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Ice God Slayer Magic



Hikami No Tokkō No Mahō


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Damon Faraway

Ice God Slayer Magic (氷神の特効の魔法 Hikami No Tokkō No Mahō) is a type of God Slayer Magic and Lost Magic.


As the name suggests, Ice God Slayer Magic is a magic revolving around the use of ice and it's elements. However, this ice, much like it's fellow God Slayer Magic, is tinted with black, marking it as such. While being mainly used for offensive purposes, Ice God Slayer Magic has been shown to be utilized for defensive purposes and possibly even outside of battle for various different purposes. However, the most prominent features of this magic is the strong resistance against ice and ability to consume any type of ice with the exception of their own. And while generally used in solid form, skilled users such as Damon Faraway, have shown to manipulate ice in all three states of matter; solid, liquid and gas.


  • Ice God's Bellow (氷神の怒鳴ります Hikami No Donarimasu):
  • Ice God's Reaching (氷神の到達 Hikami No Tōtatsu):
  • Ice God's Ascendance (氷神の優勢 Hikami No Yūsei):

Advanced Spells

  • Frozen Heavens: Divine Wrath (冷凍天:神の怒り Reitō Ten: Kaminoikari):
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