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"The power you possess is nothing compared to that of my holy light. And even if you did match my power, you lack enough conviction to strike me down."
— Hyperion talking down to an opponent

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Hyperion Lucifer

Titan of Light
Southern Cardinal
The Fastest Mage of Othrys




Male Male


42 (X794)




166 lbs.


September 7th

Hair Color


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Blood Type


Professional Status

Cronus Saturnalia

Previous Affiliation


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Base of Operations

Othrys (Former)

Personal Status

Active (Deceased Prior to Being Brought to the Present by Cronus Saturnalia)


Cronus Saturnalia (Adoptive Father)


Light Magic
Spectrum Eyes
Maximum Defense Seal
White God Slayer Magic

Hyperion Lucifer is a member of the original Cardinals, one of the four personal advisors of Cronus Saturnalia, and the generals of Othrys, in which his cardinal direction was the south. He was ranked as the strongest Mage in the entirety of Othrys, only being weaker than Cronus himself. He was also the one that delivered Jason Gaebolg to Hades at Grimoire Heart after his birth. After the Bellona Alliance War, he committed suicide, not wanting to be taken into custody by the Magic Council. Hyperion's magical container was then used to create the Legion Under the Black Sun member Vega. After Cronus implanted the magic power of Janus Saturnalia into himself, and created his Arc of Space-Time magic, Cronus brought Hyperion to the future from the past, once again as his loyal Cardinal.


Hyperion has golden eyes, fair skin, and long blond hair extending to his upper back, which he keeps in a ponytail.  Despite his age he still appears incredibly young due to his magic. He has a somewhat stocky build, but is still very powerful.  He normally wears a black, sleeveless shirt; with a white, sleeveless vest over it; and a white robe with a hood. His clothing bears an overall ragged appearance, like he's a homeless individual living on the streets.


Hyperion is incredibly energetic and hyperactive, always with a smile on his face. This is likely due to his ADHD. He can be prone to bouts of rage when annoyed, but can regain his calm before starting anything drastic. He firmly believes that true power comes from hard work and conviction to increase one's skill and strength, as one needs to be willing to work that hard to achieve their goals.  Hyperion is fiercely loyal to Cronus and Othrys, causing him to be angered by anyone that insults his master and city. His loyalty causes him to fight even harder when the wellbeing of Othrys is on the line, or simply its honor. He sees Cronus as a father, and, as such, saw Jason Gaebolg as a brother, until the latter's betrayal. Hyperion's emotional bond with Cronus is so great, that when Carlito Play sent him to his Arc of Kingdoms dimension, rather than fighting back, Hyperion pleaded and begged for them to bring him back. When fighting he often chastises opponents for not having enough conviction or power to defeat him. Despite his general exaggerated and over-the-top actions, as well as his seeming arrogance when in combat, Hyperion is still a calculating individual. Likely due to his ADHD, Hyperion is able to take in the smallest bis of information, noting how many bullets one has fired from a gun, and the minuscule movements one makes when they're lying.


When Hyperion was born, his mother immediately died, doing so before he was named.  He grew up on the streets as an orphan.  One day he found himself weak and near death after his food had been taken by Oscar Miles, when Cronus found him and offered to take him to a place where he'd make him someone to be feared.  He defected to Othrys, where he was taught how to use magic, and became the first of the current generation of Cardinals.  He was finally named by Cronus, naming him Hyperion Lucifer, due to it being a "radiant" name. Later in his life, Hyperion was the one that delivered Jason Gaebolg to Hades at Grimoire Heart, managing to get him to train the child, and hoping that he would grow into a heartless killer. Eventually Oscar Miles came to Othrys, looking for power, and although he was accepted into the country, Hyperion used his new power to brutally beat Oscar every day until he defected.


