Soul Release (フェニックス魂のリリース Fenikkusu Tamashī no Rirīsu): The Phoenix Soul is Hitomi's alter ego; a cold, distant, and apathetic- not giving a damn about anybody. Due to its nature and way of fighting, Hitomi forcibly seals it within her to contain it. However, in times of battle, Hitomi is willing to release the soul, unleashing its wrath of being kept in a cage under constant monitering. When she releases the Phoenix Soul, Hitomi imbues her blade with a fracture of her soul and the sunlight- and then stabs herself in the heart. When this is done, a bright light will engulf her, blinding all surrounding enemies. When the light dies down, Hitomi takes on a enigmatic, powerful appearance. She gains gold and red markings that snake across her face, arms and legs. Her eyes turn steadily into a gold color. With the Phoenix Soul released, Hitomi is granted one attack; the Phoenix Soul Release. Gripping Starstreaker with two hands, Hitomi attaches the Plasma Charger onto it for added effect. Then, flicking the switch, she engulfs her entire blade with plasma. Staring back at her opponent, she braces herself, and sprints at her highest speed towards her opponent, slashing diagonally across their body, releasing a fragment of the Phoenix Soul inside of them. Since many people are unaware of the Phoenix Soul's existence, the fire that burns inside of it will, essentially, burn the foe from inside out. Accompanied by the plasma, the fire burns away her foe's body, until they are nothing more than a heap of ashes on the ground.
    • Soul Execution (魂の実行 Tamashī no Jikkō): A sub-spell of the Phoenix Soul Release; it only unleashes a part of the Phoenix Soul. Although not as powerful as the actual article, Soul Extinction is strong in its own right. When initiating it, Hitomi manifests the soul of the Phoenix into different places of her body, augmenting that one section of her body with the Phoenix Soul. Once this is done, Hitomi solidifies the soul to give it an actual physical form. Once this is done, Hitomi now has several armoured places. Although this is typically done with her hands and feet, Hitomi has manifested it around her chest and stomach as a plate of armour to protect herself against attacks. However, these armaments only last for two hundred sixty seconds, but they can be quite powerful if used correctly. Using this spell, she can execute devastating counterattacks and punches to her foe. She can deliver a bone crushing kick to her opponents, smashing through their skulls in a matter of minutes. In order to produce more powerful kicks and punches, Hitomi can charge the attacks with solar energy, delivering effective burns and purification to her opponent. These armaments are typically a crimson color, and look similar to her magic aura, shrouding her like a cloak, while the actual armaments are solidified onto her arms and legs.
  • Seventh Dimension (第七次元 Dai Nana-jigen): Assembling all of one's souls and auras is risky business; it is capable of completely annihilating the user if not executed correctly. Raising Reishadanki up to the sky, Hitomi releases a blast of her Infinity Soul to the heavens; calling for the power of the Seven Auras; each aura representing a different color and element. Concentrating to find her inner souls, Hitomi releases these souls in an effort to manifest them in a physical form. Once these souls are called, they manifest in thousands of colorful rings over Hitomi and the foe she is facing. After she shouts the incantation, "Hope is my resolve, and I resonate with it! Manifest, SEVENTH DIMENSION!" (ホープは、私の決意であり、私はそれに共鳴する!マニフェスト、七次元!Hōpu wa, watashi no ketsuideari, watashi wa sore ni kyōmei suru! Manifesuto, nana-jigen!), all the colorful rings of light will spin around her foe in such a manner that from the inside, they cannot see what is going on from the outside. Imbuing herself with the power of all the Seven Auras, Hitomi charges her blade with all of the power coming from her resolve and hope, and sprints into the wall of auras. When she has reached the inside, she unleashes this power onto her foe, imbuing them with her soul in its metaphysical state. The soul of herself will burn all impurities; the foe himself.

