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He has red,spikey hair with a scarf that has a blue-cyan pattern that is 1 yard in length. He has a blue waistcoat with orange thick outlines on the edges of it. A dark blue belt with a light green buckle is around his waist when his waistcoat reaches it to move easier. He has red pants with a shade of orange to represent his fiery type. He is also sorta muscular with black shoes.


He is outgoing and adventurous. He thinks before he acts half of the time as he's...random also;because of this,he sometimes fools around doing random stuff. He acts brave and stands up for his friends for he believes freindship is the 2nd most powerful thing in the world (1st is love). Also when things look bad for him and others,he allways stands back up for he believes there is allways hope,all the time. So as you can see,he acts random when not fighting but can be serious also,but he is allways serious during fights.






Energy Weapons:He can make weapons and shields from energy.

Magic and Abilities

Energy Magic

Flight:He either would shoot energy from his feet or make energy wings to fly,depending on the situation.

Energy Blasts:He can shoot multiple blasts at one time.However,if he charges it he can make one strong blast depending on the type of blast (beam,ball,etc.).Also if he mixes it with an element magic in any way,the 2 magics would combine to make a stronger magic.

Energy Adding:He can use his energy magic to give energy to atoms to make them vibrate or move very fast,result depends on object (doesn't work on living things).

Fire Magic

Fire Tornado:He turns upside down and starts spinning like a top,he uses energy magic to make him faster and faster and starts to propel fire to his feet.So then,at the reached speed,he makes a fire tornado;he can also make a fire hurricane to have a larger area but it takes up more magic.Also he gets a medium headache and most of the time,dizzy.


  • His theme song is Live Life
  • His personality is based of of Video King's personality
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