Othrys Arc: The City on the Mountains

Different Gods

Trial of God: Introduction the Beginning

Darkness vs Darkness

Magic and Abilities

Hyperion's standard light beams

A standard light beam fired upon a sturdy opponent

Light Explosion

The power of Hyperion's explosive light

Light Magic: Hyperion is a master of this magic, being able to manipulate and utilize light in various ways. His light is also incredibly hot, being able to burn through and melt most metals. Most commonly, Hyperion will use it to enhance either his physical blows by imbuing them with light, or by firing incredibly fast and destructive light beams. The beams he fires can either possess great piercing power, or generate a powerful explosion after hitting their target. Hyperion is capable of not only blasting his opponents with light beams, but is also capable of creating solid constructs of light. This includes various types of weapons (ranging from blunt tools to serrated weapons), and even waves of light. Hyperion can also bend light in order to create very convincing illusions. He rarely uses them in battle, however, generally as a diversion to allow others, or himself, to escape. Otherwise, he'd use them to break his target's spirit before ending them. The light itself can also simply be used similarly to a flash bang, blinding foes to either distract them, or allow others to escape. The power of his flash bangs are so great that opposition will be blinded for a solid two minutes, while simultaneously eradicating any shadows of any grade created by Shadow Magic in the area. Another aspect of his light is the ability to vibrate his spells, via the movement of his light, to increase the effectiveness of direct physical blows, making most of his physical assaults essentially unstoppable. This skill can also be added to his spells, allowing them to have increased cutting and piercing power. His mastery over this magic is so great that he can transform his body into light, although he remains physical.  The immense speeds Hyperion is capable of moving at causes him to age slower, due to the slower passage of time for him when using his magic. In his light body form he has complete control over what his body can do, to flying around with his body made of light, or even shaping his body into a sharp beam of light to pierce his opponents. Despite still being physical in nature, Hyperion is still able to use his light body technique to augment his body's external structure, allowing him to even block sword slashes with only his body parts. Using his light, Hyperion is also capable of flight, in and outside of his light body form. This magic has one glaring weakness however, in the form of reflective surfaces. When striking a reflective surface, Hyperion's light beams will bounce off of them, completely changing trajectory. However, Hyperion has trained this weakness. He can use his own magic or barriers created by others to reflect his light beams off of multiple surfaces in order to strike an opponent, regardless of what defense they put up (unless it's an omnidirectional defense). This also stems to his light body techniques. Through the manipulation of light around his body in a low-level field, Hyperion is also capable of flight. Using more powerful fields allows him to move at faster rates, but takes up more magical energy in comparison to him changing his body into light. His light is normally the stereotypical yellowish-gold color. His mastery of this magic is what had garnered him the title of "Titan of Light".

  • Light Kick-0

    Hyperion moving so fast that his opponent could not react to his kick

    Lightspeed: A spell used to temporarily increase Hyperion's speed by drastic margins. Hyperion transforms his body into light and flies around his opponent.  He then strikes them once or numerous times, using his high speeds to deal incredible damage. He can even dodge point blank attacks with this spell. The speed in which he travels is so great that more often than not, his opposition will not even be able to react to his movements. It is considered superior to even the speed enhancements of High Speed and the Heavenly Body Magic spell, Meteor. Even the usage of Slowing Magic doesn't slow down Hyperion's perception of time enough for Hyperion to be out-sped. As his body is made from light while he moves, his body has no difficulty maintaining his level of speed and can do so without injury to himself. This spell deactivates the second Hyperion stops moving. The incredible speed of this spell has him labeled as the fastest of the original Cardinals.
  • Photon Laser: Hyperion aims his opened palm at his opponent, with his fingers spread out.  His hand glows and he fires a small beam of concentrated light at his opponent.  Despite its size, this spell is very powerful, and has a high amount of piercing power, capable of easily piercing through flesh and steel alike. It can even pierce through Adamantine. The beam leaves a spherical hole through whatever it pierced, sometimes even cauterizing the wound with the light's heat. As the name of the spell implies, this spell has the strength of a laser.
  • Heaven's Rain: Hyperion initiates this spell by creating a magic seal in front of him. He then proceeds to blast a barrage of arrow-shaped light beams at his opponent. Their power individually is not great, but combined they can deal a hefty amount of damage, constantly bombarding the target with piercing light beams from above, hence the name of the spell. While casting, Hyperion often uses a chant, but it is not required in order to use this spell. He can also initiate this spell by pooling his light into his finger tips, and firing a multitude of light beams from them, focusing them that way instead of through a magic seal.
  • Flash Bang: Hyperion briefly collects light around his person, causing his body to glow, before expelling it in a brilliant flash. This light serves to inflict opposition with temporary flash blindness, preventing them from being able to see from any range of time, from a seconds to five minutes. The amount of time his opponent will remain blind changes based upon the length and power of Hyperion utilizes while charging this technique. The longer Hyperion charges this attack, the more longer its effects will last, but his opposition will have time to close their eyes; while quick burst cause his opponents to only be blinded for a few seconds, but will likely not have enough time to shield their eyes. The light emitted can also cause intense pain in one's eyes, especially in darker locations when the pupil is dilated to accommodate for a lack of light. While opposition can attempt to shield their eyes from this spell, normally the target closing their eyes causes them to be unable to see Hyperion as he goes in for another attack.
  • Bright Sword