Ring Magic

Ring Magic (指輪魔法 Yubiwa Mahō): Hitomi is a well-versed user of Ring Magic; capable of resonating with the Astral Rings to use magic. Ring Magic is a type of Magic that allows the caster to cast different Magics and spells with special rings. The rings are meant to enhance the wielder's Magic Power, granting them the ability to cast various spells for different purposes; some can be used for everyday use (generally speaking) or solely for combat. The properties in each ring are completely varied. In addition, while there are various types of Ring Magic that can be used, some are simply spells without a proper Magic for them to back it up. Additionally, each ring that Hitomi carries has a Magic Crystal (魔法のクリスタル Mahō no Kurisutaru) that is actually a shard of the Hydren Core, enabling it to only be compatible with certain people; those with high magical potential and the resolve of a true hero. These crystals are specialized ones, as they originate from the Hydren Core. They only manifest when a strong emotion is felt, granting the user of Ring Magic a means to a stronger type of ring.

  • Astral Rings (アストラルリング Asutora Ruringu): Astral Rings are powerful items that originate from the very beginning of magic; described as the first decendants of the Pool of Magic. These items grant the user the ability to use Astral Armours (アストラル鎧 Asutoraru Yoroi), a specialized "armour" set that only the bearers of the Golden Zodiac Rings can activate. These armours aren't actually armours, instead, they can be described as "power-up" forms, similar to Pandora Forms. These rings have the power to convert one's souls into Kamitamashī (神魂 lit. Divine Soul), allowing them to utilize the Astral Rings. Each and every Astral Ring contains a Kamitamashī and a shard of a Hydren Core to power the ring. Should the ring use up all of its Kamitamashī, then it will begin to consume the user's, essentially sapping up their life force. Hitomi is the bearer of the Gemini Ring (ジェミニリング Jemini Ringu); it is a member of the Golden Zodiac Rings. In order to obtain the Astral Rings, Hitomi must first invoke the power of the Gemini Ring. Once it is activated, the Gemini Ring dissolves, granting her her first ring; the Infinity Ring, as a physical embodiment of her main soul.
    • Plasma Ring (プラズマリング Purazumaringu): The Plasma Ring is a versatile and unique Astral Ring; capable of producing thin beams of concentrated plasma. Plasma is identified as the fourth and final state of matter, created by ionizing gases at high temperatures. The process behind the conversion of magic power and the Hydren Core into plasma is obscure in details, but it is hinted that by turning the mixture into a heated gas, the Kamitamashī will converge it into a variant of plasma. The Plasma Ring possesses a multicolored, metallic colored crystal, where the plasma beam is fired. The loop is silver with white enamel, with several green emeralds decorating the loop. It seems that the converging of the mixture into plasma is initiated in this area, circulating the loop once, and then being fired from the gem. The plasma fired from the ring compliments the Plasma Charger quite nicely, earning Hitomi the alias of The Plasma Clad Devil Woman (プラズマクラッド悪魔女 Purazumakuraddo Akumajo). The plasma fired from the ring can penetrate even the most durable armors, and tear right through flesh. This ring was created from Hitomi's desire to annihilate all evil in the world, manifesting in the metaphysical world, and then given a physical embodiment through Kamitamashī.
    • Clock Ring (時計リング Tokei Ringu): On a typical wall clock, there are twelve numbers, one through twelve. Using the Clock Ring, Hitomi can, essentially, speed up time, or bring back time for the maximum of twelve minutes. This is a extremely dangerous ring, as it can be described as "light-leaping" in a sense. By converting herself into eternano particles, she can then rip through the very fabric of time and land in the particular spot she wishes to land in. When she reassembles, it takes at least one minute to reassemble herself. Additionally, this particular ring takes up a massive amount of brain power, concentration and of course, magic power. Should the user of the ring break their line of concentration, they will simply vanish into the fabric of time, never to be seen again. The appearance of the ring is befitting to its purpose. The loop is a simple gold color, decorated with diamonds. As for the crystal, it takes on the appearance of a normal clock- except that it runs thrice as fast as it could, powering itself up every three rotations. The clock is missing several numbers; 6, 2, and 12. This means that Hitomi cannot accelerate time by six, two, or twelve seconds. Nor can she bring back time by this amount of time. The numbers are gained through different situations. So far, Hitomi hasn't been in a big enough situation to use six, two, or twelve, meaning that she cannot use these seconds until she has.
