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Ice Devil Slayer Magic (氷の滅悪魔法 Kōri no Metsuaku Mahō) is a Caster Magic and a form of Devil Slayer Magic that utilizes ice to devastating results.


This style of Devil Slayer magic focuses particularly on the various uses of ice in order to slay devils. Ice Devil Slayer magic gifts the user with what could be considered absolute control over ice, both natural and magically created ice allowing them redirect. Like other Slayers, the user is able to consume external sources of ice, in order to replenish their strength and enhance their power, as well as having a tremendous resistance to the element of ice. Just like other Slayer types, the user is unable to consume ice they themselves have created.

What separates Ice Devil Slayer magic from regular ice magic is how the ice is used. Instead of creating material from ice, this magic simply allows the user to create large volumes of what appear to be ice and snow usually in a widespread manner unless directed specifically. The ice created by this magic is also incredibly resilient as not even the flames of a Dragon Slayer were able to melt it. The only way to gain the ability to use Ice Devil Slayer Magic is by gaining the knowledge from the Books of Zeref, similar to how God Slayer magic is learned.


Ice Devil's Rage (氷魔の激昂 Hyōma no Gekikō)The standard Roar spell of a Devil Slayer and their most basic one. The user takes a long deep breath before exhaling a large blizzrd of ice and snow at their target that possesses incredible blunt force and the possiblity of freezing those caught in it's path. Due to not having a particular shape to it, the spell is capable of damaging multiple opponents at once though the damage they each take is significantly less compared to taking the full force of the spell head on.

Ice Devil's Forearm: An incredibly versatile spell, the user transforms their arm into ice and slams it into their opponent. What makes this spell so versatile is because the users arm is now ice they are capable of transforming into whatever they choose, turning it into a variety of weapons or increasing it's size for added power behinds blows.

Ice Devil's Storm: 

Ice Devil's Whisper: A relatively simple spell that can have devastating results. With a simple flick of the wrist, the user is capable of completely freezing whatever they choose be it a person, the environment, and even a spell depending on it's nature. Exceptionally powerful spells aren't effected as much while flames on the calibur of other Devil Slayers or God Slayers are completely immune to the effects of this spell.


Permission to make this magic was given by Perchan.

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