    The Bright Sword in action

    Bright Sword: Hyperion creates a sword of light, capable of easily slicing through whatever he desires to cut.  The sword has the appearance of a large broadsword, but with no specific features due to its basic and more unfocused creation. This allows it to shatter more easily than if Hyperion had created this blade via Light-Make Magic. Despite this, the sword still possesses a rather high amount of durability, likely due to Hyperion's own high magical power. It is capable of matching the likes of Black Steel and Adamantine metals in terms of raw strength. It can even cut through the materials when the slash is fast and hot enough. The power of the blade can be increased even further by vibrating it. He can also create waves of light by slashing the sword through the air for ranged attacks, each one of these blades having the same level of power as the main weapon. Hyperion can also send off these blades of light with the creation of the sword.
  • Shining Cannon: This spell is similar to the Photon Laser, but possesses less piercing power. First, Hyperion forms a sphere of light in his hand. He then forces his hand out from his body, causing the sphere to fire a large beam, wider than that of a fully grown male human. The beam then hits the opponent with wave after wave of heat and blunt force, damaging the target more and more the longer their inside the beams radius. By hitting his opponent with the sphere and then discharging the energy, Hyperion is capable of hitting his opponent at point blank range with this spell.
  • Light Grenade: Hyperion collects an explosive quantity of light in the palm of his hand before throwing it at his target. Upon making contact with anything, the bomb releases a large explosion that heavily damages anyone hit by it. Even if the explosion didn't manage to directly hit his opponent, significant damage can still be done from being hit by the fireball or shockwave. This spell is capable of destroying large stone structures and even burning through metal with ease.
  • Laser Light Show: Hyperion expels several small blasts of light out of his body in all directions, making sure that only the exceptionally fast can avoid this spell. The bolts also possess incredible piercing power. Similarly to Heaven's Rain, this spell more so focuses on bombarding the target with light beams, but it is also effective on multiple opponents from all sides and are more similar in size to small beams or bullets as opposed to arrows.  Hyperion believes that only he or Cronus could avoid every beam from this spell.
  • Light Golems: Hyperion creates several golems to fight for him.  In general, Hyperion can summon up to ten golems at once, and can create them at incredibly high speeds, even allowing him to intercept opponents that have caught him off balance. The golems can only deal one attack before they dissipate, but they deal a fair amount of damage in that one strike.  Similarly to Hyperion, they are capable of moving at high speeds by forming their bodies into light beams to strike. This process is what allows them to deal their immensely powerful strikes, possessing immense speed and power equal to that of Hyperion. The strength of one of their blows is equal to, if not greater than, that of one of Hyperion's own punches or kicks. The golems can also be used as flash bangs if they do not make contact with his target, exploding in a blast of light equivalent to that of the Flash Bang spell, and causing those who look upon them to be afflicted with flash blindness for two minutes.
  • Luminous Drill