    • Connection Ring (関係リング Kankei Ringu): The Connection Ring is extremely situational ring, as it takes up an extreme amount of power with every second it is used. The Connection Ring's full potential is dangerous to the foe-and the user. When donning the Connection Ring, a massive amount of Kamitamashī will burst through Hitomi, risking tearing her apart. When the Kamitamashī has grown accustomed to her body, Hitomi will make physical contact to her target, transferring her Kamitamashī into their body, essentially allowing her to enter their psycological landscape. Inside their mind, Hitomi can file through their memories, choosing tragic incidents or painful childhood memories, and warping them to shatter her opponent's psyche. However, by using this ring, Hitomi risks losing herself in the psycological landscape of her foe- becoming one with them, granting them her powers, essentially becoming a symbiote. The ring's appearance is simpler compared to the other Astral Rings; it is a silver loop with white enamel dots decorating the loop. The Hydren Core is actually the white enamel; concealed so that her foe does not register the ring as a threat, simply a ring.
    • Maximum Ring (極度リング Kyokudo Ring): One of the more versatile rings in Hitomi's arsenal; it allows her to use some of Aerenia's ridiculous power in order to defeat her opponent. However, this is also a dangerous ring that should never be used by anyone but Hitomi in the flesh. This particular ring brings up Hitomi's inner demon; Aerenia, to the most limited amounts. As one of her more ancient rings, its history and past is very obscure and vastly unknown. However, it is known that it manifested when Hitomi proclaimed her hatred of her mother, humanity, and the world - almost losing herself to Aerenia. But, this ring absorbed the seeds of darkness that Aerenia implanted into her brain, and saved her from becoming the demon she vowed to contain. When this ring is activated, Hitomi becomes Demi-God Armour King (デミかみ鎧王者 Demi-Kami Yoroi Ouja), gaining a pleathora of abilities that Aerenia has at her disposal. The ring itself is very intricate; it is a red and gold ring with a multicolored jewel. On the jewel, there is a intricate and delicate looking inscription: She who bears no limits (奴誰枠外 Yatsu dare wakugai). The inscription is true to the powers granted to the user; it brings the user's potential up tenfold, without a doubt being one of the more powerful rings in her possession.
      • Enhanced Physical Attributes: When the power of the Maximum Ring is truly invoked, Hitomi gains a boost to all of her physical attributes; her strength, speed, agility, etc. With this ring, she is able to kick down a stone house, outrun even the fastest of contraptions, and evade bullets with grace and elegance. She is capable of punching right through flesh and bone, and pulling her hand out of the gory mess without a flinch. Additionally, she can deliver a simple flick to a wooden building, and send it crashing into a heap of firewood. Her reflexes are vastly improved, as she was able to take down a small team while blindfolded. With this ring, she becomes a force to be reckoned with.
    • Oblivion Ring  (失念リング Shitsunen Ringu): The Oblivion Ring is the first Astral Armour Ring that Hitomi attained. It was granted to her when she battled her future self; Aerenia. When she was about to be mercilessly slaughtered by her own future, Aerenia said that her orders were absolute, and that if she ordered somebody to die, then they should be proud. Angered, Hitomi stated that she would, under no circumstances, ever give up. And thus, the Oblivion Ring manifested. The Oblivion Ring grants Hitomi the use of the Oblivion Armour, a powerful, durable armour known as the Absolute Shield Armour for its mind-boggling durability and regenerative factors. In fact, the Oblivion Armour was only created for the sole purpose of strength and durability. The armour is a white color, with trails of cyan blue eternano circulating throughout the armour. The armour possesses regenerative factors, regenerating every time severe damage is taken, albeit this is an extremely rare occurrence. The actual ring is a white ring encrusted with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. The crystal is a deep blue color, while the Hydren Core shard is a white color.

