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Hoshiko Nijina
Name Hoshiko Nijina
Kanji 星野それは
Rōmaji Hoshino soreha
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 6'1"
Weight 140lbs
Eyes Violet
Hair Light Purple and Light Blue
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Beautiful Skulls
Occupation S-Class Mage
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias Galaxy Queen
Magic Heavenly Body Magic

Hoshiko Nijina (星野それは Hoshino soreha) is a S-Class Mage of the guild, "Beautiful Skulls".


Hoshiko is a girl with a light purple and blue hair, her hair is wavy and she has also a light blue clip. Her eyes are violet, she is wearing a white rainment. Her clothing is a mini kimono that is colored violet and gray with a sea mint lining and a colorless star in the middle.


Hoshiko is a moody person, the star in her kimono changes its color according to her emotion.

  • Red - Inlove
  • Black - Angry
  • Blue - Lonely
  • Pink - Happy
  • Yellow - Cheerful
  • Violet - Bossy
  • Green - Relaxed


Hoshiko is a wandering lady until she found the guild, Beautiful Skulls.

Magic and Abilities

Heavenly Body Magic  (天体魔法 Tentai Mahō): Heavenly Body Magic is a Magic based around astronomical objects such as meteors, stars and black holes. Hoshiko generates and manipulates the energy of stars from her own body and uses it against the enemy.

  • Meteor (流星, ミーティア, Mītia): Hoshiko's body is surrounded by a cloak of Heavenly Body Magic, allowing her to move through the air at incredible speeds. Even if someone could detect his trajectory, it is nearly impossible to catch her. With her speed, Jellal assaults her opponents with quick, but powerful, melee attacks.
  • Grand Chariot (七星剣, グランシャリオ, Guran Shario): While in the air, Hoshiko places both arms on top of each other, with the top hand having only the index and middle fingers spread out. Seven Magic Seals are then summoned in front of her and connect, creating a constellation of sorts. Each Magic Seal then releases a powerful light blast down on the opponent, forming the same pattern on the ground before exploding. 
  • Altairis (暗黒の楽園, アルテアリス, Arutearisu): Hoshiko crosses her arms above her head to begin casting the spell. As she prepares to fire the spell, all nearby shadows are drawn towards her, forming a small black orb which rapidly grows in size (inside are small white lights, giving it an appearance similar to that of the night sky), before unleashing it towards the target. The orb appears to be incredibly dense, and may hold a tremendous amount of gravity capable of crushing all it Hoshiko's path.
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Sema (真・天体魔法 星崩し Shin Tentai Mahō Sēma): An attack in which Hoshiko bows down and points her hands downwards, with all the fingers closed except the index and middle fingers. She then begins to slowly move her right hand until it points upwards, causing the clouds above Jellal to begin circling, creating what appears to be a cyclone.
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