    Hyperion using his Luminous Drill to destroy a small building

    Luminous Drill: With his body made of light, Hyperion forms his body into the shape of a spinning drill. With his immense speed, he flies towards his opponent from whatever angle he desires, even changing it on a whim, and proceeds to pierces through his desired target, completely boring through it in a matter of seconds.  He can even easily pierce Adamantine, and create giant holes in the ground with this spell's rotation and speed. This spell can either be used offensively, or as a tool (for example, using it to dig tunnels). It is Hyperion's fastest Light Magic spell, when not compared to his White God Slayer Magic.
  • Solar Skin: A spell that Hyperion uses to increase his power.  Hyperion is capable of absorbing light into his body, allowing him to increase his already immense magic power even further, making him move faster and hit harder.  However, he can also only absorb light from celestial bodies, like stars and the refracted light from moons, so if he's locked in a room with no natural light, he can't use this spell.  He also cannot absorb light from these celestial bodies if something happens that blocks the light from entering his body.  However, even when shielded from absorbing light, the light he had previously absorbed stays inside of his body, allowing him to continue fighting with that increased power until he runs out of energy. The light can be absorbed passively into his body, not requiring him to focus on the action, and constantly increasing his power as he fights.

Spectrum Eyes: Hyperion can change his vision to match any wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum.  This includes gamma ray, X-Ray, ultraviolet, infrared, micro-waves, radio waves, or, of course, the visible spectrum of light.  He can't use multiple spectrums at once, however, or else it would overwhelm his brain. This magic allows nothing to hide from his sight, or trick him when he's using certain spectrums. The usage of this magic can also allow for increased accuracy, allowing Hyperion to target, and accurately strike, opponents from hundreds of meters away with his light beams. Hyperion can almost instantaneously change the light he is able to see. The only ones immune to every form of vision this magic provides are those who can use Stealth.

Maximum Defense Seal: As the name suggests, this is a defensive Magic. It involves Hyperion creating one or several seals around him that are used for blocking an enemy's attack. Hyperion's seals are very powerful, protecting him from spells that his usual speed can't save him from. Generally the size of an individual seal is based upon the amount of time Hyperion has had to prep and the amount of magic he used to pool into seal. However, a smaller seal can still be stronger than a larger one.  Hyperion can summon seals in a multitude of ways, from a large seal to protect himself and allies, to a single or several smaller ones used to defend against several attacks at once. Depending on how he utilizes them, they can simply block attacks, or reflect them back towards his aggressor. The more powerful the attack, and the longer Hyperion has to sustain the seal, the more strain he puts on himself. The seals can appear in any multitude of forms, from circles floating around his body, rock spires that come out of the ground, to the basic appearance of magic seals. Hyperion's skill with the Maximum Defense Seal is so great that he is said to have the strongest defense of the original Cardinals, on top of having the highest speed.