Requip (換装 Rekippu): Requip is a type of Holder Magic that allows the user to store items in a pocket dimension so they can easily summon it at any time, even during battle, which gives them a high level of flexibility in combat. It is said that the user summons the items from a pocket dimension; the notional place that things come from when they are needed, and where they go back to when not. The actual location of where they summon the items is very hard to determine. It contains only a few things, not because it is limited in capacity, but because that is all it is ever used for - for example, this is where the user normally summons the armour and their equipment; withdrawing things even during battle, which gives her a high level of flexibility in combat. However, there is a limit to how much the pocket dimension can store. Requip can be used for simple or for combat-related purposes; and the user may just choose to use it to change their clothing, capable of using it in the midst of battle. The user would often pull any items that they had collected out of nowhere and then they would just vanish without any physical means of transporting them. However, there is a limit to how much the pocket dimension can store. Hitomi hasn't mastered this magic due to the fact that she doesn't find it that important. She uses Requip to store her Astral Ringts inside her pocket dimension, as well as Reishadanki and Starstreaker.


Aerenia (ァレニァ Arania): Aerenia is Hitomi's inner demon; a truly terrifying and angry demon who was sealed away inside of her when she was conceived; her father being the original carrier of the beast. Contrary to popular belief, Aerenia is not a humanoid demon, she is an absolute embodiment of a beast; one that lives off the fear of humanity, and induces it, creating a never ending cycle of fear and hatred in humanity. Originally, Aerenia was thought to be a beautiful woman, who lead a rather peaceful life. However, the village where she resided in was razed, leaving her as an only survivor. Seeing her children and husband's murder warped and shattered her sanity , turning her into a beast that only had one goal - to destroy humanity and all life that was associated with it.

Aerenia has the appearance of a draconic-beast hybrid with large wings and sharp claws. Her eyes are a bright gold with the Faustian contract symbol constantly circulating around her eyes. She has dark crimson scales with coal black runes written on her body. These runes were never identified, as nobody lived long enough to be able to decipher them. She is said to always have a bloodthirsty look in her eyes, and always a shred of sadness, always remembering the pain that humanity has caused her, and how she vows to get revenge.

Personality-wise, she shares one common trait with her host; hatred. They both have a strong hatred to one thing, and that was what enabled her to use Aerenia's powers. When summoned, she often acts cold and cruel, distancing herself from her host, but then attacking anybody and anything that gets too close to her host. Hitomi has often stated that Aerenia isn't a demon; just a misunderstood creature that was wronged, showing that she cares about the demon. However, Aerenia states that she absolutely loathes Hitomi, only restraining herself from killing her because if she did, then she would also kill herself. Despite this declaration, she has, on numerous occasions, showing her true feelings towards her host.

