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"Is this that Fractus household? What a load of rubbish, one person does a "great deed" and gets given their own house put into nobility. Snobs the whole lot of them, that's how they'll turn out!"
— some passing folk

The House of Fractus is a newly honoured House. It gained its valour after Stello Fractus discovered and foiled an assassination plot on the King of Fiore. Most people call it the Fractus Household, for whilst they own the surrounding land, they live in an average sized house no bigger than a well paid citizen. The only thing that sets it apart is its simplistic banner and the amount of facilities built underneath the house. Common folk are quite displeased with this house gaining a noble position as a lot of land was handed to them and they before barely did any work at all.


The House of Fractus is a newly instated noble family established on the 12th of October 800. Its founder Stello Fractus, was recognised by the King for his act of justice and given the land surrounding his house and power over all in there along with a construction team to rebuild his home however he liked on the expense of the kingdom.


It is quite surprising the amount of influence that Stello, the founder and first and current head, managed to gain. He has had the ear of the king since he saved his life, though he doesn't use that power for the house's gain. The house has 20 platoons under its command. There is nothing it can't gain, especially since on its land there is a renowned school, a talented blacksmith and a retired S class wizard (though he rarely shows himself).

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