  • Pillar gods

    Hyperion's Three Pillar Gods

    Three Pillar Gods: Three spires of stone erect from the ground after the activation of this spell, surrounding the area around the pillars in multiple seals of light. Not only is he capable of defending himself, Hyperion can also use this spell on others, up to ten meters away. However, Hyperion cannot defend himself when using this spell to protect another individual, not unless they're right next to him. Hyperion can still move when casting this spell to protect another individual, but he must at least spare some focus onto a comrade in order for the barrier he creates to hold against the spell. This spell's defense is strong enough to block the power of a Formula 100 Amaterasu Magic Seal, surpassing the strength of Makarov Dreyar's own Three Pillar Gods.
  • Titan's Shield: Hyperion creates a large, golden, magical shield in front of him. The shield is stronger than Adamantine, allowing it to block most, if not all, projectiles. Hyperion can even use this spell to withstand something as powerful as a Jupiter Cannon shot without breaking. This spell functions by dispersing the kinetic energy of an attack across the entirety of the shield, essentially nullifying all damage. Due to the size of the seal, Hyperion generally uses it against larger scale attacks. It is Hyperion's strongest shield. He learned this spell to protect Cronus to the best of his ability.
  • Ultimate Aegis: Hyperion's self-proclaimed, strongest self-defense. While Titan's Shield protects against projectiles approaching from in front of him, it can more easily be used to defend others. This spell, on the other hand, is used exclusively for protecting himself. For this spell Hyperion covers his body in magic circles, having similar abilities to those of the Titan's Shield (they distribute kinetic energy across their surface). Hyperion often brags that this spell has no weak spots, but the seals are not invincible. Despite the seals' closeness to one another, they are not interlocking, and one seal being destroyed does not destroy the entire barrier. However, this creates an empty spot for one to attack until Hyperion uses his magic to create a new protective seal. Individual seals can still only be overwhelmed by a sufficient amount of magic power, normally of the piercing variety. The amount of power required to break one Ultimate Aegis seal is still much lower than once required to break the Titan's Shield. If he so desires, the seals can become invisible, allowing him to fight without them distracting him. But when an attack hits his seals, the one struck temporarily becomes visible before disappearing from the visible spectrum of light once again.
  • Sol Mirror: Hyperion creates several magic seals around the area he's in. They can cover any amount of space, from the war room table of Cardinals, to something the size of a gladiatorial arena. The seals have the unique ability to reflect light, allowing Hyperion to reflect attacks at his enemies from multiple angles and making the trajectory of his beams much more difficult to predict. The seals can be destroyed by opponents, but this doesn't stop Hyperion from creating more. The power of the reflected light is dependent on the amount of power that Hyperion uses in his initial shot. The more it ricochetes, the stronger the light beam becomes. Hyperion is not limited to just firing one bolt of light for this spell's ricochet effect, and can utilize several to strike an opponent multiple times in rapid succession. The light beams can gain so much velocity from this technique, that after piercing through a target, they go straight through the body and continue to ricochet off of the seals even more.

White God Slayer Magic: A Lost Magic and variation of God Slayer Magic that utilizes the element of light. This magic allows Hyperion to consume external sources of light to increase his power, heal wounds, and regain magical and physical stamina. Most God Slayer Magics have a black colorization to their, but, for obvious reasons, this magic is the rare exception to that rule. Hyperion learned this magic from a book, being personally trained in the art by Cronus Saturnalia.  Originally He was only capable of activating his God Slayer Magic after saturating his body with light from his Solar Skin, but has since learned to be able to activate this magic at will, not requiring the usage of his Solar Skin.  This increases his power even more, powering up his previous skills, and giving him access to more powerful techniques.  His speed also receives a dramatic boost, all but ensuring his title as the fastest. His light also gains the purifying effects of White Magic, allowing him to cancel out Darkness or Black Magic by either directly hitting it, or simply bathing it in his light with a flash bang. This includes Shadow Magic, Darkness Magic, Seith Magic, and any other derivatives from these abilities. He can even eliminate Largo's light absorbing shadows, and counter the corrupting Darkness of Pluto Morior. His appearance also changes, turning his skin a glowing white, with light pouring from his glowing eyes, and his sclera turning black. Other than these added benefits, this magic has all of the normal effects as his standard Light Magic, just enhanced by this magic's superior power. He describes this light as "the holiest of all light".