  • Arc of Time (時間のアーク Toki no Āku): Arc of Time is a form of Lost Magic that involves the usage of time as a means of combat. This is Aerenia's main form of magical combat, due to her desire to return back to the time when she was still human, and still happy. When the user first begins using their magic, their entire body enters a new form: a form that can actually reach out beyond the fabric of time through the flow of Eternano that is all around the world. This allows anyone to actually reach out and alter it through any direction in which a certain thing took in the past, be it regrowing a tree that was originally in the spot where it was or having one object multiple into many when it was produce. In some cases, This magic has been seen to have various implications that focus on altering the time of that object only while inputting their own modified form that the person enters when they use the magic. By altering the course of a set action through one's spells, this allows for many different forms of combat related attacks that can often focus on any form of past, present, and future forms. It has been shown that this form of magic is able to affect various inanimate objects and few living objects such as trees, however it has been shown that any kind of attempted aging is only effected by those parts, meaning non-sentient and sentient beings are unaffected by the magic's alterations. It has also been seen that the magic has the power to even alter an entire area's time flow, allowing for a reversal of time, but usings the user's own time line as a source of power, resulting in the user giving up their own age in order to change the course of time even for a few seconds.
    • Restore (レストア Resutoa): A versatile and useful spell; this spell allows Aerenia to reverse the state of an inorganic item back to the time when it was undamaged. In order to use this spell, Aerenia selects the item in which she wants to revert back to its undamaged state through psychological means, and allows her magic power to flow through the fabric of time and space. Once she has contacted the true line of history in which the item was included in, she selects the moment where the item was in its prime state, and brings it to present time, nullifying all damage taken by the item. Additionally, this spell seems to be initiated from her left eye; when it is, the Faustian contract symbol that resides in her eye glows a deep purple, and the spell is executed.
    • Second Origin Release: A spell that allowed Aerenia to augment Hitomi's power; in recent years it has been discovered that Mages have a second "Container" containing magic that remains unused, called the Second Origin. Using the Arc of Time it is possible to evolve another person's Magic Container to be able to use the Second Origin, which would give the mage a giant boost in terms of Magical Power. However the process is extremely excruciating to the recipient, when this spell is used several Magical Drawings appear on the person's bodies and they feel a terrible pain, however more powerful Mages like Erza Scarlet are able to overcome it. Those who have their Magical Container evolved feel their Magical Power increased and can demonstrate it, like Gray's new form of Ice-Make and Lucy's Multiple Summon ability.
    • Time Manipulation: An ability gained from Arc of Time is the ability to, essentially, manipulate time to the user's will. However, when the time is being manipulated, it cannot be manipulated to the extent of years, months, or days. The utmost limit of this magic is one hour, which is plenty to change the flow of time. Aerenia can flash forward time or bring back time to aid in Hitomi's efforts. In addition to skipping and bring back time, Arenia can also stop time, for two seconds. When using the time manipulation spell, Aerenia contacts the line of history once more, and rewrites history to her will.
  • Fire Magic (火の魔法 Hi no Mahō): is a Caster Type Magic which is utilized by various mages. It utilizes the element of fire. Fire Magic allows the user to control and manipulate the kinetic energy of magical particles to generate, control or absorb fire, being able to manipulate it for general purposes. This is induced by the user raising the motion of a target's magical particles through telekinesis in order to ignite it. They can excite or speed up an object's magical particles, increasing their thermal energy until they ignite, not necessarily objects, but also air particles. They can control and move the flames, including the shape, heat and even colour. With this in mind, the user is able to create fire-based attacks which can be used both in melee and as a ranged form of offence and is immune to being burnt. The generated flames can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, their "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a material consistency by manipulating the magical particles in the air. The user can form fire into long streams, spheres, or even more complex shapes like letters in skywriting. These flames-objects will only remain their shapes as long as the user concentrates upon them. The objects will only burn about 3 minutes before expiring unless the user continues to infuse them with energy. The temperature of these fiery projections is generally around 2,800 F, near the melting point of iron. Fire Magic seems to be unaffected by water, as the user is able to create flames even when submerged in water. In short, the user of this Magic can release fire from their body and manipulate it. User can also change the properties (such as heat, smell, and taste) of his/her flames for different effects, which corresponds with a different flame color and generates them by first summoning a Magic circle with his/her hands, from which the flames soar outwards.
  • Lightning Magic ((雷系各種魔法 Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō): is an Elemental Caster Type Magic that utilizes the element of lightning. In order to manifest Lightning Magic, the user is able to modify their eternano and magical energy into that of electrons, which she can alter the movement of, allowing them to use almost any electricity based power; controlling, generating, and absorbing electric fields; utilizing electricity, but more specifically, lightning, as a form of offense and defense. The user is able to generate these elements from their body, and manipulate them, giving them the ability to channel and manipulate electricity through their body. However, unlike other types of Elemental Magic, users of Lightning Magic are also capable of utilizing lightning from a distance, such as from the ground near them, or down from the sky. Lightning attacks work by electrocuting the opponents to various degrees, and there are spells that are said to be capable of completely paralyzing enemies, due to the extremely high voltage of the electricity employed in their use. Because of the high amounts of light produced with its use, Lightning Magic can also be utilized to blind opponents, albeit for a short amount of time. By generating electricity on different parts of their body, the user is capable of causing their attacks in melee to become far deadlier; even capable of propelling themselves around at high speeds in order to gain extra momentum; as the user can create lightning orbs around their arms and legs before connecting punches and kicks, increasing their striking power in a way similar to most other elemental mages, allowing them move around much faster, propelling themselves towards their opponents, by surrounding their entire body with lightning, and empowering their connecting strikes by summoning forth lightning from the sky to accompany their motions. In addition to these properties, the bright light from the lightning can be also used to momentarily blind enemies. Similar to other types of Elemental Magic, Lightning Magic allows the user to transform their body into the element they control: by transforming into a lightning bolt, the user is able to avoid physical attacks, and have the added advantage of traveling around at very high speeds and damaging everyone or everything they come in contact with, much like real lightning. This is a very powerful Elemental Magic, having many avenues for usage. It can also be inserted into Magical Lacrima crystals, as seen with Laxus Dreyar's Thunder Palace spell.

