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The Clock (時計座 Tokeiza) Horo-sama (ホロ 様 "Horo-sama")


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Horologium"The Clock" (ホロロギウム Hororogiumu) is a Silver Key Celestial Spirit currently owned by Kanakai.



Horologium's full appearance

Horologium is a tall brown grandfather clock with long, black arms, a glass case, a Roman-numerical clock at the center and a small face at the top with slit eyes and a thin, twirly, mustache-like mouth. The glass case serves as protection for the one who is inside and the caster can even use this to protect herself from the cold. This case prevents anyone outside from hearing what the person inside is saying, so Horologium repeats everything the person inside says and then follows with a "...he/she/they say/s." In the case of multiple people inside he will make specific details on whoever is currently talking.


Horologium is known to be one of the kindest spirits, as he is always willing to go out of his, or lend a helping hand. He never gets angry or frusturated, because he is always in a calm and collected state. Kanakai frequently uses him to ask for his advice, which he loves. His advice is almost always right, and when is isn't he will apologize heavily.

Magical and Physical Abilities

Inner Body: Horologium is able to keep people safe within his clock body and narrate for those inside him. He can be used in both non-combative and combative situations. In combat, he can protect the person inside him with his hard, wooden body. However, Horologium does not seem to have combative moves. He is also mostly on a time limit: he will transport back to the Celestial Spirit World once the time is up, leaving his occupant behind, regardless of any danger he or she may be in. He is also able to force-open his Celestial Gate.

Healing Abilities: As stated by Horologium, he can cure the following: bruises, cuts, internal or external bleeding, broken bones, or lack of oxygen

Automatic Danger Response Mode: Horologium forcefully summons himself when he detects a severe danger about to occur, and shields the person's body in himself.

Immense Durability: Horologium is shown to have immense durability; he is able to completely submerge himself in lava and only sustain minor burns. Horologium states himself that he is even durable against Slayer Magic, to an extent.

Immortality: As a Celestial Spirit, Horologium cannot die unless he is somehow forced to stay in the Human World.

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