  • White God's Bellow: The signature God's Bellow of the White God Slayer. Like when preparing all God's Bellows, Hyperion inhales deeply. He then blasts a large amount of Light Magic from his mouth, acting as a large laser that both burns and pierces. It has more piercing power than the Photon Laser, and is similar in appearance to Sting Eucliffe's White Dragon's Roar. The only difference is its slightly larger size. The longer Hyperion inhales while prepping this spell, the more powerful it becomes.
    • White God's Prophet Shout: An enhanced version of the White God's Bellow. Despite essentially only being an enhanced version of the God's Bellow, this spell possesses a different method of preparation. Hyperion forms a ball of light from his mouth, gradually growing in size until it's a sphere about the size of his head. He then fires the beam from his mouth. This spell can either be used as a more powerful laser, or it can create a giant spherical shockwave after making contact with its target, or anything for that matter. This spell is three times stronger and larger than the standard God's Bellow. Hyperion can also discharge smaller, yet powerful, beams of light from the whole sphere to act as sneak attacks. These beams are much more accurate, and are fired with sniper-like accuracy.
  • White God's Divine Bow: Hyperion creates a large bow made from light and points it at his target. He then draws back the string of the bow, causing a large arrow of light to form. Upon letting go of the string, the arrow is fired, transforming the larger arrow into hundreds of smaller light arrows that strike his foe, piercing them and burning them. The arrows can have their trajectory freely controlled by Hyperion, allowing him to strike multiple targets at once, or have them follow, and converge on, a single foe. Hyperion can also use a variation where he doesn't split up the arrow. This single arrow is much stronger than the hundreds of smaller arrows, having power greater than their sum, but is unable to be as freely controlled as the other arrows. Fortunately, to compensate, this variation is also much faster, making it much more difficult to evade.
  • White God's Holy Chariot: Hyperion focuses light into his palm, creating a ball of light that floats above his hand. He then throws it at his opponent, tracking his opponent and attempting to strike them with powerful amounts of blunt damage. The ball increases in size as it targets his opponent, as well as gaining more and more momentum. This is possible by the spell absorbing ambient eternano in the air as it travels. While this increases size, the overall power of the spell does not increase that much by absorbing eternano, as the energy is more so converted into speed as opposed to strength. This is one of Hyperion's most difficult spells to avoid. Very few have managed to avoid it, and even less have actually blocked it.
  • White God's Heavenly Eyes: A spell Hyperion uses in conjunction with his Spectrum Eyes. Hyperion first pinpoints the location of his opponent with the Spectrum Eyes, using their ability to change the point on the electromagnetic spectrum. After pinpointing their location, he fires two beams of light from his eyes.  These beams have high amounts of piercing power and are very hot. They can pierce directly through flesh and bone, and through whatever object his target may be hiding behind, whether it be stone, lead, steel, or Adamantine. After hitting their target, the spell also generates a relatively large explosion, serving to further injure his target.
  • White God's Mercury Pistol: A high speed attack used at close quarters. Hyperion lands on his opponent, pinning them to the ground, or any other surface. He then punches his opponent multiple times at incredible speeds with fists coated in his holy light. The sheer amount of blows will dent and break most metals, on top of greatly damaging his target. He can use the number of blows to shape any metal into whatever he wishes, turning armor into a steel trap, or turning a hill into a statue. This spell doesn't require Hyperion to be on top of his target, but is preferred so that they are unable to escape.
  • White God's Avatar: Hyperion pools his magical energy into his aura, creating a large, statuesque being of light which appears to come out from his body. The being towers over Hyperion, being about the size of a giant. It possesses no facial features or legs, and merely appears as a transparent humanoid of light that is attached to Hyperion. The being then deals a speed of light punch, or a barrage of punches, towards the target, pummeling them into the ground so that they do not get the chance to counterattack. The being deals out punches just as fast as Hyperion himself. However, this spell does come with its own drawbacks. It can take some time for the Hyperion to pool the magical energy into the proper form, although Hyperion's fast-flowing magical energy helps to compensate for that. Also, since this spell is essentially the manifestation of Hyperion's magical aura, someone who directly targets Hyperion can manage to injure him to a much greater degree than if he had not activated this spell. The being can still move to defend Hyperion, as it is still connected to him, but that would change its focus from attacking Hyperion's target, to defending Hyperion instead. Hyperion is also incapable of moving at high speeds when using this spell. After deactivating this spell, Hyperion reabsorbs his magical aura, giving him the same defense and speed he previously had.
  • God Slayer's Secret Art:
    • Solar Rebirth: The strongest of Hyperion's spells. It is the culmination of several of Hyperion's Light Magic abilities. Hyperion releases all of the solar energy he had absorbed through Solar Skin at once, creating a large spherical explosion that decimates everything in its path.  Hyperion is at the epicenter of the explosion, causing the shockwave to travel an equal distance from his body in every direction. Not only does the shockwave move at an incredibly rapid speed, being large enough to encompass an entire arena the size of the Domus Flau, its incredible brightness also serves to blind opposition that can somehow avoid it. The flash blindness this spell inflicts is so intense that an individual will find themselves completely blinded for ten minutes if they managed to survive the spell. Even if someone closes their eyes, the brightness is so intense it goes through their eyelids and strikes them with flash blindness for five minutes. Some individuals can even suffer permanent blindness if they look at the spell during its entire execution. This spell is just as dangerous for Hyperion however, as the detonation damages his body as well. The damage dealt is entirely dependent on the amount of solar energy he had previously absorbed, meaning that the more damage Hyperion did the area, the more damage he did to his body as well. This also affects other aspects, such as the length of time the flash blindness will last, the range of the spell, and the amount of damage it'll do to his opposition. In general, this spell will overpower any defense used to defend against it, as well as being so powerful that the light cannot be reflected like normal. Hyperion describes this power as the "energy generated from a dying star". Although this is probably an exaggeration, the strength of this spell is no less intense.
    • Solar Devastation: Hyperion refers to this as the perfected version of Solar Rebirth. Similarly to the aforementioned spell, Hyperion pools all of the energy he had gathered from using Solar Skin into one place. However, instead of this place being around his body, which would serve to gravely injure him in the process, Hyperion instead focuses all of the energy in a sphere that he holds over his head. The sphere floats over his palm, and gradually grows in size as Hyperion converts more energy into his white light. After reaching optimal size (the size of Solar Rebirth's explosive radius), Hyperion throws it at his target. Rather then detonating in a massive explosion like it's derivative, this spell more so presses continuously in on his target. The spell crushes all who attempt to defend against it, even destroying Maximum Defense Seals and is immune to being refracted like Hyperion's other light beams. Hyperion is also capable of telekinetically controlling the sphere. In the event one with enough magic power or physical strength manages to stop or resist the strength of this spell, Hyperion can use his own strength to push the sphere back onto his target. The brightness of this spell also serves to blind opposition who look at it, comparing it to the light of the sun. While this spell possesses just as much power and heat as Solar Rebirth, it is much less dangerous for Hyperion to use, as the recoil of this technique is only Hyperion suffering fatigue from the expulsion of all his solar energy, as opposed to him also being severely injured.