Astral Souls

Astral Souls (せいきたい Seikitai lit. Astral Body) are the physical embodiment of all of the compatible souls that a specialized weapon as sealed, worn by a group of twelve people known as the Astral Saviours (せいきたい きゅうさいしゃ Seikitai Kyuusaisha). However, it is impossible for these saviours to be demons, as it would contradict the purpose of the armours' existence. These armours are truthfully, not armours at all. Instead, they can be described as "power-ups" to some extent. Despite this, these armours to alter the wearer's appearance, abilities, and in some cases, their personalities. These armours are activated by one of the Astral Rings (せいきたいゆびわ Seikitai Yubiwa), more specifically, one of the Twelve Golden Rings (十二ゴールデンリング Juuni Gouruden Ringu). The Twelve Golden Rings are a specialized group of rings that are based off the twelve zodiac animals, and their symbiotes. When the Astral Armour is first activated, the ring used to invoke the power of the Astral Armour disintegrates, appearing as though the Astral Armour activation is a one time thing. However, shortly after the power is invoked, a "replacement" ring is forged out of the wearer's hopes and dreams, granting them access to another Astral Armour, one that is completely esoteric to the wearer. The final armour, the one that represents the Golden Ring the wearer is using, invokes the true power of their symbiote. Hitomi is the bearer of the Gemini symbiote, giving her access to the collection of souls that are given to the bearer of Gemini.


"Listen to me, Kaguya. This battle is over, we need to pull back! I understand that you have pride, and so do I! I refuse to lose, to succumb to the enemy. But right now, we need to treat our squad. Eren has been shot down in enemy territory - hell, I know I want to go on, but we can't. I only have three pilots left, and one's left wing needs to be repaired. You only have one pilot left, and his ship won't hold on for very long. We need to pull back." - Hitomi trying to convince Kaguya Hyugen to pull back

"I am the beginning of your end!" - Hitomi's pre-battle catchphrase

"A superhero always has a cool sidekick, right? So you're gonna be my cool sidekick, fighting crimes until we die." - Hitomi when befriending Eren

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Truthfully, this character was made when I was in China, and I recieved a rather surprising text. Later on, I found out that it was some kindness project that their school was launching. The text stated that I had a excitable, loving personality, which I deemed was the most hilarious statement I have ever heard. So, I originally  wrote this character out of annoyance to counter that...dishonest opinion.  However, as I started to go more in depth with Hitomi, I realized that I was actually making this character have some serious shiz, so I put my all into it, and now,  she's my main character. She has my entire personality and all the powers I wish I had into it, so you know that I wanted her to be powerful in the right way.

Honestly, I hope you enjoy this character as much as I do.


  • Hitomi's personality is based off of the author's
  • Her favorite food is mangoes, while her least favorite is eggplant
  • Her theme song is Bad Apple!! while her battle theme is Outer Science by IA.
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