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Identity Thief
Identity Thief



Hensō Tōnan


Holder Magic


Salventore Narazo

Identity Thief(变装贼 Henso Tonanis a rare type of Holder Magic which involves the use of Magic Masks to take the identity and abilities of a certain person(s).


Identity Thief grants the user the ability to take the identity and abilities of a certain person(s) using Magic Masks(referred as Identity Masks). Once the user acquires the identity and abilities of a certain person(s), the person(s) will no longer able to use their abilities and identity, which makes them faceless and powerless. Of course, the theft happens under strict conditions:

  • The victim must be kept alive. Additionally, if a victim dies, an Identity Mask fades away.
  • The user must acquire the most valuable item of the victim and get a grip on it on either their mouth, hands, or legs.
  • The user must write the personal information(i.e birthday, full name, blood-type and magic abilities) of the victim on the backframe of the Identity Mask.
  • The user must question the victim about their magic abilities, while the victim must answer back.
  • All of the above must be done within an hour.

Additionally, the user gains the same strengths and weaknesses of the victim, which is a major and obvious drawback. Another additional drawback is that, the user cannot take the identity and abilities of a person who has Lost Magic or Uber Magic, such as Fairy Law.


Salventore's Spells

  • Steal: The primary and key spell of the whole Magic, once the strict conditions have been fulfilled, a Magic Circle will be summoned above the target, as Salventore uses his hand gesture to guide the Magic Circle into swallowing the target from above. The target will then become faceless and powerless, as the target's face will be imprinted on an Identity Mask.


  • This Magic is obviously and majorly inspired by the ability Skill Hunter used by Chrollo Lucilfer of Hunter x Hunter.
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