Pleasure: A variation of Light Magic, and a form of Holy Elemental Magic best known to be used by Larcade Dragneel, although his skill in the art isn't as great. Hyperion learned this magic in the present after being transported by Cronus Saturnalia, finding his current skill set to be insufficient if he had been defeated before. This magic involves casting both "Pleasure and Pain" upon his target. By casting "pleasure", Hyperion creates various tendrils of light which wrap around and constrict his target. This causes them to feel unimaginable pleasure, barely being able to think or react. If held long enough, this will activate "pain" which causes the pleasure to slowly give way into immense pain, causing his target to begin writhing in agony, this time to weak to move from the strain in order to escape. Shortly after pain is activated, his target will die. The tendrils are notably not as durable or strong as his normal spells, allowing physically strong enough targets to escape from them or even cut through them. However, even a second of feeling Pleasure will give Hyperion the opening required to finish a fight. Hyperion can constrict more than one target at a time.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Hyperion is an experienced hand to hand combatant, being able to fight on par with various other members of the Othrys military.  He was trained in military hand to hand combat by Cronus, which he became rather adept in over time. His martial art generally revolves around increasing the strength of his attacks by imbibing them with light, and increasing his speed by turning into light. Due to his reliance on his Light Magic, he style revolves around evasion, and dealing a barrage of powerful and quick blows. For melee combat he generally relies on the higher power of kicks instead of punches, but can still effectively use all four limbs in combat.

