Hozon Ikisatashi








Babylon: Midas Touch/ Light Magic/ Time Magic


Queen of Cyclonia/ Golden Ruler

Hozon Ikisatashi

Hozon is the queen of the Cyclons and a master of their magic known as babylon. She is also revered highly among the magical world and her own world- Cyclonia. She was also one of the first to perfect her form of Babylon and other forms of magic in Cyclonia.


She has a beautiful appearance only described as the image of sheer beauty. She has long golden hair which is down to her waist and wears a jewel on her hair dangling from silver wires. She also has pale green eyes which makes males who look at her gaze into her eyes and never look away. She wears an elegant white dress with silver hems and silver shoes. She also has long pointed ears with golden earings. She also carries a


She has a very kind and warm personsality and even in battle she is courtious and merciful often letting the enemy make the first move, probably because she is most likely to win.

Magic and Abilities

As queen of the Cyclons she has mastered multiple forms of magic

Babylon: She has mastered her race's lost magic Babylon and her style is Midas Touch allowing her to create and manipulate gold like shields, swords, and other things, etc.

  • Sunshine Daises: the jewel on her staff glows yellow and creates big golden floating daises that can act as shields or spin like discs for long range attacks.
  • Thunder Binding: her jewel staff glows yellow and the enemy is binded by golden ropes.
  • Goody Gum Drops: the jewel on her staff glows yellow and the enemy is trapped in a huge cylindrical gum drop made of gold
  • Golden Sal Tree: she makes gold sprout from the ground in the form of a tree that can also be used for shields and for binding the foe other than decoration.
  • Honey Stroke: she releases fie golden ropes from her hand striking the target crushing it.
  • Flash of Tropical Seasons: She creates a huge lens of gold in the sky and the sun's rays shine through it creating a destructive beam that explodes on impact.


  • The name of her magic was derived from the legend of King Midas
  • The name of her golden sal tree spell is named after rojuro otoribashi from bleach's zanpakuto.
  • Her flash of tropical seasons is based on renga's ice lens jutsu from naruto.
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