Expert Swordsmanship: Hyperion has excellent swordsmanship skills when utilizing his Bright Sword. He's capable of matching even masters of the craft with his own swordsmanship. He compensates for any lack of skill he might possess with his immense speed and power with Light Magic, as well as using the vibrations his light generates in attempts to make his spells unable to be blocked. His swordsmanship was even able to match that of Victor Crassus, a master swordsman, and gradually overwhelm him due to his far superior speed.

Immense Speed: Hyperion is so fast that he gained the alias the "Fastest Mage of Othrys". This is greatly attributed to his usage of Light Magic, but he is also capable of moving fairly quickly without it. The intense speed he can move at also enhanced the power of his blows, allowing him to break through powerful defenses, even without great deals of his own personal strength. He's even faster than Velocity, a Mage who prides himself on his intense speed, is the fastest mage of the Legion Under the Black Sun, and uses speed enhancing magic. At his best, he could even outpace and overpower Vega, someone who had supposedly surpassed him in strength. Hyperion's speed is so great that, due to the Theory of Relatively, Hyperion actually ages slower than most individuals. He also processes things at a much faster rate, allowing him to see things in slow-motion.

Enhanced Strength: Hyperion generally relies on speed over power, however he is not physically weak. He can easily lift large stones, and overpower even other strength-based mages using sheer physical force. His punches can even temporarily match the strength of Hyperborean for some time, when enhanced with his Light Magic and speed. The speed of his movements is what generally increases the power of his blows, allowing him to strike opponents so hard that they completely destroy whatever object they make contact with, even small buildings. Hyperion has enough physical strength to even disorient powerful mages, if not outright knock them unconscious.

Immense Durability: In his fight against Nikolai Ichor, Hyperion showed immense durability. He was able to take various attacks from him and his own spells being redirected back at him. He even managed to sustain damage from one of Nikolai's spells that was designed to destroy anything in its path. During the Dragon Gunfire-Othrys War, Hyperion once again displayed feats of durability after withstanding a multitude of spells from Jason Gaebolg's Darkness Magic, which is notable for its incredible density and weight, and again during the Bellona Alliance War against both Jason's Darkness Magic and Oscar Miles' Ouranos Light Magic.

Immense Magical Power: Hyperion has high reserves of magical power.  His aura alone is incredible, and capable of shattering stone structures.  Hyperion has also had his Second Origin released by Cronus, increasing his power even further. His magical power flows faster than normal due to his Light Magic, allowing him to build up powerful attacks much faster than a mage of equivalent strength, and increasing the difficulty in sensing attacks made by Hyperion before it's too late. Hyperion was so much stronger than any member of the Six Titans of War that he could easily overwhelm Oscar Miles, one of the former members, in one on one combat. He was capable of fighting evenly with, and even overpowering, Jason Gaebolg, Oliver Ore, and Marekō Ankai at the same time. During the Bellona Alliance War, he once again faced off against Jason Gaebolg and Oscar Miles, again proving to be able to evenly fight against them. His power has had him labeled as the strongest of the original Cardinals, an impressive feat considering the immense power of each individual. Hyperion even has equal power to Jaco, the general of the Legion Under the Black Sun. Even after years of inactivity, due to his death, Hyperion was able to catch up after just one month of intensive training. Hyperion also absorbed the magic power from his main timeline counterpart's corpse. This caused his magic power to nearly double, but a portion of his energy was missing due to it having previously being used to create Vega. When exerting high amounts of magical energy, Hyperion's aura is a golden yellow, and when using his God Slayer Magic it's white.


In Greek Mythology, Hyperion was one of the original twelve Titans, being the Titan of Light.

Lucifer means "light bringing" or "morning star" in Latin. This means that Hyperion's name roughly translates to "Hyperion the Light Bringer".

  • His name is also pronounced more similarly to Loo-Key-Fair, the original pronunciation, as opposed to Loo-Sif-Fer. His name should not be confused with the devil that appears in the bible.

Hyperion's appearance is based off of the younger version of Van Hoenheim, seen during his flashbacks to Xerxes.

Hyperion prefers to wear rags, as he feels more comfortable in said attire due to his days as a street rat.

Hyperion's stats are:

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